Middle East Edition


first comment for NA


I don't like this thread 0M0)///

Is it because Egypt is fat?

>That one kid you threw out of the group.
>He will be rich and powerful and cuck you all up


i really don't like ar*bs


No Egypt actually is pretty fat (were actually way ahead of the states)
I just hate how we keep dividing more and more :/ ugh

Ya mgharba chnewa a7sen couscsi 3andkom

we are amazigh and tur*s illiterate shit

/MENA/ became cancer because of m*ghribis coming in to tell us how they are leaving and never actually leave. So this was made to finalize it.



best poster

>uae kek

oh you scared me i will run for my life

>m*ghribis can't leave



Zebi wagaff ezzab chna3mel ?

Don't listen to him, he is a filfthy infidel and hates Islam and arabic culture.
Real turks love mena for allahs sake!

just watch any ME series u will loose interest

Are you greek?


>m*ghribis are gone

no:/ this thread will be dead without us u must be thankful sand nigger

>being this delusional




Fuck summer flu

nice and comfy slow fred

>Your country
>is it relevant enough that slovenian shitposters sing your songs


>actual m*ghribi


I feel bad for u n*bulsi. Here have a bump

you shouldn't
/me/bros will come anytime now...


me thread :40 reply
NA thread ;250reply

It's quality over quantity

Do you all hate Israel?

No but Germany. (._.)


Again with the bullshit partitions?
Just stop this tantrum and put the threads back together again.

And why do you care, Jorge?

Guys pls answer

When I find an Arab gf let's say she's not Muslim, or maybe an apostate

If I tell her I want her to wear the hijab for me, will she likely do it? Would that offend her


What is boussi boussi?
Heard a song that goes like this: Habibiy arrab boussi boussi bous..

oh no

I guess it might be orientalist

Unnecessary extra threads clogging the pages.
Shouldn't you be smuggling rockets through tunnels?

Look look


Shouldn't you be getting beheaded?

Another bump for our poor nabulsi

Here is some arab slut for you guys
and yes she hates the jew


Is Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan also apart of this group since they're west Asian nations?

have some levantine qts

Of course
We are all one big J family

ME thread 58 reply
2nd NA thread 100 reply

We get it

Giving a generous bump


Bumps for the unfortunate


It will offend her

3 na monkeys with nothing to do but spam empty Cred Forums posts

Born and raised in Brazil, lubnani parents.

A-am I w-welcome?



Nah a legit Malay

delet this

write it /mena/ otherwise it doesn't get filtered

you should stop writing a subject at all just to spite this faggot

Hello aravim scum

Pirate horde coming in


report this faggot


As if a few extra threads will add anything against "easter?" "i lik spen" "x cunt is white" and each country having it's own thread. Yeah, Cred Forums servers are in overload because Cred Forums is clogged with shit threads now. Piss off.

pathetic thread

Are you real /UAE/ or expat?

r-rude tbqh

e-expat. Why are you asking?

For a second I thought I am not the only /ME/ here ;__;

But i am /ME/, from Saudi Arabia.


Oh, noice.

What happened to all Saudi posters? Did they ban Cred Forums there? /ME/ used to have at least five different posters with Saudi flags

Yup, Cred Forums is banned there, there's no way around it, not even https. Here in UAE they only banned the nsfw boards, which is the best choice, but in KSA they banned the whole site. Even if you use proxy and undo it when you post, you get a connection error.

Hey sandnigs, would you wanna live in my hometown?

That sucks m8 ;__;

Have you been in UAE for long?

Sure, Ahmed

Came here for uni, I've been here for 3 years. It's a lot better here, you finally get to see females, tho i haven't developed any social skills with them yet.

Report her to the police. You might as well get a British slag

Do you plan on going back?
Good luck with the grills m8

on second thought you're right maybe I have autism

Well i only have to go back on holidays. Other than that i'm planning on staying here