balk lives in death edition


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shh only sleep now

For Kane!

Second for /balt/



Nth for pure kino



bumping with cool webm

i miss my pupper lads. i don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight.

where is doggo?

he's gonna be put down next week so he is in animal shelter

i'll type up a short story why

notihng better than the morning call to conquering clay

One night my dad's gf was walking her dog, but I love the doggo and I usually walked him and fed him so it was more like my dog. Some nigger was walking his shitty little 3 kg Papillion on a retractable leash on his phone not paying attention to his little rat. Papillions have a reputation being aggressive towards larger dogs and that's what happened. The fucker ran towards my dog and nipped at him, so my dog retaliated. Seeing how this little shit was 3 kg and my dog is around 30 kg the piece of shit died. Now once again this was my dad's gf walking it, not me. I heard the commotion outside so I ran out to see what the fuck was going on. I approached the nigger to find out exactly what happened and all he did was threaten to kill me and grab my arm. I held back because I live in a liberal state and when people find out some white guy (even though I'm albanian) beat the shit out of some nigger everybody's gonna be like "HE DINDU NUFFIN, THAT RACIST WHITE BOI BEAT HIM FO NO REASON". He also pushed my father who was trying to break us up. Now the nigger is suing my dad's gf, but we're going to threaten to press assault charges and terroristic threat charges to get him to fuck off, but I still have to put down my (our) dog because he killed that nigger's dog even though he was provoked.

tl;dr Because of a nigger's negligence we have to euthanize our dog.

What the fuck why dont u move from that shithole

Believe me macedonbro, I ain't staying here forever. Way too many niggers in these part, which is a shame because this area used to be nice. I know u have to deal with Albanians over there but I don't know how it is. Niggers are very violent here and I don't know how they would compare to ur Albanians

The funny thing is I was never racist until I started living here 3 years ago

I always keep a knife on me cause the state i live in has the strictest gun laws in the country.

Holly shit i tought u can get guns in freedomland

U can but in New Jersey is very strict. it's possible to get one but it has to be in ur house or in the trunk of ur car and that's about it. it's impossible for the average person to get a license to conceal carry and open carry is frowned on by the cops because the cops in this state are fucking pussies.

Post pic of pupper im really sad now tho

me walking him

his name is zeus btw lol

VERY fast doggo running at incredible hihg speed

I miss you Zeus. I love you buddy and I'm so sorry I couldn't do anything for you.

ah shit im crying now.

What a gay country the USA is. >dog farts
>gets euthanized.

What the actual fuck, ametifag laws are disgusting.

Ill immigrate to fuckin Congo before i let my dogger die, especially cuz if a filrhy nigger.Do sonething you beta fuck.

Cant you just hide him somewhere and tell the judge it got stollen/ran away?

animal control already took my dog. they search the place like you're hiding drugs. there was nowhere i could hide him.

fuck nigga, just move it to a fucking farm or something for a while, or even move with him, dont let your doggo die cos of a filthy nigger

We fucking hate it.
When I was twelve a literal retard (like low functioning autism) came up and full force kicked my friends Aussie Shepard mini.
The dog was a puppy and yorkie sized.
I had to pull the dog away( I had leash) so it wouldn't nip him and get the dog killed. The dog was really badly bruised and could barely stand up for 2 weeks.
Tard shoulda been bitten.

Go take back your dog.
Nit even joking.

meanwhile cops can shoot autists for not complying, lol. fuck this country sometimes, man.

Sometimes i forget how much i fucking love my country

you really should love your country mate. i fantasize about living in the balkans. it's poor, yes, believe me i used to live in kosovo. but sometimes i really hate what goes on here.

>its poor

This meme is quite retarded tb h, yeah its not western europe but its not like living in Mali or Cambodia, or even Ukraine.
If you arent complete retard and have the skills for a good job, you can live thw same wife you would live in USA for example, unfortunately, only in the big cities/the capital

i was mainly thinking about albania 2bh but yeah you're right

But seriously, save your pupper. If you can't make it as difficult in any way for them to.
If you just can't, I'm sorry.

Even albania prolly has higher living standarts than 70% of earth's population.

Good morning

do you have anymore webms like that except with blacks

Thanks based balkans

New Dinko - Димитъp

blessed by Demeter

>Do sonething you beta fuck.

shut up nigger, why would the albo ruin his life over a fucking dog. the niggers won this one but they lose the war

don't tell him to move to the fucking balkans lmao

never fucking respond to me again


but yeah i was close to doing something that night but i told myself no

>never fucking respond to me again
LMFAO love these responses

have you seen this gem?


top kek

caмo пeт минyтa нaзaд бaјo мoј


shiptar bulgar çit


For an Albanian, you sound pretty good my friend.

>never fucking respond to me again
I've been laughing for the past 20 minutes, bless you shiptar bulgar çit

This was meant for you my friend

what is çit?

Its special shitpost language


jesus fuck dude wth is wrong woth those guys?

can you fucking bride sb dude.
And im not even memeing here desu.


When will Ottomans come back?

based china removes downies


>tfw you will never get rid of turkish words from your dictonary

Uh that vid is fake, croats are germanics and they don't speak balkanturkish

U serbs are cucked hard with turkish

>fucking saat

>croats are germanics and they don't speak balkanturkish

>mfw this is what ustashe actually believe
top kek

actually word чac and чacoвник exist in serbian...

Then u should fuking use it :-DDD

Anyway, i dont mind turkish words that much, i guess im used to them anyway, but callin your neighbour komshu is comfy

How many Turkish words do you think Bulgarian language has? I think I read somewhere that standardized Serbian has around ~8000 Turkish (and with it Arabic/Persian) words.

>8742 turkish words in serbian
>even "happiness" in serbian is turkish

>smug erdogan
how many greek and slavic words do you think greeks use?

Dunno, prolly a lot, people dont even realize that this or that word stickef from the turks.
I mean, in everyday use, they are used more often, tho they all have Bulgarian equivalent.

For example, bokluk(trash) is turkish loanword and everyobe uses it despite that the Bulgarian word is "smet"

how the fuck is happines in serbian?

sreća cpeћa - happiness
he's implying it's turkish loandword, i actually had no idea lol


Its radost here

We also use radost here..
Like I said, we still have BOTH words in our dictonaries.

>people got baited by someone whose country couldn't change its cities naming to something more Turkish but instead choosed anagrams of Greek Words

Kek aydin, istanbul, izmir, trebzon, ankara, edirne

Being a t*rk is suffering, you cant even read your own holy book in your language, kek

>he fell for the religion meme


happyness is щacтиe
joy is paдocт


To be fair to Muslims, some Christians can behave in the same manner if they take old testament literally. Only differenace is, they're in a minoritiy.

Reported to Erdogan

Just pretend the dog to have ran away and instead give him to some family member.

Also, its America, cant you sue just everybody, including animal control?


>Senior IT Consultant / System Analystfluent in Bulgarian

>(ref:SCSAB/09/16), Sofia and/or Athens

If I call them and say "zdr ko pr", will they consider me as fluent in Bulgarian?

>cockroaches using a keyboard

I would still like to know if Kucan had Slovene ancestores.

Kane my man.

Also this is why I have a cat.
I know dogs are great and fun, but

1.) cleaning him after his been in the dirt outside
2.) constant check for parasites on him like ticks etc.
3.) need to watch all the time for the dog not to get involved in dog fights / being fucked / fuck other dogs
4.) talk with other dog owners unavoidable


n6 ti?

Cat is low maintenance pet thats for sure.

How the hell did you get EU flag?

And... do you prefer EU over your own country/identity, traitor?!

You have a cat cuz ur autistic


Cats are thousand time more calm comparing to dogs, that's why many people prefer them. Also I heard a lot of stories about how dogs roar on their owners because they spend too much time with the computers. So dogs are for normies only. :3


He's a rich man working in the EU parliament

Thats Juncker, newfag

>rich man working in the EU parliament
>still spend his time on Cred Forums


He's lying though, I work for CERN

You won't be kekking for long once he'll pressure for the tightening of your sanctions

I wouldn't want to mess with him irl

Where are my Makebros?

Guys stop doing this, I can get in real trouble if someone from my party finds out Im posting here during meetings in the Parliament...

I voted yes on the sanctions, my aggressive war mongering friend

yeah right

Ok sir, I don't want you to get any troubles

I love how we can make Bulgarians write in our alphabet


is that all there is to macedonian?

>I love how we can make Bulgarians write in our alphabet
>our alphabet
You take Alexander,you take Samuil,you take our language and now you take the Latin alphabet as yours too :DDDDDDDDDDDD

I am dying of laughter over here. How about you stop acting like Albanians and be the Bulgarians you are. Not that there is any way to save you now when every second woman i saw in Macedonia had a burka on her.

We can't save you anymore. No more passports for you since Albanians are not Bulgarian.

>We regret to inform you that PayPal no longer provides services to users in Turkey. Accordingly, all references to fees relating to payments to and from Turkish users and/or in Turkish Lira have been removed from the PayPal User Agreement.
paypal's servers are in greece btw

holly fukc my dudes I went to get a picture taken for belezhnika and cause driving instructor needed one, I think I actually look decent for once.

2 bad I am eternal virgin and autist xaxaxaxaxa

Why did this happen?

idk i just made an account and read the "policy updates"


You sound too retarded for a tatar



WE WUZ youtube.com/watch?v=eBe1059fnx4

Ssshhh dats racist, it was an accident

That girl I used to love and cucked by her ex-Kurd bf is in my town for visiting a friend t b h and she wants to meet.

It is an old story and it is over but why do I feel excited cucks? I never felt more beta before t b h.

Fuck her to restore your alfa status.



*sprays you*

She calls me her friend emphazising our status and she wants a tea t b h. Also I talk to a 8/10 thick girl now. I was drunk at bar and she looked at me. I found her on swarm and added her. Now she is hitting on me. I feel anxious tho.

Faggot, there can be only 1 EU flag here

Nice proxy cuckshit. You are not the real EU-flag Bulgar.

He is right though, we no longer tolerate your kind here.

Got that 25 21:9 monitor and its shit.
Returning it, thank god for the Romanians.

He is using Opera for mobile proxy, only this can give you an EU flag when not working for corporations. First I thought its a colleague of mine but thats rather impossible

>I voted yes on the sanctions, my aggressive war mongering friend
Just as if anyone in Russia actually cares about them.

Yeah gotta trip myself then

I don't care tho. I knew it wasn't you as soon as I saw his posts. Why is /balk/ so shit for a month or so t b h? It literally lowered down to cockroach posting now. It had some intelligence before t b h.

>thank god for the Romanians
this. they're very useful. there is basically no reason to hate them (except maybe for stealing dobrudja but at this point who even cares)


Your economy suffered a lot. Fuck public opinion. I bet you have a Putin statue in your house and your mother brings an extra plate on lunch in case Putin visits lamooooo.

>says he;ll use a trip
>doesn't use a trip

Actual trip

Btw did Marriedfag stop posting?

he is banned i think

He is nowhere to be found t b h. Natoboi is also lost. Diaspora Albo in USA isn't here. Balkan God isn't here. Italian in Brazil stopped coming.

It is like a ghost town inhabited by hobo drug addicts now t b h.

Btw is this guy in the picture Miro? Saw a thread in archive. He got uglier t b h.


We didn't steal Dobrogea you fuck. It was full of turks and tatars and we didn't want it, but russians "gifted" it to us after taking Basarabia, which had sea access and ethnic romanians.

Man you know I can find you relatively easy and publish your IP and whats behind, right?
Its 2, maybe even phone calls away.
Do you remember the one Romanian who posted here insulting everybody? Did he ever come back? ;)
Dont push your luck

Who dat ?

i think he was recently talking about how he shat himself at work. unless that was some other wageslave
bakan god got banned yesterday for posting some russian hentai called "bulgarian yugurt" or smth. he'll be back in a few days

Also this guy claims he is not Miro t b h. Wtf happens? He looks more like Miro than that bearded Miro pic.

Our economy suffered the most from our own anti-sanctions and also because of low oil prices. No one cares about how many money were lost by Putin's friends against whom Europeans targeted their sanctions.

all gorillas look similar

Quit posting here.

You dont care for now because of the reserves of the state. But they are running out. Then you will feel it.

Two many batkas.
One Miro.

The romanian is still around I believe, it's that guy who posts some offensive anti/balk/ bullshit in his native language

what's for lunch

I think he just means Radu, who's a russian that hates romanians and the balkans

Answer my question Bulgars pls.

Is that guy Miro. He doesn't look like him t b h.

Also how is this guy not Miro.

He is like Miro's twin.

I think about this for like a month. Please help me. Who is real Miro? Who are others? What happened to Miro?

If he got rid radu for us, then God bless him

I'll send him a vodka if he doxxes Ikibey and publish his shit everywhere

No, at least his real name wasnt Rado if its this Rado. Im not talking about autistic posts but about just insulting everybody etc. I just mailed him his facebook account with the friendly reminder to let us alone with this shit and it stopped. He did post afterwards though, but just regular stuff.

Stop it already

Hows weather in Macedonia?

>I am still not superior serb
>instead I am subhuman balkanite

life is just not fair.I hope Serbia just annexes Romania already...

Fuck off Decebal, go back to shitting up the discord

I will allocate half of my wage just to track you down, going to make your life a living hell if you don't stop

This is also claimed to be Miro t b h. Doesn't look like Miro tho.

t. g*lati

Guys, for today go with Liverpool over 1,5 goals, 2.5 odd is fine.

kek gypsies

Peace through power.
The technology of peace.

Kane lives in death!

I need to eat the shit


>when a serb replies to you

I can die peacefully now.

>tfw you will never do a porn with serbia t-shirt


this is why i didn't have a gf until university

Posting the best girl now



How can blacks even compete with the superior Big Balkan Cock

Can I have sex with her

big CPБИJA cock

Something about her reminds me of Angelina Jolie

>blacks pretend to have suffered as slaves
>don't know that word comes from balkan slavs

Mirela is good, but nikolche is gold

Only if you tell her "dai mi lyubovta"


rate my map /balk/

>dislike Montenegro

Wtf lol

Deluded, less civilized, Serbs

Why Montenegro? Mistake?

Probably a leak in the map :^)

im sorry for late reply i slept on the desk what breed is it

that bulgarian is someone from balk uses too much meme slangs


вcичкo тaтapиcтaн, вcичкo блгapијa.
вce eдин нapoд, eднa хopa.

Heщo ти e paзвaлeн Бългapcкият.
Aкo cи жeнcкa eлa в Бългapия дa тe нayчa нa Бългapcки aз.

Did it brake every single bone of him ?


is this a real quote?
I can't believe it,considering many albanians are actually muslims

she's 55? really, Moshe? i think you can do better than that...

seriously, i've been seeing this ad and its variants more and more recently

muslims don't really like us, isis sent a direct threat to us for maltreating their religion but those who sent that were killed

>asian in the background

yep that's Bulgaria

Seems like they consider you apostates

kek i think russians are teaching them how to deal with saboteurs

next thing you know they'll be rounding up the loyalists too hahahahaha

They should consider Bosnians apostates too, they barely follow their religion lol

>be cockroach
>not even liked by ur stepdad

so ronery

>being this retarded
seems like you're liked enough by your stepdad to migrate there in masses

I read somewhere that the reasons Albanians wear these hats is because their ancestors were slaves to the Romans who colonized them and this was used to distinguish them from rest of the population. Is it true? Because I know Romans colonized pretty much the entire Balkans, all people there were subjegated in one way or another.

Never heard about that. Those are are called plis which are a variant of pileus. Yet another thing we absolutely did not steal from greeks, but those are old as hell though

>15th passes by
>balk fucking dies
I though it was a meme, or rather, I wanted it to be a meme.

Another interesting hat influence is causia,found today in afghanistan

(Macedonians were called yauna takabara/Greeks with hats by the persians)

jokes on you most balk posters are actually teachers, not students

but memes are just another word for stereotypes, and stereotypes are based on observable patterns

its what MENA goat herders wear.


roman influence?

post straight outta ))))

they dont have jobs

lorestan is in iran,so either something with alexander or indeed rome/eastern rome(byzantium) later

I don't have it

Dont think so at all.Seems like a hat that those niggers were to protect from the arid climate.

Thats ostrich egg cut in half

Zdravo brati, ja sam anticki makedonski

Dai mi egejska e pirinska makedonija

the hat primarly reason is to protect from heat exhaustion.(see the shape and color)
What I don't know is how these niggers knew that white is the best color to reflect heat, maybe iran was more advanced back then than today, relatively.


Merhaba brat mi

this looks like bulgarian more than macedonian
or does it ..

hangover is almost gone.
what should i eat balkbros?
all i "ate" today was fruity yogurt

i always like eating a nice fatty meal after a bad hangover

Eat my dick dumb serb xaxaxax

wasn't that bad... i'll get the tuna can.
makedonce u lonce

I will go drinking with 3 girls t b h and I don't like it. Whenever I get drunk with a girl I keep having trouble. Last time I did I called one a whore. Fucking women kill the joy of alcohol.

What should I do to make it fun t b h cuckbois?

You can always eat baklava.

Btw cucks I realized I dislike women. I find them disgusting. Only thing I consider them for is act of love t b h. Other than that I would be glad to see them all disappear except women in my family and your families except Natoboi ofc and Marriedfag's wife.

Why are there cockroaches in /balk/ again? Don't they have their own shitty general?

Are u gay now effendi ? cause im up for some turkish oil wrestling

Did you get cucked by another kurd?

>the albanian
>the gypsy

If it wasn't for those two shit bags and the Bulgarian rezak we could have roach free /balk/.

Normal macedonian and romanian posters know to ignore cockroaches.

What do you think about pomaks, fellow bolgars?

you know what, that's a good idea, gonna go to the store.
Because they plan to return.
Also, time to trigger.

Good morning, /balk/. Day sleeps are very comfy.

No t b h.

>act of love

Do you know how to read dumb Make? I think of becoming a womanizer playboy that have chicks to satifsy the big hole of loneliness and pain in his poor soul t b h like a Turkish Bruce Wayne who doesn't fight criminals because he doesn't care about the world.

Actually you tigan I have two girls hitting on me now and today I'm going out for boozing which means I make it four or five.

The problem is tho my Romanian brother I always meet them and persuade them to give me a chance but blow them up with my incompetence dunno why.

>The Promies

I created 100 or something imdb accounts to give it one star t b h.

>Because they plan to return.
Fuck them. Tonight i am gathering the boys and we'll go break some durka student heads in *studentski grad*.

Greek words about 97%, other english or french (see elevator - ανελkυστηρας / ασανσερ)

Good luck.

I can be good pelivan are u gay?

As much as I like shitting on turks with this movie, it does look really lame and has a generic story.

Lamoooooo cucks, this is effendi's facebook profile pic

Finally found him t b h


>no-name Bulgar dissing a legend

Kys cuck.

I was making a joke tho. I didn't watch it. I don't like historical movies t b h. Wtf go to museum if you like them.

This is one of the two best legendary actors we had t b h. A literal legend like your mom is the neighbourhood legend of playing kaval cuckshit.

Lamoooooooo liar t b h, his name is Lakis Lazopoulos and he is a greek

>Oscar Isaac

My favorite modern actor is in it. Does he play an Ottoman Pasha or a Pomak Effendi? He can pull it off t b h.

Kekekeke lamooooooooooo I thought he was Şener Şen t b h. They literally look alike.

fuck you neet

Haven't seen it myself.
I'm actually interested because of Rade Serbedzija, AKA the token accent actor playing an eastern European in every Hollywood movie.
Big fan.
He's the main character of one of my favorite movies (Variola Vera)

i've still got a cold so i'm eating luk and chesan

oh he was that guy in Snatch

i did school today

any cute grills

This is my favorite Serbo actor t b h. Dunno why but he is great.

>you've locked yourself in like a pussy
>wait, excuse me, a pussy is a reproductive organ
>cunt, now that's your character trait

Btw do you do your ironing yourself? Today I will wear a shirt instead of t-shirt because it is a little cool and I wanna impress girls with my expensive Polo shirt. My mom is doing the ironing for me. It is too complex for me. I couldn't learn it. Normal after learning tying my shoes at the age of seventeen t b h.

what colour of shoes fits better with jeans?
will pic related look good or cheesy?

Jeans are moslty blue-toned so it will be a lame combination t b h. Buy a dark red one becasue it will look good with red, black and even brown and dark green stuff. Not a cheesy red tho. Like the one in the picture.

If u are autistic greek and spamm irl :"alexandar was greek" would fit you good

this ?

or that one

Not bad t b h I would wear it gladly but the white watermark is lame and I personally prefer white red shoes instead of black tones. Like the shoe you posted but the black and white are replaced. Better than the first one anyway. Find a majorly red toned one t b h.

This this this t b h. White is always better with red than black. Go for this one. It will also provide you many alternatives when you make combinations.

she ve prebiq balyci

Congratulations, autists, you are famous.

whooops, forgot link


>Jeans are moslty blue-toned so it will be a lame combination t b h
are you retarded? red with blue is a retarded combination

blue shoes with blue jeans is a perfect combination


>yfw some innocent reaction image you've been using since 2008 has become a giant internet meme and is now associated with retarded political parties

feels bad man

beige or white also goes well with blue.


please be in london

utre ima li daskalo we

are u the albo ?

>are you retarded?
He is a cockroach. So yes, he is retarded.

Black goes well with blue desu

no im the Daco-Roman


Timestamp + tits or it is not true.


>mfw you are right

You Bulgarians have no honor.
Turkey is the best country in the world and we invented everything! Your gypsies are NOT TURKS!!!

This pic can be a meme goldmine.
Vulgaris get on it

are those greeks?

does his hat say SPQR

Ohh shit yes.


SPAZ or some shit

i've got nothing

who here /blacked/


just drank a raw egg from the shell
horrible aftertaste

My fucking sides

let's hold hands and kiss while held down and blacked in a straight way

why is serdar so fucking cringy

this is my first post today

my name is angel not serdar

>implying muslims don't believe in angels

Αγγελε Αγγελε χαχαχαχχαχαχαχα

any romanian here? I want to kick your ass

Cam tarziu cu mamurile astea, bozgore

era doar o gluma


fight me irl boy i'll fuck ya up

Gluma-i ma-ta :dddd

wow cat de urat

my mom's romanian so I am romanian
pilonite in 15 minutes


You have to go back

mahai se ot durjavata mi mamaliga

i will genocide your family

my mom's romanian so I am *greek

you don't defecate inside a bin yes?


Come home, vlach man