What browsing Cred Forums taught you about your fellow countrymen...

What browsing Cred Forums taught you about your fellow countrymen? For me it confirmed my irl observation most Israelis wish is to be the only Jews among Goyim.

That I'm glad I haven't met any of them irl. All of my friends at school and uni were bros.

All New Zealanders are edgy white supremacists, yet somehow never have the balls to say it to my face :^)

Aren't they already jews?

Unfortuneatly nothing.
Only learned how relevant we are in the meme industry.
I used to think that that producivity is universal.

That we are all autistic shitheads

Nothing really, I already knew they were retarded from brazilian forums

They can't integrate, I repeat, they CAN'T integrate into different cultures. Those retards act just like in their Spanish forums and don't even bother getting used to Cred Forums culture outside of the most obvious memes.

Our expats must be terrible.

There's a Greek culture nonetheless.

It has confirmed my theory that half the population is fucking retarded.

a lot of my countrymen are extremely delusional, they unironically believe that we're still a superpower


that we're insufferable and Buenos Aires NEEDS to be nuked

They're alright

>russia not a superpower
Mostly true. But with the russian atomic arsenal they will always be a big player to some extent.

I hate the general :/

our neighbors are either advanced bantermasters or clinically retarded people with little in between

that's where the kidney is though, not the heart


Shitposting, uninteresting losers.

On Cred Forums you get mostly the cool guys who know the english internet, so I think all my countrymen are supersmart

Absolutely nothing, because retarded autists from Cred Forums are in no way, shape, or form representative of their fellow average countryman.

same but only for the people who don't browse /ita/


They cut open the lower abdomen to reach the heart under the rib cage, since it's actually quite hard to cut through the ribs and the sternum.

Colombians are insufferable and stupid.

of course the albanian is an expert in kidneys

Actually aight

I sometimes restrain myself to insult some undercover jihadist but that's all

Confirmed my opinion that half of this country are autistic and materialistic sheeple who blindly worship their supreme leader even at the cost of their lives and their families


Fucking classic

Little Englanders are actually a thing. So smug, superior and stick to their own.


*tips fedora*