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Comfy word of the day:
大家 dàjiā everyone

Why it's comfy? It is made of characters "big" and "home". Everyone is a big home! Very 安逸 ānyì which means comfy.

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Dear Chinese people. Please no photographs

安逸 is made of the characters for peace and leisure

>安逸 ānyì which means comfy.
I learned at least one thing today thanks to you.

你好 lads
how were your days?


What do Chinese think of him?

the rebel? bad

>There are more Chinese posters from Canada than Chinese posters from China on Cred Forums

Chinese trust him

"Woman under a roof"
This character is seriously cute

What do Chinese think of her?

An Lu Shan is the reason why every Chinese dynasty thereafter distrusted military leaders and instill the population with a cancerous amount of pacifism and anti-military mindset that made them into weak merchants.
China would have had a similiar military culture as the Japanese, if not for An Lu Shan and his rebellion.

First ever concubine who was known for being THICC and HIGH TEST

Yep, this is why China don't take over the world.

Also because China's philosophy was inward looking. If there were any economic or societal pressures, civil wars are to be fought until these pressures are alleviated by simple decimation of the excess population.

In the West, these crisis and pressures are alleviated by sending the excess population into other countries to wage wars and conduct campaigns of conquest.

FUCK china

china SUCKS


OK so last week during Chinese classes we were supposed to interview each other. What's your first name, what's your last name, your telephone number etc.
Now the thing is, we are a class of 6 people and each was supposed to interview 3 others.
2 middle aged men, one woman, me and another guy about my age are in the class.

The teacher only came to me and the other young guy for an interview and told us her phone number.
I thought OK maybe it's just a random number (of course I took note of it on my paper anyway) but today I decided to check it and it's actually her real phone number as I can tell from the picture on whatsapp.

She TOTALLY wants the dick god damn...!!!
Slamming a teacher would be too weird tho.

Do Chinese people become scared any time they use an escalator in China?

How's the economy going, Mongolia?

Did Uncle Sam give you the money they promised you for trying to backstab China by aligning with the US?

Or did you crawl back like the sad little nomads you are, groweling before China's feets and hoping for mercy?

>One-time emerging market darling Mongolia is running out of cash

>The World’s Worst Currency Is in a Record Slide

Are Brit bongs scared of toothbrushes and crest white strips?

i and many other brits are petrified of them


I thought so faggot

did the thought of your fellow chinks being eaten by an escalator trigger you?

No I was merely enjoying the thought of a succulent boiled dog asshole meat in my mouth


Don't know if I should
Just drop a 老師你好 maybe

>care for some extra-curricular interview training?


>be Mongolian
>KHAN yourself
Can't make this shit up


Ahaha dumb chink )) die chink.. wall not work? Hahahahahaha uncle Sam nuke u soon! Ahahahaha

First time I've ever seen a mong here before

What do you think of Manchu and Kazakhs?

not much to say about manchu. I really like Kazakhstan and its people

What do you think of this song?

Most Chinese can't access the google captcha which is needed to post on Cred Forums although they can lurk here

dont know why China and Russia haven't partitioned your shithole cockroach people country yet

Better to just nuke it already!!!

Because Mongolia makes a good buffer-zone that both countries accept.

But dont worry. If Mongolia gets more cozy with the US and expands US military footprint, China and Russia will partition them Poland style.




Huijia from local jiuba few minutes ago. There was this one zhongguoren with his nüpengyou. As usual when spotting zhongguoren, I tantan a little bit putonghua gen tamen. They ALWAYS reply in English and it ALWAYS seems to take them some processing that zhe ge fenlanren actually shuo hanyu. Annoying af dajia.

Check this out 宿
pure genius


I love jack ma and aliexpress


i have to write a silly introduction of my tongxue for class tomorrow.
basically just copying the phrases from the textbook and putting in their names but i wanna SPICE it up with a lil introduction, have no clue about sentence structure though.
Is 我來介紹一下讓二個同學和我的老師 even remotely correct?
also i know i am using traditional characters (taiwanboo) b4 u ask

>implying non-Mainlanders aren't just Mainlanders in denial

keneng ni de fayin bu tai hao, suoyi ta men gei ne jiang yingwen. ni de zhongwen fayin hao bu hao? waiguoren de fayin pingshi bu hao.

hong kongers for sure
feeling all entitled because they don't shit on the sidewalk lmao like great job you're so not mainlanders now

is not necesary


Post heaven palace

but is it wrong? just wanted to stick to what the textbook says so the teacher won't be like "why did you leave that out"
they always use "我來介紹一下讓" in this unit, probably more formal? idk
but thanks anyway
more concerned about the part that comes after it.
can i say it like that or is it off?
i wanna say i'm gonna introduce two fellow students and the teacher


让 goes in the very front if you have to

same as the let me construct in english

who business in the China who is like selling own spirit to the devil.

such a people ignoring fact of poor people and lost vast of natural resources in the world.

oh and for the second part not really
unless you want to put mine before classmates so it is parallel to teacher
allow me to introduce my 2 classmates and teachers, almost the same grammatically

whoops used the wrong character, didn't check what i was choosing from the pinyin input
it's 一下兒 actually

probably makes more sense now

Was thinking of learning Chinese but it's one of the few languages where when I listen to it I have no clue what they're saying, I don't know where one word ends and another begins.

At least with most other languages you can tell what they're saying, you just can't understand it. With Chinese I don't have a clue.


to show propriety you can put you can put teacher first

儿 in this case is specifically a dialect thing, it serves no function and since it is beijing accent it shouldn't be in traditional really

Cant wait for the 2019 大阅兵

I wonder what they will show to the public.

That's just something you learn as you study the language.

Even when someone says words I don't understand, if they aren't speaking too quickly I can hear which specific syllables they're saying though I might not know the meaning.

they usually do big ones every 5 years

I like them because they sell a lot of copied products and bootlegs, sometimes there are good surprises.

yeah she said that it's beijing dialect, was too lazy to switch to simplified input tbhwu
textbook is all simplified anyway

so it's "我來介紹一下兒我的老師和二個同學" ? (in simplified ;----))))

>i wanna say i'm gonna introduce two fellow students and the teacher
啊!你!你你啊啊! 这位两人是我同学!明白啊啊?好啊!我来告诉你,在是我的老师。你明白不明白?屁!

Just use that.

the last one was last year in september.

But it wasnt an anniversary parade, which only goes every 10 years.

2015, there were no representatives of the different service arms, only the 'honour guard' units that represent the old red army regiments of WW2.

The J-20 was sorely missed in that parade. Hopefully, 2019 will have them included.


yes okay, you can change 个 to 位 if you like

i will remember this though

>not impressing everyone with canto-style badass hoodlum slang

Your loss cuckman.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to put your phone number to good use.

>Oh hey I wanted to see if this number would worklol :-)

Then work on the spicy intro with her so it can be a little secret just between you two.

Bitches love secrets.

Is there any good chinese animes

My guess is not really since all of my Chinese friends who watch anime watch exclusively Japanese stuff.

anime-copy no but they did have terrific animation way back when

Most doujins have a Chinese translation well before English or even a clean scan of the Japanese original is out.

i have decided that wei lih men are the best instant noodles money can buy

How many characters do you learn a day? Do you write them out manually, use flash cards or do both?

For my Chinese major, I took a summer class that involved learning ~20 characters per day, though for this Fall semester it's much more relaxed at around 20 per week.

No most of them have shit animation. but their manhwas are good though.

There is some well animated one coming soon:


But it's about e-sports. So eh.

>an anime about e-sports

That said, which city is this show set in. Looks 10/10 would want to visit tier.

中文老师经常把他们的号码给学生,原因就是如果你生病了或不能交功课等的话 你可以随便和他联系。没有什么含义,他不要操你啦。

You don't need 让 (stop using pig-disgusting traditional characters btw) and it's 两个 not 二个. When you're talking in quantities, it's always 两个 and never 二个. Having 让 there makes no fucking sense.

e-sports is big business in china, actually.

people there, for some reason, really love to watch that shit.

kinda like the Indians with their cricket etc.

Where did you study user?

Nevermind I see it's a typo.

still though, 一下 sounds better than 一下儿 to my ear, the 东北 accent is dildos.

I wonder how China will get on over the next 50 or so years.

Will they progress to full developed nation or still be full of underhanded shitty merchandise.


>Will they progress to full developed nation or still be full of underhanded shitty merchandise.

If I were a betting man I'd say the latter.

They are always going to produce poor quality knock-off merchandise until the court system in China becomes a genuine unbiased third-party system instead of an easily corruptible wing of the commie party. Until consumers can hold producers accountable for all things from quality for property rights, they're going to continue pumping shit out because they can. At the moment the only times where the system seems to function in this regard is when it's big enough to make headlines, e.g. the milk powder scandal.

I study at a CUNY college.

Fairly sure that they already climbed the value chain. GZ and Pearl River Delta already operate with 90% robot-based manufacturing at places. In sectors, the Chinese are already leading - such as battery tech (Samsung now changed to the same Chinese supplier as Apple, ever since their recent battery KB), and solar tech.

But, true to chinese culture, you will still have bootleg stuff just as you will have dirty flea shops and greasy night-markets.

Less about court system, but more about mentality. Taiwan now has 20+ years of democracy and nominally 'impartial court system', and they still produce shitty faulty stuff at times. Even the gutter oil crap was invented in Taiwan.

Chinese mentality cant be changed.

Fully developed nation.
Information allows for self-reflection, they cannot hold it back forever

When will you Chinese leave my country?


u china now

Do you have any links? I'm interested. I bought a bunch of these little flipbook sized comics about the monkey king etc. and I really like the art in them

大闹天宫 葫芦娃 三个和尚 are the famous ones
there were stop motion animation too

This anime blew my mind when I saw it just because it was set in a Chinese classroom instead of a Japanese one.

oh and you can find them on youtube


China belongs to japan.



China belongs to Mongolia

The only 'Chinese' fancy city I know of surrounded by mountains is Hong Kong and that thing looks like Tiger Balm Tower there


Why is it with the Chinese and their AYYY LMAO beauty standards? All the Chinese girls the guys go crazy for look like literal aliens with fucked up, exaggerated features.

pic related is considered one of the most beautiful women in China. the fuck?

what's wrong? can't handle the beauty of the east?

Uh what's with the jew star lol


mainlanders should be executed for their atrocities committed in the name of fashion

and ruining their natural beauty with plastic surgery. Rustles my jimmies just thinking about it.

mountain and lakes remind me somehow of Guilin.

Ofc it isnt Guilin in the anime.

used to be a common symbol back in the middle ages against evil forces and fire
maybe they're not aware of the jewry but i saw some flamey stuff in the video

I'm having trouble dealing with Chinese lately. They seem like they understand when I ask them of something, but they eventually don't as I asked them. And they are confused when I question them of why they didn't do what I told them to do.

Is it some kind of weird education or parenting that's doing this to them?

Do they speak English? This is a real question. When people can't speak English they just say "yes" and "okay" to everything.

Most Chinese will never say 'no, I can't do xyz'. It's all about saving face, they revolve around that shit. When you call them on it, they'll pretend they don't know what you're talking about... to save face. It's all about that 面子.

Just how it is. It's extremely annoying.


China has less poverty than many developing nations and the whole "iphones are made by lil kids" thing is a meme. Iphones are made by adults or teens who would rather work a sweatshop job to save some money for their kids as opposed to pre-industrial back breaking drudgery. Pre-communist China was a hellhole with a famine every year, woman typically had 8+ children just to offset mass infant mortality. CPC is a rotten, evil organisation, but China used to be far, far worse, it is comparably very, very good today.

I have recently read an article from one of our right wing, liberal online newspapers that mentioned the wage many "poor, opressed" Chinese workers make in thriving manifacturing cities. It is well over 1000 euro/month nowadays. Meanwhile, people in Samsung Slovakia cannot even get proper breaks and earn 400-500 euro a month. Exploited China, my fucking ass.

What is funny is that no one can tell the difference.

and they are moving out of china, low wage exploitation will always happen maybe not always whom it happens to

The muh 'Chinks are ebil commies' meme is just a scare tactic employed so as to get people and other countries being vary of a rising power.The same shit would have happened if it were India or Brazil in its place.
By the way,you are better of living in commie China than in the democratic republic India.

Yeah, my point is, wages in the manifacturing areas of China are on par or better than in the best post-commie countries now.

The bulk of Chinese poverty is in the deep rural areas of Western China, and even so, the absolutely worst Chinese provinces are roughly on par with the Indian AVERAGE. And this poverty is caused by plain rural underdevelopment and pre-industrial modes of livelihood, not "superexploitation".

The real superexploitation has moved to Bangladesh and Cambodia now. I have seen many "made in Cambodia" sneakers lately.

yes but this leaves a gap between high wage and technological capability

Just for your feels

Is there like a special way to turn them into a functioning human being like beating them up or threatening them? I'm just so confused I want answer

What do you mean?

China also has an advantage in that most of their population is in the coastal, Western regions. That is why poverty is going down so fast there - most people live in the quickly developing parts of China.

violence begets violence

Maybe don't bother them

But man, Bangladesh has reduced poverty faster than India and has a lot less open defecation. It is a total shithole now, but already something different to the basket case it was in the 80s. Indians, seriously SOLVE your fucking outdoors shitting problem, please.

china has massive labor but not enough technological infrastructure to sustain the rising cost
many former low wage factory laborers are moving back to do agriculture in the inner provinces
so there will be a period of transition as the output goes up in the value chain

You are seriously comparing the averages of a country 10 times bigger than Bangladesh?Ever heard of you know regional variables?


management of the big is the same as the management of the small it is just a matter of organization

t. sun tzu

>not shitting in the streets

I thought North Indians were supposed to be the master race?

And that was back in 2001,here's updated one
Bangladesh shitting rate is almost as equal to West Bengal.>management of the big is the same as the management of the small it is just a matter of organization
Its a a meme by polfags.North is poorer than the South on average,except Punjab and Haryana.

Also its called Kerala,not Travancore

Forgot pic

I went to Bangladesh and it was fucking awful.
Then I realized it's still miles better than India and it was kinda cool after that.

When you leave ours

Manchurian were old governing class in China.
They were deported for revolution.
Aisin-Gioro clan of Manchurian Emperor was one of Chingisid.

Do you know Kumbhīra?
He is one of gods of Shintoism.
It seems he was a India god, we don't know the details.

What is the best massacre and why is it nanking?

China is the most red-pilled nation which is why most developing countries are jelly as fuck as they fell for the "democracy = good economy" meme.

Developed countries don't want countries to follow after China, which is why they desperately try to contain it and badmouth it.

Do you think there's hope to reform mandarin? Like into something not manchu'd.

only the beijing dialect with their er is influenced by the manchu to sound more like manchu

i want to live in China

But Chinese red-pills are filled with lead and cause cancer.

Is there anyway to show the Chinese online community all the beautiful white girls that are with Chinese / Asian men today in 2016?



Same couple as above



In fact, all Chinese provinces even the worst province are richer than the richest city in india.

does anyone here read chinese? I need help decoding these chinese characters. What does this stuff say? it's on an old wood box i found at the thrift store, looks old. would really appreciate your help!

forgot to attach pic. this is what i would like help translating, thank you!

what animu is this

That is still really low, worse than I thought

Fuck you Mao. Faggot

I'd like to have big boobed cute koreaboo chinese gf but she must wash her hair and body every day

>Sundial--Made in Qianlong period

Though it claims it was made in Qianlong period, I don't think it is very likely that you can come across a legit one in a thrift store very easily

thanks man, im about to google the qianlong period. the box looks old and it does have a sundial looking thing in it, i thought it was a decoration or clock

Simply fuck you

>Qianlong period
i just bought it because it looked really interested and quite old, and they only wanted 20 bucks for it

THe hype cannot be contained.

ni hao xie xie mao qing ding zedong ping meng cheng dong

>implying esports doesn't make excellent anime
>not knowing about Lu Shidai

xiongdi, this anime is god-tier (pic related is from that).

Kumbhira is the name of the Crocodile God of Ganges

Sorry bud but anime is pretty shite in general

does it say anything more specific about the date? after reading wikipedia, i realize that qianlong period spans like 15 emperors

qianlong is one emperor during qing 1735-1796

no it only refers to qianlong emperor (reigned from 1735 to 1796)
as for the 15 emperors, i think you mean the whole qing dynasty

I just watched the second episode of this lol. Reminds me of when I was an exchange student in China. It's cool that all Chinese universities are like mine.

tfw im a meme


you are the first chinese flag ive ever seen. how? does chinese nation censorship block Cred Forums?

Captcha which uses google service is not available there, they can lurk but need Cred Forums pass to post.

fucking china bro how did you sneak onto this site without proxying to a diff country


i got a bunch of qt chinky girls feet and sole shots. lots of good ones. fapping material for years to come.

should i open up a website and charge people to view the photos? giving them away for free would be dumb

native chinese, was working overseas
back to hometown for a few months and got myself a jew pass before I came

Aishen Qiaokeling 爱神巧克力

pretty shitty rather generic harem romcom but got popular for some reason I can't really figure out from these pictures hmmm....

One thing that is cool about chink anime is that they lack completely that shitty stuttering when giving names you know the
>h-he called me by my first name *blush*

how do you like the communist government in china? i am curious, do you wish china didnt censor internet? or do you not really mind because you agree its for the greater good?

I appreciate the fact that all Chinese media has Chinese subtitles.

ofc you need to make money out of everything all day every day.

It's the 金色中国人道

Do that but send them to me for free anyway (email)

What is the GOAT Chinese cartoon and why is it pic related?
They even broadcast that shit here lmao

Qiao Ke Li-ing desu

It's to help non-Mandarin speaking Han Chinese to understand the show I think. It's not only limited to the Mainland, Taiwan and HK has it as well I believe

Most people just watched it because it was Chinese and one of the first to air on many streaming sites. Also a minor interest to know what Chinese schools/SOL looked like

at least nobody knows of all the trash written by SJWs in the west

FUGGGG :DDD forgot pic

What about you?

Teacher is wearing sandals today
Toes are CUTE

ching ching

>english teachers in china spend more than half their salaries on rent to convince people they're balling it


is she a chink

a bit red-pilled desu

Will Chini Hindi bhai bhai days ever come back?


How do I get myself a Chinese Kazakh gf

If youtube videos are to be believed most Chinese or atleast coastal ones don't know what India means

Compared to western societies that are literally dying of SJW cancer and mudslimes invasion.

Fill them with lead and the problem is solved.

i can fix one, how much do you pay?

So many Russian / Eastern Europeans girls with Chinese men, it is incredible. In every city in China, you see couples like this


>In every city in China, you see couples like this
Same couple as above

You see that shit in Korea and Japan even more

Sexy Slav bitches everywhere thirsty for husbands because of $$$

that guy looks japanese not chinky

China and Russia share a border than is greater than the border between the US / Canada. There is a natural flow of people from the dead wasteland known as Russia and the dynamic & vibrant economy of China. There is infinitely more Russian girls with Chinese men than in either Japan or Korea.

1) “The combination is usually Chinese men and Russian women,” he said. On the southern side of the border, he noticed that language schools are full of young Russian women who seem dedicated to acquiring Mandarin, and perhaps a Chinese husband."

2) "One feature of the Russian-Chinese relationship seemed especially telling: Cross-border marriages are overwhelmingly between Chinese men and Russian women."

Same couple as above

>that guy looks japanese not chinky
I literally posted the guy's instagram in my post with his name. The guy is mainland Chinese

That Ukrainian girl is lucky

Ukraine is poor as fuck and she gets the rich ass fu er dai going by the Instagram (maybe not rich, idk Chinese are fake and vain now)

I doubt that happens to the diaozi out there tho.

Of course



Older Chinese guy with his younger Russia girlfriend

>Older Chinese guy with his younger Russia girlfriend
Same couple as above

Chineses can't post here without pass user. Because google is blocked there.

>Qiao Ke Li-ing
no you stupid faggot, you write compound words together in pinyin. 巧克力 = qiaokeli = chocolate.


sounds like English



Fuck you, you slanty-eyed fucks
I like your attitude, horse-fuckers
Stop infiltrating first world country you yellow roach

Nothing wrong with this because I shall plant my life seed into China too by getting a beautiful Chinese wife and live in China. Far away from the collapsing west.

It's breeding with niggers and sandpeople that's disgusting.

Holy shit, is this a fucking drug-infused nightmare?

No wait, it's just a fucking Fin acting like absolute europe trash, nvm. You'll soon come to regret even regarding the Chinese as anything more than barely sentient sub-human you dumb fucks. This whole fucking thread and your lust to bone some yellow chimps just go to show what a big fucking mess the western hemisphere have fallen to.

I don't even know why I keep bother getting myself into these bait threads to angrily cuss at some wannabe-chinks when I could actually go right to the local chinese street and do the same fucking thing. Oh wait, that's right, THEY SPEAK NEITHER VIETNAMESE NOR FUCKING ENGLISH.

Hang yourself or jump off the highest floor or something, maybe burn yourself alive in the middle of a farm so you can be fucking useful for once, as fucking compost you piece of human shit

Um sorry but Vietnamese are catalog wifes, Chinese are humans to love.

When you want to be full Zhongboo but the mooncakes are 5€ a piece

>5€ a piece
That's about SGD8, pretty average price for a fist sized mooncake here. I say go for it!

But pic related is still my favourite festive Chinese food, do they sell them in Germany?


What a ripoff
Can't be good enough to justify that price tbqhwu
And zongzi, probably at some restaurants not sure. Possibly even frozen at the supermarket.

Kazakhs are pretty cool. they cook some great lamb and mutton.

QT commie CQB commandos.