Should I sell it, upgrade it, or run it into the ground?

Should I sell it, upgrade it, or run it into the ground?


>fake plant

>don't talk to me or my son ever again

There are still some crazy OEMs selling FX, so you might get some money for the platform. The graphics are good for the rest of the decade.
>wearing shoes indoors
barbaric desu

Sell, you could probably get $700 out of it

Not including the peripherals?

It's real I promise

run it into the ground, wait for GPU and RAM prices to return to normal and then build your new system

Take your damn shoes off, peasant.

That's the easiest thing to do, but right now my components might still be worth something.

What do you mean about prices returning to normal? Are they inflated right now for some reason?

gpu prices are fucked because of the cryptocurrency meme

i see

I was looking to get a second GPU but I can't find one anywhere

Depends on your money situation. Sorry to say it, but basically everything you have there is shit.

>Full HD tv as monitor

That's what, 49 inches? 55? I guess you like watching at pixels.

>That shit keyboard and mouse

You use those every day but you opt to use something maybe $10? Christ.

>Rokit 5's

Literally the worst $150 monitors you can buy.

>And they are on mismatching levels

I mean sure, not much to listen to, but you're just making it worse.

>That small shitty screen

Yeah, it's handy to have a second screen but holy fuck that speaker arrangement just triggers my autism so hard.

>Buying AMD
>few years later it's outdated, basically scrap

Can't even use it as a home server becuase poor virtualization support and shitty performance

It's just fucking sad, really.

You're just an angry man.

TV as monitor is great, peripherals cost hundreds, rockits to the job, there's a 4 inch max discrepancy between them, and i do most of my reading on the small one.

where the fuck is the other KRK? i much like the dinner tray idea though

>i much like the dinner tray idea though

The left one is behind the plant and under the red DAC. Trust me it doesn't block shit.

you should use anything else (aka upgrade)

>shoes in the house

Not just wearing shoes inside, but those abominations

You should take your shoes off, or you'll end up running your shitty house down to the ground.