This is your average African American female

>This is your average African American female.
Why don't you have an African American gf ur user?

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because my butthole is better looking than them

>This is your average African American female.

Post or it's not true

t. Never seen a black American

I mean, I guess. If you don't count the "niggers" at least.

add 200 more pounds and negroid features sure.

She has negroid features

Dumb Gook

>average African American
Are you even trying to be subtle?


I wonder how long it took them to get her hair straight like that.

I remember a post by a black user who said unless he uses some conditioner on his hair twice a day it becomes steel wool pretty fast


>This is your average African American female
she's actually from Gambia, my dear shitposting amerishart

No shut up this is average African American girl

No it isn't you fuck

My sister had her very curly hair straightened and took like 4 hours. That girl's hair is longer so I'd add an extra hour if it was her.


Does she cosplay as Storm by any chance?


Average black American

She's a fine specimen desu


cute, but way too dark

Ummm no

This is average black American

>Too dark

Forgot pic


That is not black American





We can all be friends :)

But I don't want to be friends with niggers.

Where are you getting these pictures from?

Why tho

Not all of us are retarded Niggers

I see them on a daily basis. They don't look like that at all.

What about not-retarded-nigger black people?

If I took her contacts off would she die?

What state senpai?

Sure, if you're civil I got no problem with you.

I might dump a whole lot of photos of sexy africans in this thread.

Do it

I nearly did and she wanted to marry me.

Story time:

>be me 19 in college

>meet this black girl from atlanta

>really mixed up, but rich family.

>treats me everyone shitty and expects people to like her.unironically a beauty queen.

She sees that i have a big dick and wants to fuck me, cheat on her boyfriend in atlanta.

Then it emerges she works as a prostitute and wants me to pay for this experience of sleeping with her.

Then she tries to get me to rape her, she had a rape fetish from when she was raped a few years ago.

Then she tries to say it doesn't matter if you get me pregnant and wants me to knock her up because her bf likes pregnant chicks. later find out she has 3 kids in america.

She's a squirter and constantly reminded me of this, she would deny her self sex and orgasms to save her self up for better sex and would talk openly of this.

Squirted in my chair when no one was in the room so i had to sit in it.

was hiv positive and wasn't that open about it.

Her mum also fancied me because she sent her pics of me to her.

Meet her with daughter, give her a hug later overheard them talking that she wasnt wearing underwear underneath her sweatpants. she had a thing for me too.

Look her up on facebook turns out she married a sierra leonean banker who was much older and died a few years after.

Just to clarify i never did anything with her and im kind of thankful i didn't but sometimes i wonder what it would have been like.

>She sees that i have a big dick
stopped reading there

You are all wrong, 82% of black American women are either obese or overweight.

6 inches is massive bruh

im not kidding,i just didn't want to stick my dick in crazy.

Because I have a white gf.


Person in op isn't American

fr*ck off Joel


Good thing we have Domican, Colombian and Ethiopan women.

Delete this


she's beautiful

she's an ape with fake ass contacts

This is a black girl







holy shit

perfect body.
Only problem with bodies like that is that she'll look like shit once she hits 35.


Because I don't live in USA and we barely have any black people. But black girls are gorgeous.

Are you retarded?

He is not 100% black, she is mixed

No she's not

Because I've only seen a nigger once or twice in my life. Greek the one and only white master race.


>This is your average African American female.

because i'm both a mediterranean male and a man of patrician taste. mediterranean girls, eurasians and some very particular types of east asians and mestizas are the only patrician options. white women and negresses are the options of degenerate "men' with low self-esteem or cuck fetishes

she looks fully black, that's not her real eye colour and the freckles were created with makeup. but she looks very attractive for a black woman, i'd say she is a 10/10 by nigger/white standards and 3/10 by mediterranean standards

come visit us user
black girls really love Russian men, you stay for a month and leave with great memories and 16 baby mommas

The thing is, as long as she takes care of herself, once she's closer to 40 her tits'll obviously sag but that's really it. Black women age exceptionally well unless they let themselves get fat. Most healthy black people in their late 40s look like they're in their early 30s. It's kinda hard to notice unless you're around a lot of black people tho.

t. black dude who's mom regularly gets mistaken for his older sister/wife

>a man of patrician taste

She's not American

Post mom

>"i'm a mediterranean male"
>picture of a white dude who looks like a stereotypical Cred Forumslack


Wow monkeys with makeup

god, niggers are fucking disgusting

How does she look like a monkey?

Gimme her Instagram

I am intrigued by this. She's black but has white features.

I prefer white women but wew this, this is something new and I like it

it would be extremely painful

nah. here's a 35 year old mom that stayed in shape and probably doesn't smoke with her two 16 y/o daughters though.

>She's black but has there features
She black American

>nipple piercing

fucking DROPPED

Where in the states do I find a specimen like this?

Are there are only 2 types of black women? The hoodlum and the white girl stuck in a black body?

Read a fictional story of a guy traveling to the states for his black dream girl but could only find those types

>Are those only 3 types of black women? The hoodlum and the white girl stuck in a black body?

So that's the kind of things that get you hard, huh

>Where in the states do I find a specimen like this?
In LA underneath some rich muscle packed asian dude probably.

Now tell me where do I have to look?!?!

>Asian dude


Which one's the mom? I thought they were triplets.

>full lips
>wide nose
These are not "white features." Just accept that this world is full of beautiful black women, and don't try to invalidate them by assuming Europeans had something to do with it.


t.never actually saw a black girl

can you dump her whole gallery

I see them everyday

I want a wife that can cook.

>I want a wife that can cook.
Do you like soul food?

there are black qts, but they're rather rare.
had one half black girl i was fucking which i got to know over tinder, great sex desu

I've never had it before. Is it good?

its waffles and chicken


Not very healthy tho

I'm just shooting from the hip. She could be Chris Brown's side piece for all we know. You aren't going to find girls that look like they should be plastered on the side of a 12 story building doing perkies at some shitty state school college party on a Tuesday though.

mom's to the left. middle and right are daughters

>I like it, so it's white now.
Bigotry 101, don't bother. Also for posterity's sake

>I like it, so it's not reaaaaaallly black anymore
American culture 101

>there's almost no qt black women in Russia
Fuck my life. I lived near the biggest concentration of black people in Moscow (rented a flat not far away from RUDN dorms) and saw maybe 1 black qt in all the time there.

I'd defintelly date an american black over a french white. At least afromurilards won't steal your car and try to blow up random shit with gas bottles.

Tbh I came inside a sudanese qt during hs(gf) and 2 kenyan students(college) but the best was this afro-vietnamese qt from Czech,best ass,best tits,best face.
My dick hurt so bad but it was so good.
>tfw you miss erasmus

the refugee crisis wouldnt be that bad if it werent 90% men who are coming

>My dick hurt so bad but it was so good.

>you;ll never snuggle up next to her and keep her warm because she isnt acclimatized to the cold
>You'll never smell her cocoa butter skin

He fucked some random chick on a party of course he got an STD.

Finding someone that dark in your parts shouldn't be a problem.


i don't know what that means

How are mulatto women in bed?

Salty milks and coins.

pretty much this

let me help you


muh dick