Why did the Spaniards interbreed with natives but the English didn't?

Why did the Spaniards interbreed with natives but the English didn't?

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Because they were longer than us. And cause the Spaniards like to stuff their dicks in things.

maybe because spaniards had to deal with the big empires and not just shitty tribes

Spaniards, despite current trends, are not cucks like Anglos

> when an amerishart says he has irish heritage

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Eh? Quite a bit of white Americans have redskin blood in them, although being 1/100000000000000th Iroquois like Elizabeth Warren really shouldn't count.

They just make colonies with the highest crime rates in the world.

The natives in Mexico and South America had a much larger population, and Spaniards are horney cunts


Because the Spanish were conquerors, where the English were colonists. The English brought their own women with them.

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Irish American

That's a myth. A lot of natives have European blood. It just so happens that the English brought their own women while Spaniards were losers at home who had to settle for an indio in the New World. Just look up recent videos of the pipeline protest in North Dakota. The natives are practically white.

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>Obviously, I read your fucking name, my point stands even more so than if your country was the US

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They did.


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Cause the Spanish were promised gold and wealth beyond their wildest dreams. While the English just wanted land for their own.

So you got a Spaniard coming to the new world looking for gold to take back home and he happens to stumble upon topless thin, uneducated women who are small and impressionable by white skin and lights eyes (pussy thrown at you). Then you got some guying packing up and moving to the new world trying to build his fortune instead of stealing it.

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because spaniards like to fuck and anglos only like to murder

How's America treating you, Rico Mendoza Gonzalez Luiz Guillermo Carlos Jorge de Veracruz?

This 2bh, Spanish is the language of love and english is the language of oppression

> The natives in Mexico and South America had a much larger population...
Basically this.

The English colonised land with far, far lower population density than Meso America or even South America.

You see in places where there was low indigenous population density, like the Caribbean and La Plata, the population is far more European/African. Places like Peru, Colombia, Mexico, with high indigenous population density, it's more Mestizo.

You can't just kill them all, so if you want them in your Empire, you may as well fuck them.

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>spaniards never killed or oppressed the natives


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> Tyrone is actually a county in Ireland
Also, Marcus Garvey was Irish.

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Because we wanted functional colonies.

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Different times and different places!
Spanish explorers arrived with a 16th century mindset of "let's rape everyone and take all the gold" in Central and South America, where they met with populous nations that had built cities and organized a society. All they could do was colonize. On the other hand, the English arrived in North America in the 17th century where natives were scarcer and less "civilized" from a western point of view, and what they had in mind was to settle far away from their homeland to enjoy more freedomz and prosper
The Spaniards bred with their local slaves when Americans imported them from Africa and just pushed westwards the more or less nomadic tribes that lived where they wanted to settle

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A lot of blacks have irish names actually because back in the day slaves took their owner's surname. That's why so many black people also have surnames like Jackson, Jefferson, Washington, Henderson etc.

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We shipped Irish and Scots to the colonies. You started breeding the women with negros for cheap labour. We banned it because we weren't getting a cut. You did it anyway.

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I honestly do not care what your name is. Not one fiber of my being cares about the life of an average Mexican. All I know is a wall will be built, and you have to go back.

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Because a lot of them died from illnesses, in the East. The US army killed most of them in the west as part of a massive campaign of landgrabbing.

The amerishart talk show can confirm this.
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Britfag propaganda unrelated with reality. We mixed with natives. Anglos merely founded their colonies by genocide

What about France? Their former colonies seem to do the worst.

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Race-mixing creates subhumans which is why the Spanish colonies failed miserably and the Anglo colonies prospered

The Spanish were moralistic about it and the natives in Mexico and South America were far more advanced and numerous than the North American natives, thus harder to kill off.

But the French and Brits are the ones with all those colonies in Africa.

The funniest thing is, one of our earliest mythologies and stories is about a guy interbreeding with a native (that guy is also a cuck btw)

Because south american native women are way more qt than north american natives.
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Well natives wanted their independence.

>Not interbreeding with the natives.
Unless you are Australian, you have no excuse. Heck, the Nahua princes(like the Aztecs or Tlaxcalans) throwed they daughters to the Conquistadores. Imagine, you are a dumb-fuck second or third son of an hidalgo without lands and only a sword , your armor and high test balls to your name, you can't legally work with your hands unless you are killing people or have an education, and the wars in Italy have ended and you family will throw you because you are dead weight. The new lands have since terrible disaes to horrific fauna, but it's the rumour of booty like no one can imagine for brave and desperate men. After adventures like only DnD can offer you end conquering city after city and getting Encomiendas under your name, and at the ripe age of 25 you have fertile lands, pacified cuties barely christian with exotic practices and nearly no competition. Wouldn't you fuck like a fucking rabbit?


Don't forget about these French fuckups

This. I'm a legit indio but really, who wouldn't fuck to their hearts content in that scenario? Explains why mestizos are often sociopathic narcissists with inferiority complexes too.

>impressionable by white skin and lights eyes


Yeah, we are mostly tanned with brown eyes and hair. Blondes or specially light eyes arent' that rare but not common either, but the average conquistador would look like those guys without pikes. But we had lighter skin tone and lighter hair than the natives. I think it was Pedro de Alvarado than the Aztecs tought it was an avatar of they sun god(they called him Toniu or something) because was blonde with blue eyes. He was an idiot, fearless but an idiot and nearly costed Cortez the entire Conquest. But was a very brave warrior so a lot of his sins were forgoten be Hernan.

Tōntiuh is the correct pronunciation Nahuatl long o is pronounced like German ö.


It's a misconception that he was mistaken as a god. The Aztecs took note of the fact that he was colored weirdly and thought he was probably connected with divination to an extent even if foreign, because even among the Spaniards he was fair. His hair and eyes were noted as glowing in light. The Aztecs took this sun refraction as a sign he was blessed by the sun even though he was a foreigner.

Spain is one of comfiest countries on earth. Probably one of the less violent apart of drunken brawls and immis. How half our colonies ended so blood thirsty is a mystery to me.

They did

t. English-French-Dutch-Portuguese-Indian individual

Your country has existed for like two generations

They did but since north american natives were sparsity populated any half-breeds got BLEACHED easily and the native features were hidden after years of European immigration. Same thing happened with Argentina

Nah it's a bit more there, they're still castizo (1/4) on average

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>Explains why mestizos are often sociopathic narcissists with inferiority complexes too.

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>Not interbreeding with the natives. Unless you are Australian, you have no excuse.

I beg to differ.

Khoisan are cute, even the mixed with Zulu.

We did, ever go to a reservation?

It was in fashion for quite some time to do that. For instance the hand on the hip signify a renaissance education. They also were named in a classical fashion because it was thought at the time a name gave someone certain characteristics. So you see a lot of people turn up named Hector or Alexander all of the sudden.