Google will ask for the smaller Pixel phone $649

Google will ask for the smaller Pixel phone $649.
How much are YOU willing to pay for the newest and best Android smartphones?

What the fuck is that bezel


That's an iPhone though.

a terrible shop

OP writes like poo in loos talk. Bait thread.


0 dollars, I can't go any higher

Those are test units and they blurred the identifiers on the bezels.

The most terrifying thing is, I didn't even realize that was a shop. This is how ugly Google's mobile monster is.

What sets this phone apart from Xperia? It seems pretty fucking standard.

3 dolla and fifty cents

While I like the Nexus 6, the price for them is pretty ridiculous with the way the used market for Android is right now.

Honestly, these Pixel phones look pretty shit to me in comparison to what google and the other companies were doing with the Nexus line.

I will pay $300 - $400 for a Pixel phone. That's the same price as the Oneplus 3 and if Google wants people to buy their phones, that's the price bracket they need to target.

Stop being stingy fucking jews and continue the Nexus program. Remember how much of a sales clusterfuck the nexus 6 was? I remember. Remember the Nexus 5? I've still got mine and I remember it being quite popular.

Looks like the fucking 4 dollars indian phone.

>tiny ass screens
I'll pass. If anything, I wish my N6P had a 5.96" screen like the N6, not a smaller one.

What's with all the people complaining about the bezels though? They're dramatically smaller than the iPhone's monstrosities.

Sticking to Moto.

>Google will never make a phone as perfectly priced as the Nexus 4 again

>tiny ass screens
the big one is 5.5-inches fyi

> 2013 + 3
> needing to upgrade phones
We have already hit the top for phone technology. Anything after 2013 is a waste. You don't need a super computer to make calls

I think you might be looking for a tablet. The larger of the two is already a phablet that's a whole .5" smaller in screen size compared to the N6P.

I accidentally the microsd.

>those bezels

Is google going apple now?

>Shit bezels without dual speakers
>No microSD
>Way overpriced

Yep, Pixels are going to be iPhones of Android. Literally the only thing they have going for them are the updates, but I'm not going to fucking pay over $600 for it. If the price is really that high, I'll get the BlackBerry Argon/DTEK60 (SD820/4GB/21MP/3000mAh) which also has updates.

at least iPhone has a good OS

Where did you get that price?

They can't help copying ios design.

>Google will ask for the smaller Pixel phone $649.
Everyone "waiting " on the pixel to replace their earlier Nexuses will just cave and buy the now-$150 nexus 5x instead.

Pixel will be a complete disaster. Google doesn't have the industrial design necessary to charge apple-like premiums on their products.

google going downhill since original N6. hello samsung. you're about to blow my world up.


I stopped upgrading after SD801

Does it have a microSD slot?

Yes - $400+
No - $100 max

you misspelled Nexus 5 there

>Latest best Snapdragon when it came out
>wiped the floor with the competition
>Pure android
>Best looking smartphone of its year
>half the price of the HTC ones and Samshits

Meanwhile N6 was a fucking disgrace at double the price


really? where do you buy your phones and do they ship to Europe?

>really? where do you buy your phones and do they ship to Europe?
Th Nexus 5x is $200 right now in the US, bought through google fi. Not sure about europe.

After the Pixels are released I'd be surprised if its price didn't drop another $50 when they try to empty stocks.

But OP why have you posted a picture of the iPhone?

Depends on specs, something like

1080p screen
2 GB ram
Decent processor

Would be about 150 pounds absolute maximum, and that's pushing it

I'm not paying over 300 pounds no matter how good it is, they're all fast enough now

Once again confirming how Android users are basically cheap bastards. Enjoy your OP3 and other "flagship killers" with their shitty build and non existent aftermarket support.

is the 6p worth buying after the inevitable price plummet?

No shit dude, I only switched to a 5X this summer when my 5 power button got stuck and went into a permanent bootloop.

What I wouldn't give for a $350 phone that beats/matches an iphone 7...

I'd still be using my Nexus 5 if the battery wasn't shit and I didn't suffer from the underwater video recording bug for almost two years.

But my friend recently sold me his old 64gb iPhone 6 for $100, so all is well.

How do you know this.

You have no links/proof.

This is literally more than the HTC 10, there's no way this could be true since HTC 10 is the flagship.