Sudanese People

They are Arabs, but they don't look Arabs.

Are they descendents of ancient Nubians?

they look pretty arab to me

Arabs are not that tan they look like indian

they look like darker Yemenis

See the difference Mario?

is syria considered arab? i believe these are syrian refugees, and they're pretty dark

Arabs are like 20-30% nigger so who cares.

they're ethiopian I am almost certain

inb4 sudanbro

These are probably eritrean (or ethiopian). They might have bought themselves a nice syrian passport though.

left and centre are def Eastern Africans. Right is probably from Congo

might be

the southern ones are the most niggest you'll ever see.

sudan is the niggest

Sudan is close to eritrea and ethiopia, so that's probably why they look darker than the other arabs

They are Africans from Africa

That's South Sudan. The dark ones got independence

They may not look like Arabs, but when you compare them to Southern Sudanese who are black as hell, it's clear they have SOME Arab blood.

Kinda like Ethiopians, who have instead Jewish blood

More like 18%... Berbers are 23%

Nice cherrypicking OP, here's the average Sudanese

Arabs from the peninsula, maybe.

Arabs from the Levant certainly not.

South Sudan

This is average