Do you want to be finlands friend?

do you want to be finlands friend?

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No. I want to be Norways friend

i was just kidding finn how do i delete this



Who here wants to be friends with American

We only have room for 3(three) friends

I'm very positive about your offer.

only if you show boipussy

Why do I like Finland?

he never returned to this thread

Hopefully he killed himself by letting a nigger or a horse ravage his "boipucci"

Fucking sissy cunt

autistic meme lord finn > rude bitter normie finn.


Fine, but just so you know, being friends with America means you have to take turns helping Mexico out of the well when she falls in.

We have it on a weekly schedule. You can go after Canada, and before the Netherlands.


Yes Finland, I want to be your friend.

nope because I'm too autistic.


Yes, your flag is my favourite

No, America... AMERICA, can not be friends with such a filthy mongoloid half-chink Nazi siding autistic snow fucker.

as if long distance relationship ever worked

Yes please.

I will ravage you're boipucci too

>tfw no friends


alright mate, i'm your friend now.

sup cunt, how's it going?

Yes, why not?

I'll be your mate. How are you?

I have no friends too :(


What do you like to talk about?

Videogayms and motors

What sort of games do you like?

What sort of motors?

League and overwatch are my most played games this month


>League in 2016
Who do you main? I jumped ship like 6 months ago? Something like that. Sold my account (too cheap)

I have kinda thought about falling for overmeme but I kinda don't like fps where it takes more than 1 or 2 bullets to kill people

I don't know much about motorbikes. Do you own one?

i like old Alfa Romeos

Do you own one?

I don't main anybody but I play support and adc in general. Plat 1 atm, trying to get my sister to be on my level so I can quit for good and I own 3 bikes and only one is functional

I thought about maining Thresh and just playing support. But the people under 30 are such useless wankers, honestly its easier to just play a hard carry jg if you're trying to get back to lvl 30 and just go 30-2. I used to main Ez/Wukong though was high silver..

Do you enjoy working on them? Mind showing me a picture so I know what we're dealing with here?

They are fun to tinker


Wow that one needs some work hey. I like riding as a passenger on one but have never driven one. What is your work?

My current work is Professional slacker who doesn't work. I even have a certificate from the government.

Do you get literal or figurative autisimbux?


I get autisimbux too. Its pretty gud

Need to quit smoking though. I paid $70 for a 50g pouch on Saturday and I only get like $870 a fortnight

Are you a country boy?

>when someone (you)'s you



I used to be a country boy but had to move to the city.
Also stop smoking it ruins your lungs.

Do you live in Helsinki?

ikr my """medicine""" made me fat too so I am like 185cm ish and 115kg

Feels bad man

I'll be ur boyfriend :)

ai oot homo vai?

Speak American Pls

>being straight

Yeah I live in this cesspool of shit called Helsinki.
Also 165cm 57 kg

Are you a tranny yet?

Hmm you sound like an elf, do you have pointy ears?

>being a tranny
No i have Sami ears

Post ears

Are you a sami? What are they like?

Do they sniff petrol like the abos?

This shit gay af

You're gay as fuck

O-only for Australia

itt retarded weeb fags

Post boipuss!

N-no that's lewd

Thanks for your contribution, weedman

You just don't want to be lewd because you know once you open the whore door Jamal will be elbow deep in you after a week

I-it's true

I'm just shitposting. Come back

Just do it then come back in a week and post results :3


You scared my Finn away with your lewd posting

kys monkey

I-I'm sorry :(


Can u forgive me??

idk how will you make it up to me?

I liked my Finn

U-um what do u want me to do???

Bring my fin back desu

I'll try my best!!!

Just 4 u


Some Finn be my friend please

I will [spoiler]fuck you[/spoiler]

Sorry had something come up.
They herd reindeers no gasoline involved

That's ok. I thought you had run away because of the gayposting though

That's a weird ear man. I have Danish ears

>not being blonde

>not inheriting your dads mongoloid part sami genes

Why aren't you up in the tundra with a reindeer?

I heard you used to drink their urine after they ate mushrooms

Sweden has always been a friend of Finland. Sweden civilized Finns and helped build the country. You can see this if you go there, even to this day.

Will never stop being friends.

Because my family does not run a reindeer business and I am fairly certain they don't drink their urine.

You could go and connect with your old tribe mate, run with the natives, that sort of thing.

So what else do you like to do?


where are the cute girl (male) belly buttons

>ywn fuck a cute Finnish boy

I'm not intrested sami people that much tbqh.
I like to drink drinks with cafeine or alcohol in them and memepost on imageboards.

I like to do that too.

I just got back from being banned though. I also spend my time with my cat and talk to former anons online a lot and watch youtube

Had to drop out of uni because of the demons in my head

I did it!!

Are u proud of me Australia?!?!?!

Yes you are now my second favorite.

Very good boy


What's your next trick?

What's life like in the big city?

Very distressing and anxious

What depresses you and makes you anxious?

Too many people...

Just go out only in the evening.

Do you live in the snow Ghetto or something?

But I know what you mean. I had to go into town today and it was awful

Also saved. Stop trying to seduce me!!

This is what I do desu

The store closes at 22 so I always go there at 21:45 to buy food. Almost no people then

Yep, I go out around at the same time too. I also got lucky and live on the 17th floor in the new commieblock and don't hear people from the street at all. Can't wait until I inherit my grandparents flat when they move in the country side so I could rent it and don't work at all.

There are no 24/7 stores near me.

No I live in a normal wealth neighborhood.

There is more people in your city than my whole island man. But it wouldn't be like living in melbourne or sydney they're like 8 times the size of Helsinki

So what are your dreams and aspirations?

I love my mongol friends ;)

In want to buy a cabin in Finnish woods and go there.


Do you have a car? I used to buy food for almots a whole mouth in one hypermarket when I was living with my sibling. It works 24/7 too so there were no people at all

Why the finnish woods?

My dream is to own a house in the woods and travel the world.

I have no car nor drivers lisence.

I don't like cities, any wood will do as long as there aren't a lot of people.

I want something similar. To live on a beach in NSW

idk man forset sounds different to what we have here. Bush etc. Though there is some rainforest in Australia

We both need a plan to achive it. Unless I just see if my mum dies before I do.

Where do you want to travel?

Are you an anime girl? I'll be your best friend if you're an anime girl.

Wouldn't there be many in Germany?

I would like to live in Switzerland I think. Like Denmark but mountains and forset and shit

Germany is too full.

What about France then? Varg seems comfy

The world in general. What about you?
Why would your mom die before you?

Well I got offered a trip to Europe next year by my mum. Not sure where I would like to go though, I imagine its all pretty good. Italy almost certainly and maybe France. I definitely want to go to Denmark though because my dad's a dane

Where is nice in Europe to visit?

Personally if I wasn't such a fuck up I would like to wander around India for a year or two. Just bum about

Or maybe go to Japan but in reality it probably wouldn't be very nice

And idk because she's older? She won't though, I've smoked for too long

Would you like to come to Australia?

France is alright but I still prefer Finland, French people are very outgoing and if the memes are right Finns are all autists.

why not

I thought the french were meant to be insular wankers

Nobodys going to bother you if you just hang out in a cabin though. idk like I said its kinda what I want to do but on a beach

Do you live in Whatever the big city is called there?

is that a boy?

I have never left Finland so i can't help you.
I would like to visit Australia but i am relatively poor.

> is that a boy?
Who cares?

Do you like boys in skirts?

Eh I never asked what's wrong with you. Don't have to tell me

I've been diagnosed a scitzo but its a meme by Big Jew

I thought autisimbux was lots there? Would your parents help you?

Another sexual harassment thread

Only if you want it to be ;)

could be,there is just one way to find out

it doesn't have to be sexual you know

I have depression and social anxiety...


lmao loser

So yes then. Do you like dressing as a girl?

Man that seems like they wouldn't give you $ for that here hey. Must be bad, poor you.

Di they have you on medicines?

Bit rude mate

Gibe finnish friend

its absolutely halal to dress like a girl finfam

He wanted a mate so I'm just teasing him

Is there a difference between liking masculine girls and liking feminine boys

i.iknow.. i.its not like i want to join in too...


Is that prophet you fucking degenerate

Yes, I like cold


Why haven't they cut your head off yet?

You still there?

probably to kawai for jidf

I'd cut your head off you fucking heathen, inshalla

not before i throw myself of a building and then stone myself and blow up senpai

He won't respond.

Come to petersburg and bring your boipussi.
Im sure we'll be friends.


I've been talking to him for fucking ages. I'm getting tired, he's cool.

Can't make this up


i guess he just went for a break,probably will come back to shitpost with us some time maybe.. or probably they finally got him

Are you my Finn?

Eh its because I asked him if he was a crossdresser. I had a punchline in mind. It was just for the bants ffs

opa! OP Aint dead



its time for the punchline kangaroo doughnut puncher

I'm getting really tired man. You said you wanted a mate so I'll give you my steam if you like, I like to talk though.

He didn't answer the question

if you want a edgy kebab for a friend i am also offering my steam account good sir


Get away from my Finn you shitskin degenerate

how could you betray us soo fast finfam?

fok off you dropbear tosser he is mine!

Megan is still alive. Go rescue her.

Yeah I love Finland.

Aye I could blow every load of my life on you and you'd still be a black fuck ;3


>tfw some turban abo knows your steam now

still more white than you abo :3

>mfw if you see my hair you will just crack onto me again like the filthy darkie you are

Get Gud game cunts!

>mfw you turn out to be rice field jap

(also cool game library)

here you go you stevey croc

Have you worked out who I am yet?

fucking emu ofcourse

aaaay white man > arab once again


I want to annex Finland!