Chose public college to get rid of all applefgs

>chose public college to get rid of all applefgs
>Already 2 weeks in college
>80% uses appleshit
>19% uses windows botnet
>I am the only one using fucking gnu/linux

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i feel you brother

nigga you gay, feeling up on brothers and shit

>professor assigns us group work
>some fatty in my group pulls out a t420 covered in anime stickers
>he actually has tape over his webcam like the NSA is actually trying to watch his fatass jerk off

nigga you gay
>inb4 i need a reason

i kek'd

Put on a ski mask and install Gentoo and everyone will think you are a hacker. You will get mad pussy

>mad pussy
Only 5 girls in my class and 8 in the curse

> go to college for the poor
> is surprised to see macs
You fell for the "macfags are rich" meme.

Even Cuckerberg does it, so you literally have no fucking argument.

He would be a prime blackmail target.
But I still would tape my webcam on principle. (I don't because I don't use laptops at home, that's retarded.)

Principle? That's interesting. Tell more.

That's because MacBooks are fantastic work devices, nobody gives a shit about Linux and even in my 4th year most anyone who switched over was using Ubuntu and shit

Some guy came and talked to me about using linux, but too deep into my own CC bullshit to give him a proper thumbs up and strike up a conversation.

Just like I encrypt everything even though no one is trying to steal my bitcoins, better safe than sorry.

Note: I actually know more normies who tape their webcams than neckbeards

It's okay, user. It's college, it will soon pass.
Ironically, I'm in a college right now using my friends MacBook.

Are you surprised ?
Poorfags on foodstamps take loans to "buy" their Applel devices as a misleading status symbol to show how poor they "aren't."
Actual richfags are more likely to buy a nice Wangblows ultrabook, like X1 Carbon/Yoga, XPS 13/15, HP Spectre, and what have you. They don't have anything to prove by using a slab of sandblasted aluminium with an apple on it.

>Disable webcam in BIOS
Wow that was hard

Stay strong.


If you don't trust your computer, why would you trust its BIOS?

At least there is some pussy.

Because if the OS doesn't have access to the webcam it's not able to do very much.
If you don't trust your computer, why aren't you cutting the wires connecting both the webcam and - especially - the integrated microphone(s) in your laptop ?

because i would rather remove some tape than take apart my laptop to solder some wires back in

Yes, well, tape won't stop your microphone from listening to you.
Why do you care more about someone looking at your webcam (which should have an LED hardwired to show when it's active in the first place) more than someone listening to the things your microphone (which, coincidentally, has no "on" indicator whatsoever) might pick up ?

why the fuck would i care what my mic might pick up when i'm literally alone alone the time and have nobody to talk to?

dubs of truth

Same question can be applied to your webcam.
If you're such a loner, what makes you think anyone wants to watch you fap ?
If you don't think anyone might be interested in the words that might slip through your mouth, what makes you think you're a target for any person in the entire world to look at you ?

Being "paranoid" about your webcam while ignoring your microphone is hypocrisy at its finest.

>Because if the OS doesn't have access to the webcam
Only if you trust the OS and BIOS

But a smartphone is the most likely to tell on you.

your point is shit


>I have no argument against it, so I'll try an insult instead to save face
Yeah, sure. Just remember that NSA is listening.