How are asians treated in your country?

How are asians treated in your country?

Not so well....

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White women too get treated pretty badly.

no, those are just niggers being niggers.

Story behind this?

Dindus don't care what they attack.

Probably self explanatory. They talked to him trying to get money out of him, then they cornered him.


he should've jumped in the pool to escape them





I need to eat a shit

niggers gonna nig

Is that poor Jeb?

It's what you see. Thankfully those police officers were patrolling for the same group of blacks jumping people.

Why are niggas so bad at fighting? I feel awkward for them.

>tfw basically live in a third world country

Story dude! Why do you guys never have the juicy details?

>Why do Americans have so many guns?
>gee I wonder.jpg

That probably has more to do with them being niggers than him being asian.

They didn't steal anything. Why would they randomly attack someone walking down the road?

I'm pretty sure it happened during the Ferguson riots. It was just some thugs looking for people to beat up.

Looks more like the guy was a motel manager and was trying to kick the two black guys out for not paying the bill.

there is no story, it's just niggers being niggers.

>Why would they randomly attack someone walking down the road?
because niggers

Do you masterbate to these?

I think it was some couple who was just ambushed by a bunch of niggers for no reason at after leaving a night club or something

They hunt white people down for fun. It's a sport to them.


>mfw a white girl thinks she can talk to me

Niggers and sandnigger don't fight though.
They jump on you without provocation and if you're not down on that first attack, even if they have the numerical superiority, they'll flee.

Can someone please post some vids of niggers getting what they deserve? I am fucking mad with rage right now, and need to calm down.

>We must ban all guns!

This one always gets me because you know he was debating going across the street the entire time but didn't want to look racist and was sincerely hating himself for having racist thoughts like that riiiiight before the punch.

Best part is he'd probably move for a bunch of punk looking white kids though.

>Pastors wife.
Damn they really don't care do they.

>Niggers attack Whites, Asians and anybody else they feel like
>Perfectly fine
>White American starts a Youtube channel pointing out actual statistics and going against the media narrative
>Gets shut down
It's like they're past the point of even trying to hide it anymore.

I mean like if they attacked them because they had a previous altercation or something then it's understandable or at least makes sense but randomly just beating up people is so fucked up.

I'm actually more surprised how the car got in there in the first place, it seems too old to be a mall prize.

>but randomly just beating up people is so fucked up.
exactly, but that's how niggers work

Jesus, India. How many times in how many threads do you need to be told that niggers gonna nig before it finally sinks in?

You gotta understand. They attack people randomly for no reason.

And an altercation to them might as simple as refusing to hand over your money to them.

that looks like a subway entrance

this is a typical day in toronto. we had a random guy from africa shoot and kill a cancer scientist near where i use to work, but 100% of the time ghetto blacks from the suburbs are treated with hostility and kept in their one small town.

toronto is liberal as fuck, but not stupid enough to not judge people by their looks. for example the BLM homeless protestors camped outside the police HQ was greeted with contempt and ignored.

I know its hard for you to get, but its just what they do.

The real reason is probably something stupid.

>Like the knock out game, randomly sucker punch someone in the face, and knock them down
>See a white person who does not belong in your neighborhood, and attack them
>Try to rob a couple, they fight back, so you just end up beating them
>ordering food, some dont like the sound of the paki at the counter, sucker punch him
>see an old lady handling cash, attack her, take the cash and run

Its called being a NIGGER. And you dont have to be black to be a nigger. anyone can be a nigger.

My white friend used to steal bikes, and cause property damage when the fucking hockey team won. That makes him a nigger.

ahh it is and it's un europe too I didn't see the last part of the vid


East Asians?
Asia is everything East of the Urals and north of Suez excluding the Indian sub continent.

>nobody is really trying to hit each other
>guy falls down
>defender stomps him
>his foot barely makes contact and just glances off
Fake as fuck bro.


But why are they like that?

She must be fucking wet at this point see her boyfriend kick 4 niggers asses

user asked for a happy ending, not a real one.

It's a shame that's fake.

why do you rape, and shit in the streets?

They are programmed to do that. Some people are just wired to be more violent. Blacks are.

blacks and jews hate each other where they live in close proximity lol.

the first time i heard a white person say nigger was an israeli friend who said it casually, like "the fucking niggers" and so-on.

Found the nigger. Do us a favor and shoot everyone on your "hood" before offing yourself Tyrone


Please don't be rude to India ITT. India is very nice.

I must eat a shit

Jesus christ. That's some day z shit right there.

Staged. Those guys are all his friends trying to help him get laid kek.


was fine until the punch at the end. uncalled for.

This explains a lot

Just sayan, it's an old clip.

yeah this is how indians deal with black thieves. its always the immigrants who set up business in black neighborhoods while white people have been able to 100% segregate themselves and not deal with them.


>punch at the end
>uncalled for

Holy shit. Good night, sweet prince.

Das racis. A black man shouldn't have to fear for his life when he commits armed robbery. That's just entrenched racism, user.


Damn I wish I could own a gun.

When I think about the fights I was in, lads used to jump stomp on heads. Amazing no-one ever died.
Only true craziness, we thought was one guy notorious for biting ears off.


>Can't own a gun
Poor or convicted criminal?

>brain damaging another person

should be punishable with life in prison imo

the world's courts are way too cool with letting people beat each other retarded.

>dat white boy rage
wew lad

or liberal city/state that makes hand gun ownership difficult as fuck

>not R2Dindu

Speak for yourself. Ours routinely puts people away for a long time for shit like that. I used to know a guy that got five years and he didn't even cause any brain damage.

>but muh poor background!

pretty good lmao

Please be honest, the poor french minority forced to live with them on the same shitty neighborhood because of the famous "living together" policy are fucking bullied by these savages.

We can't even make mobs againt because we have things to lost, justices is more hard for us than for them because they apparently considers these apes naturally inferior so this is "more normal" if they commit crimes, also we are divided and middle class living on shitty places against a bunch of more numerous lumpens population, totally united by Islam and hatred against french people.

How common are those?

History of mental illness. Was medicated by the state for 8 years so I'm not allowed legally purchase nor register a weapon.

Unlucky. Should have kept your crazy to yourself.

My home state just made it legal for me to carry a concealed handgun without a permit, or so much as a safety course.

>But why are they like that?
They're actually incapable of reading facial expressions and body languages of other races. Judging by pretty much all evidence they're also not very compassionate like other races.

Quite literally subhumans.

It's almost impossible to get a piston in NYC and crowded cities. Concealable weapons, even pepper spray or tasers are a big no-no. To get one you need a license, a huge waiting period and you need to jump through hoops and pass all kinds of qualifications.

Jesus he beat the shit out of them. My dad always said you should know at least one martial art

Go to /k/ and ask about ways to get around this, they'll be glad to help you. You without a doubt won't be able to get a gun without it being illegal but there are other ways to arm yourself.

Getting less-common by the year.

well I live in Chicago, which is a city in Illinois. Illinois bans silencers, and Chicago for a long time banned hand guns.

Recently we can now buy handguns, but require a "license" which is just a $10 application for a ID saying I can legally own a firearm.

A ton of other BS. probably cant buy an "assault" rifle or some shit like that.

cant legally carry a gun that's visible without a special permit in most places, some places dont allow that at all. Has to be hidden. that's more common, and requires 16 hours of class, and training.

>OP starts an Asian thread
>Turns into niggerfest

lol what. Tons of Vietnamese where I'm from. No friction.

>and then you realized it was never about Asians to begin with

t. shitousiana

Dude that's like some movie! My mind is blown! USA is amazing and scary at the same time

Good thing all the criminals you need to defend yourself from will be obeying the same rules then I guess.
Well if you can CC at least you have something going for you there.

>Well if you can CC at least you have something going for you there
If I had a 2 grand to blow right now I would.

Classes are like $300+ish and a the gun I want is either $900 or $2k

American niggers are a special case. Many of them (the criminal majority, I'd wager) still descend from slaves. Slaves were selectively bred to be powerful but unintelligent as this made for more effective farm equipment. So basically you now have the human equivalent of pit bulls that have been made free men. In their minds, everything is accomplished by force.


if i visited here probably would be killed in 2days

Underrated as fuck

It will be from now on.

That's not bad, really, If I could get away with both ownership and classes for 1400 I'd start saving right now.

Unless they're Chinese/Vietnamese it's alright. As Chinese/Viet immigration to Brazil is a fairly new thing I'm assuming neither of us are used to it, but they'll eventually assimilate like the Japanese did. They also seem to be getting along just fine with the Japanese community, so I guess it's all cool.

If they hate french people why do they go to nice france? ;_;

Sucker punching another person is one of the most pathetic things a man can do

at first all humans were black, originating in africa. these humans were much closer to the great apes, as can be seen in their skull /skeleton structure. as humans slowly began to evolve migration occured, the smarter and better adapted ones managed to get out of africa as the forests died out. these people who were better adapted, and better able to think critically, left africa and became the many races today, the large caucasoid group-whites and indo-aryans and stuff, and the mogoloid group, your 'oriental' asians, with of course mixture between the two, and native americans who kind of branched off later.

the niggers today are the dumb, low IQ inferior ape ones that were too dumb to leave africa and instead lived in sqaulor and shit for over 9000 years until the white man came and enslaved them and built things, then even with these innovations fell back into squalor and filth, quickly turning the european creations back into filth. until lately when now the asian man has come to enslave them, although legallu through corporations. they cannot be helped for the most part although of course there are blacks who are at the upper end and are quite smart and capable of being civilized. but in general, pretty much apes.



whoah what is the story here

for once I feel okay to be a pooinloo. thanks user


>mfw felt safer traveling through South America, surprisingly Brazil as well; than travelling through the East coast in the USA.

>DeeJay still thinks he's winning


>t. hikkikomori weeb

>pumping the chest of a guy having a seizure

just wait for the third one

We torture them by tickling their feet.

This one actually made me kek

That one is way better with sound. His slap sounds like the crack of a whip.

if shit like this happened to you, but you had a CC permit, could you just whip it out and shoot them?

I'm so pleased that cellphones have cameras now so I can go on safari without actually leaving the suburbs.

It would depend on the state it occurs in and if you could reasonably claim that your life was in immediate danger; following somebody to shoot them after the fight is over is usually frowned on. (Trayvon's case was actually somewhat unusual in this regard).
If six of them surrounded you and started talking shit you could probably draw on them to scare them off, but you'd need a compelling reason (like if one had a knife) to actually drop the hammer.
I'm not a lawyer, this isn't legal advice, and even if I'm actually basically right it's still vastly oversimplified.

>all these webm

This is why we kill them on sight here.

Stop being racist.

Sometimes I think Brazil single-handedly keeps LiveLeak in business.

Did she just stand there getting stabbed?

She's in a closed elevator with a nigger twice her size. What was she gonna do? Knee him in the groin so he can get angry and cut her throat?

Mostly are normies and edgelords posting videos from Whatsapp.

Liveleak userbase is fucking cancer tho.

The fuck did he do that for?

>this thread
Jesus... those are more horrible than ISIS videos

If they punched you, it's felony assault on their part, and you pulled and shot, depends on the state, but get a real jewish lawyer and argue that you felt your life was in danger like a madman, helps with video footage too.

This is what the pacific islanders here do to asians as well

Coulda been a robbery, coulda been "the knockout game".

>throws the cash register instead of stealing the money

He jus mad 'cuz they wuz outta hot-waangz.

Really made me think if USA is actually a civilized country

Japanese>Taiwanese>Korean >>>>>>>>>> Vietnamese > Chinese

>It's American betas getting angry at black people thread

How asians are treted in your country? Well it depends on witch area of asia. If you are from muslim country the not so well, but if you are from east asia (Japan, China etc.) You are probably treatend quite well for a foreigner. We actually builded buddhis temple for people from Vietnam.


I don't have anything about Vietnamese, but Chinese immigrants only try to build small China. you should look out for them. only Japanese case is an exception.

Oh for fucks sake

They perpetuate cancer

>how asians are treated in ya cunt, lads???
>asking that question while posting a video of fucking niggers beating up an asian man minding his own business
>implying niggers are capable of interacting with non blacks without acting like fucking rabid apes

in tacoland they aren't mistreated, most might think all of them are chinks (you know, the never ending stereotypes) and that's it, they'll treat them just like anyone else.

What don't you get Pajeet? They like violence and they do it for fun. They find a person to attack and they do.

There is no reason, and now you see why we carry guns.

fucking niggers

I've been real apprehensive about going to Europe because I don't want a group of Blydos to jump me because I'm a chink. Will I get treated better if I tell them I'm Taiwanese or that i'm truthfully an American?

If there's any other Euros ITT give me some advice about some more Asian friendly cities. After I saw that video of those Russians beating up that gook on youtube I've decided I probably won't be too popular in St. Petersburg

EU "eastern" europe is full of vietnamese
western europe is full of every other asian

i doubt russians would care even, they have plenty of kazakhs and tatars and shit.

your honestly more likely to get beheaded by a local muzzie than jumped by a local bydlo.

>That pussy as white dude who tried to fight the guy for slapping her

Gotta be fucking kidding me.

fucking kekekekekekek
aahhhhh, the dindus

I don't like feeling that I'm somewhere that I don't belong, so to speak. After all, i'd be a guest in someone else's country. I'd feel uncomfortable knowing people are staring at me and shit. Plus I wear the "flat brimmed American hats" and I'm 6'2". I don't exactly blend into crowds

Source behind this?

You never actually tried to get a gun did you? Unless you are adjudicated, all of that means nothing. Plus there is no registry.

Go to /k/ and go to reddit and ask, its gotten better.

I don't really know it matter that much if you say that you are from America or from Taiwan. There are probably people who dislike Asians, but there aren't any big group who actively harm specially asian people (as far as I know). But if you going to visit finland, don't speech that
much whit people who don't know, that does not fit good manners around here.

Asian women are revered beyond belief, they get the best white men and are cherished and loved.

Asian men are considered chill guys and hard workers they are well treated and liked.

Note that this is a opinion on est asians not asians as in pakistani - for example.

This one looks kinda fake. Look at how he falls. He bends his knees and puts his hand down to break the fall. If he really had gotten the shit punched out of him, he probably wouldn't do that.

In most cases yes, just hope to god Al Sharpton doesn't get a bug up his ass.


the black kid died though

They could have hurt the staff, what the fuck were they thinking?

Damn at home I had a clip of a bydlo Pole following niggers and offending them. The nigs speeded up each time he got close.

This would be a good place to post it.

good thing those pricks were killed.

I didn't know bydlos could be based

>beta because we follow the law and get frustrated when colored people don't and get away with it

oh man, that was an awesome documentary

They have their uses. One proper bydlo is worth a 3/4 nigs in manpower so they are easily the best frontline fighters against multiculturalism.

All countries with no significant amount of niggers are safe /thread

Thankfully I live in FL so it wouldn't happen to me at all 'cause I'd get away with shooting them dead before they even touch me.

The hard part will be avoiding getting wrapped up in some retarded black lives matter or anti-gun agenda scandal.

That's just typical nigger shit.

One little sucker punch from a skinny monkey is extremely unlikely to cause brain damage, even to a mangina like that.

Bleep bloop. Robo-nog requires orange soda sustenance.


There is no justification for allowing these animals to continue their parasitic existence.

>Unless you are adjudicated, all of that means nothing. Plus there is no registry.

Asian males are seen as defenless weak people, so Abdul and Mamadou punch them for the fun.

lol that actually happened in Brussel,fucking nigger and sand nigger i tell you

>no puddle of blood

didn't hit him right, shame

Who cares if it was a pastors wife?

It was all part of gods plans, mysterious ways etc...

She was probably a religious nutjob anyway.

asian are traditionally very civilized, especially northeast asians, it's hard for them to comprehend the african mentality

blacks will always be victims in a white man's world, nigs will nig

>Implying facial expeessions of different races vary.

Are american african americans really that different to other africans?

Wait till the biets start a drug market and organise crime.

>Asians & Whites shoot up schools and shiet
>blacks just throws some punches

Ya'll fucking stupid azz shieet

Videos like these actually trigger me off the face of the planet.

How can white people become so fucking pathetic?

In one of the poorer areas near me a shirtless bogan tried to rob an asian bakery.

One of the asian guys took the knife off him with jackie chan moves and held him by his hair until the police arrived.

Im not even joking.

>american african americans

Who cares if someone makes a typo you edge lord memester.

I thought maybe you were being funny like those retards who call all black people "african americans" but I see now you're just drunk.

it's ALWAYS blacks

toppest kek

Lower class whites aren't even a thing in auckland anymore, they've all cashed in on the property bubble and moved out

It's bungas vs chinks/indians there nowadays. Asians get hammered since they carry more cash than the average person due to all being small business owners/paid in cash under the table, have shit spacial awareness that means they wander into bad situations and being small/weak. They've only just caught on to what's going on and are starting to get pissed/armed.

I honestly think there's a race war brewing between them

wtf does native speaker of english understand what she says
i get only ninten ninetie

everything, it's not even that hard

Your niggers don't treat anything well.

Actually BRIC does.
>Brazil: Dindus getting shot. assorted crimes.
>Russia: Car accidents. assorted crimes. Drunk people.
>India: Gross shit.
>China: Horrible accidents, assorted crimes.

Them and the Middle East.

>Your niggers don't treat anything well.
This. Any community within any reasonable distance from a black neighbourhood is a target.

Pretty nice desu, jokes and memes aside

So why do the left defend scum like this?

The same reason why pet owners defend pitbull dogs.

>the left

Neoliberals did this not leftists

blacks =/= niggers t b h

This thread makes me want a gun

There are disproportionately many black niggers unfortunately.

True, true

>that screaming happy guy
I lose everytime :-----D

My girlfriend is asian and she isnt aware of whats around her.

She stops randomly in crowded shoping centers to check her phone and people almost knock her over.she isnt good at time and distance when crossing the roads. she blocks people trying to get into elevators. She fucks around with her phone in the car while there is a car waiting behind her trying to get her park, thus causing blockages for everyone in the parking lot because people cant get around.

I really think poor spacial awareness is genetic in Asian people and tends to be much worse in the female ones.

kek she's probably one of those faggots that thought to himself "I'm not going to cross to the other street, that would be racists, blacks didnu nuffin and are oppressed by white men such as myself"

Can you answer my question then?

I think this was about Asians not black people LMAO this is full of racist comments bye bye

It's not that they don't have the awareness. East Asians, Chinese in particular, just don't care. They don't care whether someone has to wait behind them, they don't care about inconveniencing others. It's a very self centred culture.

it is about asians.

this. They will pray on weakness they are literally like sharks.

When I was in middle school, Blacks would stay outside and fake hit people in the face, if ANYONE flinched they would jump them.

Niggers are the fucking worse.
>b-b-b-b-but my good blacks!
Good blacks were in the group jumping people too, the nigger mob mentality>good blacks>niggers.

A black mob will turn any well educated black into a drooling savage in seconds.

pleeeease more negro webms

And a surprising number of white ones these days.

In culture, yeah. Africa isn't a country, it's a continent. A lot of differences in culture still, even with its similarities. Think of Europe (or at least the North-Middle part). Most people are white but each country has their own culture.
African Americans are also different. 'Niggers' are another thing though, honestly.

Thx for reminding me why I fucking hate America and Black....VOTE GEERT.





Haiti is a mini-preview of what's going to happen in Nigeria once the oil stops flowing. Average Nigerians use firewood as fuel for everything so they're going to desertify their country as well.

Why don't you date a black girl yet?

Sounds like you got bullied by black kids and are now taking out your anger on the internet.

Tortured is more of the word and it was from middle school and high school.

But at least I have a better reason to hate blacks than most people though.

So when they say stuff like ''YOU NEVER EVEN SEEN BLACK PEOPLE Y U RACIST?''

I could say my best friends sister was raped by nigger, My sister got hit by a drive by when a nigger was driving and I got tortured for 8 years of my life by going to a majority black school.

Not an argument.

>Sounds like you were bit by a pitbull and now are wiser than previously.

If he had no contact with niggers, you say >Sounds like you never grew up around niggers.

I went to school with niggers and was never bullied by them, but they were constantly fighting each other and chimping out against teachers.

We were at this stepping stone bridge with her asian friends.

Only one person can go over the bridge at a time.

There was a family waiting to walk over the bride and they were standing on it for like 30 minutes taking photos while the family was getting annoyed and basically just got up.

I even took photographic evidence of it happening to kinda prove my point at the kinda shit asians do...

They didnt even change gacial expeession when the family was standing there.. Thats the fucked up thing.

Even a facial expression like "fuck this family, make em wait" would have been less unsettling than no facial expression or reaction about it at all.

2-3 niggers broke into my grandparent's home in the middle of the night, stole everything they could including the car and took a shit on the couch just to add a special fuck-you.
So I'm not fond of them either.

Im not defending black people but that sounds like typical teenage boy stuff in lower socio economic schools.

Your chick the rich bitch who keeps scratching her pussy? There was an aussie user talking about his Asian gf, are you the same guy?

He was okay for second and then started to seize probably because of swelling. I'm sure he had a concussion.

>typical teenage boy stuff in lower socio economic schools.
The tired old "poor people do it too" nonsense.
This is getting tiresome. Appalachian mountains are safer than Louisiana.

you won't be able to teach her to not do that, it's purely cultural, she just doesn't care. I've spent collectively 9 years in Asia, and i've never met a more apathetic bunch of people in my life. An exception is Japan though, that's strangely too overboard in collectivism, and considering the effects towards others.

It is typical which is a very good reason to hate them. I don't see rape,hit & runs,drug selling and armed robbery in the poor white schools in my area.

Although they did have a theft problem.

>blacks assault whites
>omfg those blacks are so subhuman!!!!!
>whites assault blacks
>haha they got what they deserve

Racists need to die once and for all.

Serves those slant eyed manlet gooks well. They voted for that


I really really really dont want this too happen.
Theylll gonna be the 3rd most populated country man, so they better make it nice so they stay were they are.

>they voted for people beating them up
ah yes

>>whites assault blacks
This rarely happens. Whites kill blacks during armed robberies in self defence. It terms of white on black vs black on white rape, the difference is 10000:1.

We bash them, it's fun because they aren't protected like Arabs.

the french

>so they better make it nice so they stay were they are.
Build walls. Sink ships. They're already spilling out as far as Mexico.

I said I am not defending blacks... I know they are violent, I know they aren't as good as white people.

However what he described was just normal teenage poor person behaviour.


Poor teens normally don't rape sell drugs and do armed robbery on this scale. The only exception is really poor central american countries that had bad violence anyway.

>However what he described was just normal teenage poor person behaviour.
This is not normal poor person behaviour. As I fucking pointed out in the charts you retard. I grew up in a poor immigrant neighbourhood with poos in the loos, arabs and niggers. The niggers were an outlier as far as academic failure and misbehaviour went. Only niggers barked at teachers.

I think a lot of it has to do more with single parents who are still at work when the kid gets out of school. They will also look to the next available adult as a role model so if you live in a crack den that person is a thug. Most of my friends in high school were latchkey kids because their mom's didn't give a shit what we did be it drinking their alcohol or smoking pot in the back yard.

>I think a lot of it has to do more with single parents who are still at work when the kid gets out of school.
This is excuse #19843893.

It's 100% truth though. If you leave kids alone, they're going to find trouble.



I grew up in a poor area too you retarded.

You are not the only person.


Yeah nah. Being poor isn't an excuse to that behavior. All my family comes from poor backgrounds. [spoiler]My Grand-granny was a single mom, after his husband was killed in the Spanish civil war, had to fly from Andalucia to Cat because was mistreated be his family, with two girls. The worst thing she did was steal fruit from some trees, and she told me that with a heavy heart. He raised two girls without help working like a beast and putting them to school too, and she felt guilty because stole some apples from a farmer nearly lots of decades ago. My father family was nearly killed during a river uprising because were so poor than had to live in shak be the river. Apart of some fights with other kids the worse any of his brothers and sisters did was steal money one time from they parents because the circus came. [/spoiler] Sorry for blog posting.


niggers are the reason i will never visit the us

And that one is just Pete. Fuck'n Pete, man, I swear.

America can you please explain where your black peeps get names like that?

LaToya, Deshawn, Lamar. Names like that.



Nigger the master race

That's more funny than anything.

Mostly yes. I grew up as zn unsupervised poor kid and I got into trouble, as did all my other white friends. We did things like smoke pot, break glass bottles, tp empty houses, steal unimportant road signs, light shit on fire innawoods, etc.
At no point in time did any of us become violent and dangerous crack heads.

Unsupervised poor white kid trouble is not the same as unsupervised poor black kid trouble.


Yessu but they're talking about Afro people and not Good things ...

chimps gonna chimp

hair on the groud spells 9/11


thats a whole different culture though

They think French names sound sophisticated, but they don't actually know French so they just add La-, De- and qu sounds. Not even joking, I went to school with two LaTrinas and a LaQuinta.


You should write a book about this, that's a hell of story.

Wtf i really hate niggers now.


Jet fuel can't melt hair weaves.

It's stupid say that a race is the only one who committed crimes EVERY COUNTRY AND RACE HAVE BAD PERSONS , PLEASE TOP BEING RACIST!!! give love

>it's slavery
>it's poverty
>it's the culture
>it's single mothers
>it's racism

Is it only culture?


Was that the guy who went back to fuck the same horse?

Everyone has a diffrent culture from others, you said it's normal poor people behavior I say it's because they are terrible people. Being poor doesn't make your crimes more aceptable either.

True.Muslim blacks are bro tier american blacks are "american"


They don't name their kids the same way normal people do. Normal names have etymologies and mean things. Even the natives did this. With the bottom class of Blacks though, their names mean nothing. They're just noises/sounds strung together and a lot of times they're made up on the spot.

>Muslim blacks are bro tier
Eh, not really. They just have a little more self-discipline. They're still insufferable.


I sort of noticed this.

Muslim blacks are either Ackbar tier and just as bad or they are great migrant tier.

The good ones keep to themselves, smile alot and always work.

My white gf did this too. Stand in doorways in public places, if there was like a line of seats somewhere crowded she would sit in the one closest to the aisle preventing anyone from easily getting to the unoccupied seats further down, that sort of thing. I think it might just be a hot chick thing because a lot of people never say shit.

>always work.
Muslims on average tend to work less than non-Muslims m8, especially their women. They're focused on the Akhira (afterlife). You just met the ones who work were at work and USA is less of a welfare state so by forces of artificial selection you got the working ones. Canada and Europe gets the welfare queens.

[spoiler]She is dead and I was too young too ask her a lot. My granny is bathsit crazy and in general pretty terrible, but my great granny was tough as nails and worked like a pack of chinks even at 90+ years (some kind of cancer killed her, and my granny didn't aprove for the autopsy so we don't know exactly what killed her), and as a kid I feared her but made exellent food (think like garlic soup and others stuff you don't find now, tended to make the meat soo much), she even survived the Moor guard of Franco after they passed her town where they did some nasty shit than was gruesome even for a civil war.[/spoiler]

I think women in general are like this.

When I was an EMT we went inside a house to take someone to the hospital. And some neighborhood watchman came over with like 3 pistols around his hip thinking we were robbers.

My EMT partner she didn't even notice how dangerous the situation was or even the pistol around his hips.

Based great gran desu

hope the kid is ok


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South African mercs in the Congo

From an Italian movie about Rhodesia

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Rhodesia and the Congo aren't the same though

Pretty sure you dont have to tell south africans about the history in their region

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I wasn't, although I have had to in the past, I was pointing out that I got 2 different answers from 2 different people.

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There's a world of difference between 'African' Americans and black Africans. Black Americans are a sort of hybridized West African stock, with the average black American being of about 20% white European ancestry.

Black Africans on the other hand are an extremely ethnically diverse 'group'. There is more genetic diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa than anywhere else in the world. There is a world of difference between the Pygmy peoples and the Masai, for example. Even in the Rep. of South Africa the differences between different ethnic groups of 'blacks' is apparent. For instance, I can immediately spot a Zimbabwean Shona person and differentiate them from, say, A Xhosa person from the Eastern Cape province.

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