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Tamazights, Spain, Portugal, Giblartar, Andorra, Malta, Copts, Sicily, Hamitics.
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soon . . .


1. Canary berbers are pretty much wiped out
2. Zenagas are beyond repair
3. Sure copts are hamitic but that doesn't mean they should be classified as brabra

Shhhh just let it happen.

Ok 8-)

so when is algeria gonna decide the official script for tifinagh ?

We made Berber official, I don't know when, since we have many scripts.

Where the Tunisians at?

in hell, i hope

why? :(

hell would be better than mibounia


You should join the great Algerian co-prosperity sphere

Ahhhahahah you fucking have oil and gaz and we still make more money than you

Literacy rate (all) Male literacy
Algeria 80.2% 87.2%

you have less people than us.

Good, now I grabbed your attention

ayy lmao

Don't say it was bait though.
Tunisia is 79%

wow there's barely any difference

So ? Tunisia has nothing fucking nothing even tourism is gone , its impressive how are we still surviving also lets be honest your goverment gives false numbers just like ben ali or gaddafi used to do

it's Morocco>Algeria>Tunisia>Libya
West is best as they say.
No we allow statistics to report and if we give false reports we'd exaggerate like Iraq.

Thats because that number was found in 2010 . its much higher now at least 85-90%

Tunisia is objectvly better than algeria , just w8 when boutef dies and your country goes ti civil war

it's the Females bringing it down. F*males should be genocided.

>tfw 12 million rurals dragging our results down

Well atleast that means low unemployement and criminality

We have Glorious leader Sellal
>boutef dies

is using less electricity than us make u better?
is being more likely to be in prison makes u better?
is spending less money for health care make u better?
well our estimated age were higher than your but before the fucking revolution :/

btw let's do something like this

Schools here are full of females . dont know about the country side tho


Here's a template for Algerians.
brb making mines.

We're Asian you're the brown

Hello my dear butthurt jordanian. Btw the two guys on the left are gypsies and the one on right is iraqi


tounes-sousse wi jme3a hedoukom chnowa tal3at
3bed be3ou libled wa9t el falga t7areb fi oste3mar
btw chnowa totij liblayess hedom 8ir sfax w tunis(industrial) intej libled kemel mil phosphate wil fle7a w tarf el petrole ili mawjouda

should i replace it with this?

Ti entoma te5dmou 3adna et b3ad tsebou ti chkoun yemlek et yestathmar fel aradhi mte3akom et chkoun ybnilkom el masana3 ti mahou el sfe9sia wel sw7lya. Ti chtar sidi bouzid yemlkouha el sfa9sia wel 9arwan flousha el kol jeya min el se7al


We are all brown stop being insecure , there is nothing wrong in being brown , grow the fuck up


if you hate it then why not cede it :^) ?

i am making fun of the garbage of the MeNa
I know we're all brown friend :^)

awel 7aja ena 3ayech fi soussa nos el kantaoui yemlekha we7ed min sidi bouzid akther min 90%mil asetha moch mi sahel les pdj mta3 cheriket fi soussa moch min soussa 7ata mil wetla mahomch swe7liya yemlkoh
btw ka region sidi bouzid wala jendouba wala kasserine arthha 5ir w tontej akther w blayesha azyen moch wsa5 w simen kif el be9i

because of resources, we can give you the Mamadous there though.
this is Maghreb

Ok good for you

Gypsies are honorary Egyptians desu

so you're sayin Egyptians are Gulfies?

Also if you're not Siwan or Copt then.

Yezi mel 7achawet ena man7abech soussa ama el jboura el kol eli fiha mich swe7lia . ti entouma mat7abouch ta83afou fi bledkom et b3d t9oulou bledkom 5ir. El sfe9si kol ma se3adnakom fi sidi bouzid fel fle7a 5astan dima tsebou fina et b3d t9oulou 3lech a7na 5aybin m3akom wa9ta tjiw il bledna et ena mchit il 9asrin et sidi ezzouz west el bled mte3hom y9azez . 7asit rou7i keni fi thniya far3iya fi sfe9as

lmao because the black/red part is the only part tha matters


I think he's the Ain Drahemi

Et ta7ki 3al phosphat ti awka jbouret 9afsa ti mdharbin. Chay met7abouch el 5adma , sfa9ses m3biya bel rjel el 9rawa wel 9asrinia eli maye5dmouch et y5admou nsehom el mseken

Ofc mama Egypt is mother to the Arab race^.^
(Thanks to hajar lol)

Forgot t make Algiers yellow

He isnt . he

>North Africans are not niggers.

who said that we're white? We're Kangz, Khans and Brown ma nigga.

When will you learn?

Morocco is honorary black

t. 1/64 western african slave heritage masterrace

Bkack pride world wide

Copts and Siwans are Hamitic master race

ta3ref 3leh magarvin l greve moch mi ithorhom 5ater flouss el fosfat il kol mechin l tunis w sfax w sa7el
ama fi teri5 (el koteb el cho3ara2 el mounathlin el falgea el wislou ye5dmou fi nasa il kolhom mil blayess el ma7rouma

Daily reminder that Kabyles are NOT white and there are only 5 images of white kabyles floating in a sea of khans.
Zidane and bilel were also yellow.

Hhhhhhhh. Awel 7aja sfa9as el dawla matsrof 3lihya chayn , kolou bniniah wa7edna. El miunadhlin el kbar el m3fougin fima ferhat wala bourgiba wala hedi chaker wala th3albi kolhom min tounes et sfe9as et el se7al ama fel 7arb kelmek s7i7 hek i5tisaskom awka 7ata houwa el jaych wel chorta m3abiyyin bikom . ama ken ta7ki 3al 9raya niseb el naja7 fel bac houma ythbtou klemek 8alet. Ena 3echt fi america et canada el twensa el kol ili nej7in fi hal bulden presque min sfa9as wel se7al et tunis .ti fil community mt3 el twensa fi new jersey fama we7ed bark mel de5al et bedhabt min meknasi et fel lo5ar saybouh 5ater yecer narvousi et mounafa9( dima yaeb fel yhud wel chnwa wel hounoud ro8menou ye5dem fi bloomberg)

ama chnowa el asl mite3kom?
lihmama kenet a9wa Tribu w la3bet dawr fi teri5 tounes akthern min a sa7li wala min tunis

united maghreb when

Ta7ki 3alaa chkoun . et a7na aslna ama andalusiyin wala atrak wala amazigh eli jaw m3a el 7asfsiyoun ama entok 3raybet benou hilal heka 3leh a7na na7kiw bel 9a wentom bel ga

wtf hh
chkoun la3rab
wel 90% mil andalousiyin fi beja wala siliana
>far7an rak turki wtf

>inb4 ruled by Tunisians because they're the only civilized people in that region.

>He for for le brogressive toonis meme :------D

wel amazigh fi maroco wi dzeyer ya7kiw bil g moch bel 9a


Berbers could be cool if they weren't Muslims. Plus the woman can be cute (not at the level of Euro-meds or Lebs, but some very cute). But muslims, so they end durka-durka and hated and don't adapt unless is some family in a little town.

Beurettes and Beurs to Algerians are like Pied noirs to the French.
They're not Algerian!
So I'm cool :3

Africa starts from the Pyrenees


How about Svalbard?


The moon*


Why do Maghrebi women turn orange when they live in France??

Why aren't you tolerant yet?
can't beat that
Orange is dark yellow and France is hotter than Algeria.

lets be serious though, Pakistan lower than Afghanistan and most of /mena/ ? Fucking netherlands and Canada more tolerant than Hanz and Sverge ? YOU more tolerant then tunississies ?

Meme map desu

Ikr, I'm memeing with this map.

Why do Mashriqis prefer their General dead? even /GCC/ is more active as a thread than /ME/

empty pride desu

just like their culture book, empty.








good job

>Call Tunisia
>Still no answer

I fucked your mom last night

He's back

why are u calling for me desu?

i need a tunissie in the thread so I can feel comfy

be kyut

also post boipucc

Also this

instagram.com/chaima_taleb/ is this enough user

wew more than enough

Bubbly asses are not my type, I'm more into THICC.
Also post sissy cute bois.

with my Moroccan bf

not black enough

is she a pornstar?

she is a psychology student i find her Instagram by chance

okay then.
post cute tunissie bois.

tunisian actress

Litterrally a meme map . im not also talking about northerner westerners . you are worse than them . benu hilal live in west tunisia , this is well known

meme map?
benou hilal jew ltounes il kol w minhom sfax w se7el wyetkalmou bel 9a 5aterhom 3rab ( 3rab 9bal meknouch lahjet el 5alij)
liblayess ili b9aw yetkalmou el amazigia il kolhom moch manate9 de5iliya w moch " north west" btw kenet thama lou8a ismha lou8at el sened (mo3tamdia bin gafsa w sidi bouzid) wil lou8a hedthika metet 3am 1960

ah nsit
kadeh min we7ed min benou hilal jew l tounes ? mich ibadlou tarkibitha
w fibel el barbar min awel idinya i3ichou fi les zone montagneuse akther 3andkom jboula tnouma hh nafs el paysage yet3awed fi kol bok3a mi fhemtech kifeh 3aychin fil wsa5 w ri7et el do5an w fil les paysage el heyla ili itraw feha kol nhar

I said BOY

What language is that? Berber with french?

Lolllllllllll you should study more history . sned berbers are basically banu hilal and arab mixing . ben hulal never made it to sfe9as or se7al because of our walls meanwhile your cities didnt have walls so they were easy to distroy and we speak with 9a because of andalusians. Lol you should at least read some wiki pages

Always cracks me up how you guys use random french words in your internet meme speak desu.

Arabic using latin letters and number + some french words

Awel 7aja a7na nosknou fel jonna mte3na. Et bledkom el rif mte3ha ki rif sfe9as zaytoun et 5odhra et chwaya jbal. Ti entom matasknkuch fi bledkom theni 7aja a7na el beber mt3na mahomch sokan aslyin kolhom mouhajrin 3ajbethom sfe9as ti alber famille fi sfe9as hiya masmoudi et houma beber min el maghreb .

me and her family

I feel the same than when you try to read polish.
Oh, I see. It's easier for you guys to use latin? I never tried to learn arabic but with all the stuff is happening world wide seems a sensitive think to do if you want to travel.

a3mel test dna w thabet fi rou7ek user ;)
ana ter5i5 na9ra ti kolou mathroub
there is no way mich ikoun gafsa w sidi bouzid 3rab w sfax w sousse amazigh
banu hilal is a meme titsawer ka3btin lich ibadlou tarkibet libled
w ken 3al map hedika 3amlitha l'organisation el amazighia el we7id fil bled 3leh t7ebhom yekdbou houma ise3edhom iwari tounis 100% amazigh
btw chkoun beneha el 7osoun mte3kom maw 3rab

Yeah since arabic script just doesn't work that well in Pc, much less in Cred Forums with the shitty small font they use

Extreme right is Algerian right?

>I feel the same than when you try to read polish.
Yeah same thing, except that for Polish I kind of know how to pronounce what's written. No idea what sounds those numbers represent. But I can't speak arabic, so...


I fucked your mom last night

Ena 9otlek a7na amazigh . a7na m5altin. Ama benou hilal ma3roufin 9a3dou fi blasetkom. Et mafamesh des testes genetique fi tunis et most of the tests in general are not accurrate especially the group ones. Et el sour mt3na bnewah el aghalba et houma a3az l3rab et deja m3ahom el fors et b3ad sal7ouh el 7afsiyoun et houma amazigh.

it's not gay if it's a boipucci

chouf el al9ab mte3kom 3rab

How come so many more Arabs compared to other races have the DJ Khaled body type and head shape

Dj khaled is Arab

Plus I fucked your mom last night

Yeah yeah masmoudi , sellami , mezghani , zwari , triki , trabelsi , marrakchi , boudaya are very arabian ti entom akthariat al9abon ben foulan

A lwali ya moulay ahmed
A Chrifi ya moulay ahmed
A Hya w Rakb 3la lghcha
Yaw Nari Da 39li w mcha

Lah Baba Lah Sidi
A Lwali ya moulay Ahmed

I know but his head shape is really common amongst Arabs

Wtf I love slovenia now

> moroniggers made it to fucking slovenia


can u pls explain what I just wrote? love the song tho

oueslati(berber)-ouergali(berber) ouechtati(berber) -ouedreni(berber) gandouzi(berber) w ki thama ben fi surname moch ma3eneh arab chouf les algerians et les marocain


It's about praising a saint

wtf morocoo

I fucked your mom last night

Ili yest3amlou ben houma eli t3amlou yecer m3a la3rayba . na3ref eli entom aslkom amazigh akther 5ater el se7al en general historiquement m5alat yecer el far9 enou a7na jawna a7sen l3rab wel atrak ana entom jawkom hmouchet benou hilal

t. abu qawas ibnu ahmad al ghajariyi al tunisi


t. 3antar







C-can i get a qt Maghrebi gf?

Supelpowel by 2020 boi

Of course my friend

Here is me sweet talking a woman called Fatima

She posts in this thread sometimes

no you are probably a midget with a baby face

우리는 알제리 가 아시아 인 이기 때문에 하는 것은 다음 기회가 여기에 높은

You'll fit right in algeria

Come home Asian man

but u can't find a girl like that in algeria (we are proud turks)



pic related explains it well

he is actually kurd not a big difference

Kurds are indo-Europeans
Turks are Altaic.

wew those comments

what's with F Hafid lol

all levant shits

He is a gypsy not a kurd.

There are also lots of Asians in Algeria commenting lmao.

Might be weaboos with K-pop pics?

Is Hafid a grill name

Seems like she wants the HOD (Bangkok Oppa Dick)

i'm often told i have a baby face tbqh ;^(
what are you trying to say about?
what about Morocco? ;)

i had a classmate that look asian (pic)
fuck her she rejected me

We're honorary negroids

you'll stick out like a sore thumb


I'm trying to say that you have luck in Algeria because we are asians.
some are if you go deeper.
Maybe Algerian genes?

The reason could be your first world beautiful and without any zebla bled ;)

turkish genes

butifel melike

Slavic genes *

she is a Korza user

why she rejected me i was her senpai user :/
she is the cause i'm here

post her insta.

Im korza too too bad , i cant look or wear or act like a korza or get along with fellow korzas because im an autist

you want to give you 66 post for free?

Yes boss.

how to get a korza gf senpai i bet you are an expert

let me think user

Korza is one of those berber tribes or an Urban tribe?

who edgy here

Ahahhaha im very bad with girls like very bad especially when i used to be in middle and high school

Korza means a testicle , its figurative meaning is rich

this is her boyfriend(the middle) now a fucking midget 150cm a year smaller than her what to do how to end my fucking life is it a conspiracy

Me, i used to go early to high school just to write fuck islam on the walls

Lol he looks like me .

ur mum
he looks inca

Also boy in the left has the potential to be a trap

he is the short one in the middle are u sure?
hurry up and fuck her she has some kind of fetish

Well im pretty sure he isnt retarded like me

you have a weird taste or bad eye sight

it does feel good to post people i know on Cred Forums then speak with them like nothing happened

Idk but he surely needs surgeries and all.

Lol i met a guy who used Cred Forums too . he was fat , nerdy , wears shit clothes , very wierd , very pale skin but he was a good guy

Oh shit i misread your post but whatever

i don't think u are us bad us him user
but why wtf i'm 56448643187981238 time better i'm browsing Cred Forums while he ............
fuck my life it's an americo-zionist conspiracy


>Once again the eternal Arab blames the Zionist gang

need Arab gf!!! reeeee!!!!

go and post in /me/ then

>ta9ra college

le who 17 hiya 18 ana 19 (old pic of him)

a college student ( french meaning) wouldn't be able to use this website user he would be browsing spacetoon.com

>Watching spacetoon
>Not Arteenz

old memories :'( they encrypted it shit-holes

nahki al tofla why does she look so young

they were butthurt about it being christian or shia or something. or because it showed pokemon.

she is just so qt
help me algerian bro i need some love advice from an experienced guy :(

Weeew most people in this pic are ugly . what type of ponisian are these .

worst tunisian phenotype i don't know how they could just laugh and open big their dirty mouths

what should I help you in.
Also is the girl in your pic in Blida? looks familiar.

she is a korza she travels everywhere she was in japan recently

Swe7lia ?

road to 500 reply thread

yes :/ i think he is se7li that his cousins i think he family is fucking ugy

What is a Korza?

They seem to be the Tunisian version of Wasp or old money.


New Order when?

newfag mte3 zebi

kinda disapointing i tought swe7lia looked better than us

Alright then.

mnin inti mathamech blassa feha 3bed behin w blassa feha 3bed 5aybin m5alta libled
the girl is from sousse too

Still waiting for Tunisiabro's reply.

Dont be rude
A thread in general dies at the 350 posts

Punic revival when

I WANT AN ALGERIAN GIF instagram.com/aminaalgerian/

i've seen a 700 reply post in Cred Forums

any one here knows molestar man or train man they were 2ch useres

Reminds me of Sara Carbonero for some reason.

Not all boards are the same . it also depends on the nature of the thread .

giveaway: instagram.com/maram_ben_aziza/gif though
she is ur type bro

Be chink.
which means every time it's a blizzard or sirocco face it until your face is flat and you have slanty eyes.
Never been to 2ch

Ey that's pretty good

they were vippers post their story in 2ch they got popular they made mangas and live actions about them

I think I fucked up the clothing though. Except for Algeria.
Pic related is the Kabyle hoodie thing.

any lolicon here

Ex-Lolicon here

i read it it's a great mango actually

i want to be the next molestar man :'( but no one is listening here


okay then. You want a comic about yourself?
I'm a bad drawer since my tablet is broken and I use Mouse to draw.

ⴼⵉⵏⴷ ⴰ ⵀⵄⵍⴻ ⴼⵉⵍⵍⴻⴷ ⵡⵉⵜⵀ ⵙⵛⵄⵔⵃⵉⵄⵏⵙ ⵏ ⵙⵀⵉⵜ ⴰⵏⴷ ⵜⵀⵔⵄⵡ ⵢⵄⵓⵔⵙⴻⵍⴼ ⵜⵀⴻⵔⴻ ⵎⵢ ⵎⴰⵏ


this is the context of the manga
Based off a real story which was posted on 2ch, Molester Man is the story of how Molester Man is mistaken for a stalker by Miss Understanding, and how they overcome their personal challenges while slowly growing closer to each other.

"Molester Man" and "Miss Understanding" are simply pseudonyms (false names to hide real names) used by the author of the manga.

i want to live it in reality and write what happens for me here then a japanese introverted mangaka read my thread he write a manga become popular .....

آسف أنا لا أتكلم لغة المتخلفين

What did you say? I don't speak Kavi language
and what do you need help in?

Quality of this cringy thread is low even by my standards.

Glad I'm not posting anymore.

but you live in Tunisia user , no one will ever notice you

Hello wiki warrior

This kills the be*bers;

this kills the sandnigger


most of them converted normally....
Kill yourself land thief banu hilal inbred piece of shit

Sand niggers with bows and arrows and golden swords lost against people with rocks.

Average North African is admixed with 20% nigger.

Germany is not welcome? (._.)


no english wiki :/



More like 1/5

I tought it was only Morocans, when they conquered the Songhay (that one is an interesting history) and all the black slaves they took.

You are /ME/ not /MAGHREB/

North Africa is still Africa my friend

It was also by the Barbary slave trade.

Hi senpai. Pls post new pics of yourself , i lost all my old pics of you .

what the fuck

I knew you guys are tribal but how are there so many denominations

Ethnicity, religion, sect, nationality, race

And now phenotype

baka lol arr rook same

>Ceuta and Melilla

how can white even compete
btw Homologous are just a meme

>Syuttu and Merrirar
They're Algerian my mang

there are some ugly type of phenotype a whole families looking the same and they are all ugly without exception
i know a girl her sister her cousin her mother her brother all the same type same jaw same face shape same body shape they look awful

#corsica and sardinia are tunisian islands

>56% moroccans

You were saying my friendo

Inbreeding maybe?

Balearic Islands are Algerian

maybe it's the cause of inbreeding over generations

Maghreb is moroccan

OK but thats could happen to anyone

You made it seem like it's a very specific phenomenon to Tunisians or something

Unless these are big families, like clans?

true, you can find out by seeing if they're retarded or not since it's a symptom.

well not clans and they are rare but they have some specific features that make them disgusting
anyway show me some chinks chiks user

You missed the most powerful and important ones, the Iberians and the Lusitanians.

All Mahghreb from West Sahara to the Sinai should be ruled by Iberians and Lusitanians desu, the greatest Berbers ever.

Me too. Algerians, Tunisians and Egyptians also have prominent black admixture too. Libyans as well although they are not represented in the map.

The Maghreb as I see it is a mixed racially, between European Slaves, Black slaves, Arab settlers and native North African Berbers.

>Not being ruled by Martian Berbers

Except for the few good looking maghrebis (I mean face not body), most maghrebis are ugly as fuck. Would still bang your fit whores.

Don't forget Algerian Asians

And turks


better than snow niggers though you don't need to be white or pale to look good

Say that to my face, not online

>Account private

How do maghrebis feel about being considered on par with gypos and negroes within Western Europe? I think a lot of Western Europeans actually hate you most now since your contributing a lot of terrorism there.

>tfw my russian cousin isn't half slav but half chechen churka shit

if you have some good pics she will accept u

I was talking about facial features. Most maghrebis are ugly as fuck in that department excluding the fact that they're not white or pale.

I only have penis pics
Pic related is me do I look ugly to you dub leaf.

chink is a derogatory term and it offends my sensibilities

Same, I hate it when non Asians use it ma chink

Ignore the "canadian" . he is an autistic azeri turk who lives in quebec and is very insecure towards maghrebis

sry chinese-sama

stfu chink

eat my ass with some dogs gook

Actually I'm a balkanlar. I'm justing pointing how I see maghrebis and want to know how they feel about their current predicament in Europe.

fuck the good ones are private

French user told me once that maghrebi women in France are complete whores and fuck Frenchmen and negroes. Is this true?


I assume an Analbanian or Bosnian

Well ofc you are a balkanar , turkey is a part of the balkans

ⴰⵙⵙⵓⵎⵉⵏⴳ ⵢⵄⵓ ⵛⴰⵏ ⵔⴻⴰⴷ ⵜⵀⵉⵙ ⵉⴳⵏⵄⵔⴻ ⵜⵀⴻ ⵍⴻⴰⴼ ⵓⵏⵜⵉ ⵀⴻⵙ ⴱⵄⵔⴻⴷ
xd xd xd

New thread plox

I'l leave that to algerianfag

how did he do that



Only a small part. Turks are preferable to magrehbis though even if I don't like them as well.

fucking luck