Yeah, so what? I ditched, I was just having fun

>Yeah, so what? I ditched, I was just having fun

How would you respond to this, as a father?

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fuck her


>Did you have fun?

rape her

People pay their tax dollars for you to go to school and show up, if you don't attend then you can expect to be kicked out of my house the day you turn 18. I'm not going to own up to being your father if you become a worthless, uneducated leach.

Only proper response

I'd take away any frivolity that i could. No internet, phone, tasty food, etc until the attitude improved.

this desu

>OK Guess you will have to marry my 40 year old millionaire friend

not this
I'm not gay


Only proper answer to be quite honest

>catch son smoking
make him smoke a whole carton of cigarettes
>catch daughter fucking chad
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just sound parenting.

yeah, and why did you ditch school with white boi ?

>Did you have fun, son?
>hehe daddy im your daughter
>i know
>pic related

>catch son smoking
>make him smoke a whole carton of cigarettes
what movie was that from, again?

I don't know what movie but it's in Malcolm in the Middle

girls just wanna have fun~

You know I love you princess, and academic success isn't the only road to happiness. I'll support you emotionally and financially no matter which way you choose to take your life. I work hard at the factory 10 hours a day so you don't have to toil like I do.

I believe the children are the future, and I believe in you. You will always have a place in this home.

It's also in King of the hill





then slap her once

Bend her over my knee and spank the shit* out of that healthy butt.

Can't ditch this dick, cunt.

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Just call that idiot back and get us sorted for the weekend.
Yes, do whatever it takes Jesus. Sometimes I wonder if you're even mine.

For a start, I wouldn't be sending any daughter of mine to a school where the students dressed like that. Public education is basically child abuse. In the event that my daughter was still misbehaving despite receiving a proper education, I would have to revoke various privileges until she started to be good.

That is the mentality of the average Swede

Why? Was it worth it?

You know I'm sure you've heard that people regret not working hard at school? I do. It hasn't been easy trying to support you and your mum, but there's no other choice about it because I love you both. You are right, school can be shitty and the people are retarded, but if you can keep at you'll be rewarded. Every door imaginable is open to you have the grades.

I don't want to shout at you. I just don't have the energy because I'm working. Every day. For you. I am too tired to fight you. You've hurt me deeply. And your mother.

If you are struggling at school please tell us. We will help you. We love you and will do everything that we can to support you in finding happiness.

He targets 11-year-olds you idiot


>Public education is basically child abuse


>I was just having fun
You weren't though, were you? You just sat around near a stormwater drain with your friends for a period. Fuck how did I raise such a boring child god shit fuck my life.

>tfw she ditched classes to go get fucked by tyrone and jamal, the school thugs

>implying any decent parents would send their child to a school full of poor people, criminals and foreigners
It's a recipe for disaster.
>yfw major-league autismos are more, not less, likely to show up in state schools

The quality of public education varies greatly across and within countries. Some public schools in rich neighbourhoods in the US are better than private schools. And Japan's top universities are all public for example, even though most of the country's universities are private.
Here most people go to public schools, and are only sent to private schools if they fail to succeed at the public ones.

So I think the Hungarian thought you wanted to home-school your kid or something.


What does ditching mean in Irwinland? Bunking off?

>make him smoke a whole carton of cigarettes

Stupid idea. He'll probably vomit but will crave afterwards

I'll show you some fun you fukken useless bitch


The problem is children and teenagers, even fucking uni students don't think about what they want to do as a career in life so they just think 'oh I'll sort that out when I come to it'.

If I'd had a plan when I was young things would have gone better.

>comparing universities to secondary schools
>thinking that "top university" is based on education rather than research
Though it's interesting to see you say that there are no class connotations of schooling in your country.
Here the only people who send their children to public schools are those who can't afford better and those who do it for wacky political reasons.

Nobody uses that term. The normal term is "skipping school" or "wagging".

> hur hur,
> you call X that?
> I'll have you know, foreigner, we have our own mirthful name for X,
> and you should submit to our not at all obviously more correct form of saying it, because we are pompous pricks about.
Why hasn't the rest of the Anglosphere just nuked England?

There's a reason you're called Poms, you self-absorbed bastards.

Alright Pierre

Why don't you make like a leaf and leaf?

I see no reason why differences in quality would be reversed for secondary and tertiary schools.
The Japanese kyuuteidai universities I was talking about are well known to provide the best education.

I guess it has to do with that we pay a lot of tax, and that we divide high school students into categories based on intelligence.
The public schools that only cater to this category are bastions of whiteness and elitism, they're better than most private schools if you can responsibly handle the amount of freedom.


>make chad fuck you

>this category
I meant the highest category

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Why do you smell like cigarettes and cheap wine?

Have you been fucking a Frenchie?

you are a retard
but you are strayan so its expected

>not beating the fuck out of her at young age, so she'll never forget to wear a burka when she leaves the house

>I see no reason why differences in quality would be reversed for secondary and tertiary schools.
In Australia, secondary schools are run by the state government, whereas universities are run by the federal government. Because of the federal structure, there are all sorts of problems with anything the state government does.

>yfw I've been to THE Imperial University
Sure it's a good university, but its reputation comes from research, just like every other good university's. Education is incidental to that (and it would probably be a worse school if it wasn't prestigious enough to be profitable in the first place).

In any event it's not as though places like Waseda or Keio are too distinct in terms of quality or repute.

>I guess it has to do with that we pay a lot of tax,
>implying we don't

>and that we divide high school students into categories based on intelligence.
That doesn't happen here, even in private schools. The closest we get is streamed maths classes. I guess selective/hierarchical institutions are not egalitarian enough for the plebes to accept them receiving public funding.

Anyway, public schools here are absolute rubbish. The best schools are all non-Catholic private schools, although of course they're rather more expensive. Even kids who go to selective public schools don't get the same quality education. Private schools have smaller class sizes, more community/family involvement, and actual ways to keep out the scum. Unfortunately for public schools, zones often reach in to good and bad neighbourhoods, so they will always have a mix - and by the nature of them being public, it'll be a bad mix, in aggregate.

>butthurt public schooler detected

Most Australians here are like "Fuck school it's over rated" and "teacher sare just glorified book readers".

Shit man.

Retarded parenting.

How is public wchool child abuse?

Not saying I diaagree it would just be nice to hear more on the subject.

Call me crazy, but I think that's his game.

What if its a public school in a decent area though?

Yep... Yep... Yep that's us, alright. I'd recognise the flavour anywhere. I love being Aussie.

Yes but Australia is litterally packed full of bogans which are the equivalent of American red necks..

They are everywhere...

No bud, you are the retard here. Everybody knows that guy is a dumb cunt, you're just the bloke that keeps giving him (You)s.

The main problem is that housos send, krystal, rebekka, jayden, tyrone, tyson, harley and skot to public school where they might influence your children at a naive and confusing age in life.

You guys pay less tax than we do.

A friend of mine went to Waseda and told me the education was completely passive and not engaging in any way. I suppose this has more to do with Japanese culture than private vs public universities.
I myself went to Kyoudai, but worked there in a research department so I wouldn't know about actual lectures. I gave a small presentation to a group of Japanese students myself, but they weren't very active in asking questions.

I think the Dutch intelligence stratification system is very effective. I used to occasionally watch American high school dramas and wonder why the smart kids were such a small group, in my class the geeky kids were the majority.

If I lived in the Anglosphere I'd definitely send my kid to a private school too though.

Please Lord, bless me with sons

I went to a public school and its part of the reason i dont want to send my kids to one.

>Unfortunately for public schools, zones often reach in to good and bad neighbourhoods, so they will always have a mix - and by the nature of them being public, it'll be a bad mix, in aggregate.
Also see:
You're basically setting your child up to have a rubbish life from the outset. Public schools are full of ghastly children (bad influence) and dreadful teachers (poor guidance), and the system itself doesn't encourage engagement or effort (massive classes, inflexible subject choice, limited extracurricular opportunities, low enthusiasm).

Additionally, a private school is very good for networking. It's unlikely anybody will give you a job just because you happened to go to their old local high school, but if you've got the right school tie (as a figure of speech, of course) it opens all sorts of doors (big and small).

Where did you go to school?

Call me pessimistic, but I really don't think more tax funding would fix public schools.

What we need is some kind of long-term, intergenerational way to privilege the intelligent over the unintelligent. I wonder if a breeding programme would work.

Not an uncommon story to be honest. I went to the local primary school and recall wanting to go to a local secondary because the other kids were. My parents wouldn't have it (and retrospectively I'm very grateful, since almost all of those kids turned in to utter dropkicks).

>I wonder if a breeding programme would work.
You would have to force educated people to forego their career in order to make a family. Restrictions on the reproduction of unintelligent people would be a better option, as long as they're combined with heavy restrictions on immigration.

This is a funny story but I grew up in a very bogan household.

My parents would scream at eachother about child support payments in front of housing commision homes.

My dad is a truck driver that fills his yard up with old shit box commodores and falcons that he sells parts off.

When I was a teenager I started noticing differences in social classes and I have kind of came to resent and avoid bogans and lower class people now.

My mum says I have became a snob...

Its mostly a protection mechanism though... Bogans fuck up their own lives and their bullshit will effect yours if you get goo close.

>Took after your daddy I see. Well everything you hate about me is what you're going to become if you keep on with this behavior. I don't really care about this rebel youth shit you got going on, you're going to be my daughter no matter what path you take in your life and I'm going to be your father. Nothing you do will change that. So drop the "I hate you grownups" act and get to the car.

Daddy issues lads. It's all about the daddy issues.

>intergenerational way to privilege the intelligent over the unintelligent. I wonder if a breeding programme would work

in that case you will never reproduce

alpha as fuck

I would respond by forcing my wife to have an abortion if I found out it was to be a daughter.

There is literally no benefits to having a daughter in the Western world in 2016.

You can fuck her when she grows older, just like the ancient Egyptians did.

Fedora guy

Nice meme

I'd "ditch" and deny her all parental responsibilities and benefits to show her an example. She wouldn't eat, bathe, use any of my vehicles, internet or other utilities until she understood the point.

>can't cook
>can't clean
>has a fucking opinion on everything
>won't work till 22
>bitchy attitude all the time
>controlled entirely by her friends

literally 95% of teenage daughters, you can't even dispute this

sell her to saudi-arabian sex slaver that wil teacth that fucking annoying parasite bitch

>teenage boy
>is fucking retarded
>wears dumb clothes
>has a wrong opinion about absolutely everything
>fucks around in class
>is a lazy, unmotivated piece of shit

I dont think i see the problem. In america kids do this all the time and its no big deal

even the smart kids in advanced classes skip class because they realize that they can usually learn more by studying on their own than by sitting in class

I guess it depends on the context. If she was doing drugs and is failing classes i would be pissed. But if she has good grades and was just hanging out and watching a movie i wouldnt have a problem

i live in southern california. Other parts of the us might be different

It's even in fucking Calvin and Hobbes.

Usually when people do that here, they're out doing drugs with older friends
So, it depends

>Where did you go to school?
Why do you want to know that?