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Not invited: Hotheads, people that can't swim, you.

Peak of the hurricane season is here crabmens. Are you ready for a big one?

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Have you learned nothing?
Must I BEAT some sense into you?

I-It was a trick to bait you over here!

this thread better be up until new year's eve

whats news /crab/

we had a double murder and a triple murder feat. a 9 m.o. today

also ongoing investigation of PNP campaign financing

>No one died
>I bought hair oil
>played Pokemon Go for the first time in a long time

I'm a bit sad /carib/ pls send halp!

I just wanna say that your country has the best name of any country, its so catchy and fun to say

>I'm a bit sad /carib/ pls send halp!

how about a doge

> police seized 7000 marijuana plants
> 7 pregnant women confirmed for having zika


This does not give me good feels

>7000 marijuana plants
Those will be sold for monies by the police

Some will be 'misplaced' but the rest will be burnt and the officers will stand around it keeping 'guard'.

>police seized 7000 marijuana plants
Those poor drug dealers, all their hard work going down the drain.

i saw that, frenchie

>zika taking out single moms mid pregnancy
God is real


Happy 9/9 my crabmens!
How are you guys doing? any news?

I slept at a hospital last night, I feel like I took a beating.

it's also taking out regular moms.

Hope those quads make you a bit happy senpai.

>I slept at a hospital last night,


A cousin of mine is hospitalized, my aunt asked me to stay and keep company since she couldn't, so I did.

It's a Caribbean thing

But that's bad


Pumping because /pirate/

Pls because crib

Pumping 4 crab

Finally weekend lads, what's plans?
28-30 degrees until wednesday here.

What did he mean by this?

Tropico numba wan

Who is the new Dominica? Or is it the American? Or the catholic?

>Walked into a club
>only black guy there
>I'm also tall as fuck with a rugged beard
>Everyone stares at me until some gay rasta lad walks in
>Now 2 black people in the club
>I go home

Just let it die m8

I thought you would have been back by now

just woke up senpai. Have not slept that nicely in a while. I will spend the rest of the day doing nothing.

How are you doing?

its a new one bro.

>tfw I will never get this much attention.

How are you doing?

>I will spend the rest of the day doing nothing.
Yeah mang that's what I did.

Is Prisma Illya good?

So I spent the day doing literally nothing (ie staring at the ceiling) wtf.

It's good, but not for anyone.

That's kind of weird,but I can't even remember what I did today

found it on instagram and had to resize it to 3mb cutting the best part out

That looks like a fun place

Yeah, I don't even know man, I was so far in the daydream, I only got back to reality when I got hungry enough to get up.

I went to a pokemon tourney
I lost
every single round

on the bright side, /vp/'s gotten a... how should I put it? bara "situation"

Weird feels man....weird feels all around

Well at least you had fun

Bump because /pirate/

We have 3 Cities in Caribbean so Netherlands is welcome

Ya bleaching argument stale out

Pumping in /ded general/

Pls 4 crab


>mfw I stop competitively battling because I got schooled by a girl
I'm no slouch though I win 2/3 online wifi battles I get in I even beat people using full legendary pokemon teams

Those microbrained babies will just be a greater economic drain.

[muffled automatic fire in the distance]


My sister is a pogemon pro, she has won tournaments twice.

non-bf got me sick
everything hurts
I have a lot of shit for the upcoming weeks

>non-bf got me sick
>everything hurts
Why? Did you get infected with something or is it just you being butthurt?

>non-bf got me sick
>everything hurts
Explain, I'm concerned

>or is it just you being butthurt?
dafuq, bitch?

i'm sick


Will you miss the concert, or did you go already?

Like the Flu sick or Easy E/Freddie Mercury on his last legs sick?



Ahh I see. I;m going to the cloglands in october, can't wait.

Soon compadre
Nice, a new one. Now all we need is grenada
>How are you doing?
Pretty good, I'm growing a beard and lots of gays try to hit on me but other than that everything is great

Mornin' my carbmens! what's news?

Didn't we had a Grenadian regular?

>Pretty good
neat, where in the UK u at my man? how are the girls there?

>I'm growing a beard and lots of gays try to hit on me
Haha, do you look that good with it? I tried growing mine once but I ended up looking like a bad mashup of comrade castro and comrade minh. Also the only man that hit on me are creepy old people.

Haven't got into any fights or any of them things you get involved into lately?

Is it just one croatian user posting this shit or do all of you have a case of jungle fever?

Btw, I feel it too and an wondering if it's due to croatian ancestors or not


>neat, where in the UK u at my man? how are the girls there?
In this town called Reading. The girls here and in the areas surrounding it are cool IMO, there are some who are afraid of me, think I'm american and the ones who want to fug me. They're kinda cute but I only go out on the weekend anyway
>Do you look good with it?
From what I've heard, yes. But again, gay guys and cousins don't carry much merit to me
>Haven't got into any fights or any of them things you get involved into lately?
Nah, I got in an argument with a gardener who tried running up on my cousin's girlfriend but other than that nothing good has happened

I hate Flow guys

Grenada comes here off and on.

Only one.

>3 cities

Why would you even care to discuss Carib life if you're from NL and have no Carib lifestyle experience? What does it interest you other than "having 3 cities in Carib"?

Is Flow the only ISP in St Lucia? Because back home it's actually pretty decent

>Is Flow the only ISP in St Lucia?
yeah ... and it's total shit. Everyone here complains about it.

You and SL say it's not too bad at Vincy, for whatever reason.

I like Flow, I used them while I was in Trinidad and everything was cool

I had a 1mbps connection before they came now I have a 50mbps connection
that only stops during scheduled maintenance. I live near to the factories and they might have SLAs in place that I benefit from.

>I keep forgetting

Cute 2hu dude

I thought we lost you to the north sea

I got lost in yellow pussy

Kek,good for you senpai

You can escape the void

Actually I've fallen into severe depression and want to die

Pussy doesn't make life better

>depression and want to die
/ayeee, still in the void

why are you depressed?

I don't even know, everything just feels meaningless

I know what you mean, everything is just so meh but I can't quite
put my finger on why.

I live on the outerskirts of Castries, a place known to have regular difficulties that are 'unscheduled'

Lime and even KK was having the same problems, so it's been like this a while.

With the new budget they get you'd think they try to improve the service, especially with all the complaints.

why improve if you have a monopoly?


Getting deeper in the rabbit hole of their problems.

They also want you to pay an extra $35 to watch premiere league on 320p.

>on 320p

is that even legal. jc

Lads I'm proud of you all. this is the least shit general and most chill place on Cred Forums, can I be honorary /carib/?

Corporations run Lucia now ;_;

I broke my thumb's nail while driving to non-bf's place, it hurts like fuck and there's so much blood

also, meanwhile in /vp/
I swear to god I had nothing to do with this
there's like 4 threads posting bara in /vp/


I'm from South Brazil and I'm already scared.

100 kmp/h here.

Well that sucks

>has good internet
>pays for cable

You will be fine

In the news
>Trinis caught trying to get weed from SVG to Trinidad
>Ex-police officer charged with robbery and assault
>Man sent to jail over gun in Christmas stocking
>BBQ restaurant has to close because of smoke in the neighborhood
>more LIAT bullshit

>Mfw housing here is sturdy enough to endure any storm.
Flooding and power outages are a different story altogether though

>power outages are a different story
Haven't had one of those in a while

lol how did you even achieve that?

barafags concentrate in certain places I guess. I bet at least one of those is a girl.

good luck. Do you guys get many?

>Trinis caught trying to get weed from SVG to Trinidad
>Ex-police officer charged with robbery and assault
Was he a retired officer or did he got fired for stuff?
>more LIAT bullshit
What now lol

It floods quite a lot where I live, thankfully the people that designed this house built it very elevated from the terrain, so it doesn't flood into my house. But im trapped since you can't go out.

>Was he a retired officer or did he got fired for stuff?

>What now
Out PM is asking LIAT why even though we keep them afloat they give us
shit service.

they ruined the surprise. what is he to look forward to finding on christmas morning now?

Weed another gun I suppose

>start work tomorrow
>NL pls halp

I wonder where OG Dominica is

>barafags concentrate in certain places I guess. I bet at least one of those is a girl.
one thread had like 4 girls

>lol how did you even achieve that?
I was quickly trying to park and well I drove the nail home against the steering wheel

just leaving this right here

Hey man at least you got a job, where hopefully, you don't have to deal with people regularly
It's pretty good their man, the download speeds on my phone are what I go by. Torrented an entire album in 2 hours

I see.

>Out PM is asking LIAT why even though we keep them afloat they give us
shit service.
That's how private companies to in order to not spend.

>start work tomorrow.
Nice, hopefully you won't feel as depressed as I am and your job won't erode your spirit.

Isn't he in Australia with his kid and waifu?

>one thread had like 4 girls
> was quickly trying to park and well I drove the nail home against the steering wheel


having a laugh at people who do, tv literally has nothing interesting.

remember what upload speeds you get/got?

>le discontinued maymay

would I be able to get a /carib/ gf? pic related is me

Bon tardi tur hende! How is everyone?

Current headlines from this particular Banana Republic:

>parliament approved of homosexuals getting married
>one dead, another seriously injured in an armed home invasion gone awry
>woman tazed, robbed in broad daylight

E v e n t f u l

yeh man

Thought we lost u at sea my mang, how are you doing?

>parliament approved of homosexuals getting married
>one dead, another seriously injured in an armed home invasion gone awry
>woman tazed, robbed in broad daylight
even more awful, wtf

I'm ok. Not a neet anymore, but working sucks ass and I want to end it.

Nah m8. I stopped going to the beach for this very reason.

>I'm ok
I'm glad for you, mr. Wageslave.

>tfw u get out of the shower and you have to keep toweling because you don't know if you're still wet or sweating again

I bet you want to build those bridges to ride fast cars instead of connecting the islands.

I just bought a MAGA hat from Aliexpress for $1.36 with free shipping included. Tempted to also buy this shirt.

Yes oh gawd from the bottom of my heart I wish our islands were connected via bridges or tunnels.
It's a Romantic dream of mine to build such a network and also see too it that excise tax(Custom's duties) are removed from vehicles.
If excise tax is removed I can afford a viper.

>I bet you want to build those bridges to ride fast cars instead of connecting the islands.
lmao, we do that at our only bridge, and it's just to cross a lagoon

I've started growing marijuana to supplement my income, other than that I've been going on some hella bag coke binges, taking a break from that desu.

Why not mow people's lawns,wash cars or clean houses instead?

So what's the least shitty part of the Caribbean according to you guys

he already has a "job"

>Bon tardi tur hende?


pursuing a career in engineering?

Good morning my cribmens!

What's news today. btw possible trop. storm heading our way, arriving by next week.


>I'm glad for you, mr. Wageslave.

I know this feel. Specially when you;re drying your hair in the morning. It's horrible.

that t-shirt looks nice.

watch out mang, the feds watch the 4chins.

>other than that I've been going on some hella bag coke binges, taking a break from that desu.
that's not healthy

the one with less crime.

Got job at....svgcc ;_;

Don't really upload so I wouldn't know

Don't let the police user find you

Bon tardi? e board ki ta riba Cred Forums
Mita di e hendenan cu ta post riba e hilo ki no ta den bo zona oral, falt'i respet g gewoon exclui tur otro personanan kinan cu no ta den caribe awo'ki

I think it was like 3.8 mbs or something like that, it was a phone though
ayyyye. There are a bunch or other Cred Forums users out there right now

I can't hang out with them....because I'm in the staff room :(



Up because /ded general/

Damn, well when you see them you'll know. The autism out there is palpable

Pump for the glory of carib

Up because cribbycrab

kek's, well I'll see how that goes

>"crazy" man dug up graves
>No more money for LIAT until they get their shit together
>Lady "threw away" her baby into a pit latrine
>Prince Harry might come here


>Lady "threw away" her baby into a pit latrine
What the fuck

Also feeling extremely shit today. What do my crabmens.

I can't help ya, I'm listening to podcasts and watching cam girls

Because I already work 40 hours a week, I'm not going to pile more work on top of that.
>watch out mang, the feds watch the 4chins.
I will tip the officers generously if they can even find my house.
>that's not healthy
That's what I'm stopping.
The police here don't give a fuck about anything. Absolute worse case scenario, they take my plants.

>Lady "threw away" her baby into a pit latrine
Somethings similar happened here recently only the kid was abandoned at a Junkyard I believe

Ay, any of you faggots want to play Serious Sam or Brutal Doom coop with me?

I want to play your dick like a flute

such sadness

Naw,I don't play

Aight' let me know if you're in St Thomas.

Don't play much vidya these days mang

Neither do I, but I need something to keep me busy, trying to abstain from going out for the rest of September.

I hope they hang to be honest, they bring great dishonor to our country.

Skip a minute in btw

*patiently waits for Spirit Airlines to fly to St. Thomas*

I don't even know what I do for fun

I spent the whole day sleeping. this is life now.

What podcast u listening to?

Feds don't give you enough time to bribe em.
Hope you stop snorting coke altogether. just smoke weed dude.

Play GTAV with me (((

>Death penalty.
Can't support that desu. but I hope they get punished well.

dude you can like book a flight from jetblue or seaborn for tomorrow for less that 100 bux.

I see you heard of the crazy going on down my side. I kek'd but deep down, I know we're fucked

Hello internet and the Co-optional podcast

I just want a front row seat at the end of the country

Ayyy sto'i hode ohm.

Conta ayabanda na Litouwen?

Thought we lost you to the sea

>dude you can like book a flight from jetblue or seaborn for tomorrow for less that 100 bux.
dude, I can book a flight from San Juan to Fort Lauderdale for 50 bux

Flight from St.Vincent to St.Lucia ~$800XCD for a 50ish mile trip


I can go to Miami, NYC and Boston pretty much for free, if I talk to my imouto.

what the fuck

It's a terrible state of affairs here man.

is there an island equivalent of cabin fever

it's $107 on a regular airline
but it's $50 on the budget airline (Spirit)


based American
such a shitty airline
yet it gets all the major airports
and the only one that goes from SJU to MIA

We have no other airline mayne, we're fucked

Yeah pulling up the plants is probably the most they'll do unless the officer has a hate boner for whiteys and then they might charge you with cultivation (unlikely).
Ever since the marijuana bill passed officers have just been bringing in weed for disposal. No arrests.

I see, I see Go forth young user

>Play GTAV with me (((
My laptop probably can't run it.
Hello Internet is pretty gud. Check out Biggest Problem in the Universe, then The Dick Show, maddox is a massive cuck.
True, I flow Spirit to get here last year.
You the cop from St Croix?
What are they doing about coke dealers on STX? 3 of my coke dudes have been busted and the worst that happened to them was they were forced to dump everything they had on them.

Yeah, maybe if I'm in the bahamas

I will check them out since I've been running out

Pumping 4 /little irrelevant islands/

Depends on the officer I suppose. The older, lazier ones might just take the coke or turn a blind eye. The younger ones are more likely to arrest. Haven't been disillusioned yet by the revolving door that is our criminal justice system. I've heard STT cops are more lenient than us, but I haven't had the chance to work there yet and see for myself.

Motherfuck, Spirit flies to STT and SXM but not from SJU

Swa fucking dushi. Bida Ta asina goddamn bon eynan(not there atm) mi echt no por express con contento mi ta eynan.

Barata, muhe bon y kick ass apartment den e caya mas famoso den e pais. Mi no por keha. Pero I guess erasmus life ta make everything seem hopi mas mihor

hi my crabmens!

What's news today?

When will Aruba post more pics?

it rained
i ate sardines
boring day desu

whats new with you

I wish it rained here.

I slept all day, now I'm eating some stuff. uneventful and sad day.

What did you eat the sardines with?


why the sads?

Plz for the glory of carb


>why the sads?
I'm bored and lonely, it sucks.

She already did and she was beautiful

>Went out today
>spent too much money
>had an okay day

Post them

Implying I saved them, she was just too qt

>>spent too much money
What did you spend it in?

>new clothes
>hair stuff

I don't even know what's going on in this country
> Implying I saved them, she was just too qt
A shabine man

Nice. How much did you spent in total?

I should go get my hair situation fixed tomorrow, I look like a crazy person atm.

>I don't even know what's going on in this country
That's how it works in our part of the world I guess.

What's going on?


Nothing much I spent the day at home just finished seasoning some chicken for lunch tomorrow

>qt voice
>qt face
I am smitten

Not really, a normal fag would already have such things

>I'm bored and lonely, it sucks.

friendly save for puerto rico.

Bump for rare flags


>Had even more rain last night
>someone brought me plumbs
>Super qt messaged me out of the blue

Today is looking like one of those better days

In the news
>cop must do some statement thing for a shooting
>man who dug up graves was crazy


hold me senpai

It rained here last night too.

>someone brought me plumbs
>Super qt messaged me out of the blue
nice. will you follow up on that?

I just went and got all my hair cut and now I just feel empty, but it feels so nice and fresh.

>>man who dug up graves was crazy
lol, reminds me of the old man here who buried his whole car in his backyard and then claimed it was stolen lol.

of what?

this general seems pretty comfy

yeah mang. Now come to the crablands like may other yuros and burgers have done after posting here!

Hell, one of them even stayed and established a nice business in the botanical sector.

Roll call
MioPoster- AWOL
Ba'Hamas- AWOL(for a long time now)
Aruba Chan-AWOL
Dominica chan- AWOL
Everybody is gone

u w0t m8?
he's 6 posts above

we're both here

>Aruba Chan-AWOL
all here

a-also i'm still h-here!

I'd miss you the most Puerto rico senpai

you're not a namefag so....


I still want attention!

hence why namefagging exists

i don't think i could ever live in a place where the sun shines all year round

and your culture is really the opposite of what i'm accustomed to

>and your culture is really the opposite of what i'm accustomed to

How can people from those little islands be so weeb?

I grew up watching anime, during Hurricane season as a kid we'd be coped up in a house watching anime vhs's and such for days on end until the storm passes.
Anime was handed down to me from my older cousins, I was a weeb before the term existed
I also read better than anyone in my class go figure.

I was told that she has a bf now but I am not so sure
but I've been crushing on her for so long now.

depends on the island some are more friendly than others


You guys mind If I blog post?

>blog post
Isn't that what /carib/ is about?

but giving myself a name is quite embarrassing thing to do.

you get used to it.
culture doesn't matter if you don;t talk to anyone ever.

literally every person from south america I've met is some sort of weeb desu

Well, shit, let's hope she's not taken.

No, you have to fill out 5 forms (2 for blog post application, 1 for permission to post, 1 for rare flag insurance, 1 for paying for the damages Ba ''Hamas'' has caused'') then you have to buy 3 money orders 100 bux each and mail them, 2 for me and one to the government of the Netherlands together with the forms, then await for reply for a summon to the council of /carib/ for a hearing to accept you blog post application and give you your one time use blog post on /carib/ license.

I see I've forgotten myself, here I go
Okay Boys let's talk about the first people who've had crushes on us.
In the second grade my male best friend enjoyed hugging me and holding my hand, I thought nothing of it until people started messing with us I got into a lot of fights defending him and saying he wasn't gay until the teacher (Teacher found out because a girl who had a crush on me and I to had a crush on told on us) told that it wasn't okay to hug and hold hands with other boys so we stopped. From time to time he'd still sneak up on and hug me when no one was around, I just thought he was friendly
It wasn't until the six grade that I figured out he was gay for me and I told him we had to just be regular friends.
I didn't see him again until the eleventh grade
The very first person to crush on me a dude
Was she really that bad?

>paying for the damages Ba ''Hamas'' has caused''
I miss the old days (((((((((

cute story
>The very first person to crush on me a dude
jelly t b h

>Was she really that bad?
a legend, m8

Now that Cuba has been freed by 'Murika, when will we see Cuban flags here?

Pretty soon I hope

>who've had crushes on us
I'm quite oblivious so I don't know the first one but the one I knew
>be in uwi, be super fuckken dedicated
>completely oblivious to everything except work
>day after final exam
>girl says that she had a crush on my for the longest time but she didn't want to distract me
>We talk for a bit...I eat her out to celebrate end of our exams
>Talk for like 2 weeks
>I leave for home
>went back to Trinidad....she got a bf

ohh wow, how cute. Do you still see him around? Do you like men?

>Okay Boys let's talk about the first people who've had crushes on us.
When I was a kid, where I lived at there was a small playground behind our backyard, and all kids from the surrounding homes used to play there. There was this cute polish girls that really seemed to hate me quite a lot. After a while I found out from her brother that she liked me a lot and when she found out I was moving she started crying and stuff. After that I never saw her again, nor have I been back to that city.

>Was she really that bad?
no, she was just too good. Some people can't handle that and were left with severe emotional stress, plus the effects of meme withdrawal after getting hooked up on memes by her.

Those were that days my mang (((( they will never come back (((

Cuba like, posts here all the time senpai.

Hey St Lucia do you'll think of Dominicans as brothers as we think of you'll as brothers

>Do you like men?
No, but I do watch transporn from time to time
Pic related was my fave pornstar as a teen
I really wish I got to meet her, now I feel cheated


Sorry for the late response
I can't help but wonder what this country would be like if we were more open minded about stuff.
I've had plenty of lesbian coworkers who came to really like me because I seemed "Cool" but what I find strange is how women can be openly gay but men are forced to be hidden about it and are liable to be attacked(only in the most severe cases we're nowhere as bad as Jamaica)

>transporn from time to time
Ayeeeee I thought I was the only one

only thing I know about The Bahamas is that Kalik is good, the beaches are GOAT, the stoplights are... hidden, Paradise Island looks artificial as fuck and that the taxi ride from Paradise Island to the cruise ship dock was scary as fuck

No Senpai you are not.
>he taxi ride from Paradise Island to the cruise ship dock was scary as fuck
Lol why? what happened?

narrow streets, sharp turns, taxi drivers aren't that reckless here
>driving on the wrong side

Oh, you'd hate taking our Buses early in the morning then.
They speed at 85mph plus to hurry and get back to downtown
Some even drive on the sidewalks at times

are you guys that close?

Ahh, I see.

I honestly could have thought that was a girl if you didn't tell me otherwise. What a time to be alive.

>They speed at 85mph plus to hurry and get back to downtown
how? there's not enough length to go that fast
>Some even drive on the sidewalks at times
...that's not very first world of you
same with having people riding jet-skis close to the people in the water

That what attracts me to her, I'm such a strange man
>there's not enough length to go that fast
On your next visit take a number 16 bus around 5am, sit close to the front and watch how fast they go.
They usually make it on the Northern part of Baillou hill road if no one hails to get on the bus
>same with having people riding jet-skis close to the people in the water
Yes, Last year the RBDF ha started cracking down on idiots on Jet skis both riding without a license and without the vessel being registered. They also are cracking down on them coming that close to shoar near certain areas but it's difficult to patrol so much shoreline.
A lot of Jet skis were impounded recently though(that reminds me I should go to the auction and buy one)
As for the sidewalk thing it happens really rarely and only in certain areas and certainly not in any tourist areas.

pls africa,help me in the 196 countries thread

>but it's difficult to patrol so much shoreline.
they just need to patrol the populous beaches, kinda disappointing considering Paradise Island is pretty small and basically tourist-containment zone

>On your next visit
this might actually happen and my parents liked it bc the flights from FLL to NAS are unfairly cheap (compared to any flight leaving SJU)

Try spear fishing on your next visit
Rent or come by boat and you'll have all the fresh fish you can eat.
Also try a family island instead of Nassau, Maybe club med in San Salvador very beautiful beaches, I'd recommend Long Island but I've never been to their resorts but they do have Dean's Blue

>tourist-containment zone

This isn't africa

Can't get rid of me that easily.

Ta leuk si cu bo ta gosando eynan. Con e hendenan ta? M'a tende cu nan no echt gusta stranhero mucho. Pensa di pasa eybanda un dia.

Why would I? Wasn't once enough?

Estoy aquí!!!

Hot. Moar like these plox

>Moar like these plox
No! more like this

Always here

Who's she?

my dad keeps insisting on Grand Bahama bc scuba diving

it is, it makes New Providence seem like the ghetto


delet it fat

>St. Lucian relatives coming to stay with me
>Literally can't understand a word they are saying
Help me /carib/

>Wasn't once enough?
Of course not.
Post more
Why do you use a French proxy to bump this threads?
You know that Patricia Araujo is a shemale, don't you?

Just smile and say yes with your head when he talks

that used to work when I was 8. I don't think it could fly now.

>Patricia Araujo is a shemale
Really? you think?

>é uma atriz e modelo transexual brasileira.

You know that faping to shemales is gay...
You are now officially a faggot, congratulations!
More Bahamamamas for me

I'm so glad you're still here
What is up Barbados? I've never met a Barbados Islander oddly enough

but i'm not a turboautist who doesnt talk to anyone ever

how retarded are you?

my cousin's second name is Araujo ;-;

>second name
I meant Last Name

A bajan saying they can't understand a word someone is saying is the world coming to an end

USVI you are requested in this thread

How are my crabmens doing today? any interesting news?

P-kun what do you clogmens usually gift people who are getting married?

>Literally can't understand a word they are saying
>Barbados flag.
b real my mang.

ohh ok.

I just went for a jog listening to the Bloodborne soundtrack
This song was playing when some strays started chasing me
They quit when I started throwing rocks at them.

Brushing up on thermodynamics while looking for garbage reality tv to watch in the background. Just finished Love at First Kiss and I'm not ashamed.
b-but i speak english.

>b-but i speak english.
>Bajan english

>They quit when I started throwing rocks at them.
wow rude mang

I refuse
Me gucci, gonna take care of my marijuana plants and play some Brutal Doom.


>a bajan
>complaining that they can't understand an accent
>oh I am laughing

If you say so cumberbatch

its the same dude

OI, let's not play the gender pronoun game here also I found Her.
Pretty gud, what is it about Brazil that produces such top quality "women"?
Hey they were barking and chasing at me I have the right mind to go buy some rat poison and pedigree for the bastards.
But only because I love dogs in general I won't but violent strays suck ass.

Esey tambe tur hende a bisami y tur biaha mi a search over LT hende ta bisa nan no ta dje friendly. Wel e no ta mesun friendly cu Aruba Pero honestly masha tiki pais ta.
Den mi experiencia e hendenan ta Basta lief.
Mi no ta sinta threatened of unwelcome at all - however hopi hende sa stare paso mi ta bruin anto wowo blauw y tin biaha e ta uncomfortable, pero den mi experiencia esey ta Djis Eastern Europe en general no LT specific. Plus kinan tin hopi tiki stranjero dus tin biaha nan ta djis curioso.

Siman pasa na un store un mucha Di 5 anja ney a sigimi y djis keda stare into my soul pa full e trip (anto Ami no ta back out di un staring contest especially here)...mane 25 min ney. Keriendo cu Ela gustami of Algo mi a wave at her anto bisa Labas (hello) nope... E la gewoon keda wak mi mane un ghost mi ta anto toch sigimi pa e resto di e trip

Ebin bump in /little irrelevant islands/


I want to kiss and cuddle with you :3

C-can I has Ruski love too

Y-yes you can.

I love you

>kiss and cuddle

I don't know man, some of them are just....amazing

Ebin bump 4 /pirate/

Letterlijk keda wak bo sin stop? Lol

Ami lo freak out un poco si hende keda wak mi asina. Lo ta bay ta un experiencia interesante si.


Pls aussie bro....save me from this place

Hello my cribmen!

What is news today?

Neat. How are they growing so far?

>Hey they were barking and chasing at me I have the right mind to go buy some rat poison and pedigree for the bastards.
wow, how cruel

The thread has been up for almost 2 weeks now, wouldnt want to let this die now.

i feel out of sorts
bike acting weird on startup

whats new with you

Not really,we've had threads up longer than this

Latrine pit baby died
Various scams disovered

>bike acting weird on startup
What kind of bike?
Also describe the problem more, I'm somewhat of a mechanic.

this kind of bike

the past two times ive had to start it it starts and cant maintain idle then the starter will try to turn it over once and just click and the display shits itself like the battery is dead.

the first time it started fine after i went back inside for my helmet but today i had to bump start it and then the tach would sit at 6k at idle.i restarted it normally and then the tach sat at 4k and on the third start it was showing the correct reading

i didnt have any problems while riding it but my brother said it had sounded weird when i was leaving

Okay let's take this from the top
Try removing the fuel tank and emptying it, their could be rust or moisture in it.
Try to get your fuel lines cleaned if need be
Then check your Air intake, insure that it is clean and clear
If that doesn't work check the spark plugs(in hind sight I should told you to do this first) see if they need changing and also check for dirt near or around them
If that doesn't work you may need coil packs(You'd better hope you don't, finding them for my old honda F3 cbr was a pain in the ass)
I wish I could have help more
pic related is similar to my old cbr only mine didn't have the tacky paint job

thx m80

im jelly of that cbr desu. f3's seem really comfy

It was fast but then again it was my first bike.
Annoyingly a week after I got one of my neighbors bought an f4i cbr, I still beat him on the streets though he didn't have the balls I had.

Antided in /pirate/

>mfw AEE fucked up
>mfw RIP Biribiri

Guys help, our island fucked up big time
>3 shooting around my uni
>a town hall caught fire
>accidents everywhere
>i got a phone interview
>my physical chemistry test got split in 2 days

I know that feel
Also is there a way for us to stream a youtube video together, I want live commentary from you guys

>3 shooting around my uni

you mean to tell me that isnt normal?

Baby's first island wide blackout

Yesterday a girl almost died from asthma attack in my college and later that day someone tried to cut a students throat open with a pair of scissors

Good, one plant is ready for drying, I give the other 3 about a week, two weeks tops.

I really want to hear your voices

Sounds like fun
>physical chemistry

We did that already

No,no voices! just Text
our islands really have issues

Haven't had an island wide black out in like 10 years

>Trinidad voted to have the most beautiful bank notes in the world

>Trinidad voted to have the most beautiful bank notes in the world

true desu

An envelope with money I think.
Or maybe household stuff. Like mixers, cappuccino makers, that shit.
Doesn't it say anything on the invitation?

I need the new $50 dollar bill





r a r e s

How is life in the karibik guys?

Why is /carib/ so nice?

The sun. And lack of Cred Forumsautism and WE WUZ.

agreed, i might actually be able to buy something with it as opposed to our fifty

Living here is shit

,This is true

They tasted okay


It's hot as fuck. Could be worse tbqh.

Just be chill and you'll be welcomed.

This is the only place where multiculturalism works. :^)

There's also a juice brand in Perú named Aruba ree

I wonder if SL found the other Cred Forums people yet

Not in the first world ;^)

>Baby's firstisland wide blackout
Puerto Rico is 12x the size of Sisserouland

Not all the time, just most of the time


They'll find you then, I'll make sure of that

pls no...also you finished with CC?

> Sisserouland
I like that one

The Vincential parrot doesn't sound as cool

This is a goldmine of rare flags

Locally a few embarrassing screenshots of a Marine soliciting sex from another man leaked along with pictures of him a few compromising positions with said man.
He's gonna have to resign over this, they're going to make his life hell if he doesn't.
Also Public support for the standing and Opposition Government is at Record lows, this is encouraging for third Party supporters such as myself

i think i spotted wf desu

s o r a r e

Im actually Colombian, im at BC rn

I always imagined WF as a 5''10 blonde guy with a clean shave

1st world kek

My flag says it all

Almost, only gonna come for stuff like my transcript etc