Mexicans are ____

Mexicans are ____

to this




not anime


but how can they impregnate those anime girl?

Mexico is at least 15% white.

Danke schön, mein Herr.

Can anyone explain to me the whole metzo hate thing or how does it work?

Are you hated for having more european blood?

are there any racial tensons between the different groups in mexico?

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A very small amount of the pure Euro blood population hates people with Indian blood. A very small amount of the pure Indian blood population hates people with Euro blood. 90% of the population doesn't give a fuck and 80% of the population is mixed race to a degree. In present day Mexicans just discriminate by income, job and actions.

Ok I thought it would be silly to hate someone with more European blood because they often looked better.

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European Mexicans run the drug cartels and head the PRI which is the corrupt political party which largely killed most of Mexicos potential for development during the last century through corruption and ineptitude. Euro Mexicans =/= greatness. They just tend to be richer due to the caste system but a fair share of them are shit, just like a fair share of the Mexican population is shit due to bad morals and apathy about good will. Mexico has problems due to selfishness, not race.

good wall builders

It's always weird how these images never show the only Mexicans that I ever seem to see.


These are the equivalent of gang bangers, I wonder why you never see the them........ hmmmmm.


>European Mexicans run the drug cartels
what are you talking about, el chapo doesn't look like spaniard

Apart from his cheekbones he doesn't look indio at all. He's castizo AF, probably 75% blanco. Most cartels are from northern Mexico which is 3/4ths white. Compared to most of Mexico which has a fairly even 50/50 split.

LMAO it's true in the northern of the country you have more white people than the southern, more Euro people come to the country and have kids and bla bla :v I live in the northern part and I'm half Italian/french/black/ and I'm white like the the big percent of the people on the north!! Gettings!!!

>I'm half Italian/french/french*

>half italian/french/black

Why are Norteños so retarded?

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>Salma Hayek
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