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Rigas Castle garden edition

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>Haтaшa пpивeт,зaвтpa пpихoдить пpичecкy дeлaть?oтвeть

She's still messaging me.

glory to the Soviet Empire


Me on the left.

>not posting the pic

Glory to China


I have arrived

Check out cool meme!!



ecks dee finn


Laowai no welcome here


you are my friend




t.estonian comedian

I am estonian my kiwi friend


no worries

I drive

me too

still on my Ls though

haha thanks

never EVER going to get my full licence haha


>that feeling when you drink a beer
its a good feeling
>that feeling when you finish your beer
its a sad feeling
>that feeling when you get another beer
its a GREAT feeling

this bloke gets it

just found out forza horizon 3 is set in australia lads

>poo peeland will never feature prominently in a game

>no zealand

a friend once asked me; if you can wish for anything what will you wish for
to which I replied "a beer"
he gasped in reply and stated I should think bigger
two beers i told him


>Driving Game in New Zealand
>Drives into town
>Immediately slowed down by shitty roads and constant repairs
>Get out on the highwat
>Go to floor it
>Immediately crash because straight roads are for first world countries

Setting any game, let alone a driving game here would be an autistic piece of marketing


NZ got a stellar stage in Street Fighter V

good morning, lads. made coffee for you.
why did you stop posting the pics btw? Litva post boipussy.

Morning, I just arrived here as well.


Tsarov "Tsar" Tsarovich

If this what a Finn does whenever you don't respect their personal space?

me on the right enjoying the view

Son, you need Jesus.


Kangaroos are cute


Fuck off Norbe. Make more titty videos.

is the beer pint size or the pussy 0.33l size?

post ur hairy man ass :3


aww that roo following him is cute.

would quite like to suck his dick xoxo

>just signed up for honor alpha
>didn't expect anything within shorttime
>get email
>it's alpha key
Oh boy, shall be fun!

kinda gay


Any Lithuanians watched the debates yesterday? And if yes did it give you cancer?

Pretty sure those are wallabies lel

>anime pic

literally kill yourself

Yes it was bad


>responds with a macro image
>instead of articulating proper arguments himself

>gets upset at cartoon images
>calls others autists
nice argument yourself



I only made a suggestion for you to kill yourself since it's obvious you won't have an offspring and as it well known an documented that people who watch anime are losers and vast majority are virgins.

i laugh towards this image

>tfw virgin just like Jesus


What's the difference? They look like kangaroos except smaller.

>you won't have an offspring
I have an 8 months old daughter
meanwhile your projection is obvious
you're a virgin yourself

me on the north island




Lithuanians look human but that doesn't mean they are, there's more to it than just looks

If you told me to point to a NZ capital on a map I could honestly NOT tell you haha

Rude and uncalled for.

>already resorting to ad-hominem

Go masturbate to your chink cartoons permavirgin.

b/c its not their

its in the middle

who cares nz wont probably even be on the map

t: middle earth

wtf is happening in north isle. I always thought you were a white nation. This is a shock to me tbqh

The north islands never been white.

Who /Publictransport/ here?

do not cuff your trousers

>accuses others of ad-hominem
>proceeds to use ad-hominem
>Go masturbate to your chink cartoons permavirgin.
weird fetish you have there
no wonder you can't get a girl

Nice socks.


>le manlet rolled up pants

Fresh meme.

How am I using ad-hominem if you already proved that I'm right, you invalidated any of your argument by posting anime and proving you're a loser and a virgin.

>still replying to him

I'm 191

Also who here /countryroadstakemehome/

>arguments on a slovenian camel herding forum

pshh nerds


i live in suburbs

>slovenian camel

big dumb k*wi scum

> tfw work weekends so i don't drink on Fri/Sat nights


>you invalidated any of your argument by posting anime and proving you're a loser and a virgin.
you invalidated any of your arguments by posting on a website dedicated to japanese culture.
gtfo you permevirgin
here's some more anime that triggers your autism so much
anyway it was fun but I have to get back to work, enjoy masturbating to this anime or whatever.

thanks quadsman

>impressive.very nice.jpg

I do it to make these threads seem more active
wouldn't want anyone to think we're not the best general

this general IS trash though

All animetors should be shot to dead? Y/N

M (maybe)

Ha loser

posting waifu

I wonder where I seen this character before.

Sa oled suur kutt

Look through facebook at my ''friends' who 'forgot about me, everyone looks so happy. Not for long though, i'm coming back and I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.

mention me in your manifesto

just use vk nigga

I'm living that country boy dream


roll your fucking trousers down

>you invalidated any of your arguments by posting on a website dedicated to japanese culture.

But this isn't anime or japanese board, you have Cred Forums and other weebshit boards deticated specifically to what you've said, Cred Forums isn't one of them.

Thoughts on homosexuality?

Mental illness and it shouldn't be propagated or legalized.


Are you that anti-gay anti-weeb Polish-Lithuanina? missed u lad

I'm anti-gay, anti-weeb and anti-Polish.

ahhh yes

God bless you.




meme magic boyo

Russia, explain this


That's Vitas aka hohol who was born in Latvia, Daugavpils but sings in Russian.

Latvia explain this then

Poor guy he could have won eurovision with this song if he competed today.

Latvia will explain.

>he doesn't like Vitas

Being Prussian is really hard.

More like pussian

>rolled up pants
>that sock shoe combo
Call the fashion police, this man is a criminal!

upvoted :)

No, that's me, not him. I'm not particularly anti anything though. I think you're confusing several people together.

My leg in finland.

>out of bin


post your another leg in Estonia

if he's not a zhmudzin then is he Russian? and who're zhmuzins? autistic Livonian tribes on the north of Litva?

This evening after getting off boat, i promise

which socks would you combine with those shoes?

>r*ssian posting

the krankler

Whoa don't krinkle me bro

What future profession to choose


bio engineering

What are you good at?


I need to eat a shit

Failure is my specialty

really makes you think

But all I see is success

That's very negative, my friend :( is there anything on your mind that is troubling you?

Neither of those things. Lithuania is made up of 5 different historical regions, and Samogitia is just one of them.

This is what I found when I googled zhmudzins

>And stop calling youself Luthuania, the name was given to you by Russia, but which rightfully belongs to Belarus. You are Samogitia, full of Zhmudzins, not Lithuanians.


That's what belarussians tell themselves to feel better about their lack of history.

You should probably google when was Lithuania first mentioned, and when were slav lands annexed. Should clear up any questions.

me 2nd from right

>Lithuania first mentioned,
The first known record of the name of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuva) is in a 9 March 1009 story of Saint Bruno recorded in the Quedlinburg Chronicle
>were slav lands annexed
annexed by whom?

me on the right

By Lithuanians. predecessor of Belarusian state was Principality of Polotsk.

>The Principality of Polotsk escaped the Mongol invasion of Rus' in 1237-1239. However, pagan Lithuanians began consolidating and attacking lands of the principality, and in 1240 Polotsk became a vassal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It officially became part of Lithuania in 1307, though it retained some degree of local autonomy until the 1390s. Then the principality was abolished and became part of the Połock Voivodeship.

you're boring, better post benis

Hello my old friends, long time no see

sons of the west


Do New Zealanders not realize how ridiculous they sound? Why hasn't their government stepped in and done something about it?

Not bad, walking to the store for beer and it's 30 minutes away

il fik yu up miit

have 2 hours left in my work day


tfw always thought depression was just a meme, but here i am ready to end it all

its spokes as its written

divpadsmit, but if you say it fast it tends to sound like diupadsmit

Go to a psychotherapist m8

Hehehe, penis.


no, its correct, but i tend to say both versions

Latvian is a tricky language regarding phonetics

you have Zika


nav par ko

Wow you need to be careful desu
Pic related: how you are not feeling atm

the saddenings are too much, just drown it all

>they keep escaping

wtf Brucey

Because I'm a Con

>imeskit kas nors i reddita

Are there any painkillers containing some codeine available here in Estonia? If yes, what brand should I look for?

Ukrainas "KVV Group" ir paziņojis, ka gatavojas sūdzēties par Latviju Eiropas Komisijas antimonopola un korupcijas apkarošanas komitejās, kas varot novest pie tā, ka Latvijai tiks uzlikts 150 līdz 300 miljonus eiro liels sods.



hello this is myself

ej dirst puisis

Mowing lawns is oddly satisfactory and meditative.

why is this dirty fucking kraut replying to me

He is Greek.

>repetetive machine sounds
feels labs


Who /defqon/ here?

You can tell that most ruskies living here already have a slave's mentality and instead of trying to fix their situation by learning Estonian, they complain about fascism and other things that don't exist.

Are they living mostly in Narva?

not zyzz xDDDD

Just finished a book about Hermann Simm. Good guy

Mostly eastern estonia so yes. They were brought here in the late 40's-50's, as it was stalin's ethnic dissolution policy.


hehe u mad :^)

> stalin's ethnic dissolution policy.
Lol, first cuck.
I just thought that they mostly immigrated there cause it was ex-sovier country, not that there were a bunch of them already

Good show. Keep on destroying your country.

Work is done. Now it's time to partyyyyy:DDDDD


Indeed, he intended to assimilate all peoples into the new soviet man, which happened to be russian-speaking.

How was the cake user?

Lol, what a loser without friends.

>this is the average german man these days
No wonder your women enjoy getting raped by muslims more than having sex with german ''men''.


>getting raped by muslims
release a sandnigger to some germ girls and see who rapes who

I'm sick of this country

Let's exchange citizenships then. It's bretty cool in Moscow

Ah! Home at last. Now all I need is a cold beer and what do you know, there's plentiful in the fridge.

Guys, look, sourniggers.

Lol wtf.. that's jõhvikas.

Groundpenis. It's actually edible.

move back to Moscow then faggot

Leccinum scabrum or leccinum variicolor. Both good edibles.

Canadian flagplant. I've no idea how it got here.

yea sure we sold our biggest factory (which was supported by our budget) to ukraine, and now it's dead and we're being sued by hohols. We will lose another 300 million euro, because we always lose in eu courts.

>he thinks fake poles will win

they cant even run a business, get your head out of your ass

Probably through some birdshit that contained dude seeds ;)

Is Lithuanian weather warm enough for it to ripe during summer? Cuz it sure as fuck isn't here. Very shitty harvests from outdoors.


bf is going to celebrate Octber fest without me :c

Yeah, my grandmother used to grow them before they got banned, which is funny since you can't get high off of it.

Magyarcigany fruit.


You can't grow rope-hemp there legally? Wtf? That's fascism :DD

Tbh it's stupidity, not malice. We get the government we deserve. You can still buy hemp seeds in stores though. It's a part of our traditional christmas dinner.

Industrial cannabis is legal.

reminder that kaņepju sviests is the food of gods

Made me google. Yup, it's legal again since 2014.

This is why I suspected bullshit. I have a mate who even got subsidized by EU agricultural funds to grow it. They even sent the seeds and all.

20:00 getting dark already. Winter is coming.

Not yet.

we got same sunset

hey guys

quality content for this gorgeous general


Is it 3D chess with time?

>weed should be legal

Tone is gonna conquer Finland shortly before he becomes PM for the second time.

Trying too hard with bedoraposting should be illegal.

>mfw the liberal party thought we can boost Latvian demographics by allowing everyone that "feels" like a Latvian to change theit ethnicity in their passport to Latvian

Oh fug :D:DD

I'd buy weed if it was legal tbqh, lads.

Made some tea from homegrown mint.
It's pretty good.

weed legalisation would bring neat tourism buck

Full moon again. Looks huge.


Rush B.

pussy ass niggas

The biggest reason I hate Russian is the "ruski iest" and rushing b with p90

give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back

Daily reminder that Intermarium is going to happen.

Lol, I always pretend to be non-Russian when I hear this.





My knee is feeling better

Fuck you

give me a black gf

I want to have black gf and lick her p*ssy

No my friend :3

What do Lithuanias, Latvians and Estonians think of Russian liberals?

I'm like black gf but with white skin.

They dont think like europeans

don't know anything about Russian liberals tbqh

Ah yes Russian "liberals"

huge, orange and terrifying.

take them back

>russian liberals
Top kek

How does the rest of the world even compare?

What do you think about Russian intellectuals then?

Contrary to the popular belief I don't spend my whole waking day thinking about Russia, so no opinion


But I guess he was speaking about guys like Navalny, Niemtsov, Kasyanov, Yavlinskiy, etc.

>muh romanticism
>muh noble savage
They were all retards desu

>I don't spend my whole waking day thinking about Russia
wow rude, because I think about you a lot :3

This tbqh, anthropology was a mistake

same as with Russian liberals - don't know any of them to have an opinion

they can come live here

Russian liberals still won't speak Latvian, you sure you want them in your cunt?

>don't know any of them
what about me? I'm Russian intellectual.

fuck off and die

I might fugg him. If he had a qt accent.

good for you

Is AIDS an accent?

>russian intellectual
didn't they all move out when the soviet union collapsed?

not baiting btw

no, that is a disease of the immune system tbph


yes, especially if they are qt girls

>latvians will willingly import more russians during our lifetime

Enlighten me about them

No, some are left and born and keep moving out.

Tы yнтepмeнш. Интeллeктyaлы нa бpoдaх нe cидят (зa coвceм нeбoльшим иcключeниeм)

sorry I already found German bf. Germany is better than Latvia anyway XDD

pls post your qt accent


I am VERY drunk I went to a freinds party tonight
I'm drunk to the point of my laptops spinnging and it's hard to type atm. I had fun.

And your thoughts?

>I went to a freinds party

how come?



because he is le cool edgy non "normie"

ignore him


normals out

The day normalfags will pay is coming


I HAVE ro get drunk to handle it though.,Apso I had fun and I wontmapologise

pay for what? seriously. for making your feel bad? wah wah, toughenm up princess


Cred Forums is not a place for normalfags

I'm a seminormalfag and I've been here since 2009 or so.

do you guys like cranberries ?

thanks for using my creation

t. thankman

>went to a party with friends and got drunk had fun haha
>I am just like you guys

I think they're russians

No such thing as half way crooks

thanks for using my thread

They're alright.
This is a blueberry general, though.


Hey hey hey HEYYYY Put cha lighter’s up! Ganja’s in the house owwwwww! As you can tell from my accent I am from Dallas, Tex-ass! And it was not very easy growing up looking like this! Whether I was playing in my grandma’s clothes or putting on a show for my well-organized alphabetically-ordered beanie babies I was guh guh guh GAY! OKKURRR! But it wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles that I discovered Marijuana, I mean I like to smoke, y’all I am just flying as high as your receding hairline! OKUr! Marijuana really does help me calm down, so y’all, I went to Valencia where they film the TV show Weeds! Now, y’all, it’s very dry, it’s almost kinda like your vajoina! Can I get an amen?!? Now y’all, I am a treehugger because if it ain’t green, HUH I’m not interested! OKCURRRRRRRR!



>Belgian intellectual