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/sralt/ get out reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

More like /autistnz/ amirite?

nobody says that to me bucko

nice edition 2bh

Don't you call him bucko, champ

Someone please give me the screencap

When the anime user tries to finger the girl but he can't get it up cause it feels like spaghetti






If I'll get a trip there, I'll lick a Zyklon B can, while making the most pleasureable face I can.
Also an OK sign in front of the camp.

Hungary pls annex us again


I wanted to go to the Bratislava castle and start running and shouting Allahu Akbar but there are policemen with mp5 and motherfucking snipers 99% sure they would shoot me the moment i started to run

go to other city you ass, they pulled eveyr policemen from cunt there

Do it

They'll kick your ass and you'll get into TV.

Do it u faggot


this scares Daška


>threatens to file a lawsuit
>can barely write
top gypo

>old school cuc




who is the funniest youtube duo and why is it sips and lewis?

fuck that is the wrong link

I'm on that pic!

im not ;( but remember it happening

top keks

i also said once that i fuck hot paprika and some Vak autist took it to reddit

i'm internet famous


go to the Devin castle, when I was there in February I left a 20 euro banknote in one of the wall cracks just for keks
you can shout allahu akbar all you want there and you will be richer with 20 euros

kek, I'm not the only one?

there is lot of walls there, give me instructions i will go search it and document it with photos

Ačkoli první dva dny návštěvy prezidenta v Pardubickém kraji proběhly debaty na zaplněných náměstích bez problémů, vykřikujícího chlapce v Letohradu odvedla policie. V samém závěru besedy s lidmi na náměstí začal křičet „špína, hnus, fašismus“.


fasszopó ribanc kurva anyátok

>Falling for this obvious bait

To nie je spisovné, píš normálne.


oh the nostalgia hits hard.

>deleting a post because of a spelling mistake

we get to have admirals again, yipee

how did you find this?

>how did you find this?
i remembered an old ass post on yogscast subreddit

miklos horny :DDD :DD

would you?

did he have fucking dragon tattoo?


some woman already did similiar thing when she was walking around Bratislava in burqa to test the police force readiness

yep, sadly I can't find any more pictures of it, but ppl who saw it irl say it was majestic


fuck off weebs

this now anime only area

Every time someone post anime in this thread, it just dies.

it was dead before that



vaginas are pretty disgusting desu

So I read an article saying that our right wingers (the ones that Hofer is from) want to apply for austrian entrance into v4
Please tell me your thoughts about this and your general opinion of my country/'s political development (spoiler: we're shifting heavily to the right)

Were all heavily shifting to right

You would have to deal with us and we don't like you.

far-right qts are the best qts

>austrian entrance into v4
A-H is back baby
next step is annexing Serbia #yolo #WWIII

>we're shifting heavily to the right
literally everyone on this planet is, it's kinda fascinating to watch
I just wish that in our case it was ODS (by now they actually managed to purge pretty much all of the lobbyists) and not Bureš and his "Agrofert department of subsidies acquisition", aka ANO


the second largest party is jobbik (far right), and it's support is growing

wild you please purge the Vienna and Linz of slovcucks and czechcucks and brown austrians?

>we're shifting heavily to the right

too little too late

Why ODS? I am looking forward to SPD/SPO.

because they are the Silly Party ťbh

ODS made pretty good laws before and their programe is still very much anti-immigration (they made the tough immigration laws in the first place)
if immigration your main reason why would you vote for SPD/SPO, ODS is just as good
and leaving EU would be simply a terrible idea

I mean SPD/SPO are silly party
ODS are sensible party

Not just immigration, I would love to try out Direct democracy an see, if it can work, I mean it does in Switzerland.

good night people

>Zeman says Austria would be welcome to Visegrad
>Strache said Austria should join them for the first time officially today

Are you ready for /V5/?
A bit like in the old times eh, except this time we're all against the emperor (or the empress, to be precise) :^)

You're going to annex Bavaria aren't you?

feels good man

Isn't there some experimental gypsy city in Slovakia?
How's that coming along?

yeah, I was like that too when I was younger
but we are not the Swiss, I don't think it would work here (at least not that much better than the current system)
and the main reason why Switzerland is so successful is the jew gold, extreme conservatism (they had no reason to change things), fact that the last war there was in the early 19th century and nobody fucked them over in any way
it's not just because their governing system is so great

I mean go to discussion section of novinky or something, I'd much rather have a political party buffer

ODS and TOP09 both had they're chance and fucked up, if I was you, I would give new parties a chance, probably Pirates.

Seriously a boring, shit thread full of boring, shit people. Have a Kaname and eat shit.

Did you seriously just post a thumbnail.

>ODS and TOP09 both had they're chance and fucked up
because of
>2008 crisis (I don't know if higher taxes was good idea or not, personally, I think it really doesn't matter what you do)
>VV being the worst coalition partner ever
>Nečas's femdom fetish

Pirates are a bunch of weedlmaos/meme-anarchists
their best idea was already partially implemented by TOP09 (registr smluv) anyway

ODS is a spent force and I'd say they did more bad than good.

Now that Schwarzenberg's gone, TOP09 has no personalities except for Kalousek and he's not exactly popular.

jó vicc

while they were somewhat shitty, the bad stuff gets kinda overblown and all of it is the direct result of people who aren't active in the politics anymore (Klaus, Topolánek)
I agree on TOP09

They did some terrible stuff and I'm really not going to cry over the corpse of ODS. Not that Babiš is a good alternative ofc.

there is lot of them

old ODS

daily reminder that Hungarians are Bulgarians in denial

Hungarians are fucking stupid.

Czechs and Slovaks are cunts.

But seriously though you guys are a bunch of utter fucking retards, hypocrites and worthless sacks of shit.