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We blacks folks dindu nuffin

Why did the white man treat us like shit


The future is coming so fast

>nigga stealing orange soda
Is that kel?


I got mustard all over my keyboard

About 80% of my posts are ironic

I'm certain that I have wrecked you

>I got semen all over my keyboard

must take a lot of wit

I got a gf. She's an sjw though so..

This is a lie
you can't do a me bud

Might as well fuck her in the cunthole 2bh

I'm eating pizza while high right now and also vaping


Black people are destroying this country

How do we fix black Americans?

you're beautiful but you're gonna slip away

Don't ever reply to me again

Yeah shes a qt. Maybe I'll redpill her while I'm at it

go to sleep fattly



I'm looking in your eyes


where'd my ass go

why am i a faggot?


Share with me a good anime opening.

Who /dayofthedead/ here?


so are you going to answer my question?


so are you going to answer my question?

Cuz you're cute :3





Gonna go brush my teeth
good night


Night user

>fuck anime, soviet union hour

although my all time favorite is probably


fuck that dub


it sucks
this one's better

meant for
but should add
are top tier too

>not op 3

that too is a great OP

For me it's just another day of wish I was dead


Hey friend

Norway what are you doing here?

H-hi Finland

3:12 AM

It's 5:15

you just got pranked




12:21 am

Wake up

You do understand that 'cum' is a euphemism for semen?

Ok, that's it. I'm moving to Abbotsford and there's NOTHING you can do to stop me.

You may as well cut out the middle man and move directly to Amritsar.

I'll fuck you up dumb island monkey

Why are Americans so fat and stupid?

Fuck's sake, is it full of Asians? I thought it might be the place where the whites moved when they wanted to get away from all the Asians in Vancouver.

Brexit happened la, get over it.

Fuck you we won the war

What regiment did you serve in?

Besides, America didn't win the war. I bet you think that America won the space race too.

fuck off yellow monkey

It's 20% Punjabi. Though, if you're from someplace like London, that would be considerable improvement (down from 40%).

I actually live in one of the few >95% white areas of the UK, but I'd like to move to a cozy mountain town in Canada. Not too far the city, but still close to lots of beautiful nature. Any recommendations?

>this is what americans ACTUALLY believe

>inb4 muh k/d

Me and the gf

Avoid anything in the vicinity of the MTV (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver).

Banff or Halifax would probably be best.

Do you have german heritage?

easily couldve done better desu

>I bet you think that America won the space race too
Das rite



Good morning /cum/!!!!

What r u doing today????

working :DDDDDD

Why avoid MTV? Went to Banff last summer and it was beautiful, but also full of tourists and doesn't seem like the sort of place you'd want to move to permanently (although it'd be great fun for a year or 2). Jasper was even nicer, but had the same sort of issue.

I hope you get a taste of that agent orange

truely one of our greatest allies. I think some mexican forces use it too.

and we're buying more of them despite the austrian memes about it being shit :^)

Yeah, we're going to replace the G36 in a few years, they decided that some years ago, so maybe you'll get them for less, because a company like HK would rather make some money than destroying them I guess.

pls send leopard 1's

The chances aren't even that bad. Our politicians from the left parties are mad that we sold tanks to the arabs (I agree with that, eventhough I'm not a fan of the left parties) and as the government does everything for the lobbies you might get to buy them, because you fit the criteria way better than the arabs.

i imagine in 20 years well be buying leo 2's from you lads

I've just read that the netherlands decided to sell six leos to estonia though.


source, first time hearing this, lucky estonians



>Der estnische Verteidigungsminister Sven Mikser unterzeichnete jüngst den größten Waffenlieferungsvertrag in der Geschichte des Landes. Für insgesamt 138 Millionen Euro schafft das 1,3 Millionen Einwohner zählende Estland nun 44 Panzer vom Typ CV90 und sechs vom Typ Leopard aus den Niederlanden an.

The estonian minister of defense Sven Misker lately signed a treaty about the countries biggest arms import (I can't find a proper translation, but that's basically what it means) in the countries history. For the land with 1.3 mio citizens bought 44 tanks of the type CV 90 and 6 Leopards from the netherlands for all in all 138 million euros.

hmmm all other scources just mention Estonians getting CV90's

i wish we'd get some leo's

fuck I forgot to delete the first for. Simply ignore it.



They mention the leopards here, but they say they are simply based on the leopard. Maybe the german media has been to dumb for this all once again. Our journalists suck ass.


absolutely SICKENING

those IFV's are based on the leo


>German journalism
And we have to rely on this shit.

I've been reading Mein Kampf.

1/3rd of Americans being overweight is substantial, but it'd be inaccurate to generalize them as fat. I'd blame those who are on the widespread fast food restaurants and advertisements, personally. A salad does typically cost more than a burger at fast food restaurants, although health are fitness are largely fads in the US, mind you.
Americans aren't necessarily stupid either, many are just naive if anything. Our education system is sufficient, but mediocre. We have few reasons to concern ourselves with the rest of the world, or even an adequate understanding of our own country— we can live comfortable lives and get by just fine without doing that.
Both may be explainable by Americans falling short of restraining values, and commerce giving rise to self-importance. It causes us to become independent from one another, yet dependent at the same time on 'leaders.' Our decisions are made for us from birth by these 'leaders,' and the selfish fishiness of our masters reflects the stereotypical national character of Americans, i.e., an absence of upright values and responsibility.

OK so last week during Chinese classes we were supposed to interview each other. What's your first name, what's your last name, your telephone number etc.
Now the thing is, we are a class of 6 people and each was supposed to interview 3 others.
2 middle aged men, one woman, me and another guy about my age are in the class.

The teacher only came to me and the other young guy for an interview and told us her phone number.
I thought OK maybe it's just a random number (of course I took note of it on my paper anyway) but today I decided to check it and it's actually her real phone number as I can tell from the picture on whatsapp.

She TOTALLY wants the dick god damn...!!!
Slamming a teacher would be too weird tho.

try to find an english copy of Mūžības skartie, best Latvian book about ww1 and the russian civil war from the Latvian Riflemen viewpoint.

I think I start drinking soon. Beer and stuff.

Happy Mexican Independence day ^_^

Thanks america-kun, now give back Texas and California.

Give back the thirteen colonies. You can keep Detroit.




>tfw stopped shaving and bought a beard trimmer
5 o' clock shadow feels so good buds i keep running my hand up and down my neck

That guy is such a pisser. Not sure if he's overcompensating to seem affectionate or if he's just a creep.

Not a fan of this "waking up early for work" meme

I want to wake up earlier to post in the finn thread. Like at 6.

Guys I'm scared, cops shot and killed some 13 year old dindu while responding to a call about an armed robbery because the kid pulled a BB gun that looked almost exactly like the cops' weapon.

I don't want a chimpout in my city. I don't want "people" to chase me down because I'm white. People I know on facebook are already saying that if you don't defend the kid then you are racist

but how would you defnd him if he's already dead?

Join the local KKK chapter.

Break stuff and shout bad things about police afterwards. It seems to be the solution.


Time for beddy-bye, but there is no right beddy-bye without the right ritual... so which of you fellas will have the honor of tucking me in and giving a goodnight kiss to ensure sweet dreams?

Just put a #blm poster in your front yard, get your gun ready so you can protect yourself if it's necessairy

Reminds of the big happening when some minor black rap artist claimed that her sister and mother were assaulted by rapist cops. According to rap artist "Black barbarian" the cops spit on them, throw them to the ground and did other things.

There was an investigation where the witnesses were heard. The outside witnesses claimed that the police actually acted all fine and were even polite, but the mother and the sister refused to show their ID's, so the police decided that they'll be brought to the station to prove who they are. They refused and physically resisted the cops, so they called backup and placed handcuffs.

Prosecutor decided that there was no crime and police acted according to their rights. Rap artist black barbarian said that police is fundamentally racist and the racist cops corrupted the investigation. So that's kind of racist conspiracy theory : D

Thinking about it more, I dunno if anything dangerous will come of it. This thing happened in my state before in a much shittier city with more black people and I do not remember any riots.

Also, I don't own a gun, yet.

>7 AM in America at the earliest
>Just now going to sleep

Just keep it in the back of your mind. No need for unreasonable panic, but as we say "Vorbeugen ist besser als auf die Schuhe zu kotzen", basically meaning being prepared is better than unprepared.



Good morning

Hi fapster :3

Its been scientifically proven to be akin to torture.

If its a State where you have to show ID if a cop asks to see it I'm on the cop's side, if its a State where you don't then I'm against them.

How is your morning going bud

I'm in love with a mixed qt

Hold me

Good, reading a chapter for a text next week

How's yours?

Cops had the right to ask for the ID and the person was obliged to show it to the officer. They refused so the cops had to take them to the station and then they started to resist.

Oh that's good

I think I'm going to go back to sleep for a couple of hours
Class doesn't start until the afternoon

fucking google

What class do you have

what the hell is that smaller camera on top of the lights?

A small surveillance camera.

Fug, 8 outta 10 just meet with me and we hugged and she said she really hopes to see me again. I got her digits. What do?


skip then. Not worth the makeup though.

>normiebook friends sharing that stupid infographic saying that we shouldn't call ourselves Americans since America is one big continent

>getting a leg cramp

hold me lads, this was a bad one

Post picture of her

>made a 96 on my physics exam

fuck physics. I only liked calculus based with electrostatics.


Text her, arrange a date to meet up

good morning


it's a "your man" morning


Stop bullying.

make me, daddy

>white rich people

Just finished To Love Ru. Made me cry, tbhfam. Do I need to watch that middle show in order to move onto Darkness?

They work hard, they play hard.

It shall happen

So much for a productive Friday.
Fell asleep and now it's 19:12 (US should switch to metric and 24h)

>Us should switch to metric and 24h

A lot of people here go by 24h time
People only using metric here tend to be fedora types

/cum/ survey
1. how old
2. how long browse Cred Forums
3. why Cred Forums
4. how neet are you

it's superior

gonna bring back all the tsingtao bottle deposit and buy some fish sticks

Is New Game Yuri?

How so?

no you're just gay

really takes an american to ask that!!

>1. how old
>2. how long browse Cred Forums
4 years
>3. why Cred Forums
>4. how neet are you
I'm in employment and training. Fug univirgins.

1. 22
2. 3 years
3. Because shitty humor, smug frogs and sometimes actually nice people
4. I have a gf, a job and I'm a student at technical university. Though I'd like to move to USA

>mexican police

Bumping this.

Where in the US would you want to move? Why move here?

Upper peninsula of Michigan has a lot of Finnish diaspora

where can I find a girl like Yukko
my life would be complete

I'd prefer Pacific Northwest or Chicago. New England sounds nice too.

Also because I want a new start abroad. Another reason is because Finland is going down. I'm not saying that USA is a paradise and moving there will fix everything. Grass is the same kind of green but it's still different.

Where can I find a girl like Nico? My life would be complete.

There really isn't any issue more important right now than climate change/pollution, tbqfhwy lads.

Police brutality.

The death of political correctness.

Now you know what every black person feels all the time. :)

I agree


convince me then



Good on you bud.

Hope the move in process won't be hard.

A few dead niggers isn't really an issue.
Running out of air to breathe kind of is.

>Banff or Halifax

how fucking boring

>A few dead niggers isn't as important as possibly no dead niggers down the road

I decided to apply for college in the states. I have a few scholarships in mind and we'll see. I just hope I'm not too old to begin college in USA, because I'm already 22.

Bumping this

Never too old. It's not uncommon to have a few people >30 in lecture classes.

I know a few people that took a break after high school to work, then started uni at 21 or 22.

>mfw people still believe North and South America are one continent

Good to hear that! I'm kind of worried how my age affect my admission chances. But I have job experience and military background to make up for it.

1. 21
2. 7 going on 8 years
3. I like the sense of humor here. This site is one of the "realest" places on the internet, and there isn't much coddling.
4. Not at all, I have a job and I'm going to school

We doin.. big pimpin, we spendin cheese
Check em out now
Big pimpin, on B.L.A.D.'s
We doin.. big pimpin up in N.Y.C.
It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and B-U-N B
Yo yo yo.. big pimpin, spendin cheese
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It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and B-U-N B

Not very

Getting on the net is my favorite thing
I love expressing myself with digital bling

lol cum




my nigga

Fuck some Jesus into her.

Bumping this.


Thank you.

Is this the greatest hero that Canada has ever produced?

Is there a website for Canadian AND US house renting?

not that shitty apartment website


Use google

>there are people, especially foreigners, who have less than 6 years under their belt


and which are you?

I look Armenian

where's cana-chan?

me in the top row to the third from right to left

Just bought an inflatable dildo for my cute american bf

pretty excited desu

Is it green?

Played like an hour of Bioshock remastered, didn't notice any difference

Gonna open up the next one


no; pink.

tiny chat dot com slash heppi heekeri
No spaces
Drunk finn here. Gimme some love.

since I was about 17.5 y/o
anime at first but now I'm just an addict
other than going to class at cc I don't really leave my parents house

do you live in a commieblock?

Someone came. He or she left. Name was cuckold. Nice!

lol and people call my neighborhood legoland

How are you people doing today? Is the weather wonderful?

its hot and sunny

just like every day

It's nice but I'm a bit sick :,3c

You have never seen snow? It's quite beautiful.

I wish you the best in recovery, brother. :)

of course Ive seen snow

it just rarely ever happens anymore

cum lol


heheh, thats kinda funny

like semen

I want a Mexican girlfriend.

fuck completing the square

lolwut are you 12?

CTS is easy, stop being stupid

>tfw no american bf

/toronto/ here
how do I move to a good city?

American men are easy.
Get off of Cred Forums, drive south, and come get one.

What if I'm a guy tho?

then you are a sinner in the eyes of the lord and an eternity of fire and brimstone awaits you

I had already assumed that.

Sounds fun desu

Just move to montreal

>tfw no Canadian lesbiam gf

not gay if one of us wears the dress.

feels bad desu

just google the answer.
[spoiler] and of course learn how to do the problem as well [/spoiler]
Fuck online hw tbhfam

>canadian lesbian

You wear it then. I don't look all that great in one ;w;



I assume you don't look great in a dress then?

>They used this shit for organic chemistry and physics

Should I buy a Cred Forums pass?

>giving Goot your shekels

>caring about banter

that informative image is a lie

I had the right answer, it just didn't like the way I had entered it.
[spoiler]i used the Watch It[/spoiler]



whats up nerds

how do i Cred Forums

delete system 32

Hello /cum/


Why does Ohio suck?

Because it lost all of its industry

Are trailer parks comfy?

I'm done with being fat
I'm going to get my shit together and get in shape I'm going to cut back on everything that is bad for me
I'm going to get Fascist aesthetics

For the most part no.


Italian Fascism > German Fascism

I believe in you ^_^

What about this one, is it rare?

imagine being able to hear every douchebag ricer speeding and drunk boomer yelling, late into the night


what this guy said a lot of the industry on the so called "rust-belt" died horrible fiery deaths. like my town, which had kodak which employed like 85% of the population in the 80s until all of a sudden it didnt and people lost their retirements and everything they had been working for for 30+ years.
but some places like my town, for example are bouncing back. a lot of ohio is still pretty burnt out though. its been a slower recovery for them and the state doesnt have a lot of money coming in now, so things are made even slower.
i like ohio though, its a nice state as long as you dont get fucked by a tornado

if you do enough heroin, yes.

otherwise no. poor people are very fucking loud and trailers arent very thick or far apart from each other

As far as I know, American manufacturing is actually doing great. It's still among the most productive industries on the planet and doing some record profits. But it employs lowest number of people ever.

post it

these kinds of trailers are the kinds that middle class white families rent in the summer and visit on weekends. they call it "camping". you can tell these badboys aint been truly "lived in" yet.

I guess you guys are right

Why don't you vote for him ?


>what kind of coke would you like?
>a sprite

the rust belt is not all of america though. its a name for the general areas surrounding the great lakes. if im not mistaken the name comes from pittsburghs steel industry, but idk.

the rustbelt got hit hard and all these boomtowns that grew surrounding these huge industries collapsed leaving everyone jobless, and property worthless. it was very bad and tons of crime popped up from it even in relatively small cities and towns. some areas are doing better than others though. in my state (NY) for example you have cities like buffalo, that are still literally half abandoned buildings and warehouses. and then you have a place like rochester, just an hour to the east, that has recovered from the collapse of kodak, delphi automotive, xerox, and bausch and lomb quite nicely in recent years. still a lot of urban decay, though the advantage here is that rochester is about half the size of buffalo.

How do I stop being fat?

Vanilla Coke please

also i meant to add in, states like ohio dont get federal bailouts when shit goes sour. that only happens for bankers and cunts in NYC and other major hubs. a lot of the midwest and rustbelt area gets forgotten about, which is a damn shame as its a nice place to live if you dont mind having an actual winter.

Stop eating fat cunt and go outside.


Sometimes I just fail to understand USA because your country is just so huge and diverse. In Finland it's pretty much the same. Okey, maybe the Swedish enclaves are different but otherwise we're similar.

But hopefully the rust belt will experience new economic growth.

What the fuck is there to do outside

I don't have any friends that do outside things unless it's at least 9pm

I hope it doesn't

t. citizen of the greatest city on earth

Pittsburgh is named for Sir William Pitt

yeah you have to remember that our federal and state governments are entirely seperate entities from each other. each state has its own laws, punishments, taxes etc... and each state has to pull its own weight or they get left behind. this results in places like california, that everyone wants to live in, with super expensive housing, high taxes, and a ton of money. and then the polar opposite being a state like west virginia that is broke as fuck in like every way imaginable but is much easier to live in because housing and property is cheaper than dirt.
personally i prefer west virginia. everyone has guns everyones cousin grows pot, everyones grandma makes moonshine, everyone parties in corn fields, and everywhere you look its just beautiful appalachian wilderness. its like a modern version of what america was a hundred years ago. fucking awesome

a lot of the rust belt is doing great. get your finnish ass over here and enjoy it. pittsburgh is a really cool city. lots of awesome music and a dope ass punk scene to boot. rochester and buffalo same deal

i hope you dont mean NYC. i wish you and your long island would fucking sink already. you are destroying my state. you need us more than we need you to be certain

>I have made literally L I T E R A L L Y zero (0) new friends at uni the past few years


stare at the sun

>implying I care about your bumfuck nowhere lands

thats too bad. you should play music. ive been playing tons of shows this past year and i made way too many friends. im having trouble remembering peoples names

>white """"people"""""


right, and we dont care about you and your $1200/mo shoebox apartment lifestyle either. you are all cunts. this is why we should separate at a state level. you offer nothing to us, and get all the taxpayers money. we are tired of propping up your economy. you can even keep the name "new york". we would be much happier being pennsylvania 2.

absolute madman

This is a blessing in disguise, at least you dont have to hang out with normies every weekend and pretend like getting drunk and talking to random sluts is enjoyable. I would get tons more work done as well.

I have never understood why California is so popular. San Francisco is ridiculously expensive and other cities aren't any better.

Personally I prefer New England and Pacific Northwest over Cal.

solution: dont hang out with dickheads who hang at bars.

True, it was always annoying babysitting people when they got trashed.

I guess you guys are all my friends in the end :^)

california is and always has been a meme. at first there was gold, so everyone went there. but even after the gold was gone, people kept going there. it is a very pretty state and its got a little bit of everything geography wise. but its just not worth it because its too expensive and californians are all faggots.

The only kind of friendship you need in college are friends with benefits, and by that I mean connections.

I wish I realized that sooner, until now as a senior.

That shit helps out so much for reasonable job searches once you're out of college.

To any freshman, please join a frat and get to know your professors.
The faux-brotherhood is only good for its ability to recommend you for positions.

Need the asian gf buds

I made the mistake of my life when I moved to Helsinki. If I ever get to USA I'm not letting history repeat itself.

I'm also a senior. Joining clubs would have probably helped but I had to work for money and study for decent grades, I couldn't make any commitments to sitting organization promotions for hours or bullshitting sitting around doing movie nights or potlucks instead of something productive

What little autistic things do you like to do?

I like to fuck around with maps and do alternate history shit

yah big cities a shit.

the point of america is its supposed to be the land of opportunity. so move to a place where there is land and opportunity.

>tfw trying to remember how to do some algebra II shit for my sister
I unironically spent like 30 minutes on one system of equations with 3 variables

ive been teaching myself to play fiddle. its a real pain in the neck