I want a Spanish girlfriend

I want a Spanish girlfriend

I want a girlfriend

I want to cum inside your anus.

don't we all, brother?

I want a friend

Sorry but you don't deserve one lmao

me too. too bad i'm too russian (=ugly and poor) to get one

>spain bringing the bantz

used to have one

>mfw having to pretend i liked her awful spanish food

fucking onions in EVERYTHING, should have gone for an italian gf.

also, there are tons in London should you still want one.

a spanish girl cooking? my condolences

what are famous spanish dishes?

Famous? Internationally maybe the paella but foreigners hardly try the real one. You just have to walk around NY or London to see what they call paella.

I want

botifarra, panellets, xuixo and anything in a tapas

well, this looks delicious

i wouldn't eat that 2bh

if someone put a burger on top you would

Oh shit, i remember these from when i was a kid.
I loved them

Were they born there?

you mean the ones in london? no, they come for 3 months/summer to work in a bar/restaurant and then return home for college/something else.

>want want want


Yes. I believe Spanish women tend to be born in Spain (or other Spanish countries).

that's not a paella

>El no sabe que nuestras mujeres son las más infieles y España está en el top de países con mayor tasa de divorcio

Yo no se qué le cuentan a los extranjeros sobre las mujeres españolas, o como las venden fuera, pero se van a llevar una sorpresa

>Yo no se qué le cuentan a los extranjeros sobre las mujeres españolas, o como las venden fuera, pero se van a llevar una sorpresa
yo creía que los ingleses sabían la mierda española por Londres, pero me doy cuenta que todavia no tienen suficientes inmigrantes españoles para saber la mierda que hay aqui

That's not real paella

That's some bullshit created by a retarded

Not a Finnish one. They may look pretty but they lack personality.

la independecia del pais vasco mejor dia de mi vida, hasta los cojones que me asocien con gypos de andalucia.

nire lurra eta nire familia, Euskal Herrian bizi

I want a friend too


I would remove croquetas and patatas bravas for something like marmitako or cocido.

>actually eating Spanish food

the absolute madman

literally shit

Then post good food

sorry friend, but all Iberian food is god tier, as are our women

and the butthurt portuguese appeared

how is that butthurt faam?

What is the best part of Spain?

I want a Aryan Argentine gf tbqh


my dick, come and take a seat

The girl in OP >>>>>> the girl you posted

Chitón animal.

that's not a paella

>spanaird from andalusia

i want a nip gf

shit for moors, stupid poor people from valencia


pls no bully



Cuando os vayáis invadid Castilla, yo también estoy hasta los cojones del flamenkitoh

Spain is the trashcan of western Europe why would you want a Spanish girlfriend?

>western europe

chicANO education

we are southern europe



Calláte andaluciANO

you don't, lad

Spain is located in Western Europe puta. Southwest is still west. Your literally vertically aligned with Ireland, Britain, France, Belgium, Lux etc..

you aree idiot, we are southern europe like Portugal,Italy and Greece....France ,UK ,Germany.....etc Poland,Czech, romania etc eastern europe ...

>..France ,UK ,Germany
are west ^* i fogort that.

Aprende a escribir, joder

Just get some alcohol, look trendy and go out tonight, its easy, they are all bitches


Me too. I hope she won't moan and scream as they do in pornos, that would be a turn off

Ela é preta madjé

we all do lad

why? polish girls are better

KEK, good luck

Porqué los manolos se enojan tanto cuando hablan de sus mujeres?

por que hablan bien de ellas y son mierda, por eso mismo...

Los guiris aka gringos hablan maravillas de ellas cuando en verdad son basura, no las conocen...