Thread where everyone is friends

thread where everyone is friends

be nice

fuck off


>poland owns all of the prussian lands
>germany is somehow the heir of prussia

>russia owns most of the finnic khaganates lands
>finland is somehow the heir of the finnic khaganate

original prussians were balts tbqh lad
but then again it was te*tons who destroyed them, so fuck germs

giygas khan will return and restore the finnic khaganate

Croatia is gay


Zitto animale.


best of luck to sweden =)

we luv u too

silenzio bestie


little girl vagina =)

Few Greek Americans of the post-war generations are aware
that the pioneer Greek immigrants were among America's most
despised minorities, considered to be unruly and unpatriotic quasiEuropeans
who frequently resorted to violent means to settle
personal—and political—disputes. While aware that Greek immigrants
served as strikebreakers, Greek Americans are usually not
aware that, subsequently, those same workers were often leaders
in American trade union struggles. Greek Americans who identified
automatically with white America during the civil rights
turmoil of the 1960s did not know that the first wave of Greeks
had often fought, gun-in-hand, against the Ku Klux Klan and
state militias in order to establish their political rights. A group of
Greeks in the 1920s even went so far as to burn an American
flag as a gesture of political outrage.'

I wanna hold you hands

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cover me with maple syrup you hunk

please let me enjoy your penis like we greeks are known to do sometimes ;)

I wanna fucking shoot myslef

fuck finland

Why is Gordon so based?