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go away lesbian



Incest is the purest form of love.


Nothing is manlier than Jojo's bizarre adventures

the bigger the despair, the bigger the hope that will overcome it

Im scared associating with nagito.

I'm sad

a moment of silence for a future dead sex tourist. may bathala bless his poor soul.

How about some gender ambiguous fatty


young fatties are usually kind people

There should be a lot of tours and stuff around the net.
Last time I had a vacation there was when we went to Samal Island.

yeah, fake togami was the nicest character in the game.

nth for giant penises

kuronekofags still on suicide watch xixiixx

More interested in going to not so typical tourist areas

Mother-son incest yes
Brother-sister incest no


>all of those bule salty comment

>Brother-sister incest no
Shit taste

hol' up you be sayin' that we wuz suicide squad 'n sheeit?

Do you personally know someone from Davao? They might be able to get you to specific places that aren't advertised around the net. Other than that, just ask the locals.
It's been like 10 years since I lived in there so I don't really know what new locations or secret spots they'd have there now.

>Moving to Mindanao out of the 3 main islands in the Philippines
Just stay away from the west side of Mindanao and you're gonna be a bit safe.

>not so typical tourist areas
I've heard sulu is quite popular with tourists these past 6 months. try it out and I guarantee that the experience would blow your mind.


Make sure you bring a gun, army kit and an emergency beacon as well, lol.

Me on the left

Not yet just planning on asking around work when I've met a few people
Thanks I'll have a look

Sulu is where the Abu Sayyaf is..

Just googled it haha thanks

close the malaysian border the shittier and more dangerous it gets

For anybody of you that played Civilization V, me and my buddies had worked for a Mod that came from this region, its called Demak from Indonesia. Feel free to check it out

You're seriously not going to Sulu are you?

If you're really willing to, make sure you bring a back up army with you. People who'd only be interested going there are Archaeologists, the scouts, journalists or generally, someone who's doing research.


wtf I hate m'laysia now

No probably not

Philippines is the real land of the FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I didn't lie about the things I've said though

Philippines and Japan = BASED
This is why there are lots of trolls around those netspaces.

>China, Thailand and Malaysia

this is why there is so many filipinos here

you asean niggers are either a propaganda news sheep or a government employee

self hate post is illegal in your fucking cunts you asean niggers


you can shit talk whoever the fuck they are worshiping though.



If you do that, you'll never be seen again.

Most of the people in our interwebs censorship department are either old people who are not tech literate, or young people who don't really want stuff to be blocked. Hence the sporadic censorship for everything that's not related to politics.

everything is daijobu.

t. someone who's worked in the government sector

The waters east of Sabah is claimed by all three nations so the patrols don't just enter there to avoid triggering each other which makes it ideal for piracy.
That's Malaixiya for you, none shall pass our somewhat great wall.

Huh no wonder quality memes are hard to come by

Didnt PLDT and Globe blocked xvideos for a month before getting back it again

Samal is where the kidnappings happens
I don't know if its still open for tourism at the momment

brb moving to philppines

I don't think we are really included in that

>tfw Mr Si wants me to work on sunday

Another explosion at Bali?
How unfortunate.

more like internet was shit due to having network problem outside the countr

Najib is dropping bars on tv right now, based as fuck.

Mindanao, where masochist tourism happens.

disregard Modi

no pic hoax

>Jokowi is a fucking normie

Is terminating my kikebook the right thing to do?
Im just sick of the daily dutdut in kikebook

Yes, Facebook is a dead meme.

any good alternative that isnt owned / created by a jew?


>Not the jews of Southeast Asia

t. Lim


kek at least in english, not inside great firewall of china

Cred Forums

that will change soon because dudirty is hellbent on making us china's little red monkey

>tfw wanted to try monster hunter online that has its server in china
>the game is under tencent
>tencent needs a China citizen identity number

never again

Imagine 800m chinks laughing at their own chink memes in their chink facebook.

You do realise all our internet is filtered through China connection right, it's why everything is so shit, even websites hosted in the Philippines get directed to China then back here

That Unique Unit and Unique Building so OP btw.

Malaysia Truly Asia

Did someone say despair?

It's funny how backward shitholes like Myanmar and Cambodia are better than countries like Indogsnesia and Malaysia

oh no wonder it takes forever for my kikebook to load on some days which i just proceed to close the tab.

Kinda hard to censor the dial up 56k modem connection when nobody uses them.

you want to know chink weibo content? it's something like this


How come there are very few loser Chinamen, displaced Chinamen, M'lays and Thais here?

>no youtube
how do they even cope

blocked by the censorship police



PLDT = Ilocos -> Hong Kong -> Ilocos -> destination

Globe = Bicol -> Vietnam -> Singapore -> Bicol -> Hong Kong -> destination

PLDT never shares its local gateway to Globe or anyone else so local sites are slower than international sites


>Hong Kong
So, you mean China?

Implying Hong kong isn't China

>giving a shit about what some random charts on the internet from literally who sources said about your country

i personally think they are more chineses in Indonesia than in Malaysia

No Yandere for a week ;~;

Is this place great?

Should I try "authentic" Singapore "food"?

what is "singapore food"?


You mean Chinese and Malay dishes except less greasier and less heart attack inducing

I wan to fug them both

>mfw singapore is the original OC steel beams

not when im Fukka you

I only know makansutra because of the fat guy that goes around eating

P-Please be gentle


> censorship

> can't even acccess xvideos.


ok done, sheesh

I can access it with PLDT.

Tfw at the start of the season I thought she will watch Chiaki die, but no, she's the one that pushed her to die.

Globe can't :(

Why are you even using Globe instead of PLDT

Chicken Rice

Chisa did nothing wrong! Chisa is cute!

I've beenwith globe for 4 years and the connection's been consistent in my area unlike PLDT.

>live concert finale
holy shit


>evil lady changes heart after a hug backstage

Top slandering a good man. You cant even show proofs

does Danganronpa even have a S2?

>Danganronpa zero
>danganronpa 1
budget animu
>danganronpa 2
>danganronpa another episode
>danganronpa 3

How to reduce obesity in Malaysia?


Raise prices of high calorie foodstuff and goods like oil, sugar and butter

But Malay OC will be more expensive when tourist try to visit you guys

That plot is garbage. Said evil lady is the real retard.

No more 24 hour mamak, everyone watching football there are only allowed drinks without sugar.
Chuck the subsidy monies to housing, public transport etc instead but of course Malaysians are too pampered for that.
Sugar, fuel, flour and everything meant for our citizens are taken across the border daily, you would be surprised at the madness the Thais went to modify their vehicles in order to suck our fuel.
So long as our goods is cheaper than the neighbours there will always be losses to us, its about time to put a stop to that.
>Govt gives subsidised goods like fertiliser to the poor
>Stupid poor sells their fertiliser to corrupt rich landowners
>Rich landowners get more rich and produce more crops that poor farmer
>Poor farmer's land bought by rich landowner or pay him tons of money to use his machinery.
And the cycle repeats in every industry constantly feeding the corruption. At the very least we should change the form of socialism to something that would be hard to change into cash.
One thing about Malaysians is that they are hypocrites when they themself fuel the corruption. Or its just easier to blame someone else than looking at the mirror.
>Govt gives book voucher but students sells book voucher for iphones then go to the streets , muh corrupt govt
>Bribe to cut lines/avoid fines then go muh corruption

>everyone watching football there are only allowed drinks without sugar.
>Tfw no longer able to enjoy my teh cino with roti canai jacked up with loads of gula

No thanks, I'll stay obese

But this has to stop somewhere, imagine
We might as well explode ourselves if that happens.


I want to go back.

Cred Forums blocked all globe ips for some reason 2-4 years ago. I don't know what kind of shitposter would get moot to ban an entire ip range, but it's a cool story. I don't know when he lifted the range ban. I just found out one day I could post with a globe isp again.



Also kek on more CG on 2017 cause of another Berserk season

probably spamming cp pics
i still remember that catholic school teacher in Cred Forums that spammed his student swimming pictures some almost count as cp

I want to marry Sonia!


>tfw listening to an old track list
Man...time moves fast




ayo goyang dumang


malaysian equivalent of "whittu piggu go home"

I'm teaching you Indonesian pop culture


Yay apehoop 2k17 is out but its downloading at a fucking shit speed of 120kB/s

i laugh everytime malays trying to potray our women sluttier than theirs.
like every malay porno i watch there always an autistic malay claiming "lol, shes an indon".
quit playing innocent muslim whore cunt

But that's a good thing user

How do I get a tattooed indo gf?

Post samples

so why malays do that tho?
all i know is malay women are even more hypocritical, bet they even suck chinamen cocks for free

Wtf, I thought tattoos were haram or something.
>inb4 it's just some stupid foreigner getting a tattoo in a fancy language or a Christian Arab.

Malay girls have a reputation for being easy in my country tb.h

t. Chink with Malay ex-gf

fucking knew it

Good night qt pies

Some are just troll that specifically target easily butthurt Indons.


Tfw I just got home from drinking with my friends.

Feels safer nowdays thanks to Dutdut. Tanods and cops actually active

im sorry growling tigers but it must be done



He looks so cute :3



I will, and I will kill as many Indons as I can in the process Inshaallah

Bravo Indonesia The Raid is amazing


>still shilling this bullshit

Yuck, worst than anti ust retard



indonesians are amazing people with amazing culture


WTF I love Philippines now.

Sonia isnt even good.



fuck off you kike dick sucker

>not just bombing the entire shithole
Good goy :^DDDD



This reeks of

Magandang umaga


Give her back Jamal

hello malay-chan


im playing csgo after 1 year quiting
feels weird desu

good luck,,I'll be cheering for you

magandang tanghali

Mahal kita

its morning for neets, you misogynistic priviledged brown man


I used to feel sorry for the Malaysian Chinese, but when you realise that they are 100% behind support for degeneracy, "democracy", homosexuality, Western progressivism, hipster coffee, tumblr postings etc in Malaysia... you will know and accept that UMNO and PAS are in the right.

Hopefully, our government can work with Malaysia to help squash their evil ambitions wherever they emerge, just as we suppressed the PR protests here after GE13

mahal kita kahit hindi mo alam

Kapag akoy nag iisa madalas akong nag babate

Kadalasan ginagawa ko to bago pa ko tumae

wwhy am I in this trhread]]
wher am I
how are you people>??

>Why am I in this thread
Anime and sillypenis
>Where am I
>How are you people
D-daijobu desu

>Rody: Military men follow orders; civilians are lazy

Well at least he knows

cant wait to report to draft mandate by military governor comrade remulla in state of cavite to fight in 2nd civil war on 2021 using my chinese rifle between federal republic of the philippines and national liberal democratic forces backed by americans

too tryhard


>hipster coffee
I get the rest but what's the point of fighting coffee?
The pimped up ones wielded by the airport guards looks pretty cool paired with the dark coloured uniform thqh.
>tfw Najib made fucking M4 standard issue instead of cooler looking bullpup QBZ-95.
I bet the CIA is behind this.

Im about to finish doom

is dark souls a good series, im starting from the 1st game and waste to become nba 2k17 download completes fucking 114kb/s Im at 7.4%

i lost all hope for with PAS since they formerly a DAP puppet. and for UMNO when they used to all about Malay rights but now they even sellout their dignity for profit i feel sorry for anyone to work in Petronas currently now that all the notable ppl working there is quitting thanx to naj and shell imagine the only successful corporation is now falling thanks to greedy cronies. hopefully our based dictator would do something about it

more like sillypenis mirite mum





great Mahathir


Is this the theme song for the Indon posters of /asean/?


Oppai Loli?

Nguyen Giap

Said dictator is responsible for dismantling our check and balance system though on top of abusing ISA powers tons of times. Although I won't deny some oppression is necessary since Malaysians are too gullible as well as his successful economic diversification policy.
Some fake Whatsapp spread and tons will fall for it without even checking the validity.
Besides you are discrediting other profitable state enterprise like Felda or former ones like Sime Darby.
I'm quite fond of PAS actually since at least they hold on to their core ideals even if they bend over minor ones out of necessity some times. Too bad their economic policy is way too outdated, too much old school all debts are bad we must focus on removing all debts first then agriculture, job security etc.
Not exactly the kind of people who would go all around the world persuading investors and offering tax breaks to set up business. It was Mukhriz who goes around China looking around until he managed to get the offers for our fishing terminal.

selamat pagi

It's afternoon

How come I never see frog posting in kikebook yet this happen?

selamat malam

It's petang

terima kasih


Thanks a lot.
but we are not jews.
We have anything to do with economy in the world a little, too.

>tagalogs and chinese think they own the whole country
Jesus fuck, when will they ever learn.

Life is good.

apa khabar?

>but we are not jews.
You won't be fooling anyone Abe.
Shimizu given 50% share of the water tunnel to supply 60% of Malaysian population in Klang Valley is a form of political control.
Khabar baik.

>Not using Sky


You dont own nothing, Juana

>not using rise

Khabar is very the baik.


What a tweest, so did Dutdut take the hostage money for himself?

>1 day left

That's why separation is inevitable


Don't forget to get your copy

Last time he paid the hostages still got beheaded lmao

It's gonna rain pee tomorrow...



Over the victory of the commie red?

>having squatters as neighbors
doesn't that make you a squatter yourself?



It's the Shimizu Corporation, isn't it?
Thanks for giving us a job.
Yes, Your Majesty.

fuck this thread
fuck the posters in this thread
fuck off
fuck anime
fuck malaysians and singaporianos

why dont you leave then?

Get in there and sing MY WAY

literally worst show

What did I do, senpai?

Why is there no Yandere chef ;~;

you're the worst show


I actually made a little sketch of you for my amusement

I threw it away because it was too good to be representative of you

And I am not good at drawing

>he sketched
>for free

Because I treat you as a friend

But now I see that you are just another traitor

Hitokiri Manobato will assassinate the chinks.

Juzo is a pure maiden, though.

>Preparing for weekend
>Download loads of jav
>Half of them stuck at 90%~

>google searches loads like 20 sec
>network problem of pldt started around 3rd week of august which affect users randomly nationwide.

Ara~ kimochii.. chinpo...ana...


Tfw i have 70k debt and cant afford burgers to spoil myself

what's the country's track record with regards to witnesses surviving? After the hoopla dies down. This guy will be swimming with the fishes after he's forgotten within a year or two.


I'm not a traitor






its mandarin so it check out

Wtf i hate mongols now

I should have a bbc right now

I made a cute girl in your likeness for free and you mocked it before I even showed it to you

Whatever you want to call it. Your party's credibility is dead anyway. I'm just gonna drink lot's of beer to see the false become the truth.



Is this thing on?

Makes you really think

How much China paid him to kiss their ass for those trains?


>dudirty thinks he can swindle the military into becoming his yes men

why so scared mr. president? you've been visiting military camps left and right since winning

enjoy having a magdiwang in 2-3 years

Can you hear me?

Type louder i cant read you, OVER

Hi, rich neighbour here


someone please smack me on the head, i got pathological procrastination

hi, to-be terrorized neighbour.


Another cousin sent me over some 6 pieces of dunkin donuts just in time cause im starving.

Praise Allah.


Nothing what money can't solve, pump more money into Military

>not buying 200 pieces of munchkins


kek this
>drive to johor
>chinks actually do this shit
fuggin kiasu

That makes no sense
The humiliation Marcos cause is more than just an LP thing

Always wondering about this.

first time heard this, might be useful for the night before the oil price rise.

Well, cause
1. Ringgit is shit currency
2. Petrol is expensive here
3. Make up what Malaysia charges us to go into Malaysia
4. No taxes
Thanks Malaysia

>Not mooncakes for mid-autumn festival
baka senpai

Most Makoycucks are underage and never lived during the ML era. They just parrot what they read from made-up copypasta from Facebook.

2 months worth of swissmiss or 1 month worth of burger?

Which is better

Will tax more if foreign plate no, soon.

Actually that brurial destroys dutduts credibility more than anything
Nothing more than an oligarchs pawn using bullshit nationalism for retarded rural minded flips

And as if Marcos has any to being with aside form his paid internet shills

Damn Mooncakes like Durian give me bad sore throat.

each car tank has a fixed fuel capacity shaking makes no difference

maybe singapore isn't nice after all u guys not even close to "Tax Haven" countries with all the meme cost of living hell even Indonesia is G20

I dont have money cause of debts

They probably modify their back seat and trunk into fuel tanks like Thais.

What tea is good for coughs again?

Then we'll stop spending money in Malaysia, where else will you find so many rich fucks going there to cash in own your shit

>go to johor
>wait at a petrol station
>start recoding when you see a singaporean plate




Yea we are a import dependent nation, with a strong currency, so that's why we usually go Malaysia and buy a bunch of shit cheap and horde them back to Singapore

>buy mooncake
>4 pieces cost like 500 pesos


>coming from chink reselling cheap water into expensive bottle.
Are you that stingy?

I heard that (before the recent drop in Malaysia currency) some items sold in Singapore can be cheaper in Malaysia.

They are suit as gift

They don't even pay their traffic summons
I remember reading about how they cost Johor Fire Department some money due to running over our fire hydrants.


Is that gross GDP? Sorry m8, we only dabble in GDP per capita

>Durian mooncake
That's some good shit desu

Honey lemon tea, helps my sore throat, I reckon it should do the same for coughs.

Kek, that's like $35 in real money, I don't see the issue

>t. Middle-class Chink

Licorice Root

Add honey


It is true.

>honey lemon tea

Is it lemon tea then you add honey?

Well, we're practical, we do what's viable, that's why we're successful

Durian mooncakes are expensive desu

New thread
Migrate time

even the japs buy Canon cameras and sony products in malaysia. our stores is one of the cheapest if not mistaken. if the price suddenly expensive a chink must be involved

Thanks Malaysia for cheap petrol

No, it's more like "warm water with a few teaspoons of lemon juice and honey" desu

The good things in life are always worth it senpai

Like jewing the natives for our own personal benefits kek

>They just parrot what they got from etc.
That may be true, but I parrot what my grandparents and most of the old people said. Millennials during Marcos era were rebellious cucks and would try anything new. Edsa was cool before the economy and country plummeted into chaos. Oh boy, let's thank the Ka Ninoy and Ka Cory shall we? I bet your parents were worse off and regretted doing this and that; and doing things that made you, must suck being a neet eh? Times have changed now, if I'm going to mother my children at least the best thing that I could tell them is that Marcos was a proper leader.

Marcos was the reason for that decline he needed to be stop
Radical commies were also on the rise thanks to his stupidity as a leader

Nothing but a try hard Kim Jung un

>not getting them for free
>not being a part of Mr. Tin's gift list

Eng Bee Tin and smaller shops sent me mooncakes for free, cry more