Your first phone

mine was mitsubishi trium 110

i still have it in my drawer, sadly no charger

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this one I think



damn that's sexier than most of current ones

Wtf? Mitsubushi makes phones ?

used to

Ericsson S868A
One of the first phones with composable ringtones!


Took a while, but I found it. Didn't realize until now how many good looking sliders and flip phones Samsung had.


LG KS360 in red and black.

Miss that form factor desu.

Kyocera SE47

I miss it

Nokia 6150


Hello, comrade.

Shit was so fucking cash

Had my first phone when I turned 18 in 2011


but how?

It was an old Alcatel, can't remember the model and can't find a picture of it. circa 2001

Here's my *second* phone, probably 2003. Actually like this one.

still have it, but charger is missing