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the future is waiting for you, just do it.

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arch linux is better senpai

I've got a 2008 iMac so I'm as far as I can go officially on El Capitan. I guess there's a program to path the Sierra installer to allow installation on some 2008 models (mine included) but I haven't bothered trying it yet.

updating right now senpai

waiting on my new graphics card then im going to hackintosh.

made a back up and downloading it as we speak

2008 iMac? I'm using a mid 2014 mac book pro and I feel ancient, how do you do it?

I'll wait to 10.12.2 or 10.12.3.

I honestly have no issues with it, I don't think I could be more content.

>using OS X now to release

Enjoy your bugs and other's shit!

Where do mactard morons get the false impression they or their fruity toddler toys belong on a technology board?

No, my 2008 aluminum unibody MacBook isn't eligible for Sierra.


Can you install using the new APFS filesystem yet?

>trusting a file system made by the same incompetent fucktards that made the worst filesystem in the history of computers

no, it's supposed to come out next year (and that's the optimistic schedule)

Works on my machine. ™

The madman, downloading an entire mountain peak

yeah it's installing right now.

there's nothing on this mac anyway so It doesn't matter if it sucks.

That's too bad. Thought it was already half-working in the betas.

Has anyone who messed with theming and .car files updated yet? Want to know if it breaks themes or not.

It probably will user. It may just be a matter of putting the files back in place though.

BTW, you got any resources on theming on current Macs?

get better internet.

What if APFS gets open-sourced under BSD with patent waiver, and it becomes the default file system in FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD?


Poo in the fucking loo Pajeet.

No one cares about your botnetOS.

loo = {poo = function()
print"Apple campus located at 1 Infinite Loo"
function infiniteLoo()
for _, poo in pairs(loo) do

Too lazy to put in my ultrabay caddy with el cap on it. IIRC the kexts still work on Sierra, but i rarely use it so i dont feel like upgrading.

That and I'm buying some iBooks to fuck around with rn too.

Top kek

It's the Apple server

Crap ill be away from home for a few days
I have been running the os x 10.12 beta for the last month though

downloading now. i've always had a good upgrade experience
the universal clipboard is exciting. i'm not sure how much i'll use siri this way

What the fuck is that, 5400 RPM HDD?
user pls

Looking forward to my new waifu :^)

i'm trying to think of an upper bound for what i'd pay for a digital assistant having my waifu's voice


>cortana clone

Good job catching up to Windows.

>Siri Initial release - October 4, 2011
>Cortana Initial release - April 2, 2014

get lost pajeet

Nope. El Capitan works fine and I don't update OS during the semester.

>macOS Sierra Does NOT Boot with MacPro3,1 MacPro4,1 System Definitions


is this some hackintosh stuff?

>No Pascal GPU support yet


Besides Siri how is macos an upgrade over OS X 10.11?

Besides the iMessage overhaul, Apple Pay and some other botnet stuff.

One revision old and you feel ancient? Good goy.

why is she so perfect?

shared clipboard between phone and mac should be neat

>2008 iMac? I'm using a mid 2014 mac book pro and I feel ancient, how do you do it?

when would you ever possibly need to use that

Macfag + iPhonefag here.
I've missed this all my life and now I will use it all day every day.

No more pasting in Notes on either device and then opening Notes on the other…

Given the issues we had with some external hardware and the move to El Capitan I think I'll be holding off until Christmas or so.

I use the notes app as a substitute shared clipboard at work all of the time, I work on the road though.

does not exists

I really hate admitting the sad truth but surgery is a huge part of it. :-/ You can find picture of her when she was younger and compare.

why are you using multiple devices that do the same thing simultaneously

i've been trying to figure it out for five years

i admit that between the handoff/continuity stuff and icloud tabs/notes i don't need this as much as i might have otherwise

that's probably smart. i can't help myself

i don't care she's perfect

> using the smiley which isn't actually smiling but has a dash nose and a forward slash mouth

i think cosmetic surgery is just the next frontier of fashion, once it becomes cheaper it will just be another thing you can do to make yourself look better like makeup is today

I am not sure what your complain is but essentially I love her and I don't like to think about the fact that her looks are a bit fake.

>Can't even run matlab properly

I'll wait until it works properly

what does mathworks do with all those fees

Yeah but still only ugly people will do it and their kids will still inherit their shitty genes. Genetic engineering is the future

Can I upgade my hackintosh directly and not break it?

>tfw flying petals gives taeyeon a new macbook every year

If you use Clover. Do you even tonymac?

Was running the beta since I think beta 2 or 3. Apart from that first one I ran, everything since has been great.

It took me years to get used to it, but I finally bought my macbook last year and I love the damn thing. I entirely understand why people go for apple products now.

Yeah, I do use Clover, and I installed all the 10.11.x updates through the app store without any issues.
Currently browsing reddit.com/r/hackintosh/ to see what should I expect from the upgrade.

Fuuug, waiting for this backup to finish so I can upgrade.
The "of XX GB" keeps increasing whenever that amount has been uploaded.. what do?
Any way to find out the actual amount it needs to back up? Using a time capsule with Time Machine

I can type some stuff up if you're still there.

>The "of XX GB" keeps increasing whenever that amount has been uploaded.. what do?
It's probably discovering more files, look at the actual size of whatever you're backing up in finder

>unironically using macshitOS

Currently updating. I love Siri.

>tfw dropped my rMBP on tile and now the bottom right corner of the lid part is bent

>build """"""""quality"""""""

It's not too bad


why the fuck would you use those ancient definitions anyway?

u retahded bruh?

this is the gold standard of autism.

>why would you use two devices that both access the internet when one is way more mobile?
>why use two devices from which both can videochat with people? you should actively seek out a second device without that capability because the first already has it

sorry babe but your mungo utilitarian outlook on tech doesn't really apply in the USA

This is probably the buggiest OS X (or macOS) release I've seen.

Is Font Book supposed to look like this?





looks just like it does on el cap.

downloading it rn to see if if fucks up my t420. People in the thread for the guide i used said it worked when in public beta though, so im probably fine.

I always do fresh installs and I'm not currently interested in setting everything back up. Plus Sierra has nothing of real interest to me. Every year seems to be a disappointment in both new features and bug fixes.

Yep, Sierra has like no new features and still manages to be buggy

>when you can't make a hackintosh because you run an amd processor and even VMs without hacks work


surprisingly this doesn't require an apple ID to download. +1 to applel for not requiring invasive user tracking for a change


what happened to it?

wait what? how is it now??

that only opens up the shitty launchpad for me on el cap.

Already did, I also love the ability to hide shit from the menu again.

screenshot the trackpad prefs

someone make an ISO out of this


already did, 29% uploaded

>Top Tier
>Lenovo Thinkpad
>Worst tier
Why am I not surprised...

they must have moved something

downloaded and made an install disk with diskmaker. It's almost 3am tho so i'll do it in the morning when i wake up

Im the t420fag so i dont have a fancy trackpad, yet 3 finger up works and is fucking annoying because launchpad is utter shit.

>not disabling all extra gestures and using BetterTouchTool instead

>copies Windows
lol oh Apple...

got it done on my 2013 mba and 2012 mini just now. universal copy & paste is pretty snazzy. it came in real handy when i was going through the motions of fixing homebrew and my web dev stuff on both machines

you have a cracked version you would be willing to share?

Pretty glad Obdev didn't jew out like they did two years ago and decided to make the Little Snitch update for Sierra free

why do you need a crack? spend $0.99 for better snap tool on the app store and you automatically get a free license for better touch tool

There's no automatic animation anymore, the windows rather move in the same speed as your fingers. Hard to explain.
If you have an iPad it feels the same way when you pinch with five fingers to get back to the homescreen. It's disgusting

Or BTT Remote Pro since it's slightly less useless.

it has no features I want so why bother

you mean they added kinetic effect to the gesture. which make sense since there was already one for the launchpad gesture. if you want mission control to launch immediately just use your fucking keyboard you mong

space saving and universal clip board are pretty cool. i had no idea i was wasting 2 gigs on garageband instrument files when i had removed that shit ages ago

>I'm using a mid 2014 mac book pro and I feel ancient, how do you do it?
Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post...

Keep Leopard or install Tiger?

>expecting a new OS X version to magically just werk on unsupported hardware

Because the alternative

Because the alternative is a shit ton of clicks to send it via Pushbullet.

Yeah, I know it's a first world problem.

so they might as well implement this effect to scrolling as well


Already done, Pretty good desu.

>keep leopard
>or install greatest operating system of all time
Your choice.

I installed it. PIA didn't work at first had to change to PIA DNS

Other than that there's no difference because I didn't enable Siri

Little Snitch didn't detect abnormal botnet activity, just the usual botnet activity

I already have a TiBook and a dual 450 tower running Tiger though.

I might actually do this...

It's not. I bet there's a performance decrease as well. Switching to the yearly cycle was a mistake

How can I do that on Archlinux?
I'm new to linux and I'm using arch lol.


delet sytem32

Launchpad works a lot better if you organize all your programs into groups.

Why use it at all if its faster to just use spotlight for launching apps.

I don't know. Some people like launching their apps from pretty icons I guess. I use personally use Alfred.

Still running Mavericks on my 2014 MBA. It works, so I haven't had any reason to upgrade it.

Also launchpad is good for finding that one weird utility you installed a year ago and used once without having to open up a finder window and go to Applications.


i havent found anything buggy yet, what's buggy?

This update essentially has nothing to offer for me.
I don't use any other Apple product nor Siri.

Give me a fucking replacement for this POS file system. Or like any actual new feature.
OS X updates are getting worse and worse. At least Safari feels snappier

>At least Safari feels snappier

It's because they tie browser updates to the OS. Just wait a few months and your safari will go back to usual

>Safari feels snappier
is a meme dude. I'm not actually using that garbage.
(It does have impressive low impact on battery life tho. I wonder why Chrome is so terrible in this regard)

that's some really shitty lua

I'm scared to.

I'll wait for new FS

Yup just finished updating a minute ago

So far so good on my late 2013 rMBP

>macfags will never have KDE Connect
>neither will wintards
Sucks for you

Halo:CE 2001

she was Master Chief's A.I. waifu.

Stopped reading there.
Maybe try out an actual good DE

i've yet to have things get worse after an upgrade but i agree that even if you look back a few years the improvements have been underwhelming
i wonder if they should stop this yearly meme schedule
no one seems to want to improve the file browser experience. maybe there's something on the linux side that I've missed but my impression is that the trend is toward a mobile-style setup wherein an app owns its files and why would you use anything else to manipulate them

i really like safari. what do you prefer in chrome?

>safari still cant play webm

great now my pirated ibm spss isn't working


There's been like one cool feature per update (like the split fullscreen view, that shit is pretty dope), but the rest just is to connect more of the Apple ecosystem together.
I agree this yearly meme schedule has to end. I wanna look forward to some actual features (like a new file system), not buy more Apple stuff to enjoy it.

As for Safari: I hate that you can't reopen more than 1 closed tab. Also couldn't get some extensions that I'm used to.
I mean it's not horrible. But besides better battery leverage I don't see much reason to use it, what do you like about it?

Also use Chrome on my Android smartphone so those keeping in sync is just fine with me

Too bad Safari still doesn't support webm and every other browser on OS X is still a battery slurping whore.

it never will unless intel builds in acceleration for it in its processors.

supporting things like webm is exactly why other browsers use significantly more power.

mfw kaby lake decodes vp9 but there are no kaby lake macs

Fair enough. I've been living with just downloading and playing them in mpv. On that note, is there any media player for macOS that's better than mpv? I'm still getting a feel for what software is best for the job.

Just updated and got a bug :

When I use two safari Windows snapped to each other in full screen(desktop 2), the desktop 1 has a faded image of the image of the second desktop. You can clearly see the safari Windows if you open a gray picture on the first desktop.


guys, what should i look for in a ebay macbook?

I can't get credit with fucking barclays to finance a new one, and my credit is all fucked thanks to people dying on me so no credit card purchases for me.

i use mpv for anything that doesn't play in quicktime, but it doesn't feel very native, so i'm also curious if there are any better options.

Wrong board you degenerate homosexual

get a 6,1 or newer macbook, 3,1 or newer Air or a 7,1 and onwards Pro. They can run sierra.

>not putting /FAG/ (friendly apple general)
As a gay man myself I'm very disappointed in you OP

groovy. I appreciate it, I'm got to start looking now. is there any certain ones to utterly avoid no matter how cheap?

What's with all these faggots on Cred Forums? Are we being raided by /lgbt/?

How will macfags ever recover?

The new Reduce Motion option in the Accessibility preferences is the best feature on the new OS.
Really makes everything faster.

okay I'm going to install it now

>make retarded laggy toddlertoy OS with laggy as shit animations
>finally after a decade give cuckstomers option to reduce them in update
>retarded gullible sheep praise them

Mactards are truly beyond salvation.

I just barely updated. I don't really see anything too different aside from siri and how exposé works on it. Is there anything groundbreaking in this update?

>Apple pay

What use is that on a desktop or even laptop computer?

Anyone have issues with MPV after the update? It's like it's playing in software mode or in a sandbox or skemthing. As soon as I move my mouse the video lags meanwhile QuickTime is fine. Haven't had a chnce to test VLC

Don't have to bust out your CC for online purchases. Can use debit too. And don't have to bother with typing 16 digit numbers or with questioning the security of the sites payment system since everything is handled through ApplePay. If you already use it on your phone, being able to extend it to your Mac is a bonus

i'm interested in trying it out tomorrow but: (1) didn't keychain already save credit cards? (2) you have to use your phone to confirm, in my understanding

Anyone else running a hackintosh with their AMD? Shit is comfy as fuck.


if it's the 15" then upgrading would get you literally the exact same cpu, and a worse gpu

> The last setting of note, also disabled by default, will separate files and folders when you choose to sort files by name, listing folders first and then files.

>2014 macbook air
>feel more than fine
honestly, I don't think I'll give this computer up.

Cortana released on Windows 10 before Apple released Siri on OS sucks.

It's hard to measure failure rates for Macs since iSheep buy a new one every year, while normal people use their computer till it breaks which is on average 5-7 years.

keychain can save cc info just the same as any modern browser, but some people choose not to trust their browser/keychain for that. having it on your phone requiring your thumbprint to authenticate is much more reassuring from a security standpoint IMO

figured it out. it was the fucking old version of MPV that i was using that did it. new version plays just fine.

I can turn Siri off. Can you do that with Cortana? LOL. I hope you enjoy Steve Ballmer and his creepy voice changer listening to you sleep

>Can you do that with Cortana?
Yes, you stupid fucking iCocksucker.

With an an/off switch in reasonable reach from a user perspective? No you can't. Because they took that away from you. Because Microsoft is right and Wintards can't think for themselves. Of course you an shut down the service and dick around in the registry. But whoops! That shit along with the two dozen or so other "customizations" you need to perform to make that steaming pile of shit which is Windows 10 "usable", gets undone by the next Microsoft update you download. LOL MY FUCKING SIDES

Yes please senpai

Literally right click on the taskbar to turn it off, exactly how Apple copied it on OS Sucks.

Nice find. The Ars review doesn't even seem to acknowledge that it's new, even though it clearly is.

>The option to reduce motion and transparency continues to be available in the Accessibility preference pane

>As for Safari: I hate that you can't reopen more than 1 closed tab

In Safari 10 you can now reopen more than one by continuing to press cmd+z. I think they also added a list of recently closed tabs under the History menu.

Cool. Hopefully it gets rid of that shitty swipe-zoom-fade animation when some apps go fullscreen.

That just hides the Cortana button. It doesn't shut it off. The only way to kill it is by registry modifications. And again, MS will just turn it back on when you install an update.

>3 horas


Any hackintosh users upgraded? Any problems?

It doesn't seem any different from what I've seen, at least not in any way I would care about. I didn't really get much out of updating to 10.11 on my 2012 MBP and I think I'm just going to skip this one. Probably getting a Windows laptop instead within the next year anyway.

Just installed it on my Haswell rMBP13. Lags and stutters twice as much and animations seemed to be slowed down on this version.
What the fuck happened to APFS, weren't they supposed to release it with Sierra?

have a bunch of audio plugs and shit i'm worried about but upgrading anyway

I'm using a 2013 MacBook Air that I just did a clean install of Sierra. It's incredibly fast. I turned off all the extra crap though. I was expecting it to slow down but if anything it's faster. I will probably hang on to this computer for another 2 years at least.

It's not coming out until 2017 as a mid-cycle upgrade. So you get to a clean install all over again

i had some stutters for a while but then Photos stopped analizing my photos and it seems to be the same as El Capitan now


Anyone know what the security implications of Universal Clipboard are? There don't seem to be any detailed security docs explaining how it works. Presumably all the data is sent locally via BT - which is how all other continuity features work. But is there definite confirmation the data isn't sent to the Internet via iCloud? Anyone test this with two devices on same network without internet connections? Also is there some way to selectively disable just Universal Clipboard (a toggle for switching it on/off as needed)

seems like `sudo mv /Library/Caches/com.apple.iconservices.store Desktop` and a restart fixed it but I really shouldn't need to do this

i tested this on my iphone and macbook. it works when both devices have bt and wifi enabled and are connected to the same wifi network. even if the wifi network is not connected to the internet, all continuity features including universal clipboard still work. so the feature does not need an Internet connection (i.e. doesn't communicate with iCloud in real time) to work

logging out and back in or restarting would have done the same thing.

nope, I already tried that.

doesn't work for me, are my late 2013 15" rMBP and iPhone 6 too old?

>Installed Sierra on my Mac Pro 2008


nope they are compatible. BT needs to be enabled on both devices and they need to be connected to the same local network. if you see your phone as a personal hotspot under the wifi icon then the other continuity features like handoff should work. universal clipboard is part of continuity

your desktop image creeped me out

Where do mactard morons get the false impression they or their fruity toddler toys belong on a technology board?

puh-lease secondary fag

yeah seems like I can't even get handoff to work anymore, it was just fine before

days ago.

nvm, handoff and universal clipboard started working a while after I relogged to iCloud

you need iOS 10 for continuity to work with Sierra