>favorite anime

Welcome to the NHK

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welcome to the NHK+ steins ; gate +SNAFU

Welcome to the NHK

Rabu raibu and fate series

I watched and it was okay


Thunderbolt Fantasy

I only watch K-on now

Welcome to the NHK is also my favourite

Algeria** not flag

welcome to NHK novel is a masterpiece

I've had a job since I was 16 but I find NHK comfy for some reason


Serial Experiments Lain
Lain es la waifu

Love Live

jury's still out on is Sunshine actually better than original

Puella Kino Madoka Magica

Pic related is my daughteru.

yuru yuri

I don't get why people prefer watching Steins;Gate anime instead of reading the fucking VN which is clearly superior.

boku no pico (10/10 plot)


Sayounara zetsubou sensei
Is welcome to nhk really good?

Becauae it's too time consuming


Welcome to the N.H.K.

FLCL. Nothing will ever top it.

Moe all day, erryday

Yeah, it's good
Depressing at times though

The VN has a better pacing and all the girls have more or less equal screentime. S;G anime was a huge cockblock for Farisfags.


Thanks I'll consider watching it

Higurashi, which is also my favourite VN, manga etc

>tfw episode 4 releases in October

Am I in for another wild ride? Episode 3 fucked me up real good.


The Monogatari series

Doll best girl

Great taste, lad.

1. Here
2. PSG
>2010 was 6 years ago
>still no 2nd season
Trigger was a mistake.

Mamoru Oshii and Katsuhiro Otomo works
NHK is physical pain, because it hits too close to home. it's good though

Another patrician among us.

>Depressing at times though
If by that you mean you want to kill yourself for the rest of your life because >no misaki gf to bully and hug, then yes

On steam? Theyre getting through those quite quickly now

If theyre releasing them in order the fourth one is actually the most calm and placid, but the one after that is by far the most extreme so youd better prepare for the wild ride

Please buy it
Support Mangagamer, it's the only good localization company that actually releases stuff with quality translations

I would have thought that mangagamer were rich by now with all of the support they get

The whole cast is great

>but the one after that is by far the most extreme

Holy hell. I guess I'll enjoy the calm ride with Rika-chan and brace myself for when the Answer Arc starts.

I got *eden and the first 3 Higurashi episodes. I'm planning to buy the fourth one when it releases and then buy Umineko on Christmas. It's a really good company.

I hope they release the Answer Arc on it's entirety. It's kind of a pain to wait between episodes.

>tfw I even like Gaen


fcking weebs here should all die

i read it waiting for steins gate 0 btw the anime still a masterpiece

>talked to a friend's weeaboo little sister about welcome to the nhk
>she avoids me now when i visit them

did i fuck up?

>I know that, I know everything

You might find Reddit more suitable for your tastes.

The anime wasn't bad, it was really good but the pacing felt a little odd compared to the VN. If you ever plan o rewatching it you should play the VN and do everyone's routes.

Always hide your power level.

She's cute and reminds me of Will Smith with those clothes.


It's a tie between FLCL and Madoka.


>Gurren Lagann

Akage no Anne

it's a tie between mononoke and logh

Born and raised in Chicago, parents are from Taiwan

Pic related is my favorite. So fucking comfy

it's been on my backlog for years, im going to watch that next