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Tall tales are not for manlets Edition

Come meet qts from around the world, practice your bants, hang out with the lads, share qts, cuck anons, cuck anonettes :^), feed the irish troll, hate on the BLACKED poo-in-loo, get yelled at by autists, share replies from pastas etc.


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Fourth for language practise

5th for triggered qts

She's far from qt desu

> get off of an awkward Skype call with a qt
> qt messages me that they "have to go"


Ok so in the last thread people told me to setup my learning languages and wait for messages. Is there anything else I could do ?

Post profile, Pierre.

>qt turns out to be ugly
4th time
Fuck internet dating

11th for thicc mexican chicas

So you didn't Skype before meeting?

Post profile mon gars

>tfw I used to have a gf taller than me
Why don't you measure yourself and be done with your doubts? Men grow up until they're 21, some until 23.

Not sure about posting my face on 4chinz, is it common here ?

When I skype with them it's when they turn out not to look like in their pic
Now I've got 4 ugly girls messaging me fr their dick
I'm just going to not respond

I can post my face cause I don't give a fuck

It's safer to post your own profile here than your qt's.

How can someone go from pretty to ugly
From pretty to average its understandable but this

I don't have a proper measurer, also, do people measure barefoot or with shoes? I remember doing it with shoes back when I had my passport done.

Women are masters of deception

No issue if youre a man, if youre a girl theres a chance that autistic virgins will obsess over you like


It's a matter of angle, lighting, makeup.

Ask every woman, they'll perfectly now which angle suits them best.

I'm a man but I don't have any recent picture of me and the one I have is pretty cringy.

I have seen my qts without make-up
Nothing to complain about

That isnt even cute with make-up.

But that's guy

Barefoot, but without the proper tools, you'll definitely get it wrong.You'll probably be taller than her anyway. Be more confident, it'll matter more.


Who /latinaenthusiast/ here?
>Got my first nude from my argie qt

>unironically learning t*rk

no it's a japanese av star
I think it's Sora Aoi

Is she 30?


How much do you guys put on your profile ?

Movies/shows/studies that kind of stuff ?

I only have 3-4 sentences written.

>Implying anyone bothers to read more than that

Check my digits cunts

So close yet so far.
>story of my life

this is how you do it

I want a polish qt

I'm fucking mine tomorrow, do you want me to do anything special with her?

p-post her profile. . . .. or 3 first letters of her name. .. I must be sure it's not one of mine, norsk venn. .. .


Also, i want a polish qt so i can move away from """"sweden""""


Back to south holland with you

I hope your polish is good.
Because few people in Poland bothers to learn other languages

mucio grande?

Don't lie to me
I've been to Krawkow
I know your dirty secrets

صاغ صخعمي ه مهث فخ غخع ةغ يثشق بشة

No worries, I got her off the site looong ago so I'm not cucking anyone :3

th-thanks Sigurd

That would be me. Got an argie, a Colombian, a Bolivian, an Ecuadorian and a Peruvian. My fave qt (living in Chile but from Peru) just deleted her account tho, and my last message to her was asking for her WhatsApp :(

qt said she is "maybe 173"

fug i had hoped she was short

wtf she is tall

drop her

My Frenchie is almost 180 :^)

is it though? i am taller than that and i see plenty of girls at uni my height or slightly taller, sure some may wear heels but still


Everything over 168 is tall

Manlets get ripped much easier than normal guys, so not everything is bad

QTs... QTs everywhere.. Walk into hostel. See girl wear shorts so incredibly short her ass was most all showing.

lucky user

It was a pleasant sight.

But fuck I am tired. Flight got delayed out of Paris because the damn French Air Traffic Controllers are on strike.

PS- I just hopped on Tinder and starting browsing. Jesus Christ euros... Your Tinder QTs are waaay fucking better than the slags we have back in the US

were in italy are you? post pic



did the passagers clap when you landed? :DD

>still no messages

Good luck bro.

stop being ugly then

I'm just too average

>when your QT you've only ever messaged with on IP uploads a new picture and you realize she's only good with flattering angles

I'm bored and drunk give me some qts to talk to pls

Here you go m8, but remember to really stand out :^)

>tfw no british slag gf


Jesus, see this every time I go out...

how common are catfish on the site?

I'm paranoid about them, reverse searched everyone I've talked to so far just to be safe.

If their profile is new/empty/has slutty pictures then it's pretty obvious, but in general it's pretty easy to spot a fake. You can always ask them to send proof

This girl is very friendly and not a giant cunt at all:

Show us your haircut famille

fugg my main qt is having some typical women's shenanigans

>do you notice I'm angry at you
no because 2 messages back you used 3 smileys, why?
>sometimes you are an unreliable friend, sometimes the things you say are very touching
why do you think I'm unreliable (mind you we've chatted almost daily)?
>many small things
>I was not going to tell you I was angry, because I know you'll ask me why
>you did nothing wrong, I was angry because I may be a little too selfish
>I know that if I do not tell you, you will be angry
>But if I tell you, you would think I am childish
>Now you say that you will only try to be my friend
>This sentence makes me very disappointed

so if I get her (and google translate for the words I don't understand) right, she is angry that she thought I was unreliable because she was selfish, and now she's disappointed that I questioned why she was angry


Plea* damn son thicc asses for everyone we made it

That's rough, but it could be a lot worse. She could've just blocked all communications out of the blue for something you didn't even do.

Nicely done, mon ami.

>qt started uni this month
>already has 40+ new friends on FB, like half of them are guys

Fugg :DD

This is why I'm dropping this shit for good .. .

What country?

I actually suggested to take a break, I'd rather have some less drama and chat with emotionally stable qts, but I can't bring myself to do that as she also helped me a lot.

anyway, we've only chatted since august, and in the past I've gotten back with qts after more than a year of no contact.

BOAT any last stories before you go forever?

Nah. I'll be back sometime soon. I just cba to talk to normie gals all day anymore.

Hungary, why?

Okay, stay safe Portubro

Just wondering. Do European unis have "Freshers Week", where all the new students basically drink for a week straight and shag?

Non sadly.
>tfw first day of uni tomorrow and it's pretty far
Just kek me up

Ah that sucks. Literally qt overload Frenchbro.

actually it's three weeks
one with the faculty student union
one with the entire university
one with the student assocation the freshmen joined

so many koreaboos, it's actually depressing

I do hope it works out for you, bud.

That's the worst par actually.

I had long hair at that time.

she stopped talking to me after like 3 messages ;-;

sexy older lady checked me out, what can I say to them?

hello sexy old lady ;)

That might actually work

yeah, no

calling a woman old never works for anything except for drying up her vejayjay really fast

just checked her profile, she likes Shakespeare.

Would it be autistic of me to say something about that? I know a lot about them, but I always think seeming too intelligent/formal scares them off

>feed the irish troll
Good lad.

Not Anton.


Why would it be autistic? It's a good starting point if she likes it. Just don't go full sperg on her

do most people fill out the hobbies and the fave shit or nah?

A week? Here it is for a month!

tell me about anton, why does he keep getting mentioned?!

what uni you at la?

It better not be mine cute. What's the last 3 letters of her real name?

I'm not Anton

yesterday at school i talked to two different girls and i only have a 15 minute break. one of them was so interested that she didn't even care that her bus was coming so i had to tell her to go catch her bus. the other one took out her earphones to answer my question and didn't even put them back in so we could continue talking

What did he mean by this?

Well one of u manlets are lying

Czech qt is melting my heart by recording cute messages. I'm not sure how to feel. Hot Russians and Ukrainians keep messaging me, but I think I'm starting to fall for this girl.

Wat do?

None of us are

Get a haircut then gars and try again

My hair is different now, but I have no picture of it

give her the d

Realistically, where would you rather visit. Czech Republic, Ukraine, or Russia?

Why do I only show Italian flag when on wifi, but if I use cellular it still shows US flag, even tho I'm on Italian cell networks?

Because you're on a US carrier

This. You'd need to change your SIM card senpai, same thing happened when I was in China without swapping cards.

So how's it going buddy? What are your plans for today? Not too tired?

Czech Republic for sure. That won't happen for a long time though. I gotta admit, although she's cute, the eastern Slavs are hotter

Oh ok. well I don't think I'm going to. I did bring a backup phone (because last time the service on this one sucked dick) but I have barely needed my phone today. So I think I'll be fine

Have you got a good camera? Try to find a good light source and a nice angle like roasties do and take a pic mate.

Shit phone and also awfully bad at selfies

I've been pretty tired, after I checked in to my hostel I took a hour nap, then I've just been walking all over Venice. And taking the boats. Right now I'm just sitting on the ground, right by the waterfront just listening to the sounds of the water, boats, and people.

Good bud. Best of luck to you, and enjoy Italy.

Aren't we all, though?

Here, probably. But women are really good at it.

When will you meet your qt?

Saturday evening

Awesome! Let us know how it goes with your qt.

Thanks, I will. honestly. I kind of feel like shit right now. Just cause last time I was here was the best, most memorable time of my life. I just have this feeling that things have dulled. I keep trying to reassure myself that she has just lost focus due to issues she's having. But I don't know. I guess I'll see what happens in 2 days right?

Oh, and I guess I'm meeting the Slavboo tomorrow. She'll be in Venice, so we might get gelato

There's been too little gypsy qts here lately, lets do something about it

Try to enjoy the moment bro. I read between the lines, I know how you feel. I'm flyin out too and I have no idea how it will go. Exactly, you will see on Saturday, for now just stay in the present and have fun tomorrow.

>and didn't even put them back in
>canadian flag

Thanks canook. Good luck for you too. Maybe we'll finally find out where your QT is from, lol.

Thanks bud. Oh you will, I'm gonna post from there. I have my own worries but everything should be fine.

>see this
>wonder how tall qt is
>she says maybe 173

Oooh boy

Well, at least things are still solid with your QT

>browsing around, see a Polish qt
>Koreaboo, and will only accept message from Asia and Europe (except from Italy, Turkey, and Vietnam)

Why are there so many koreaboos on Interpals? There's nothing wrong with Korea, but goddamn.

Are you all manlets? My ex was 170 and I was still a head taller than her lmao

Yeah but I've never met her yet and sometimes it's a different story in person. All I know is I'm buying 2 bottles of wine on the first night and wing it from there.

>a guy (not from Korea) msgs me
>I'm a female with my profile full of USA nationalism and patriotism, mentioning multiple times how much my nipples get hard over NAFTA and the idea of a unified North America
>he asks me if I'm a koreaboo
Fucking illiterate dumbasses.

Are you girl

Am I?

Pls respond

That should help you and her relax around each other. I mean hell, I just watched some brit pull that exact thing off with some random Aussie QT at the hostel. They both just went on a walk together. And they literally like just met 30min ago

>tfw a cute 15 year old boy flirts with me when I'm 7 years older

I am. Give me all your attention please folks


Soit ma petite amie, s'il te plaît :3

Are you white and if so how tall are you?

No, ;_;
Je suis un femme alors je suis petite.


Euro anons

Someone explain this to me, because it makes no sense. I'm watching Euro soccer on TV. And I saw some people holding up a sign that said "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE, BLM"

How the fuck did this black lives matter bullshit spread over there? Like really, how?

Our niggers are just as dumb as yours

If France is playing it's because one (1) black guy was killed by cops a few weeks ago and now the dindus are showing up

So guys, this evening I had to say goodbye to my Japanese qt who needs to continue her European trip. These two days (and especially nights) have been amazing...
Are there more dedicated women in this world than the Japanese?
oh god she would suck my dick for hours like crazy and also loved swallowing. And that tight pussy... hnngggggggggg.
Seriously will reconsider Western women from now on m8s.

I didn't know Europe had actual "niggers".. I know you have black people, and Africans, but I didn't know you had Niggers.

Are you retarded? Wherever Hollywood and blacks meet, "nigger culture" emerges. Also, that's irrelevant to your original post.

>oh god she would suck my dick for hours like crazy and also loved swallowing. And that tight pussy... hnngggggggggg

... :l

Btw, you cheated on your other QT user..

Lucky, my ex didn't want to suck anything at all.


There is a difference between Black people and Niggers.

Morgan Freeman is not a nigger. He is a intelligent and skilled person, with a successful career.

These are niggers

There's a few good ones. One of my friends is African. But regardless, most of them have adopted American nigger culture ( as have most of the muslims)
They're no different

A tinder date licked my asshole last night, Sven. Does that mean I'm a normie?

Yes I know, but life is too short to say no to the opportunity to fugg a really qt Japanese girl.
She was one year older than me btw, which also made it more exciting since I've always been with younger women.
My french qt will never find out and she also left me by the time I arranged the meeting with the Jap, so...

Your point is? I tried insinuating that in my post.

Mein neger, Asian pussy is GOAT

Well if the French dumped you.. Than I guess it's all good?

Japanese women are gorgeous tho

Should probably specify it was a girl, or I'd sound like a faggot

Nigger in a suit is still a Nigger.

Oh I also forgot, she didn't just licked my asshole too but she literally tried to fuck my ass with her tongue kek.
It was strangely pleasing, I also licked her asshole which for some reason tasted better than her pussy. I tried to fit my little finger in there but I barely could.

A guy who meets 100% of his sexual partners online can't ever be considered a normie, Sven.


I don't know man, I'm heavily jet lagged and really should be asleep. I probably have no clue what I'm saying

Is she coming to Denmark, friend? :^)

>ynw have a Japanese qt
>possibly have Korean qts

But sounds like a hell of a time bud. Good job.


I keep seeing this meme

>"I-i'm not a n-normie guys I swear I have just fucked 30 women the past month"

Pathetic, Chad.

I feel aroused damn lucky bastard

Non, lol

I dunno about that, my father remarried a woman that he met through an online dating site. It's getting pretty common!

I'm using another international dating site. Can I post about my experience here?

What site is it?

her European trip just involves Spain, France and Germany. I guess Denmark is too irrelevant?
S-sorry friend.

>ynw have a Japanese qt
>possibly have Korean qts
I'm not sure if I get your post Billy Bob.

kek, welcome to /cp/ newfriend. The thread were your crushed turbonormie dreams actually become true.

It's time for some Jap porn right?

No! Interpals is about language exchange, not international online dating.

Russian mail ordering dating site. It's funny all the Americans who text me are fat. XD
memes are real

Gib link.

Yes, I can see.. All you're talking here is about fucking foreigners.

Post the highlights :DDD

>I'm not sure I get you post Billy Bob
That I've been contacted by mostly Koreans than Japanese

And that I'm congratulating your fuck tale, Hans.

No, I'm afraid of doxing. Just google Russian/Eastern European international dating sites. I even found a German bf over there but he doesn't respond right now :/

You serious?
Knowing English is like being a god to them.
Even more so if it isn't your mother tongue.
My qt once said I made her want to learn the language again.

Because I have just had sex with foreigners in my life since I discovered interpals. I actually lost my virginity to a qt Polish girls from that site who coincidentally was on an exchange at my uni.

Just link me the site, wtf.

As a fat American, I

Nah fuck porn mate when is she coming to France? Nice digits btw

Chocked on a fry halfway through your sentence, eh?

Don't make me waddle over there!


She is going to Strasbourg the day after tomorrow but I don't think she is visiting other cities there. She already visit France a lot on her previous eurotrip.

You Germans seems to be autistic? I'm popular among Germies for some reason.

I want a kraut bf.

There are about a dozen sites that look plausible. Does the name of the site start with an a?

Whats up with the crazy names that most girls from thailand have?
I just saw one and she said her name was "Nut"

What site is it?
I want to make a fake profile and make fun of fat old men

There're many sites like that. I just saw the promotion of that site on youtube and registered out of interest. I read some guides for Russian women how to find a foreign bf. Like you have to send huge walls of text to everyone on the site and register on many sites and hold a conversation with as many men as possible and give them your fb and talk over skype. I didn't do anything of that since I'm too lazy, they texted me first and then asked for viber or watsapp.

Ok, updated my profile with a few lines of description.

I'm gonna wait another 24hrs for anything and then I'll start messaging qts myself

Which site?

For English names, rather than pick names their parents just open a dictionary and pick the first English word that's easy to say and spell. You find lots of Thais have nonsense names, very rarely more than a syllable and 5 letters.

I've been talking to one which she goes by "Pear". It's odd, and even then going on Interpals it made me realize how nonsensical places in Thailand are named.

Why do you use the site?

Because she's the landwhale who got bullied away from ip and cp last summer


Because I need an adult and serious man, not some underage virgin idiot from interpals who will beg for nudes. I'm tall and slim btw.

Aren't we all?

Show pic.

But probably have dark hair lol

I have her on skype, she is pretty hot desu

Tits or gtfo

1/4 of people to recently view my profile are men...

Lol this thread is full of autists it seem s
Anyway rate my profile /stanulka

I dated a polish girl and she was going back to her family every month. She was pretty obsessed with being polish. She didn't know English, only Polish and German. Other than that, you can't do much with English in Poland. You are better off with Russian, even though they despise it like hell.

She seems to be based qt

>Does not accept messages from Turkey

Good lad.

Dead thread

>decide to stalk my old qt's facebook
>see she's in a relationship
>with some Muslim from Belgium
>since February 11

What will happen next? Find out on the next episode of "How I met an Estonian qt"


Found a good one lads. It is quite the read.

lel chicANO

Post her profile, I show you how its done.

n-no. mein qt, I still have hope!

She told you to get lost, you couldnt shut up about memes.

Look whos talking, type into the search "pansexual" and see how 90% of the profiles are american.

Nein meing neger. A-At least she liked muh memes. But she's just really dull, she won't answer questions about her so I have no idea what she likes. Jokes and memes the only responds to but my supply got stale.
Pic related gives me hope.

Why the insults Abdul? Did your day not go well today? Did the mean ethnic Germans bully you?

>suggesting to amerisharts to get acquainted with the facts is insulting now

I know the US is bad, but not THAT bad, dont be so harsh to yourself.

El Bumpo Meme

because Korea is strange and new, and culture pals is spammed on kpop forums and is popular in korea

American imperialism has made every white persons speak english, and eat mcdonalds so no women are intersted in foreign countries anymore except koreaboos because korea is different

women only care about the mainstream culture

hot or not?

Go for it bud.

What about her friends?

>Have girlfriend IRL
>Suddenly delete profile and cut off contact with Interpals girl who became too obsessed with me
>Come back months later and she finds me
>Decide to talk with her again
>Literally cries because she can talk with me again

>flirt with arab qt
>ask her if she would wear a headscarf if i told her to
>she says yes

Its an abstract kind of feel.

I posted a Ukrainian weirdo because I thought you lads might enjoy a quick laugh but your anti-American autism just had to flare up and ruin everyone's good time. I'm not sorry we bombed your mudhut Mohammed.

Did anyone of you guys ever talk to a girl that is much younger than you are? There's a grill who likes to message me every once in a while and she's 10 years younger than me. I don't get it.

Daddy issues are real, user.
It's pretty neat actually

One eye on user, one eye on the BBC

>It's pretty neat actually
Yeah I bet it is, but she's pretty ugly so there's no way I'm going to be anything more than her friend. She's kinda funny to talk to though.

can i use this instead of a russian dating site for the same reasn ie getting a 2nd-world-fu?


Morning lads, everyone waking up to lots of qt messages?

I just got a message by qt 17 year old from Ulster :DDDD
Feels good mayne

Not yet, but I'm still hopeful.

At least my qt said sorry so we're good again

Sorry for what?


>actually communicating with uggos

detta här

How much is too much info on my profile?

I'd say that this is too much

Okay good, do you think having too little info is a problem? I only have a couple words for each section.

I don't think so, because most people don't even read that, and only look at your pictures.

Okay, well I don't think my account is going too well anyway. Only 3 views and they're all guys.

Still no messages, athough 10 qts did visit my profile.

post profile, I'll message you

I'm here STRICTLY for language exchange

Who's qualified to talk with her?

Sweet bantz anyway

all of us apparently



God's work, Donnchadh. God's work.

My sides

Good lad! The queer that told us not to feed you should get hanged 2bh



Alright lads I'm finally gonna make a profile, somebody help me out with an idea for a username myth, history, irish names(family is still pure potato nigger even after 100+ years) etc.


>that guy in the fedora commenting as well
double kek

Sounds good, but I think I'm gonna go with PatrickO'HoulihanO'BrienConnoly

>Broad says we can skype tonight
>Doesn't come online

tfw chatting with qt anonette the whole day

Good luck, but be careful about them... They are usually sociopaths

kek im adding him to my fedora folder

Any updates? Did you manage to survive in Czechia?

Ahoy lads

Pls gibe Polish qts

They are out there for the taking.

One qt told me I am funny but conversation with her is boring af. What do?

Try and find something you both can connect on, do you two have any common hobbies?

What country is she from? Maybe she lacks vocabulary.

>grill says she wants to go on a working holiday
>I ask where she'd go
>maybe Sweden, it could stimulate me...
is she trying to tell me something? there's quite the age gap here fyi

I tried but she gives me 3-4 word answers. She is from turkey and her profile says her english should be good so I guess I will pass

Approaching bump limit, love you guys. See you on the other side

Probably, considering your from Sweden and she is talking to you. How big of an age gap though?

>there's quite the age gap here
Stop messaging 14 year olds Anton.

299th for huge brazilian arses

300th for make a new fucking thread

New thread:



For the lazy