*reads quran loudly*

>*reads quran loudly*

wat do?

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start singing saleel ul sawrim

he starts joining in

Tell him he is so halal and become friend with him

read quran loudly


*deus vult!*

I don't know what I do but whatever happens next is going to be awkward.

fuck him and his pedoshit book. had a rough week to care about that shit. poisoned my neighboor's pitbull with a sausage filled with rat poison. watched him barfing blood and grey stuff while smoking a good monte cristo. tough motherfucker, he didn't even die and got up on his paws, had to strangle through the fence with a phone cable
he was an aggressive cunt, aways barking at people for no reason. not that my poofta neighboor learned the lesson, now he's got a fucking dobermann. heyy who gives a shit, another retarded dog, another poisoned sausage. this time i'm getting the dose right


why don't you poison your neighbor?

Will sit down, listen and become qurannazi.

Mashallah brother, read it louder, everyone must hear the word of allah and his messanger Mohammad!




Join in.

Biiismillahiiii arahmani AR raheem. Alhumdulilalalalih rab'IL aleeemean
A' Maliikeeo'mid'ean un-untah alayhiiim gayrinmakdoobee WALALALAL DALEEEEEN


t. grew up muslim

You know what they say about guys in dishdasha.

Halal in the streets, Haram in the sheets.

*stare with a disgusted face*

*starts blasting isis music

Better yet why doesn't he poison himself ?

>get beheaded with disgusted face
Fixed it for you finman

wonder why i woke up in a muslim infested shithole like germany

get drinks and start libating while playing this

force him to strip down to bikini

Nice pasta.

we will destroy this decadent kuffar regime soon, my brother

Yazid did nothing wrong

scream "TAKBIR"