My best friend is a girl (I have a gf so), daughter of one of the richest persons in russia

My best friend is a girl (I have a gf so), daughter of one of the richest persons in russia.

She has lots of property in UK, USA, France, Germany, She has the best cars, best clother, everything.

I am just simple middle class khokhol. Went to the same uni with her.

Yesterday she got drunk and said me, that she always loved me, but she was afraid to say that, because of her haughtiness, cuz she is princess and Iam just poorfag, we are just not on the same level.

Today she deleted me from vk friend list. I don't know how to react so.

What is wring with fucking women?


Tell her she's fucking nouveau riche and not in a position to judge anybody..

Nah, but seriously, you should bed/marry her and join her Dad's business.

She doesn't love you, she just wants you to orbit her.
Forget her, move on, if you ever cross paths with her again, pretend you don't know her.

how do you retards always fall for pedojew bait

Normie BS


Dump your hohol cum inside her russian tatar pusi

That place has always seen a mystical website to me

She's not good in the long term anyway, once her dad dies she won't know how to control her fortune and it will all eventually go to shit. Keep your current gf and rely on yourself and your own capabilities.

She probably deleted you because she embarrassed herself, unless you said or did something that pissed her off after she said what she said.

best poster

she is chechen so. She is in the left.



thanks i will continue with her from here : ^)

Make her pregnant. That way she has to go live with you. All it takes is one night and one hole due to "manufacturing fault" and you're in(literally).

I got a story about crazy mixed signal bitches too.
> Sitting in uni
> this girl gets her friend to pass me a note like a fucking 4th grader
> IDK if she's autistic or just trying to be cute, but shes pretty hot
>”add me on facebook”
>added her
>she hardly texts back but whatever, she’s new in town so I invite her to some of my favourite spots like this nice spot out in wine country cos she said she loves gardening
>she gives a flaky yes...
>a bit closer to the weekend she says she just wants to meet up at uni for this bio-med careers day thing
>I think that’s weird, not exactly romantic, but fair enough. A lot of girls treat the first date as “I just want to do something simple and in a safe place to make sure you’re not a serial killer”
>spend about 4 hours at uni, have coffee, met a space lawyer (haha, I’m so glad that that is a thing), we’re laughing and having fun whispering to each other during presentations
> shes kinda flirty, like playfully pushing me and punching me in the arm and stuff
> we do a tour of the genetic engineering lab
> In a biosecured greenhouse I pick the flower from a genetically modified plant and give it to her
> she says she’s hungry, I ask if she wants to go grab something to eat in town and show her around
> we drive around looking at stuff, I take her to a pretty cool hipster café in town, she gets some vegan indian thing
> then I take her to an old WWII fort on top of a hill, we break in, climb onto the roof, the view is spectacular (fuck I have taken so many girls there...)
> while we’re up there I put my arm around her, we start hugging and then making out
> the sun sets, I take her to another spot where you can see all the city lights
> then she’s getting cold
> we go to a pub, but she isn’t much of a drinker and just wants to go home
>I take her home, she kisses me in the car, it is blatantly obvious I am waiting for her to invite me inside
> she doesn’t, I drive home all blue ball’d

> a few days later I am in chemistry class with my mate
> its a 3 hour lecture with an hour break
> after the first hour of lecture, there is an hour break, She and I walk out together chatting
> we go grab a coffee, then we go for a walk, on her phone there is an app that tells you where the “secret spots on campus” are
> we go looking for one, end up in some zen garden looking thing with raked stones and stuff
> then we go into an empty lecture theatre and start making out again
> then we go to class
> after class she asks if I want to go for a drink
> we end up in some on campus café and she starts giving me a hand massage
> then she is like “let me do your other hand now” and puts my first hand in her lap
> The music at the café is awful, I say “wanna go somewhere else and listen to some music?”
> she says yeah, where? I suggest her house, she is like awww.... nahhhhh...
> play it off like whatever, say we should go to another one of those secret spots
> we go to the “garden of tranquillity”, listen to music and cuddle for a bit
> then she is like “wanna come over for a cup of tea and you can distract me while I try to study?”
> head over there, awkwardly sit on her bed with her talking about chemistry, then she starts talking about personal stuff with me
> then we start making out, then stop, shes like “I never do this sort of thing, I’m a good girl”, talk some more, make out, repeat
> Then I finally get her bra off, then stop, then I finally get her pants off, then stop, then she starts telling me about how she started living on her own when she was 16, how she isn’t into relationships (She did mention having a fiancé once though) and she believes in honesty, I tell her a little about how I am a mess from my relationship with my ex
> I ask if she ever gets lonely, she says “no, never”

Блядcкaя пидopaшкa, я yзнaл тeбя, ты yжe кaмвoхpил тyт, хycoc eвГEЙcкий. Кaк ты зaeбaл.

> I ask if she ever gets lonely, she says “no, never”
> Then she’s on top of me, then goes down on me and gives me an awesome blowjob, then we spoon for a bit, Then I say I better go home
> and then back to hardly texting back
> awkwardly tried to talk to her in class a few times but she's always with her friends
> about a week later I message her asking if on the weekend she wants to go get some lunch at this little mini zoo/nature reserve she was asking about
> she says "oh, I hadn't heard from you, I wasn't expecting you to ask me out again so I don't know how I feel about that"
> I said "oh really, I messaged you on monday and you never replied, you said you weren't after a relationship so I was just trying to not be too pushy or anything... I hope I didn't hurt your feelings"
> she says "ahhhh... no I'm the one who should be sorry, I understand now"
> so I ask if she wants to go out
> no reply
> a few hours later still no reply, I was drunk so I sent "hey, I know you're not into texting and stuff, but you're pretty big on mixed signals here"
> no reply
> about a day later I sent "ah well, lemme know"
> She replies "yeah, it's a real problem for me I know, maybe thats why I shouldn't be with anyone right now"
> "righto, see you around"

I don't feel like I did anything wrong, I was funny and listened to her, but I was still interesting and confident to not be a beta, I guess I could have been a bit meaner...

I hate the headgames

i need more, for research

sounds like she's just not in the zone man

Fuck that, sounds like a bitch. But why did you leave after the gobby?

And maybe you sent too many texts in a row, for some reason they hate if you send a couple of texts in a row without them replying; sometimes it's better to wait for them to reply before sending another text

she is a slut that wants to fuck many men

there decoded all that for ya

nice blogpost

consider suicide friend.

10/10 consider suicide

What's her dad's name?

Thats what I thought too, that's why I wasn't chasing her at all really, I thought she wanted casual, so that's what I thought I was giving her, then she got mad at me for not chasing her...
We spooned for about an hour, then I left due to a combination of her saying she didn't want relationships so I assumed she didn't want me to stay the night and also because she hates smokers and I was stinging for a ciggie
I also want to fuck many women, I don't know why it's a big deal, all brags aside I'm pretty good and it's fairly rare for me to only get the one booty call.
nice robot post

She is extremely arrogant so. When she got drunk she was crying how she loves me.

she has millions pizdalickers so

>My best friend is a girl (
stopped reading right there

u dun goofed OP

she looks better smiling

You must fertilise her womb, the Motherland demands it.

And then you woke up?

>Yesterday she got drunk and said me, that she always loved me, but she was afraid to say that, because of her haughtiness, cuz she is princess and Iam just poorfag, we are just not on the same level.
(i carried on reading)

how did you react when she said this? if you rejected her maybe that's the reason she unfriended you on vk

give more details fag

woke up a s jew
cuz chechen girl will never ever be with me

This tbqh

I wonder if the pedojew is happier if people don't recognize him and seriously reply to his threads, or maybe if people call him out on it and he feels as a known, recognizable person

ask me everything so, ima here

he gains happiness in both cases because i doubt he is pedo or jew

Where do you live?
Do you have a job?
What are your hobbies?
Do you happen to have any sisters?


Work hard and acquire shekels.
Bitches love shekels.

east moscow
yes, dad's business
i don't have one
yes, i have one

Oh shit it's the russian adaptation of Aladin

>yes, i have one
I don't believe you. Do you have any proofs?

why are you guys calling him pedojew

can you update me on what i missed

>yes, dad's business

> east moscow
AHAHahahhahahahah, you are poor thing

i know, it is total shithole

Go away Pedojew

i am not pedo

>kill her
>become the most worshiped person in Russia

Holy shit. She's literally perfect

is she

Be careful though as every Chechen girl has brother named Maga, who loves her very much. I'm not lying

should've got her pregnant asap
Its similiar to how girls get rich guys, you dig your fucking claws in

sounds to me like she actually loves you and now insecure or regrets telling you that.

is her dad kadyrov?

Because when he first started posting in Cred Forums, he would post CP, his dick and scat porn regularly. His phone and HDD are probably filled with CP, if Russian federal police catch him he will be in a gulag forever.

Well. She does have that mole on her chin.
Although I'm hardly one to talk.

None of them are old enough to be in university. And this isn't real. It's just a made up story that we can all be a part of. It's kind of a make your own adventure kind of a thing, because we influence OP's story by commenting here.


You better bring her down to earth, let her know chechens are trash tier no matter how much money they have (money that is "dirty" and most people will not touch)

Cool story bra

I was engaged to Barack Obama's daughter, but then I realized she was a nigger.

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>it's a pedojew gets 300 replies episode

It just keeps happening