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In Sweden we say "Dator" or "Datamaskin"


nice 9gag meme

Finns are not from this planet.

Way to deflect your obviously spooky orc speak

>ork speak
silly humie

Finnish inspired Elvish. What you think is irrelevant.

Finnish sounds like a down syndrome Russian.

Georgian is elvish.
Finnish, regardless of its influence in elvish, does not look like elvish.
Georgians are the real elves.
You are part of the master race Mongolian empire.

>call computer "calculating machine"
>call plane "flying machine"
>call air-conditioner "colding machine"

Is this fedora-tier?

>colding machine

wtf i love vietnam now

why? it makes sense.

We call it "ordinateur"
And I'm pretty sure the spanish use "ordenador"

The Finnish word "tietokone" also translates to "information machine". It just makes sense.
Hey btw, how's Vietnam holding up? I left the country in 2003-2004.

Weird, that's the exact same thing I'd say about Portuguese.

So mongol

>down syndrome
How did you know

>There was a time when mikro could either mean microwave or a computer.
>Now finnish language has a same thing for new technology. Tabletti can be either a medication pill or a tablet-computer.

> implying it's a good thing to simply use the English word
In German we also use the word "Rechner" btw.

This btw. OP's picture is simply an adoration of lingual imperialism.

>peräpepper spray :D


(French) Ordinateur

Implying there is any German that is not calling that device "Zuse-Gerät"
>silly kangaroo


ty for german language influence

(Merrcan) Hard drive

We call it "bilgisayar", meaning "info-counter"


I like the swedish word "dator". its just a version of the word "data". Nice and short.

What a cute simple language

Yep, swedish is nice.

literally wut

we just call it PC

>tfw cucked by the eternal anglo

>make fun of finland
>actually they discover linux
jokes on u

>discover linux

abo education

Batman is called Läderlappen in Swedish.

also peka or peko

it's latin

I think they stopped using that name and now they just call him batman. At least I haven't heard anyone use that name seriously in many years. Everyone just says batman when talking about the movies or the comics.

My cousin who's 12, he loves batman and he'd probably be confused as hell if you mentioned läderlappen to him.

PC = Пeкa = Peka
Literally translit.

Make the "ä" an "e" and it's "leather rug"


what, did they mine it out the ground or something?

It's an English word made up of latin roots

It's second-hand latin at best. You took it from us anyways. The french disdain it so much they made up their own word in order to not be cucked.

it was on the spaceship the Thing used

Finno-Ugric thread? Finno-Ugric thread!

In hungarian computer is számítógép
Don't bully my finnish brothers

Georgian sounds nothing like elvish

he meant their letters


They don't translate comics anymore afaik. It's a much better name though. Läderlappen v Stålmannen: Rättvisas Gryning.

The word "computer" was french before it was english you dipshit - which is where you got it from.

Contributing the thread
It's bilgisayar in turkish. Means data processor/counter

> The word "computer" was french before it was english you dipshit

Nope, point me to a French person ever using computer to refer to computer before an English person.

Also "computer" is English noun inflection of compute, not a straight word from the base verb "computer" which is French and not a noun

Le computacion devise