Wake up

>wake up
>europe is now this
What do?

Oppress Bretons, Aquitains, Burgondes, Frisians and Lotharagians.

Celebrate since Malmö is no longer in sweden

Take control of Poland, invade Lithuania and recreate the Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth

For what reason?

Why not expand it West

How could sub humans take territory from superiors?

At the moment, set up my home counties in Frisia, convert the Saxons and wait for Carloman to kark it so I can have a proper successor
t. Karl the Munificent

>Frisia in charge of anything larger than their own province

Conquer it all in the name of the USA

Build a warp drive and move to 28th planet of the Cassiopeia Constellation

Have breakfast and go to work.

Carry on with my daily life, probably.

>What do?

only sensible answer in this thread

Wait for superior Turkish army to liberate me from greece

fight off the dirty Venetians, Serbs and Magyars

ancestral lands. wait till rus'/ruthenia convert to orthodoxy then marry a princess for alliance, give my daughter/sister to the greeks to form another alliance. make an alliance with georgians since i think we were bros back then and get a casus belli on cumans and easily capture their lands thanks to my rusthenian/georgian allies

get a good chunk of nomad and land around azov and then settle since I was a nomad

we talking about ck2 right?

>binland exists
So meme does too
Ok map for me.


Your time will come too.

Volunteer to be sent to aid Portugal.

Conquer all of Iberia then steamroll north africa


ck2 best game

I'd kill myself


>finland gets 2 of our most russian infested areas leaving rest of estonia 99% estonian
im fine with this, thänks

is this the de jure kingdom map from ck2?

CK2 without HIP

I am Greek

>literally and unironically reddit: the mod
nice try memeth

No it's your mum.

you win this round

It's the de jure kingdoms at the 867 AD start without the Rajas of India expansion, I b'lieve.

For my part, I'll always take the 769 start with RoI cause that's what Henrik (PBUH) intended. In my current game, I managed to turn Icelandic Vikings emigrated to Mann into the Empire of Britain, transitioning via Normans to the English. By controlling strategic waypoints such as Andalusia and Egypt and exploiting a particularly pointless crusade vs. northeast Bengal with my red sea access, I was able to secure East Bengal by 1250 and have just founded the Republic of British East India Company under my rule and with my cousin as patrician. Also, I'm black and so is my son due to a strategic alliance with Ethiopia. Tnx 4 reading.

My face i just to blob out all my neighboring borders for glorious finnish khahate.

In my game the Finns held to their pagan religion until the 12th century when my former proxy state of Sweden finally recovered from its conversion 200 years prior and started pushing into Finland. Finland was then mostly ruled by Sami and Mordvins, the former of which converted under pressure, while the latter who ruled Karelia were conquered and soon displaced by Polish colonists sent there by the temporarily Polish-speaking House of Munso. A group of Savonian Sami held on until 1240, but for naught. Gotta love CK2.

Conquer some of the british islands. Enjoy brittanian independance. Laugh at rest of france.

be happy that everybody owns a de jure kingdom, so there is no reason for war

*East Francia's Chancellor used Fabricate Claim on Lower Silesia*
"That bastard!"

move to the southern border and gently kiss a Hungarian qt


tbqh I would feel a lot more at ease if Russia were that small.
It's current size makes it feel like an equal country.