Be american

>be american
>pretend that you won

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>ask American who won Vietnam War
>"n-n-no one did, user"
>he limps away to his PTSD treatment clinic

>Vietnam won the war

(pic related)

i saw an american the other day genuinely believe that they won both WWI and the european front in WWII for the allies
their delusion has no limits

But it's true

Not for WWI


>Be American

>Be Vietnamese
>Win war
>Become a shithole

>Americans won WWII

or WWII (european front, nuking japan did nothing for that)

How did winning work out for you guys?

>be moortugal
>be a shithole from day one

Their closest ally is now the USA, that's how it worked out for them

I don't know what that means but maybe someone can interpret some deeper meaning behind that

>We must declare war on the United States

>But we can never win such a war!

>Of course not, but we could win the peace. I've given this a lot of thought gentlemen and I'm perfectly positive that I am right. You must remember, the Americans are a very strange people. Whereas other countries rarely forgive anything, the Americans forgive anything. There isn't a more profitable undertaking for any country than to declare war on the United States and to be defeated.

france would not advance until us join
nor uk invade until us joined

War was useless in the first place and we should have been allies from the get go.

>Their closest ally is now the USA

No. That'd be Malaysia.

>those two watches
gets me every time

Did someone actually say this? I think they're on to something

I can't name a country since world war 2 that hasn't done better after being beaten by us
And for a recent example, just look at Kuwait

Of course, ironically, I've noticed the worst thing for a country is to be overthrown by the CIA
So you have to play your cards carefully, if you're not careful enough the USA will just overthrow you using the CIA, rather than wage war on you, which will really mess your country up

you need to pay more attention in your history classes, even france had more of an input in WWI than you, and then russia / britain had the biggest influence on WWII

>beaten by us

>be german
>pretend you lost


Which battles did the United States lose against Vietnam again?



the last one

It's from The Mouse That Roared

We actually won the war, but then the occupation was just a mess of rebellion, so you could say we lost the occupation

No, you didn't win the war. You lost it, installing a pro-west leader for a few years in Saigon isn't winning. In the end America failed to meet her objectives and had to beat a hasty retreat.
It's a fucking loss
So was the War of 1812 by the way.
American propaganda knows no bounds.

The United States won the battle of Koh Tang though

>No, you didn't win every battle you engaged in
Every reputable historian would disagree, but I can see that you've been deluded by resentment and anti-American propaganda. There's no reasoning with people as far gone as you


think the US may well have won everything that conventional western military doctrine would classify as a battle. Nonetheless the US still lost the war.

said "No, you didn't win the war."
which is accurate. He also said "America failed to meet her objectives" which is also true.

Sure the US could have flattened every town and city in North Vietnam, but still would not have controlled the country. Ultimately communist forces won.

I don't resent America, nor do I give into anti-American sentiments, but I do appreciate the realities of history which aren't always flattering for any country.

>be America
>have most advanced military in the world
>lose to malnourished chinks hiding in jungle tunnels


New York Post always makes me kek

I watched that game with a friend from Manchester, it was great. It was a potluck party and my gf at the time baked a cake that was white with a soccer ball on the outside but looked like an American flag when you cut a slice out of it.

>france would not advance until us join

>implying they didn't

what's wrong with wearing two watches?

>still pillaging and looting

It's pretentious as fuck

three watches

>his cunt was at war with both the US and then China
Why so suicidal?

He entered Berlin with none