I want to live in either Argentina or Chile which one is better for a slav?

I want to live in either Argentina or Chile which one is better for a slav?

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Argentina, Chile is a meme with no culture

Chile reminds me of Poland since they do Prussian military things like Poland did

,,Prussian military things'' what prussia is dead get over it

it's 5:39 am here lad
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Argentina, they already have El Polaco

it's 5:51 am here but i need to say it

fuck off we are full

Avoid Argentina, they hate foreigners and would kill you onesight just for being there, go to Chile, they love expats there.


Just follow your dreams

if i learn spanish they wont even know i am from EU

why so many people from east europe suddenly want to move to SA?

Its always sunny,hot sea,good living standard


Colombia has tropical climate. It's out of the question for me. But i still hope i can visit Colombia with my future novia Inca.

europe has gone to shit, and south america has a relatively good reputation, at least argentina and chile, because we don't hear about corruption in your country or murder.
People connect your countries with "muh latino lifestyle" dancing in the streets and enjoying the sun every day or something.

either one is fine and you can easily move between them now, so just flip a coin and if you don't like one country take a bus to the other one. Argentina has a large polish community though. Also if you're looking to study then definitely Argentina.

Western-Europe became a distopian shithole hermano. The whole government hates legitmately hates white people and they do everything in their might to tackle us. And then I'm not even talking about the skyrocketing muslim birthrates...

i just want to chill and fuck a qt latino gf i am a c++ programmer

there's more diversity in argentina we're the half of it population

If you're a programmer then Chile is a definitely a good choice, don't know about Argentina but programming is one of the highest paid professions here and we have a shortage right now.

>Its always sunny
it depends on season and where you want to live, Chile and Argentina are big places, don't know how's your climate there though

> we don't hear about corruption in your country or murder
Argentina is maybe one of the best countries in the region but it is by far one of the most corrupt ones, Chile is a lot better in that regard, but maybe it will be easier to find a job here if you want to move to the south, Bariloche naziboos (no meme, I knew a couple of them) will definitely give you a hand.
Keep in mind you are trading first world for third world, so if you are a materialistic type you can always check Australia, don't know how cuck they are but you can survive WWIII there.

let them, better slavs than western pigs.

Depends if you love reggaeton or not

>People connect your countries with "muh latino lifestyle" dancing in the streets and enjoying the sun
that sounds more like Brazil or the Caribbean, you will be dissapointed here, Argentines and Chileans are way more colder. Your best bet in southern cone will be Uruguay then, people are warmer there but that country is boring as fuck with all due respect.

I can't speak for everybody, but i've always loved SA. While my classmates did papers about the Romans, ancient Greece and Egypt i did paper works about the Incas for the history class.
The Andes region is perfect, Patagonia is perfect. The people seems to be really funny, humble, and great to have as friends.
The spanish accent you guys speak is cooler than european spanish.

okay, don't come here, you'll bring the retarded stuff that turned your first world into a shithole
we're already a shithole, I don't want to find out what's worse than that

we'll build a wall, and it's going to be great, no white people allowed here

No I've always been redpilled.
And to be frank: the people that want to leave Europe are mostly people with degrees and a lot of money. So no memes about Iraqi neurosurgeons this time

ssshh what are you doing let the white man in

>good living standard

What in the actual fuck are you on about here?

he's a faggot, we actually crave for white immigration

>el polaco

mi negro



but that was in the 90's
why would they want to move now when they are better


are you ok? poland is better than Chile and niggertina....why do you move to there?

>when they are better
lurk more, poles are the most self-hater beings here

Argentina is better suited for a pole. Brazil is a good option too

wow that's a rare pinocho

>Colombia has tropical climate
Certainly not everywhere. Most towns on the highlands have subtropical climate and similar temperatures to Europe. For example, the place where I live has a lower average annual temperature than both Porto or Lisbon

Moving to the Andes sounds extreme to someone used to low altitudes

Tengo un compañero que vino de Medellín, y sufre demasiado los inviernos de acá en Buenos Aires, tanto que es hasta casi gracioso. ¿Cuál es la temperatura mas baja allá?

Yes, that's a downside. You need to adapt to the altitude and will probably feel sick the first couple of weeks. Do you have high altitude towns in Brazil?

Interessante. I thought Colombia had the same climate as Panama etc.
Lisbon is mostly hot due to high levels of polution, but Porto has a climate more similiar to the UK.

That's why god gave us cocaine leafs to chew

but colombia is in the tropics

Medellin no esta tan alto, esta Como a 1500m de altura. alla la temperature Promedio Es 22 grados Pero a veces a medio día puede llegar a 28-30 y luego baja. Y es que el invierno de buenos aires se siente, yo estoy acostumbrado al frío pero seco, alla creomqie hay mas humedad y lo sentis hasta en los huesos

Yes, the shit part about it is that we don't get seasons like In Argentina or Chile :(

claro el problema de buenos aires es la humedad que hace que el invierno y el verano sean extremos comparados latitudes parecidas

Same thing in Peru. I think Cuzco is cold af

That's the place to be. Yo quiero vivir en Cuzco con los Incas.

How high are you?


Historically, polish community is very present in Brazil, specially in Rio, they even build a fucking Chopin statue in Praia Vermelha after the nazi invasion in 1939

2600m. Ecuador Peru, Bolivia and probably Chile have lots of mountain settlements. Any Chilean can confirm?

plz come to panam and invest monies

Is it beneficial for your health to live at such an altitude?

Isn't Panama filled with blacks? If I had a large amount of money, it would be in Panama/10

Yes it is. Here in Portugal there was a huge hospital build in the highest moutain where people were sent to cure tuberculosis and other respiratory issues. Many people cured there, and i am aware there were similiar hospitals throught out Europe.
Ofc nowdays the treatments have evoluted, but it shows how the air on the mountains is really good for people.

I don't know but I've been told we have more lung capacity than people living close to sea level. I'm basically a superhuman at sea level and never get tired

i hate our climate

>Isn't Panama filled with blacks?
less in % than usa

>Is it beneficial for your health to live at such an altitude?

yes, your oxygen consumption gets more efficient. that's why long distance runners and other athletes are coming to train here. it's also what gives Colombian cyclists an advantage in mountain stages.

also that's why kenyan marathon runners always seem to win and outperform everyone else

>Says Cucklombia, the country were coke and fucking donkeys are culture

ignora lo que diga 27, pero te recomiendo que investigues mas ya que esas cosas que mencionas no son cultura aca

>specially in Rio
wut m8
There are a lot more Poles in Curitiba afaik

Argentina, my fellow Wend

brown third world poor shithole