How many times do you control/command + c something that you want to copy?

How many times do you control/command + c something that you want to copy?

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Usually 2.

Always. What's the point of your question?

I right click because I'm not an autist.

i asked for number of times, but i guess i should have asked for time too

i know a guy that control+c for 2,3 seconds

how many times
as in copying a line and many people controlC 3-4 times in a row

Usually just once. Sometimes twice, sometimes I mash it for a few seconds because somehow it didn't copy the first time. In those cases I usually end with ctrl+x for good measure.
Yeah, it's pretty silly.

You right click cuz you ARE autist actually.

Usually 0

When I was young I got in the habit of pressing control + X, control + V and I've never been able to break myself of the habit.

Once, but if it's a text field I usually ctrl-x + ctrl-z for visual feedback.

It depends. If it's the url I do y esc y so it provides a blinking with better visual feedback in the command line that I yanked the url, and if I were in some mode it's escaped before the second y. If it's text on the page or in a field I have ctrl-c mapped to ctrl-c esc so the text is unselected when I copy it. This provides good visual feedback so I only do it once.

Once. Anything more is inefficient.

Once you autist.

I retype it by memory

>tfw can't ctrl+v in cmd

nothing is wrong with keyboard shortcuts


i usually highlight with mouse and middle click to paste. I (try to only) control -c if I want to keep something in my clipboard manager. It gets full of crap anyway though. If both windows are right on the same workspace or tab, I'll just highlight the text or image and drag and drop it.

Between 9 - 12 just to ensure that I have copied and not just pressed Ctrl + V or Ctrl + X. Force of habit. Not going to change.

>windows 10
>right click to open menu in cmd to copy something
>it pastes all the 50 lines of whatever I had copied instantly
>computer now ded

99% of the cases i need to copy anything
>not using conemu
buddy i can understand the pain but you don´t have to torture yourself this much

0 times because my highlighted text is in the clipboard. Then all I have to do is right-click-paste and forget that I have two clipboards for some reason.

My brother always goes


forgot to finish my sentence
>99% of the cases i need to copy anything twice or thrice because i feel like it might not have gotten it which is dumb but i can´t change it weirdly enough

About once in every 10 copypastes.

I do that as well

Try shift+ctrl+v, it works in some terminals.



Never. In my browser I press Y+id of the html node I want to copy and in my terminals I press y+textobject movement.


>Between 9 - 12 to ensure I have not pressed Ctrl + X
I think you would've noticed if you did that.

Wew, thank m8 it worked.


Once? It always works the first time

None because I have a button on my mouse mapped to copy and paste.

>not crtl-x crtl-v master race
instant confirmation

I don't, I use "+y

Whenever i want to copy something.

one time, OP. that's the required number of times to copy something.

Since OP's question wasn't clear enough and polls are nice