How does Cred Forums feel about women having a girls' night out? Is it degenerate for women in a committed relationship?

How does Cred Forums feel about women having a girls' night out? Is it degenerate for women in a committed relationship?

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If they allow his boyfriend/husband to have a "men night", it's ok

>How does Cred Forums feel about women having a girls' night out? Is it degenerate for women in a committed relationship?
Of course not. Just a spot of fun innit?
is that way mate.

i wish real women looked like that

It's degenerate. Remember you're free too.
Married and it's alarm bells.
A girl's night out for a girl means she's free for a night. She may not do the worst you're thinking but she can. She just comes home to you when it's over.
I hate how this very 90's British tradition has made it to the states.
You don't own her. Know what it means though. Play the same game.


Never understood it because I always enjoy having familiar women around. So why would women distinctly not want familiar men around?

Your tradition is getting cucked?
Colour me surprised.

Not a problem at all, gave me a chance to go out with the guys and my ex used to return home drunk and horny as fuck. She was someone I could fully trust mind you, bro-tier type of girlfriend.

Every Friday/Saturday night my neigbour go out and come back drunk with drunk hot chicks

Literally kill me

they can be your wingmen for tonight and tomorrow

try leaving the house

this guy gets it

As long as I can do the same with my bros I don't see a problem. If I can't trust her then I dump her ass.

merkel's doing a better job of colouring you brown

If the man does it too it's all good. If it's a woman you can't trust then you just need to try to fix it quick or ditch her. You can't build a relationship on weak trust. It's the foundation of any relationship. You can try and build a fancy home but if it's build on a poorly built plywood foundation it will fall apart no matter how nice it looks.

>Women shouldn't allowed out of the house to have fun with their friends
Are you a literal paki?

>women having a girls' night out? Is it degenerate for women in a committed relationship?
It's great because I can stay home smoking weed, getting drunk, play vidia and no nagging

Just whores, pure degeneration. Just a beta male can be in a relationship with one of those.

Degenerate even if they aren't in a relationship.

>trusting women

Women can't trust themselves you fucking idiot. They don't contain a single rationale cell in their bodies. I've had a few girls make out with me in clubs or bars and later I find out they have a bf.

Having fun is degenerate, all single and married women should be stoned.

>being stoned
>not fun

>just leave the house dude

What can you do when you have zero friends?

Yes, this leads to a closed circle of stoning.

Baltic minds cut like plows into fertile, fertile soil.

go out and make some?

how? should I go and talk to random people? They will call the police.

Are you in some way deformed? Go to a pub, sut at the bar, eventually someone will talk to you, go from there.
It's very simple

>normie problems

Well you see, men also have morals and understand consequences so it's not exactly equivalent.


Making acquaintances is easy but making true friends is hard.

Why the hell would someone talk to strangers?

I don't know how it works there but here is pretty common to go to a bar and drink standing by the bar and talk to others doing the same. If you go often to the same bar you end knowing the others that go there often too. As the time pass by you know each other more and more.
I know that is not like a friend but can have nice human interaction and if you are lucky you may end befriending someone

Yes, of course, I have no friends, but I do talk to people and enjoy myself when I go to the pub.

Because alcohol does that.

because not everybody is autistic.
Also if you never talk to a strange how on earth are you going to know someone that is not from your family?


I've made all my past friends in school classes that everyone was inserted into without their say, forcing us to interact sooner or later.

Why not.

Why are central and northern euros so autistic?

lol this

>men's night
>go with friends for drinks at a pub and watch the game
>meanwhile women go get gangbanged

I don't mind girls' night out.
I would take care of her son when she's out clubbing, desu

Exactly, they were strangers the first time you saw them and you talked to them. And everything went better than expected. Am I right?

>ask my new friend if he wants to go to a bar tongiht
>nah tonight my best friend is visiting me

so close to become normie, yet so far


go to the bar by yourself and don't be a needy faggot

>Muh Cred Forums

God, shut the fuck up. This has nothing to do with Cred Forums and he asked a legitimate question.
People like you are the most annoying posters on Cred Forums

It's not a legitimate question anywhere in civilised society though. Non Cred Forums or muslim tier people would not think to question another person's right to go out and have fun with their friends. Wives/gfs are not slaves or property, they can do as they please and if they do things you don't care for you have the right to leave.

*high five*

Yellow hair are disgusting

My gf always asks before she goes out on one. I don't really see it as a bad thing, but I'll always say no if one of them suggested somewhere shit.

Going out for a meal and a drink? Fine. Someone suggested Liquid? No that's not fine.

This. Please for the love of God.

It isn't intrinsic to politics, so it's not Cred Forums. You're just a whiny cunt because someone asked a question that you don't think should be asked. Go find your safe space somewhere else.

Its an euphemism for 'I'm going to try and find a black bull to breed me' desu.