Gypsy girls edition

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Are the tinkers what we all used to be like?
Is this why the yanks and brits don't like us?



it's happening lads, this Sunday.

i can feel it.

>tfw jewed my way into a ticket in the Hill



How'd you manage that?


Good lad so he is

There's no tae in the gaff lads


Bounced the gfs head off the ground again lads

Bought a paddy cap lads
But i bought the wrong kind

>not one tri colour ITT
Where are the lads
Who (You)d with me
When history was made
Oh gra mo chroi, i long to see
The bhoys of the old brigade


Lad please my penis can only get so erect

my goal in life is to be able to make chips like that


I want to brush and comb their hair.

>not even fried in duck grease

You need a sharp knife, good potatoes and hot oil.
And that's about it, really.

>chips made from potatoes
>with mashed potatoes
Why the fuck? Sure it's all the same in your mouth regardless.

does Finland have nandos?

top 3 soon lads


If you count it by number of international passengers, Ryanair is the largest I think.

fuck the brits

Gott strafe England







Not pleased with my new cap
Wonder where i can get the proper one

whats wrong with it
think ive got one lying around somewhere
its not mine though, wouldnt suit me anyway

Got the wrong kind senpai, its too round and it has one of those wee balls at the top
Wanted something like this

Didn't you see it before you bought it?

more like qts

Mate of mine fingered her outside an underage disco in Carlow once

absolutely disgusting
time to go ENDA LAD

Oh God why

What the fuck is wrong with us?

My wife's boyfriend just bounced her head off the ground again lads.

I can guarantee you that it was a load of watered down bollocks questions then dressed up to give it some legitimacy. Something like "Do you feel sympathy towards refugees?" and then drawn out to make it look like the majority are in favour of housing them.

Miliband is a faggot, he couldn't even beat his own incompetent brother in a leadership battle so now he goes around making a living from stealing pennies from the poor to pay for the niggers and his own expense accounts.

Even of the people who voted in favour of refugees in other polls (they didn't have that large of a minority) only wanted to take in less than a thousand, not the 4-20,000 FG agreed to.

apparently we've been secretly aiding Daesh behind the scenes
fucking Hibernians I tell ye

Not bad lads

>tfw no average irish gf

I get how the US and Israel are that high considering they sucked highly skilled people from other countries and claim them as their own, but how the fuck is Taiwan that high?

Got a great story about her

I don't care about might or might have not happened in Carlow

Skype group members I will need a new account added.

Cromwellian diaspora. Genetically distant from modern Irish/Brit. They're an enigma.


what is it and ill add you


giz a sec

make a discord you bellend

make a steam group you cutie

Curry chips lads





He would have been 82 today lads

John Redmond was right lads

Why is their hair so curly?

shitty genes

>Tfw you wish your gypsies were blonde,blue eyed,100% celtic aryans

they're as bad as roma and for some reason they have deluded themselves into thinking they're the same race.

i'm not joking.

had to bash her head in lads

they're very violent and will steal anything and everything

>w-why user? All I ever showed you was love...

what happened to sersh? :(

have to say, even though irish women are kinda ugly they usually have nice eyes

she didn't listen

Just finished narcos lads, is pena getting his own show now?

mmm nice skin
would like to cumshot on her face

What is wrong with you?

omg is this real

it is

wow xxx

hello lads

>oven chips

I actually just had caviar prior to that.

Wee bit drunk again lads

t. Nordie Shore

Fair enough. I just heated up some leftover pizza, it was godly.