20% of young Finnish men are NEET

up from from 12 percent in 2005.

The figures are not replicated among young women. In 2005 13.9 percent of young women fell into the NEET category, and ten years later that stood at 15.4 percent.

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No wonder yiu guys are autistic af


Join the club

Nice, I feel better about being a loser knowing that a fifth of my peers are

Lazy spoilt brat Nokia generation

So that's the reason for your supreme memes

Post source.

lucky bastards, at least you get tons of monis and free housing

Are suomi neets watching animes?

>As of Aug 2016, 17.5% of Americans age 16-17 are unemployed
>15.2% of Americans age 18-19
>8.4% of Americans age 20-24 are unemployed
>4.9% of Americans over the age of 20 are unemployed

How fucked is your job market or do you actually have a fuckton of NEETs-by-choice?

Thanks EU


Are you fucking kidding me, those are very good stats

Serbia has 50+ youth unemployment and 30% overall

This fucking bullshit term again.

>those are very good stats
That was my point. It's why I asked about the job market

>In addition to Finland, the increase in NEEts was above five percent in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain. That's despite a so-called 'youth guarantee' being signed into law three years ago which supposedly gives under-25s the right to a job, study-place, work placement or job-related training.

Put the Finn in the bin.

>Serbia has 50+ youth unemployment and 30% overall
Jesus. Please read this:


Bud why?

idk, I just always wanted to post that webm.


get in our level habeebi

rude >:^(


You picked the right moment. Well done.


Yes. It's pretty popular.

absolutely pathetic

get a grip you fucking losers

T r i g g e r e d


we know, western ppl are spoiled babies

memes are a drug

Yea but your government just uses oil money to pay you for being useless neets.

You are western too lol

Same here, I blame boomers for this

what the point of having children when your government is flooding your country with non-whites anyway

I don't want my children to grow up as minorities

doesn't really matter as long as you have money

>mfw i broke out of the vicious neet cycle
>got a job and drivers license
>moving out in a few months
we're all gonna make it brah

>in a 3rd world muslim country
kek yeah right
in 10 years even good jobs will give you like 400e/month and not even any alcohol to dull the pain


Bosnia 57.5%
Macedonia 50.8%
Croatia 45.9%
Serbia 44.2%
Thank you USA


Is this some kind of a global NEET awareness campaign? I just read similar stuff from Murica and Australia.


can they live themselves? do they receive money from finn government? how does mammi taste like?

This is what happens when social welfare is too high. I seriously don't get how the fuck anyone here can end up without any education. Education system here is easy, flexible, and you get paid fuck ton for studying.

>implying Finland isn't soon Swedistan 2.0

No source so in other words BULLSHIT.

77% Iraqis are being sent home

in this board, 80% finns are NEET

>No source

I just recently went back to school. All my class mates were 16-21 years old and I'm 22. Fuck that. So I quit.

ah so bullshit

That's why this place always full of us at all times


en tee töitä koskaan

Yui is cute

The neet statistic is young who are not students and have dropped out of the labor force, It is much higher than the unemployment figures in most countries. try again with comparable stats

>near 20% of world population is indian
what are you up to?

>only 5.4 million finns

But don't you have free education

Are you actually so lazy that you refuse to be paid to get a law degree


>what are you up to
Trying to fuck ritsu's forehead

it's very difficult to get into law school

>82.5% of Americans aged 16-17 are employed

Can I come with you?

Only when it suits Western Europe.

im studying law in university of lapland

its comfy

elitist helsinki cucks can fuck off

Where did you move to study it?

The local yurt

Please Finland. Do not abandon the way of your ancestors.

The last 3 of my reindeer died last month

I've nothing

Come home brother


fuck i meant i moved from lahti. the uni is at rovaniemi

Here's my tip to all my fellow countrymen with NEET status:




mitä jos ei saa töitä?

Yurts look comfy

Sitten yritetään uudestaan

I'd be a NEET too if I lived there. Fuck going out in place where the only thing colder than the weather is the people.

>tfw no neet finnish gf to play games and watch anime with as we waste our autismbux away in snacks
I have always dreamed with a gf that doesn't need you to take her out all the damn time

that's rich coming from a jew

Pistä ilmotus VMP:lle ja tee niitten duuneja samalla kun haet VITTU TÖITÄ

>it's a "dude must connect your post to being jewish somehow even if it makes no sense" reply

Jews are the most tight-knight community out there.


people in highschool dont count

hello finlan send neet boipussi

It's official. Finnish young men have worse employment rate than all non-refugee Africans.

Victory has defeated the north.

That's what you get for living on your parents' successes while everyone else is paying their parents' debts.

Should be a turn around in a couple of decades.

binland pls gib finnish gf

Go to Sweden