Post architecture from your country. Non-countries without something at least this good need not apply

> Post architecture from your country. Non-countries without something at least this good need not apply.

part deux

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Alrighty then


And here's a classic

It's amazing desu


I was hoping for a general landscape thread desu

Torre del reloj Cartagena
Panama greatest ally

Typical coffee hacienda architecture

At the Financial district of Buenos Aires

The Naval Centre


Paladin Paz



Well create your own after this one and I'm sure the people ITT will come


This kind of house is the comfiest


Palacio ^

Palacio Estrugamou

A typical avenue of Buenos Aires

I love it.

Stone euro houses, specially the very old, are the best.


2bh I'm watching something so I'm not going to post so much. And in any case I prefer when others make the threads

Shame people doesn't invest more money in cool houses anymore.

This is the last dome on the right

I think it's ugly

That one's ugly m8.

>Stone houses

how about having your house inside a stone

gaudi was an exception, few like him will be as succesful, and his style was a product of his tiume too. clientes either want kitsch revivals or modern boxes

Straight outta Morrowind.

> has never seen the building in person

its a masterpiece. when you touch the stone and see the craftmanship or metalworks in person you understand

Iglesia san francisco
How much goes an apartment there?

Fugg I posted it in the wrong thread at first

oops forgot the picture


Comfiest houses ever.
It's pretty weird, specially the upper part, but it sparks the imagination.



But I have, only my opinion

Gaudi was an interesting fellah, Ultra-Catholic Naturist and obsesed with his work.

Cool, what's that?



It's a former hospital, this style of roof tiles is typical from Burgundy, especially around Dijon




Comfy historical shopping mile.

My favorite

I like this one in Brussels

One of the things I most admire about you frenchies is how well you protect your patrimony, we could learn a lot here in Iberia.

Catedral Primada

Hey I've seen this one before, I have a picture of it, where is it again ? I remember it was during a highschool trip where we went to Toledo, among other places

Well I gotta go, here's a last one for now

When will they finish building the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona?

Segovia, pretty comfy town with lots of young university cuties.
>Madrid was the capital of Spain instead of Toledo.
Worse decision ever.

Roast me :^)

Probably never, now than ISIS wants to destroy it. But if it all goes well in 20 years or so with the current donations.

modernism done right

>tfw no architecture, only commieblocks

is segovia a city or a town?


A city, but Small.

u wot m8

Iglesia de Lourdes

post badass orthodox architecture

Yeah that's the one, I visited it as Well but couldn't remember the name
Too bad I didn't give a shit about travelling back then, Spain interests me much more now

I like these houses


Savannah, GA


>tacky fake-european shit

Sadly, Russia doesn't have architecture of its own.


wtf I love the Netherlands now!

>Tfw went to Amsterdam a year ago but I lost my phone and all the pictures 1h before leaving

>head-level chandeliers
Why do dis?

Typical Finnish architecture here

Why do you paint images of American achievements?

That'll teach you to fuck up Latin America with dictators, user

Sucks lad, but it shouldn't cost much to come back her for a weekend. And if you do, you should check out Haarlem or Utrecht too. Only 30 minutes away by train, and way comfier than Amsterdam

What about this

Well to be fair it's quite expensive for me since I live on the opposite side of France, near the Med
I didn't really visit well anyway, I was with friends and we were only going for because of muh weed
But I found it comfy as fuck so I plan to come back with a single friend next year, this time to visit properly

God, this is awful. We really should stick to commieblocks.

beautiful, good job finland

B-But I like it

unfortunately most of "our" architecture is half-arsed copies of French stuff

From 1131. It's where our first king is buried.

You really shouldn't, user. It is offensively bad. Any russian "architecture" is just bad copies of european one.

>our first king

Renovated over and over again, ofc.

The facade is from the 1500's, I think.

Also from the 1600's.

cheap shot, but I chuckled. Glass houses, though, Sweden.


the majority of European architecture is copied from previous structures, even iconic structures like notre dame de paris are heavily inspired by other buildings

We have this, I guess



Yes, but they all existed in one cultural landscape, there is no shame in being influenced by others. Blatantly copying architecture from other culture, on the other hand, is pathetic.

Also, from 1300's or 1400's, after beating the Spaniards up in Aljubarrota, I think. Burial ground of the second dynasty.

Mosteiro da Batalha.

Very pretty place.

We never got into architecture as much as the Spaniards by a long shot, but we do have a bunch of nice buildings.

Not sure what I'm looking at

It got a vert British quality over it. I like it.

Catedral Manizales

Arc de Triomphe > Tour Eiffel

Not necessarily. The European style houses in St. Petersburg for instance are very nice.

>St. Petersburg
A perfect example of what I mean. Tasteless, half-assed copy.

this is the inside

Several Popes lived there, intended as a palace but it was heavily fortified


>Any russian "architecture" is just bad copies of european one.
That's because Russians aren't even European. ;)


How is it tasteless building like other cities around the Baltic sea? Perhaps in Moscow it would have been tasteless, but in St. Petersburg they fit in.

This must offend me?

Because it maybe near the Baltic Sea, but still in Russia, not Sweden or Germany.

>but still in Russia
Cities look different even within countries as relatively small as Sweden. It's only natural that you would see differences in a country as huge as Russia.

Human? Nah, I'm just kidding Mongol.
No, it must not. Pic related offends me tho.

Barichara, Santander


does it bother you?

art of this

inside this:

There's a Buddhist temple in my department

But it is not natural to have architecture be completely out of place. It's like if Sweden had pagodas.
You think that "mongol" is an insult?

>200 hours in Sim City


>You think that "mongol" is an insult?
For us Poles it is, but you're Russian, so go figure.

It's also an insult in France, meaning retarded basically

For the whole world "pole" is an insult. Go figure.

Russia literally bordered Germany and Sweden for hundreds of years. It wouldn't be strange at all to find padogas in the border regions if we bordered China, just like it isn't strange that st.p looks a quite European.

Cemetery in Santa Cruz de Mompox

>For the whole world "pole" is an insult. Go figure.
You know, you're funny guy.
>Altogether different is the Polish soul. The Polish soul -- is aristocratic and individualistic to the point of morbidity, in it so powerful is not only the sense of honour, connected with the knight-chivalrant culture unknown to Russia, but also an obdurate ambition. This is the most refined and elegant soul within Slavdom, drowning in its own suffering fate. Pathetic to the point of affectation. The mannerisms of the Polish soul always strike Russians as artificially elegant and sweet, lacking in simplicity and directness, and repelling in its sense of superiourity and suspiciousness, of which the Polish are not free. The Polish have always seemed lacking in a sense of the equality of human souls before God, of brotherhood in Christ, as connected with the acknowledging of the infinite value of each human soul. The unique spiritual aspect of the Polish nobility has poisoned Polish life and played a fateful role in its state destiny. Russian man is little capable of such scorn, he does not love to give another man the feeling, that he is lower than him.


And Europe bordered Turkey for centuries, but you don't see islamic architecture in Austria. And yet there is a shitton of faux-european stuff in Russia. Which is sad, because it doesn't belong here. And instead of developing russian architecture, we were copying european one for generations and now we don't have one of our own.

Do I really need to google "dumb as a Pole" for you?

>but you don't see islamic architecture in Austria
Uh, about that

There is ottoman architecture in Europe. Like it or not, that is part of their history now. Just like there is Islamic architecture in southern Spain. That is also part of their history and just so European architecture is part of Russian history. Dislike it all you like, but that is the way it is.

is it real? looks like a drawing/rendering

>And instead of developing russian architecture, we were copying european one for generations and now we don't have one of our own.
Well, you kind of do, but it's tacky as fuck.
And do I really need to google out "dumb Ruskie" for you?
Anti-Polonism is anti-Polonism and memes are memes; while reality is reality and statistics are statistics Ivan.

is that pic real? too colorful

thanks WW2!

"dumb Ruskie" is not a stereotype. "Dumb Polack", on the other hand, is. And it is as real as it gets, Przshizhtek.

Yeah, kinda like this.
>And it is as real as it gets, Przshizhtek.
Can you be more mad and show more of your inferiority complex? That would be delightful.

I don't think anyone can be more mad and have more of a inferiority complex than an average Pole. Like, I don't think it is physically possible.


>I don't think anyone can be more mad and have more of a inferiority complex than an average Pole.
Yeah sure, sure you semi-civilized Mongol.

Thanks for the castles, Denmark :^)

The smallest, shittiest village in Chukotka has more civilization than your entire country.

give back clay NOW

this dome is the second biggest one behind the one in Vatican.

Pic is best preserved medieval castle in Scandinavia, very generous of your danfriend.

I was there two years ago, well worth the visit desu.

There's a KFC just up the road from this unfortunately.

This building has been built since the beinning of the high middle ages. I don't think it has any British influence.

Mormon temple, Bogota

Dutch city hall dating from 1648

Mormon temple in San Diego, or as I call it "Gondor"


wow, surreal af. Here's a library with a weird design in my town

Haha, you pathetic uncultured Mongol thief.

How about this crazy soviet futuristic archtecture?


British neighborhood. It's not like brits live there, but wealthy colombians back in the XIX century used to like British style houses a lot

why no Soviet Brutalist Architecture?
My fave, Post-modernism movement thbqh

>something at least this good
A copy of the Pantheon painted with some gaudy murals?

WTF are Mormons doing in Colombia???

It looks like it was built by wasps.

What do you think Spanish people are ?

dunno to be frank, but mormons and the latter day saints church have become quite popular lately

With all the rapefugees we need the Lebensraum.

Sorry old chap.

That was good turn because most of dumb polish shit was destroyed in 1944

Russian revolution - best revolution in my lyf. ;)

You need to burn it down

>they built a nice target for our bombers

He's right, you know. Pole is pretty much globally synonymous with dumb, like American is to fat, French is to gay, Mexican is to lazy, etc...
I don't dislike Poles, but you gotta know your stereotype.

except being stupid is your stereotype and reality. never heard that of poles tbf

Actually in Poland, Americans are synonymous with dumb after fat as well. So what? Memes will stay memes and reality is reality.


You just can't resist, can you? Goddamn, I wish I knew what you're like irl...
Anyway, I'll bite; remind me again, which major scientific breakthroughs of the last 150 years were accomplished in Central America?


That looks awesome. What is it and was that built during the Mussolini-st period?

google ando university in mexico

>Actually in Poland, Americans are synonymous with dumb after fat as well.
Yeah, but we've already established that Poles are dumb, so why would their opinions matter?

I'm going to post only stuff of the XX century
Mondadori HQ

it is part of the EUR complex that was built for 1942 world fair,_Rome


antwerpen station

antwerpen station(interior)

Oh, metro-thread. I love that

Sport Palace in Rome by Arch. Luigi Nervi


Shit. Too small.

Société Générale's central agency

Milano lads

South Africas so beautiful. If it weren't for all the blacks i would totally live there.

>louis vuitton

That is beautiful.
Where is it located?

Napoli has a gallery as well

Paris IXth arr

ah ah the frog is jealous




bit boring that there

Brussels Gallery


Subway station in Paris


the tomb of SHOGUN.

>so why would their opinions matter?
Why would the opinion of a fat AND stupid Murrican burger matter more?

What will happen when I pee there?
Will this cause a crisis in diplomatic relations?

Ferrara, the Duomo

Alright I kek'd

Maybe that's because you're European? Stop attention whoring with your special snowflake syndrome shit.


>an American
>explaining what nationalities are synonymous with dumb

On a totally different kind

It's pretty fucking huge

Pic related

Isola Bella on Lago Maggiore




nice wedding cake