I'm actually moving to Barcelona next year...

I'm actually moving to Barcelona next year, so it would be nice to hear out some tips of how to not get raped or robbed there...

Why do turboautists come to Spain? I will never get it.

For school :D

And actually some of my relatives already live there, so there is always someone to get food from :,D

Isn't Spain of the most safe countries in the world?

Wouldnt be so sure about that :D... But has to be one of the safest in Europe... I think..

Can someone local tell me about the neighbourhoods etc. The idea is to move into central Barcelona (l'eixample, gracia, or even close).
Also it would be nice to live near public transports, because the school is 20km from the central...

if you look white a gypsy is going to stab you in the neck

Why are you downgrading your education?

Downgrading? The University isnt that bad :D actually same level as in Finland, and our schools are top ranked. But the thing is that I want to study the entire degree in english, and cheaply.

why? if you dont speak spanish or catalan is really difficult...and this

The entire degree are taught in English.. So you dont need to speak catalan, or spanish. But of course I will take classes in catalan/spanish to learn a bit of it :D

don't get sunburned

You'ra going to be fine. 8 and 9's from Barcelona have very low self esteem and they think they are a 3.

I don't know, place is a fucking shithole. Was there for like 9 days and it was horrible. People were rude as fuck, way too many old fucks, and it was the fucking Mexico of Europe. Portugal on the other hand was very nice.

Spanish people hate outsiders. Your fucked OP

Thats obviously the biggest risk for me :D

Where have you been in Spain?

Madrid and the surrounding cities

Madrid lmao.

Madrid sucks friend. That's the worst place in Spain and t bh the city isn't that great either since it's not that old compared to other cities.
Sevilla used to be the capital btw.
But yeah...Madrid reee, that's where the most hardcore and nationalistic spanish peopel live.


Easy good looking girls

>Easy good looking girls

I'm jealous OP. I wish I had a way to move to Spain

spanish girls are easy

t. has been with more spanish girls than english girls

English girls are fucking sluts, tho

they are to white people

Maybe, but Spanish girls are even more so.

Where there's a will there's a way. Sum old fag once said. There is pretty cheap to live so join me!

Bad luck to you then.

I don't have a reason though. I already finished university :(

Well, you can always start a new one :D

>Sevilla used to be the capital

No please, stay there

i haf no monies :(

one day

Ba ba ba bar-celona

I-I like Madrid

>Madrid sucks
>Sevilla used to be the capital

fuck off

me too amigo

my favourite city

Yo he vivido en ambas y me quedo con Madrid, Barcelona vive demasiado del turismo

It's better to speak English than Spanish because they mostly speak Catalan and aren't exactly fond of spaniards.

Im aware of that.

I went to Madrid so not sure how helpful this is but

One time I was really early meeting up friends to go to a club so I walked around for 35min by myself into abandoned streets (because I didn't want people to see me just walking around the same areas) and dark alley ways and never got approached or even saw anyone suspicious

didn't even realize how stupid it was to do until later

It's not like he is going to sepak with anyone.

Barcelona gay capital of Europe.

>good looking
Yes if you're the stereotypical blond with blue eyes, not an autist, and just if she's able to speak English (very unlikely)

Spain is not in middle east, so you dont have to be afraid of being kill'd in the streets :D I think even gringos can survive!

I've got blond hair and blue/grey eyes, but unfortunately have a girlfriend :D (she's moving with me)

Don't store your wallet on easily accessible places such as your back pocket, in fact if you can, avoid having a wallet altogether, just store the moneys on somewhat hard to access places (like side pockets, inner jacket pockets etc.)
No backpacks.

I was planning to put my wallet between my tits.

enjoy the sunshine brother

I thought education was free in Finland, or at least very cheap. Why go there for education?


Many thanks!

Nice meme. Enjoy the sun and the hot temperature, I bet that will be quite a change from Finland.

I've been to finland. Guess what it's hot in the summer and since they're up north, there is no night during summer

No night in the summer? That sounds like an experience. Looks like I'll have to visit Finland.

Yes it's free, although my country pays my education in Spain aswell... Gotta luv funland :D
And on the other hand, I fucking hate snow.


Pick one