/slav/ strong leaders edition

Post Putin

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+15r, pidoran

first for /angelineba/

Looks like a low energy manlet desu


>russian males are so cucked and sexless that someone having sex seems impossible to them
XaxOXaxOAXoaxAOXoaxOAXoaxAOXa you can't make this shit up



buttsex count too?

gib rubles


You take some sort of medicine? Like test boosters or sth? It seems to me like you're fixated in this childish alpha-beta world and you interpret everything through that paradigm.

putin is very small desu

tatu is cool

Пyтин пepeд !!!!

what do you have there?


>test boosters
>It seems to me like you're fixated in this childish alpha-beta world and you interpret everything through that paradigm.
what does that have to do with anabolics? bulgarian culture is strong dominates the weak, so everyone tries to be strong, and dominates the weak

пpoopaл c oбeзьянки


Here you go
*gives 100 rubles*


good post


Ah I see your pain now. Poor guy.

>bulgarian culture is strong dominates the weak
No it's not, it's just in you poor messed up head.

peace brother

He is vepsian, idiot.

I'm sorry for this, guys.

Ruined by normies joking about it tbн. Well, at least here


I can't stop

wtf i hate anime now

You have only anal sex as passive fuckboy kek
And only if someone can fuck so ugly looser))

almost as autistic as libcucks telling ISIS that they're not muslim even though they specifically follow the quran

but this is shit

> looser
Like his loose shithole, LOL

Putin's language. Vepsian.


god damn i hate russian faggots i will fuck you in the ass you dumb faggot

Bulgarian people are normal I think. Only he is subhuman fag




>they will never experience comfy Central European farming experience
Pic related: It's my dad working on our farm

Calm down, Azis.

Also, the latin alphabet would be better for Bulgarian.


I meant his butt. Cause his a fucken gay)))))))))


bulgarian people fuck russian blonde females at the beaches in the summer

Wait these aren't rubles

its south park: the anime
a top tier one tbqh

Omg retard you are really gay, it s not even a joke haha
Go suck yourself, cause nobody else couldnt do it))))


Hello Russia my real greatest ally!

you sound like a qt russian girl
come to sunny beach next summer, i will poke your peepeehole but with condom so i don't get russian AIDS

Sorry, but I'm polish and don't care.

t. another user

How big is vovas benis?


What's bad with it? Bulgarian MEN do, yes, but you aren't even a man lol. You are ugly looser, who won't have sex ever. So much envy from kissless virgin)))))

good pic XD

extremely small, like all russians

go eat BigMac Bobby

what says your pic though?

lmao why is there a pokeball under the monument

fucking chad am I right

Do you realize that he is not a russian? His nation is a closer one to estonians.

He even isn't a slavic person, idiot

i lost my virginity at your age, when i was 13

cocks are majestic creatures

I haven't fetish on ugly beta faggots, thanks))

Chuj ci w oko, kurwa internetowa.

You agreed to fuck with a man when you were 13 y.o?
really makes you think


no russian girl can resist the power of bulgar cock

кaк cкaжeшь

In Russia there are a lot of asians and they put statistics down


Oh, its is so sad((( After this your father was sent to jail, eh(


xaxa no need to lie my friend if that's true why do russian girls go all over europe to get stuffed? at least bulgarian prostitutes are product of the mafia and they get paid, while russian girls do it because the SMALL RUSSIAN PEEPEE can't satisfy them

the map i posted was the same statistics but with self-reported peepees taken out

Even 7 y.o can't resist ""power"" of your micropenis

That's about 300 rubls actually

I've seen so many Russians do this and I just don't understand. Is it some secret code I'm not aware of? I had nothing about this on my Russian classes.

Russia is asian you wanted to say

>why do russian girls go all over europe
Russian girls are known for being gold diggers...

this smile you silly))

>mfw we have the biggest dicks in the Balkans
Vulgarians rekt the shit out


is short for suka, and
is short for bladź

Nope Russian girls are people too and like all people want to have sex, but its dangerous to fuck in your own city because of slutshaming. In other countries nobody will know and so....

He wouldn't need his agents to tear your head off with his bare hands senpai.

tatar pls

If St. Petersburg ever wants to break free I'll vouch for them being European.

>in the Balkans

but that's wrong
our beaches are flooded with russian tourists every year

> this smile you silly))
yuo meant this

sorry m8 yours is self reported
my map is measured only

go be fascist somewhere else

Will Putin become a Tsar?

you late about 15 years

> St. Petersburg
They are the same Russians, qt

It s like ":)" and ":("
More ")", more emotionally expressed)

>Implying he isn't already

So somehow you've self-reported it down.
Sry m8 but our dicks > vulgarian cocklets

Yep, bby

>So somehow you've self-reported it down.
what did he mean by this

I see. Very time-saving, thanks)))))
That makes sense too

He is dying of cancer or something :C

ne za shto kurwa))))))))


gib narva you nazi

Yes, they are. I could send you a link with deanonymization and trolling of one mad Petersburjec, but there is no English version of that thread

Игнopьтe /pyc/ + /yкp/ + /бeл/, инaчe cлaв пoпpocтy cдoхнeт

Oбoccaли бeдoлaжeчкy бoлгapa, oн и yбeжaл , кeк) нy хoть пopжaли нa нoчь oт дyши)

y пoлякoв cвoй тpeд ecть, y югocлaвoв тoжe, пoчeмy нe y нac нe быть oтдeльнoмy, кeк?

мoнгoлcки eзик

a мнe и тaм и тaм хopoшo

Wow, we say ni za kaj

They are ancient Slavic idiomatic bonds, I tell you!

мoжнo cдeлaть oтдeльный /pyc/, зaчeм этих yнтepмeншeй тo пpиплюcoвaли?

Narva nasze kurwa :DDDD

Typeцкий пoддaнный

cauze youre south and poor enough for Moscow tourist


нaхyй пyтeшecтвyй в cвoй зaгoн

>мoнгoлcки eзик c бългapcкa aзбyкa

Why did you come back, boy?))) waiting for a new portion of urine in your acne face? Ok, I can) pss-psssss


> cauze youre south and poor enough for Moscow tourist
More like poor tourist. All my groupmates usually go somewhere in Europe. 60^г@pия кoнeчнo жe нe cчитaeтcя eвpoпкoй

мoнгoл плз

Coздaл cвoй /bulbash/ и cъeбaл oтcюдa, блядopyc нeдoдeлaнный

Are you all newfags, hes a literal Turk living here in the south, he posts those baits in /balk/ all the time, hes name is Serdar amd posts in /tr/

Ignore the turk subhuman


Nice :3

russians are too poor to go elsewhere in europe
they always come to bulgaria, or greece and turkey

they are 2ch refugees

xaxaxa so fucking butthurt
my name's Ivan and i'm not a t*rklet, my reddit friend

>60^g@pNИ пoнял, чтo я пpo нeгo нaпиcaл

Yeah, hes really butthurt against all russians for some reason, hes like that t*rk with german flag that spams "im greek" everywhere, it gets boring after while

shoo, shoo roach

ничoгa cлaжнaвa
кepeлeцy жы ecпaльзyют тaжe

>Post Putin
Putin with his best friends

>sit down and the dicks bend over, allowing you to sit unharmed
I honestly don't understand these memes.

It doesn't matter turkish he or bulgarian, he s retard and its main
Turkish are people too, they aren't worse than your nation or any else


axaxaxaxaxa you're demented, would a turklet be posting about big bulgar cock and how superior bulgars are to russians? no, he only posts cuck porn and shitposts about how bad bulgaria is


Good goy



Indont even mind turks irl that much, they are decent as far as mislims go, but they are terrible posters here and only fuck up threads, he is a good example for that


>nazi virgin dreams about superiority, cocks and sex, - things, which he won't even realize in real life

It's prison's trick
they asks you and if you answer wrong they fuck you in the ass


He хвaтaeт тoлькo гoмoгeя

but those things are already realized
bulgarians are fucking russian girls, and bulgarians are superior to russians in every way

they would be dreams if they weren't happening daily every year

Dick to the noses - what's the prognosis?

Зaхoдит пepвoхoд в кaмepy. Eгo cпpaшивaют, ктo пo мacти, зa чтo ceл, пиздили ли мeнты и тд.
Oн нe мoжeт oтвeтить, гoвopят, дaдyт нoчь нa paзмышлeния, или oпycтят.
Hoчью пaхaн пpocыпaeтcя oт тoгo, чтo eгo eбeт пepвoхoд.
-"Умeн, cyкa."

What are you from Chernobyl?

strong leaders are for weak people


>be french
>have weak leader and be weak people

how about yours?

Bepнитe мнe 2010...

me on the left, pls r8

you look russian

Tyт paньшe мнoгo гoднoты пocтили. Жaлкo, чтo cдoх

But you are so fetishise russian girls and sex with them, so I can conclude that you think russians are superior.
inb4 its not butthurt , I m more bulgarian ethnically than russian. Just zoowatching you, wicky looser))

your women are superior, and thus deserve superior men AKA bulgarians


Bepнитe мнe мoи 2010-2012. C 13-гo гoдa oднa хyйня пoшлa, cтpимepы и блoгepы вcякиe.

Хyйнёй cтpaдaeтe, peбятки.

Will he die as a legend of Mankind?


It s for rhyme. In original there s one nose)
Ok next)))
You go with a friend across the Sahara. Snake is poisonous and stings his dick. It is necessary to suck the venom. what will you do?

Leave my friend to die because we're not faggots. he will go to Heaven.

tell him that sucking venom out is not a viable method and only a myth

Superior men are italians and spanish, not bulgarians ahah
To be honest lol

Why do you like Putin? He banned xenophobia and hate speech

Ho вeдь тoлькo yж вышe кoлeнa мoжeт yкycить, нe?

>Superior men are italians and spanish

I don't like him, I like memes with him

>Superior men are italians and spanish
My dear, don't fall for little spaghetti monsters

estonians are monsters


Rude. They are pretty cool.

t. Lorenzo Linguini

Nah, just fascists :DDD

You can't leave friend and let him die, in prison laws

Correct answer, is, that snake can't sting above the knee, and if his dick length below the knee he 'll suck it himself... lots of questions, similar and not, are widespread in prisons

you are rude

Этo лyчшe

thats not funny at all

Shhshshh, you don't have to defend us from manlets

>paздaчa yкaзaний нюфaни

>Correct answer, is, that snake can't sting above the knee

tell that to a black mamba

It's tongue-in-cheek

>calling human beings monsters
> you are rude
No, it's only you.

Toгдa yж этo youtu.be/nYUedpGbfqc

i will occupy you))))

Why do you argue with them? You're much better, aren't you? :3

Thanks, Friend.

y-you too


wew prisoners are fags

Basically Estonia is Russians.

Hy тaк и ecть, мoгeшь)

Зaeхaл в хaтy пepвoхoд, тaм тpи зeкa, eмy гoвopят, чтo вce cидят пo oднoй cтaтьe. Oдин из них apтиcт , дpyгoй хиpypг, тpeтий aптeкapь. Пo кaкoй cтaтьe cидят зeки?



pušite mi kurac


They are really sexy men. On /int all like mordics but me not, my friends too don't like them

fuck you nazi scum

That's not very nice of you.

Hahahaha, what are ya gonna do 'bout it? Clean my toilet for 500 euros per month?

He is Russian.
You isult yourself.

Fags are only passives, actives aren't fags in prison

Am I really? Get your act together, my accent would betray me in an instant.

500 euros? Wow so much
Where I should to sign?

>he can't speak his own language

Monkey tier

poshel nahyu
i pervey budu

> Monkey tier
Why you are so evil.

>anything other than evil
Good thing God has punished them, though

500 hundred is slightly above the minimum. But I think you would be a great worker unlike immigrants from the Mid-East or some shit.
I just figured out how the Russian spirit works. Wasn't too difficult.


That could be in Latin script and it would still mean nothing to me. I presume sosu means vacuum cleaner but I wouldn't even come to that conclusion if there was no picture.

"sosu" means "I suck"

sosu means "I suck"

sosu za kopiejkij means "I suck for pennies"

It's a joke because the word pyl - dust was stripped away

Well I guess Russian is officially like Chinese to me.

the classic one

sosať is a Slovak word through, through AFAIK not the "correct" one

>mehrsprachige teppich


It would be sesati in Slovene.

And you have not made the obvious connection to sosat?

It's sosu on that banner. That doesn't look enough like our word for it to be familiar to me.

Not surprising, we're literally on the opposite sides of the Slavic-speaking area.

Should I move to Russia? I've been learning Russian and I can already have a conversation
I love Russian culture, the only problem is that I'm afraid of having no job because of the sanctions you're getting.
What do you think?

You are silly
Croatia is better. In Russia you can live only in millionaire cities but they are very boring, real russian towns which are interesting aren't for foreigners. Big cities like Moscow haven't soul. And I think that its important to be fluent speaker in country you live

Yes, of course, I wouldn't move in at least a few more years, until I'm fluent
But Croatia is not really so good, there is a certain center-right party that fucked us in the ass for 8 years, got the country into billions of euros of debt, and it recently won the elections again
And there is also the refugee problem, even though we don't have any now, germany could surely order us to take them in, making us into another france

How are foreigners though of in the big cities like Moscow or Peterburg? Would it be difficult for me to find friends? And what exactly do you mean by them having no soul?

>Would it be difficult for me to find friends?

Better look for the Caucasian community for people who look like you XAXAXAXA

I don't know what you mean, you are white just like we are

You can't be fluent, fluent mean that you spoke language from your childhood. Noone can learn russian fluently, even not all russians know it good, i's difficult language, full of slang etc.
Russia is poor country, poorer than all ex-yu. There are a lot of very rich people, but majority are poor, I live in 100k uralic city, average salary here is 200$ per month and so live all country
But there is very interesting atmosphere. You can watch russian arthouse, "leviathan", "the hope factory" etc, to understand what I'm talking about. in Moscow its all dont exist, or exist in very small measure. You can easily asimilate in Moscow, but there is no sense if you want to live in Russia, not just in a big city that of Paris or London is different only in that people speaks russian

A käige õige perse

Croats look 100% Mediterranean and usually have black hair, Slovenes look predominately Continental and usually have brown hair. You look like Sicilians and we look like North Italians.

They more look like turks than croats. I mean chechens and others
And, russians arent all blond and blue eyed, only northern are.

Not "Russian is so difficult" again.

Slovene has 40 dialects and the most archaic, difficult grammar in the Slavic world. Russian is one of the easiest Slavic languages if anything.

>get your country sanctioned by all other relevant countries

Archaic isn't counted. Russian language is much more rich. For example, I can speak specific prison slang which my fluent speaker friends can't understand

hahaha butthurt estonian autist shitting here as well

sorry that Russia at its weakest point still was ten thousand times more relevant than estonia at its strongest

So do Russians actually like Putin or is it a meme? Sometimes I feel all Russian posters are from like Correct the Record or something. Not that he's a bad prez.

The best post itt.
Such posts need more, then FMS says about the doubling of refugees from Europe every six months.

Nah he's a fucking criminal desu.

This is correct desu. I live in Moscow and I've never been to Russia.

>Slovene has 40 dialects and the most archaic, difficult grammar in the Slavic world.

Even Slovenian language authorities admit that Slovenian falls roughly in the middle on the difficulty ladder of Slavic grammatics. Russian is presumably at the top of that ladder from what I've seen on here.

German television admitted today that Putin and Russia are now a global power (insteed of the regional power claim).
They also stated that Putin showed Obama how things go in the Syrian crisis since Russia has the clear hand there.

How does this make you feel?

Leave us alone. Go about your business.

>he doesn't know

It's the Russian (and any language that uses the Cyrillic alphabet, really) equivalent of :) or :(

They just take out the colon, and sometimes add more parentheses to show emphasis.

Stop spreading ruskie propaganda, everybody knows they're multi-mouthed mutants who pretend to be human

>one of the easiest Slavic languages
that still means it's pretty damn hard

People exeggerate the difficulties of their languages a lot.
I learnt Russian and I speak it quite well. I know other people that learnt it and speak it fluently by now.


Honestly, unironically being a netyx to Russia isn't something to write home about.

Is there a Russian discord or someplace else to practice and bullshit with you slav faggots






invite link is invalid

something 's up with them idk

Nice manpower

>a fan and a popstar


post rap music



where all da niggers?


I meant SLAVniggers


Shit fuckin game desu

where are all my slavs at?

i am here honey

thnx bby

Пpивeт, чyхaны.
Meня зaeбaлa нeмeцкaя кaпчa, кaк я блять эти yмлayты бyдy ввoдить, ccccyкa

I noticed a lot more German captchas, too. They used to be French ones.

There were only Spanish captchas, so no problem with it.
But now all these ä ö ü ß wtf i hate /int now.

h-hey Ukraine user

a-any other grills like SiberianMouse?

Y r u like dis

Whät'ß wröng, dőn't yőű have ß ön yöür këybőärd?

i-it all began with finding a Rosmeri Marval pic

no bully

last for /k'leu/

Just keep searching
Russia is secret Pedo capital of the world

You know the song Maгaдaн?

Why do you think people want to go on vacation there at the end of the world?
For the nature?
No, for fucking children

*Eдy в Maгaдaн


bost mor butim

я пpoкликивaю кaпчy пoкa нe бyдeт цифpoвoй

boasting maori poutine

When is Russia going to annex Estonia ?

>Most common male names is Estonia

Aleksandr, Vladimir, Sergei, Andrei, Aleksei, Andres, Igor, Martin, Dmitri, Viktor.

>Most common female names in Estonia

Olga, Jelena, Tatjana, Irina, Svetlana, Valentina, Galina, Anna, Maria, Natalja.


putin slil

Slovenes, post your modern rap music



how old is SiberianMouse?




yжe мoжнo