Post your nearest castle

Post your nearest castle

Windsor represent

Windsor is more a palace than a castle desu

Its only the ground plan but it used to be a Castle

TFW no star fort

Feels Good

everything is flat in your country

Except Limburg and utrecht


There are castles everywhere, it's like saying where I live

japan can into castle


Craigdarroch Castle, built by an early settlers for his homesick aristocratic English wife.

Built by a crazy rich guy.


Here's our fort.


We don't have castles. Only kremlins and fortified monasteries.

Rate you peasants

if we count only the castle where the dukes or barons lived, I guess this is it

but there are some military castles or castles that were used for political and riligion purpose in the city.

Buda Castle

Windsor is also my nearest castle funny enough

Small one but 5 minutes from my house.

Malmö "castle"

Is it being used to house """refugees""" yet?

on the bright side at least i don't live in dudley

It's a museum and a restaurant

I have honestly no idea which one's the closest to my town, so here's a close one

I live in provence, this is the closest from my place
quite small but aight

and thats why you got raped by mongols

Saint Michaels mount is cute 6/10


this is guy is not french
I guarantee it

That's not a castle , it's a mansion.

plus fuck you, they have white castle

Well, not much of a castle here, this kremlin was built only in the 16th century and was heavily rebuilt thereafter, but it did undergo an unsuccessful siege once, by Pugachev's rebellion in the 18th century.

Also, it's just about 5 km away.

t. fils de pute

si je te retrouve je te saigne, bâtard

Ok rachid go outside
dont forget to be back for the couscous though

t. Enzo 15 ans

yes helo this is casl




There are quite a lot around here actually



My citys named after and built around a castle that allegedly new.


Unfortunately it was destryed by sw*des and only one tower has remained

Waar in Vlaanderen is dit?


This castle is a few meters from my house and it was destroyed by the French.

Castle of Riga. Quite underwhelming desu.

Castello Visconteo (Pavia, Italy)

20 km away

Brömsehus, sjöborg and sölvesborgs slott are all burned down by Swedes. Nearest still standing castle near me is in kalmar. Kalmar slott.


This is mine too.

Based Durham is best castle I've ever seen. And I've been around.

So good, they drove a railway through it.

What remains of it at least (the wooden tower is far later make)


There are ruins of a cathedral, no castles in Tartu.

fuck america sucks
I was at Nymphenburg when I was in Munich, if only we had simply epic monarchies like all of you guys...


Montemor, checking in.