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Spicy opinion coming through



wtf I like alberto now

Fuck EU



Why is your homeland 5 countires?



t. Per "Cai-Göran" Andersson

why hate tennessee?
is best state

>Impliying 100% of French and Germans are pro EU

Fuck you, uneducated faggot.

Fuck off, Cuckström.

I am Portuguese therefore Spain must be united.

It's accurate though.


t. bilal

>loves iran
I remember when I fell for that meme too.
Don't worry, you'll learn eventually.

Why do you hate Utah?

I love it's history, food and nature

fuck politics desu


Why do you hate me?


Mormons I'd bet.

too many moroccans :^)


More like generic memeshit

what's generic about my map then

For one, why do you hate us but like Germany?

>hating him for welcoming your people, i.e. ridding you of your lower class
Wew lad, you should be grateful

You probably have more Moroccans than us to be honest. Most of our Muslims are Somalis and Iraqis

wait isn't west sahara spanish?


They're mostly in Holland though
Here it's mostly been Afghans, Pakis and other Veddoid shit coming last year

>implying I hate you for cuck memes

Nah, it's just you're the least interesting skandis culturally

And I hate you for your online autism and bullying of Finland


best one here

>implying we are less interesting than literally cultureless Norwegians
Also online autism where? Not on here right? We mostly keep to ourselves on here. Also we bullied (civilized) the Finns hundreds of years ago, also they are thankful for it(as they should be) so you can let that go.

No one is saying Sweden has no culture, it's just that Ramadan and kebab isn't Scandinavian culture.

now it is



>taiwan is connected to china
fucking triggered

Taiwan is a province of China just like Hawaii is an US state.

We love you too

everyone deserves a little love :^)

>muh heritage

succ my dicc

B A S E D morocco

Why, Alberto?

>good warriors
where does this meme even come from


why do muslim country hate france/uk?

I buy your jeans, why you hate me?

: ^ )

>ceding away rightful turkish/anatolian lands
Remove Kurd, Remove Arab, Remove non Turkish people from eastern Turkey.

Those 2 conquered their shit holes, France and Britain conquered the entire muslim world.

Underrated post


I can't remember the last time i saw a turk hating Greece,but i see europeans hating us everyday.


>loves Latvia


It turned out more negative than I thought. I have mostly nothing against the people in orange/red areas, it's just how the countries are run.


>hating italy
>loving sicily and sardinia
Oy vey you're the retarded tourist 101

How is Sardinia run differently from Italy?

I've been there once and it was a lot nicer. Maybe it's the fact that it's not really "run" all that much, things just progress on their own.

whats wrong with how Latvia is run? I get that maybe Latvians would be pissed about some things, but a foreigner?

spend some time on a work-related trip in a country and it's not really a tourist experience

where were you?



eh, only half of Riga is good, the other is shit

go to Ventspils or Kuldīga next time

GOOD opinion.

I don't think i really hate or dislike any country


You are all casuals.


>loving every country near the caucasus besides Georgia

>filename yurob
>North Africa also green
gay and retarded

Pardon my ignorance, but why did you hate the northern Brazil?


If your maps don't look at least similar to these maps, there is no reason for you to be Cred Forums and you make discussion worse


>He doesn't make a difference between african provinces

oh now I get it

>anything above dislike towards Africa
At least I painted the majority Christian countries with orange.

>not loving sweden

If I ever get some stockholm boipucci, I'll revise the map. That's a promise Björn.


north italy is spein.

suck my dick sharter

y u dun

Following the French defeat at Pavia in 1525, which left the imperial forces of Charles V dominant in Italy, Francesco joined the League of Cognac against the emperor along with Venice, Florence the Pope, and the French. This resulted quickly in his own expulsion from Milan by imperial forces, but he managed to remain in control of various other cities in the duchy, and was again restored to Milan itself by the peace concluded at Cambrai in 1529.

In 1535, Francesco died without heirs, the question of succession again arose, with both the emperor and the King of France claiming the duchy, leading to more wars. The Duchy of Parma was created in 1545 from a part of the Duchy of Milan south of the Po River, as a fief for Pope Paul III's illegitimate son, Pier Luigi Farnese, centered on the city of Parma.

The emperor held the duchy throughout, eventually investing it on his son Philip. The possession of the duchy by Spain was finally recognized by the French in the Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis in 1559.
Spanish rule
The Duchy of Milan remained in Spanish hands until the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714)
Come home Manolo.

tl dr shartman


just yanking your chain, definitely get independence from south, they will sully your genes (more).

Hello boys, grills and manlets.
I'd like to be rated. Could you please do this?
Thanks a lot! Bye!

What is here?

it's one of these threads again....



Algerians, Portuguese and Italians.

Ah, right. Always it seemed that Paris more sounth.


>belgium doesnt exist on this map

This threads are always the same

hurr durr I hate muslim countries because they are dirty savages
I also hate westernized liberal countries because of their faggot politics... yeah. fuck you Germany and Sweden for ruining Europe

to be fair, you can't really blame us, nobody had the balls to stop merkel, the poles tried but pussied out in the last moments, besides we weren't asked wether we want these people or not and there's at least a small part of the people that is pretty pissed and discontend

Fuck off you're just jealous you aren't part of the Fennoswede masterrace and
can't afford a sailing boat, and you're generally butthurt about being cucked into learning our language in school.


I know. I don't judge the whole countries based on what I see o Cred Forums



The only red caucasus country there is armenia.

Muslim butthurt? :^)


it's just they're oyvey-tier


i love you too brother


Oh boy here we go

Top kek

>Belgium, which is pretty much a non-country


Ohayo my african brother

>dislikes russia
>hates kalinibgrad
Y tho

Nobody loves you sandnigger


Holla holla holla

where did this "fresh" "new" "runt" "meme" start anyway?

wrong thread lmao

I love you too, neighborino

>dannish shitposting efficiency


I love you too, glorious USA

why do you have to hurt me this way


Please stop associating Tennessee with the rest of the south. Please.

good one Peter :^)


moj czlowiek, czuje dobrze user

typical left EU shiteater


something wrong with your flag lad
it says you are not in morocco

waarom ga je niet terug, mohammed?

Le southern brazil meme

I like you, Albertos. Thanks for the mittens & fish.

Also, I want to inseminate some Portuguese qts with my Nordic seed. We can make Portugal great again.


Wew lad

>tfw a Moroccan gives you disgusted paints


nuthin personel


>Portugal divided
>Italy divided

You're one of these fags.

You're from half spain? How does that work man?
I wanna be from the ocean so I can bang some cods.

have some (You)s lads

>being this islamophobic
cmon, user.

Ah yes, more hate please

Here have a (you). You must really need it to post garbage opinions like this.


€ шeгaджия cи ти € :^)

Are you that one nazi scum poorfag from a shitty city in the region of Venice ?




>Denmark divided

You know how there is a plan to make the EU into a federation? Well... they already made the IPs :^)

Excuse me?

It should be United States of Europe then.

Nah, using only Europe sounds better.

Well let's hope this Union ends before that.


Haha. No.
Soon the European Leagues will come, to unite first what Europeans love most, football. Step by Step my friend, step by step.


You mean YES, right? I can see it in your eyes :^)


>Europe unites
>Football world cup loses half its favorites
>FIFA has to somehow argue that Europe isn't a country or that every region is allowed to have their own team

I have no eyes.

The national teams will continue playing as such, like Scotland has its own national team too although the country Scotland is just an English province nowadays (confirmed by cuck voting even).

>is from turkey
>hates west germany which is full of his kind


How did you get a "Europe" IP anyways?

That's why I hate it?

Gee Hans.

Turks are not right in the head. We get cockroaches posting in our threads from time to time. They are abnormal.

Im in the European parliament

This. He is preparing the EU parliament for 2018 when Bulgaria will take the lead.

Thank you England for expediting the Bulgarian led EU parliament.


Do you want him to get fired?

Ah, so you're the EU proxy.


>muh heritage

On what?


European parliament



You have some of the worse posters on Cred Forums, sorry

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! So original.

>neutral to iraq

Sounds about right, Swede.

>Hates Luzon and Mindanao
>Somehow is neutral to Visayas
Bisaya """""Culture"""""" is actually trying to push us back to the middle ages.

It's just i'm too lazy to paint all of phillipines red :^)


Crash that gay sailingboat on Åland cuckdong

Because we see you as an arrogant rude step brother. We know that your mother is different but we like you for having a bit of us in you.
Still , yoğurt and baklava is ours.

too fucking lazy, post world template

>judging a cunt by posters on Cred Forums

What meme, idiot?
>let me tell you about your country
>your opinion is wrong



>likes/loves all of germany
>mixed feelings about ostfriesland

uh ok

oh shit exposed

>yoğurt and baklava is ours
*cringes really hard*
Let me guess... Tzar Simeon was Turkish too right? Fucking delusional cockroaches.

But Mohammed Ben Cucki Al-Arabbiye, half of what you painted in blue isn't your homeland.

>tzar simeon
literally who?

that is exactly the reason why he hates west germany.
Alamancı's are a disgrace and should be eliminated

The oldest writings mentioning yogurt are attributed to Pliny the Elder, who remarked that certain "barbarous nations" knew how "to thicken the milk into a substance with an agreeable acidity".[23] The use of yogurt by medieval Turks is recorded in the books Diwan Lughat al-Turk by Mahmud Kashgari and Kutadgu Bilig by Yusuf Has Hajib written in the 11th century.[24][25] Both texts mention the word "yogurt" in different sections and describe its use by nomadic Turks.[24][25] The earliest yogurts were probably spontaneously fermented by wild bacteria in goat skin bags.[26]

yogurt n.
Borrowing from Ottoman Turkish یوغورت (yōghurt,[1] yoğurt) (see Modern Turkish yoğurt).[2][3][4]

yoğurt n.
From Old Turkic yogurt, from Proto-Turkic *jog-urt (“curdled, coagulated milk”).

The word baklava is first attested in English in 1650,[3] a borrowing from Ottoman Turkish بقلاوه /bɑːklɑvɑː/.[4][5] The name baklava is used in many languages with minor phonetic and spelling variations.

Buell argues that the word "baklava" may come from the Mongolian root baγla- 'to tie, wrap up, pile up' composed with the Turkic verbal ending -v;[6] baγla- itself in Mongolian is a Turkic loanword.[7] Another form of the word is also recorded in Persian, باقلبا (bāqlabā).[8] Though the suffix -vā might suggest a Persian origin,[9][10] the baqla- part does not appear to be Persian.[11]

baklava n.
From Turkish baklava.[1]

From Proto-Turkic.


Fuck you too

Fuck off smelly turk.
>can be found naturally in the gastrointestinal tract of mammals living in Bulgaria
Subhumans like you can spin history as much as they like. Thing is you can't spin science.

What did we ever do to you?

>t. gallego-astur-cántabro-vasco m-m-muh heritage

Everyone should love Croatia, desu

Cockroaches love to edit their history. Look at Erdoshit. He fired all the teaches and now they are making new textbooks changing history again to brainwash the stupid cockroach population.

Your source alone proves you wrong.
It clearly says in the beginning " one of several bacteria used in the production of yoghurt "

Sorry to burst your bubble sapun but that is ONE OF the bacteries to make yogurt, NOT the fundamental one
Just because you can make a unique type of yoghurt there doesn't mean it is you who invented it
Also even if yoghurt is in your cuisine the only reason for that would be your Turkic heritage so yeah


I hate cucks and subhumans

>the one that makes *киceлoтo млякo* what it is
>Just because you can make a unique type of yoghurt
We make the real deal you bozoe.
>the only reason for that would be your Turkic heritage
One more reason why Turkeys has nothing to do with this since Turks are not Turkic. You are smelly arabs and gypsies. Trying to rewrite history and pretend to be Turkic when everything you do is arabic is pretty much the essence of brainwashing.

>getting this butthurt to call others gypsies
oH yUo sap*n bastard

Our gypsies speak turkish. They are the remnants of cockroaches we were not able to deport and did not change their names. I've been to Turkey. It was literally a land full of gypsies. The smell and the shouting. The mannerisms...

Arabs and gypsies.

you were our slaves up until few decades ago. but don't worry half of country don't even know where bulgaria is. in fact we don't have separate word of "bulgarian". we call you and gypsies "çingene". it's how much we care about you. you share same ancestors anyways.

>Ottoman Empire was pretty much run by South Slavs, Albanians and Greeks
>you were our slaves


>Our gypsies speak turkish
KEKKITY KEK no they don't you fucking liar
I know I'm asking a lot but do something non-bulgarian for a minute and have at least some honor
And here you come talk about brainwashing what a fucking hypocrite

>but don't worry half of country don't even know where bulgaria is
A true statement to cockroach education..i mean the lack of it.

>being proud of his subhuman past
Only cockroaches but it stands to reason, since you are still subhuman.

Extremely good post.

Google it up if you don't believe me roach. They also identify as ethnic turks.

but they do you fucking retard

European federation is absolutely retarded
There were never anything such as "european friendship". Everyone hates each other, northeners hate southerners, easterners hate westerners and so on

>mfw a moroccan loves my country

Love among fellow berbers is true

We only hate the Turks t b h.