When he has a Galaxy

>when he has a Galaxy

Thanks to Samsung, normies think all android devices are either "galaxies" or "droids"

>Not just knowing what an iPhone is and what a "not iPhone" is

>When he lives in the Universe

>when he has a BlackBerry

Actually Motorola is responsible for the "droid" terminology. But I still agree with you in general.

>tfw a really hot guy has green bubbles



On the iPhone, if you text someone with an iPhone, the bubbles are blue, because the messages are coming over iMessage. If you text someone without an iPhone, the bubbles are green.

Take your shitty "look at me I'm a girl" namefagging and fuck off.
What's between your legs is of no value here, it's the thoughts in your head that count.

That said, the nexus is a pretty decent phone, so I can't fault you for that.

>when he uses abbreviations to save money on telegrams

What the fuck Apple? That's some straight up dick move social engineering there.


Apple must take EBT

>when he has a Galaxy

>when he has a phone

>when he has a Galaxy

>when he has a Nexus

>when she prefers Mac to my sweet Win10/openSUSE build

>own an entire galaxy
>bitches still don't want to hop on my dick

this is getting ridiculous

ayy my phone is blank on the front and covered up with a case on the back. you gotta be a turbonerd to know that my phone is a nexus.

What the fuck are these tweets real?
How fucking bratty can these people get?

>when he uses a chinese android phone
>when he insists that his shitty old plastic laptop is better than macbooks
>when he gives you awkward excuses why he doesn't have a facebook account

You just described 99% of android users.

Sent from my iPhone 7 Plus

no ma'am, i've got 3 Samsung Galaxy phones.

She naked cause she got fukked by applel

>when he has an Xperia

>when she is ugly and no one gives a fuck what her potatoface thinks

>when his homescreen wallpaper is Pepe

>mfw i have a Galaxy Note
>mfw my Edge Text is "iPhone 7 Curve"
>mfw a girl gets really confused because it says both iPhone and Samsung
Your average woman is not smart. That's all you need to know.


Daily Reminder:

The only losers that text with green bubbles are iCuck losers. ALL texts RECEIVED on iPhones are gray. Only texts SENT from iPhones are colored blue/green (imessage/sms).

Android doesn't have this problem since you can customize text messages to display in any color you want, and the default is random.

Americans are utterly abhorrent people.


Why do iCucks even try?

Hey, an AMERICAN made this gem of a website.

>Hey, an AMERICAN made this gem of a website
>made this gem of
>this gem





Fuck off tumblr, not even Cred Forums likes tumblr universe outside of its containment general.

getting a galaxy was the worst mistake of my life. i can only hope the battery on mine fucking explodes so I don't have to deal with fucking TouchWiz and unrootability any longer


>said no girl ever

Touchwiz is indeed horrible. It's Samsung's fault for the horrible association that green bubbles convey.

>treating phones like video game consoles
Why are Nexusfaggots such cancer to Android?

He has a whole fucking galaxy? What the fuck is wrong with you, you should be worshiping this mother fucker!!!


Tfw galaxy is superior that iCuck

>when he has a Note 7

Only time this joke has ever been funny