What's your story, when and why did you upgraded?

Asher Morris
Asher Morris

I have this "it's been 3 years, time for new shiny phone" consumptionist phase, tell me I'm an idiot so I stop browsing /spg/

I have xperia z1 compact, almost pristine, keeping it in comfy case since day 1, great battery life after 3 years of usage I don't feel any difference.
I think I have good habits of always closing apps turning off data wifi gps when I don't need them, that translates to minimal ram usage and battery drain.
I spend most of my "digital" time in front of pc so smartphone is used only for texting, some music on the go, navigation, not important photos (I take camera for important ones) or social media like Cred Forums when on toilet.
I do everything one handed with ease because of how small it is.
LineageOS 14.1 installed, smooth in every app I have.

Evan Kelly
Evan Kelly

Based on your usage scenario, theres no need to buy a new one, as it wont be an upgrade in any way. The feeling of new shiny would fade after the first week, it isnt worth it imho

Gavin Gray
Gavin Gray

use it up
wear it out
make it do
or do without

Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz

Samsung Galaxy S2
Lasted 3.25 years before it started spazzing out
Had endured a couple of accidents though
Moto X Play
2.25 years so far. Still does everything I need it to do just fine. Battery still pretty great. 7.0.1 still to come. Hoping for at least 2 more years.

Feels good man

Jackson Young
Jackson Young

Had an S Plus, S4, Nexus 5, Z1 Compact, Moto X Pure and Oneplus 2

Sold Nexus 5 and gave away s4 (to my mom), still have the others. Using Op2 now

Camden Kelly
Camden Kelly

OG Iphone, Iphone 4, Nexus 5, Moto G

Probably going to buy an OP6 or Galaxy Note 9 this year

Blake Davis
Blake Davis

my parents made me buy a phone a few years ago because they wanted to call me, first phone ever when I was 22. decided it had too many features and now I have a nokia 3310, just want something that does calls.

Evan Sullivan
Evan Sullivan

forgot to say: it was a xiaomi

Michael Wright
Michael Wright

Mine is honestly terrible.
Galaxy s2
Galaxy s3
Galaxy note 2
Nokia lumnia 1920
IPhone 6
Galaxy alpha
Nexus 5
Huawei p10
Nexus 5 and that's what I'm typing this on. Waiting for custom ROM before I use the huawei again.

Adam Perez
Adam Perez

Nokia 5530
2 years, was 2slow
Nokia N8
2 years, Symbian died
Galaxy S3
2 years, 2slow, only 1gb RAM
2.5 years, bootlooped once, got a warranty repair. Waiting for it to die again.

Nathaniel Myers
Nathaniel Myers

2012: HTC Desire C
2014: OG Moto X
2017: OnePlus 5T

Tyler Jackson
Tyler Jackson

2006: some slider phone I can't remember the name of; broke in my pocket while riding a roller coaster
2008: sony ericsson flip phone to replace it
2011: iPhone 4S because contract
2014: iPhone 6 because contract

Still on the 6.

Alexander Evans
Alexander Evans

10000BC: Flip phone
~2011: Galaxy nexus
2017: Fairphone 2
Getting rid of the GN wasn't really necessary. But I was starting to install old versions of Android because those weren't showing the designed obsolescence and I eventually decided to go with something new.

Xavier Young
Xavier Young

lg g2x
lg g2
note 4
note 8

Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen

2016: HTC 10
2013: Galaxy S4
2011: Some shitty Virgin Mobile LG thing. I think it was the Optimus V or something
Also 2011: Some shitty Net 10 garbage phone i had for a month
In high school I had that Sony swivel phone candybar think. I remember the commercial had the phone being used as a needle on a record player but i don't remember exactly what model it was

David Harris
David Harris

2010 : HTC Desire
Great phone overall. The bad point was that it only had 512MB of flash memory. But a good SD card and custom ROM that can be installed on it was enough.
2013 : Samsung Galaxy S4
Also great phone, apart from Touchwizz being a piece of shit. And also that motherfucker was overheating like hell because Samsung put all the electronics on the top side of the phone.
2017 : Samsung Galaxy S8
Couldn't buy the edge but pretty much happy about it. Doesn't overheat it, screen is great. The back is fucking shit because you can see every fingerprint on it. I'm waiting for an official release of LineageOS and I will flash it.

Cooper Rivera
Cooper Rivera

I got an LG G6 just because I wanted it. I just wanted the big screen and fast performance.

It's your money, do what you want.

Hudson Cruz
Hudson Cruz

Samsung S3 (3 years)
Xiaomi Mi 3 (almost 3 years, still running)
I changed just because Mi3 was on heavy discount, and my brother had to change phone, so I gave him my S3.
He's still using it, with android 7.

Adrian Brooks
Adrian Brooks

Sony Xperia M
Okay for the time, had it for 3 years, ditched it because of battery issues.
Moto G3
My favorite phone I've ever owned, fan of the build style and features for the price. Lasted 3 years before ditching it because of lack of internal store.
Moto G5s
Not a fan of the design, but it does everything my Moto G3 does, and has more internal storage, so why not. I will probably stick to the Moto G line from now on, great phones for the price.

Wyatt Roberts
Wyatt Roberts

2009: T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream
First phone and was pretty good at the time, even if it was the first android device.
2011: HTC Sensation
Pretty good as well, but had a faulty power button later on so every time I tried to lock the phone, it would turn back on
2013: Samsung Galaxy S4
Galaxy S4 shattered literally the one time I didn't have a case on it, why I only had it for a year
2014: LG G3
Fell for the QHD meme, had slow wi-fi issues, why I only had it for a year
2015: LG V10
Loved the camera on it but the battery was shit and never had a use for the second screen, surprised it never bootlooped by the time I got it replaced.
2017: LG V30
Debated whether to upgrade to the S8 or the V30 but ended up going with the V30 since I had more of a use for the ultrawide camera and quad-dac.
Only Apple devices I've owned were iPods (shuffle 2G, nano 5G, touch 4G/5G) and from what I saw from iOS on the iPod touch, it was pretty locked compared to android so I never bothered with an iPhone.

Chase Kelly
Chase Kelly

phones i bought at a grocery store and was pre paid, i just needed to make calls and text so i went with the cheapest thing available. they costed like $40 a piece, so i would end up buying a new one about every year. the brand always changed but i do remember one of them being nokia.
my first smartphone was a galaxy 4, and this is the first proper carrier i went through. first cricket, then verizon. i went through 3 of them, one was when i was at cricket, 2nd was when i switched to verizon, and 3rd time my phone died due to a manufacturers defect and i got another one even though i couldve went to the galaxy 5
LG v10 from verizon. its a lot nicer, has a good camera, and i cant remember the last time i ever was in an area with no signal. i only use it for calling, texting, snapchat, facebook, and browsing Cred Forums while shitting. ive only changed the battery, but otherwise it lasts on a full charge all day of pretty continuous use at 25-40% screen brightness with no gps or 4g turned on.
im gonna be upgrading this year to an apple phone, either the X or the 8+ or 9 if its gonna come out this fall like they usually do.

Carson Howard
Carson Howard

pic related
my grandma's handmedown
samsung e600
dual color screens w/camera
lg chocolate
hottest phone before the iPhone came out
iPhone 3G
you know what it is
iPhone 4
had to have it
iPhone 4S
here's where i learned to use craigslist
htc one x
wanted to try android
samsung galaxy note
wanted to try a big phone
chinese 9" phablet
i wanted a bigger phone
nexus 4
phablet was like a reverse chick magnet
moto x
best android phone. twist for camera, hands free voice commands, UI not a shit
iPhone 5C
android sucks. battery life is awful. all the good apps are on ios
iPhone 5S
finally not repelling women anymore
iPhone 6 plus
thought it'd be the best of both worlds
iPhone 6S
the plus is too big. i still have this one. not really loving it, but cant choose between going even smaller with the crippled iPhone SE or going all-google with a pixel 2xl. apple ecosystem keeps getting higher barriers to entry and google always seems to know what i want before i do, but im attached to certain iOS only apps (especially on iPad)

Brody Clark
Brody Clark

Nokia 1100
Sony Ericsson W200
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 6
iPhone X

I hate my iPhone X.

Ian Scott
Ian Scott

Just including my smartphones

HTC Inspire 4G (rebrand of Desire HD)
Had for maybe 2 years when it borked (can't remember why)

Google/LG Nexus 4
3 years, still works

Google/Motorola Nexus 6
Still have and am looking to upgrade.

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