Post architecture from your country. Non-countries without something at least this good need not apply

Post architecture from your country. Non-countries without something at least this good need not apply.

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100+ m underground and very old :3

calm down nigger


>no pic
I take it you have nothing to show us?

agreed, port stanley for the win

This looks beautiful


Since we are doing interiors





It looks ten times better when seen irl I shit you not. And the climate there is just amazing.

Just shut up, you delusional faggot.

Colombia is an irrelevant non country inhabited by a delusional people without any redeeming quality, just delinquents and corrupt and stupid people pretending to be good, and that consider themselves as the best people in the world.


a lot of nice mid century homes in my area, not much stands out compared to a major city
so i'll just post some comfy residential instead

I don't know about the climate because that looks cold af, but that look amazing, those houses and buildings look beautiful



Poland can be qt ;3

The highschool I finished in my city.

A very cosy place, not so ods(around 150 years), it has a nickname "the monastery" and some old parts of it smell like dust and history :3


There's a huge painting in the main hall called "Ifigenia in Táurica" sadly I don't have proper photos but it's beautiful.

A small close up on the Ifgenia.

Russians shoot at the painting for fun in 1945 but luckily they missed.


how's lights in a cave for architecture

oh god, fucking church had too much money back in the day

>back in the day

Wecome to Poland.

Finished in 2004.

>hey father Mateusz, should we help the poor or build the biggest fucking Church ever?
>Hmhmhmh, the Holy Mother Church needs more space for it's sheep


absolutely based

Legitimately wish the UK was more like this. I really don't give a fuck about poor people as much as I do about architecture. I wouldn't complain if the government took half my life savings and used it to build something beautiful.

Went to pic related the other day. Very beautiful but lots of it is rotting away. Needs to be renovated and the spire on top finished.

dat collapsing roof
would live there/10


>dat northern wind grilling the leaves
WTF i hate finland now


Is this the so-called section 8 housing people talk about from time to time?

>do one of those opinion maps
>put slovenia as "heaven"
i see i was not wrong



Very nice, the president will hear of this.


sad frog's home







great detail, I love it













That is beautiful.

Wew, that looks nice and it looks like Europe








Pristine. A painting.

this is a very "Polish" look :3


Too bad this is an architecture and not a landscape thread desu
There'd be more "paintings" there.


Okay, I'm saying if it were a painting it would be beautifully composed. Well done the photographer. Jesus Serbia...


rude desu




What does the banner say?

Refugees welcome

This is my city. We have few kms of a lakeshore looking like this. It's hard to find a proper photo but it's 10/10 cosy.

Somehow I doubt it in Poland.
You're no help baguette.

Why would you built something inside a gorge?

they got great food

New kid on the block



and it's great for taking your gf with you :3

just order some wine and sit under a canopy and trees while looking at the lake and all the lights on the other side of it.


Because you can, obviously.
Have gorge, build a fucking cathedral in it.
Maybe there's a sauna too.

That's a bit gaudy, don't you think?
>getting a Mexican to call anything gaudy


Would you prefer it Hagia Sophia style? That's been de-gauded. De-godded even
Yeah so we don't like that arty icony shit. Put up some black posters with squiggles instead.
No fun allowed

>St. Mary Help of Christian
There's a Slovenian Catholic parish in Pueblo, Colorado with that same name. Is there some significance in that particular characterization of Mary for Slovenes?

I like the mission style architecture of this building.



I really like this building.

Shame it's gotten swallowed up by the rest.


Medjugorje? That's not Slovenia though.

I'm an agnostic (non-fedora kind) so I can't really say but Mary is quite significant. But I suppose that's a Catholic thing in general. As far as I know, the first church on our ground was supposedly dedicated to her.

Anyway, what's up with Pueblo? Seems a bit out of the way but there seem to be quite a lot of American Slovenes there. I mean, some of my distant relatives went to Montana so it's not like they didn't go places but Pueblo still seems quite random.


Old Polish architecture and cities are bretty gud ;3


What are you talking about? What does Medžugorje have to do with anything?

Reminds me of that square in Prague. I bet the people are nicer there though.




>posting coziest state architecture
How possible is it to own a detached home in Ljubljana? Does one have to be a billionaire?


Didn't she appear to some kids in central Europe once?
I'm sorry, I'm ignorant.
Forgive me.

Our medieval magnum opus


Nigger, I'm Catholic, so it's not like I'm some modernist. At a certain point, though, the ornate Catholic church can start to look like a gaudy Orthodox church.

zoomed out view

I don't know, I'm from a village. I suppose it's not that expensive in the more suburban areas.

Probably not just once.

sidi bou said a whole town like this

its so tiny

Pueblo used to be a big steel producer, and a lot of central, southern, and eastern yuros came there in the early 20th century. There's a considerable Slovene community there, but they call themselves 'bojons'. Pueblo is a weird shithole of a city, but I kinda love it. I can't explain it.

Međugorje is in Bosnia.

The kids who saw Mary still say they see her every day and one of them is going to release Mary's biography (she's apparetly still waiting for mary herself to confirm the publishing)

There's a reson why the vatican ignores the place. It's just a religious tourism trap. Millions of euros are made in that place.

Oh wait I think I heard about this term before.
That looks like a very sad winter desu

where is this ?

How's village life in Slovenia? Comfy? Ruralfag here.
>I think I heard about this term before
Yeah, probably from me... I'm the only int user with muh Slovene heritage (partial, of course) who has lived in Pueblo.
Unless you're thinking of 'bohunk,' which is a general pejorative term for central and eastern yuros.


That actually is the first good entry for the US I've ever seen in one of these threads other than the same old Washington D.C. stuff.

There's a lot of beautiful urban architecture in the US, and not just New York, if you stick to the pre-skycarper stuff, even some churches in the East Coast.

I've never figured out why posters here always go for the not sure if memeing stuff like Mormon churches.

Medieval is ok but you don't want to take this into antiquity man. Pic related.



I've heard both those terms before but bojon's etymology isn't described anywhere other than that "internet dictionary".

I wouldn't change living in a village for anything in the world desu. I get to eat tomatoes every day and make french fries from homegrown potatoes.

Wikipedia says that was built in medieval times, though.

oh shit I've been there
it's fucking stunning

Not the pic I wanted to post

>La Villa Real de Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asis

You're correct but I'm using our equivalent, not a lot of Olmec 1,000 BC stuff lying around in good shape.

Here's a good mix, that church is lying on top of the largest pyramid ever built.

I'm glad you liked it. We have a lot of old and climatic places that which look sweet.

Too bad people tend to underrate the place :3


Sick-ass vietnamese architecture son


Shit architecture 2bh

Come back when your history is 1000+ years, m8

The Maya built their temples so that when you clapped in front of them, the echo produced mimicked the call of the quetzal bird, one of the most sacred birds.

The Maya were pretty cool guys.

>Post architecture from your country
>From your country

Damn that's beautiful, first time I hear about it

>he says, replying to my comment on a building from the 1940s

I still believe Latin America belongs to me.

Spaniards are bros, they can post whatever they want from our country, chill dude, also be cool with the American guy

We do have some Asian architecture in Mexico

That is fucking beautiful

>He think he's a REAL american now
Just shitposting for kicks, relax
Also you guys built us a statue of good ol' Uncle Ho so thanks about that dude

>That is fucking beautiful

The outside is also quite unique

It's ok man, I actually think is cool he's posting , it is a part of his country's history and he shouldn't shy away from bragging about it, part of the reason civilizations north of us don't get a good rep is few Americans own them enough to showcase them

Another church like this one :3

We were having a nice thread, user.
>more cozy state

Seeing something sweet make me want to do lewd things to it



Thanks, mexibro. Going to Mesa Verde was one of the best experiences I've had. After 20 years of wanting to go there, I thought it might be underwhelming. It was incredible.

>tfw our architecture is shit compared to anything posted in this thread.

Damn, I love French architecture

It's called Crimea now.


God made it for us.

Ebin building dude
And by that I mean completely unoriginal in every way :^)

Personally, I think Cadiz' is Spain's most beautiful cathedral.

>yfw it's made out of seashells

>resisting urge to post saved pic of sad Orthodox priest by bombed Kosovo church
That's pretty, serbro. I'm sure you've got more.

You think France is God?

Cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne, it was built with black volcanic stones since all the region is filled with volcanoes

Great color, very striking

500 y.o childhood house of the French poet La Boétie, in the town of Sarlat

This looks very nice

the meme city of Łódź

It's not fair that your towns are so perfect.


More from Oviedo
This style of construction is called Preromanic

Those kid of buildings(they're in the town center btw.) have great interiors.

It's ok dude, while we are on chill architecture here's something that's underwhelming to the extreme, pictured is a UNESCO world heritage site because of it's architecture

That's pretty cool, why did you name it after Brasil?

From the other side



Man, I've been to Cádiz, lovely awesome city

*ugliest* Polish city from memes :3

Well if you like colours


TBQH you've been consistently posting some good stuff throughout the thread

Sculptures at the gate of Amiens cathedral

> Tfw I grew up in a little suburban South Pacific England instead of the glorious French countryside.

Being Anglo is literally losing the lottery in life. Speaking this stupid language and living in our depressing monoculture. I wish I was French peh.

I can't wait to visit Poland someday, it looks awesome.


I've actually been there

>UNESCO world heritage site because of it's architecture
lmao wut




At least you didn't have to watch dubbed movies for most of your life m8
Are you the New Zealand guy that sometimes make threads like "Tfw you will never be French" ?

I'm Moving to Akaroa to suck French cocks and you can't stop me.

Why is the boat speeding? Is it being chased?

Like I said underwhelming as fuck, in all fairness you don't want something something flashy in Mexico Cityán_House_and_Studio

Roma in July

Marseille may be a shithole on some aspects, but it has great cathedrals


That's just the latest model of our navy's speed boats.
>pic related

It's a very specific country, scarrred by wars and communism but the old greatness still shines through :3



pictures limit reached

Non mon ami, and I was only really baiting. Life isn't so bad here, but without the history the new world often feels more artificial.

I am a Francophile though.

Someone better make a general landscape thread after this.

Notre Dame makes me kek every time
In Slovene, "noter dam" would mean "(I) put it in".

I might live outside Europe in some years and I'll miss the old architecture everywhere but at least the New World has the wilderness to compensate

Well since you mention it it means "our lady"

Schloss Fürstenberg
build by Duke Bolko I von Schweidniz lord of Fürstenberg.
A German-Silesien chatteau.

Look for Polish architecture somewhere in Belarus.
Except in case you are a Silesian yourself. Silesia is super beautifull.

wtf, looks like tyrol

Probably why we got so many Tirolean settlers desu

Bolko was Polish as fuck, he was a Piast. No idea what kind of bullshut you're comming up with but you'd better stop before this shit gets even funnier.

how old? post your roman bridges

Looks nice, should I visit Gdansk?

Yes, it's nice.

Image limit is shit.

many cathedrals symbolize a pregnant woman laid down with her knees up and legs folded, like this, more or less:

the pregnant belly is the dome
the legs are the two bell towers
the door is the anus
the rose window is the vag

cry me a river


In Normandy, it's just called the vieux moulin

limit reache

domes go with obelisks
its masonic symbol

no, Segovia´s cathedral is