we summon a cold winter by posting comfy winter photo's from our countries

what do people usually do during winter?

Go ice skating, drink hot chocolate with stroopwafels and slagroom.

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We also celebrate st nicholas' name day by dressing up like black people


We havent had a really cold winter for a while

our northernmost province (friesland) organizes an annual ice skating race going through 11 cities if the weather allows it

>Winter is my favorite season

despite holland having no mountains, I used to go sleighing in the snow covered dunes with my parents when i was younger

We also like to go take new year dives in the north sea

Where i am from, we also like to go "carbid shooting"

You basically take calcium carbide, put it in a milk churn, spit on it, cover the milk churn, cover your ears and watch the cover blow off with a big bang,

Wegwezen jij.

same here, except we drink mulled wine instead of hot chocolate and eat kürtőskalács or goulash


Not only there mister Randstad.

>annual if the waether allows it
dat is dus iets van 8 keer gebeurt over 80 jaar

ook buiten friesland kkr bezempje


I know, but you can call me mister Brabant

But I live in a really cold house now, I don't want it to be cold.

Not only there verrekte mongol.

nor do the potential immigrants mate..

what is so neckbread about that

het is zo koud dat wanneer je broodkruimels op je nek krijgt dat ze gelijk vastvriezen en je ze niet meer los krijgt
dat is er nekbrood aan

dit oetz

>implying 90% of the time it doesn't look like pic related
Considering your even more Atalntic location, it's probably even worse. Even less snow, even more wind and rain




I can't wait for winter, to be able to play some hockey with the boys again.

And people usually cross-country ski or play hockey, those are the only real options.

>Cold winter
No please. Where I live the nice seasons only last for two weeks in between blazing summers, and freezing winters.

Move out of Shitaco or Jew Yolk city.







In winter, we go into the desert.

nowadays winter here just means 6 months of the roads being covered in ice

you kids don't even know what snow is


are you sure about that?



Only Lord Kek can bless us with a cold winter


>it doesn't snow in his country during winter


I hate winter becasue it leaves weeks worth of that blackish sludge on the streets. Every year i feel like i'm in Russia becasue of that.

I hope it snows a lot this winter! Maximum cozy small town vibes. I LOVE THE COLD

I hope it's like this again for a week straight


>there are countries where it never snows
How do these people stay sane?

Can't for winter, son. Gonna gather my mates and play some puck on the local outdoors rink, go skiing in the woods nearby, go for comfy winter strolls and look out the window while the snow is falling.

>Portugal can't afford proper winter.
>We get heavy autumn instead.
>It just rains heavily every other week.
>Never even seen snow outside a mountaintop we have.

Still, pretty cool to get home drenched from the rain and take a hot shower and eat a hot meal like pic related, and relax under a blanky by the fireplace.

It does get pretty scary near the coast, sometimes. I fucking love the Atlantic.

fall and winter are the best mayne

spring is okayish

summer is absolute evil

Lucky you, i fucking love rain, would give my wine collection changing winter to heavy rain season.

If you came here, you'd have all the wine and rain you could ever hope for.

I hope this winter is snowy and cold. Last couple were warm. ;_;

fucking summer is worst shit

I've been eagerly waiting for fall and then winter

my oh my



>tfw we got a foot of snow/half a meter in one day last year
I hope we get more




looks like me on an average winter day except I'd be drinking iced coffee


What the hell are you talking about? Last winter was warm. The two years before that were cold as fuck

We need a nice winter like 2010 or 2011



Oh yeah. I remember getting a couple days off for the blizzard. Good times

You only like winter because heating exists

Try going out at -5°C and see how that goes

what are clothes?

Pc background I made a couple of years ago

I don't even turn my heater on during winter. I keep my windows open and a fan that brings in the chilly air. I sleep in 5C comfy af

how much of a pussy can you be


>implying I didn't go out running when it was -23C or lower
>he hasn't heard of a sweater

What temperature do you keep your house at though?


pls come back cold winter. ;_; at least this summer wasn't very hot

forgot to add the part about wearing light clothes
roast me

>at least this summer wasn't very hot

we had 30 C yesterday

>using the word roast
>wearing thin clothes in what you concider cold weather

reddit yes

we don't

30 C isn't very bad. It's been around that a lot. Humidity makes it a lot worse though.

>unusually hot
No wonder eurofags don't have use air conditioning



30c is subhumanly hot

Winter is kind of boring honestly. My family never has done winter activities. Maybe going out to cut down a pine tree for Christmas. I like pulling some hektik skids in the car. Roads around here just turn into ice from all the compacted snow because the city is too poor to plow side streets.

That's an average summer day where I live


Winter is comfy.

That looks beautiful

Chicagofag here

The midwest is every kind of hell at once.
Fuck the time of year where it's below freezing in the morning and 85F by noon.

>dvw je geen goeie winter meer kan herinneren

Where have you been last year when it hit 40 (at least here)? Vacation in Sweden?

I think so too but it would be a lot more fun if I lived somewhere more rural. Rural winter>city winter.


uh yes in fact. I did go to sweden that year.

Why is that such a meme?
Windy drizzle in your face, 95% of the time overcast skies and 5°C is the exact polar opposite of my definition of "comfortable", as well is not being able to go into the fields with the doges because it's all muddy and wet, unless you enjoy spending half an hour washing your shoes, jeans and said doges afterwards

ik ging schaatsen op de rivier


>as well is not being able to go into the fields with the doges

they must be very dissapointed as well

>Windy drizzle in your face, 95% of the time overcast skies and 5°C
This sounds nice desu

>Windy drizzle in your face, 95% of the time overcast skies and 5°C

rather this than the sun burning your skin and being surrounded by sweaty people all the time

Overcast > sunny days
wind > no wind
rain > no rain
snow > no snow
Anything above 68f/20c is too hot and I live in Arizona where during the summer it gets 50C+


>Overcast > sunny days
>wind > no wind
>rain > no rain
>snow > no snow

This. All the cold suffering is made up for once you get comfy at home.

Getting comfy from the heat involves a cold shower for 10 minutes of no sweat. Fuck the heat.

You only say that because you live in a desert. Sure, after a drought of few weeks (we have it right now), a short but intense rain with thunder can be refreshing, but go live here for a while, and the drizzles that can sometimes last 24 hours and more at a piece WILL get on your nerves
Let's not forget the depressing looking landscape that lasts from November to March
I just rather enjoy simply being able to go outside without any nuisances such as having to change clothes, leaving doors and windows open to enjoy a breeze etc, unfortunately this is only possible around May to September, and even then not always

I don't live in the desert m8, I live in the only part of Arizona where it snows :^), the only good part of Arizona too. Only retards like the desert

Well it can still be a "cool/cold desert" by definition if it only gets x amount of rain/snow, too lazy to look up exact definitions right now

>I just rather enjoy simply being able to go outside without any nuisances such as having to change clothes

same with hot weather

>leaving doors and windows open to enjoy a breeze etc

What do you mean? i HAVE to do this in hot weather, otherwise it gets too hot in my house

>Anything above 68f/20c is too hot
Come home white man

30° is unusually hot, and also extremely rare in the second half of september

Well it never gets THAT hot you have to "change down" here. If it's 30 and above, I'm simply topless indoors too

No you ding dong. Northern Arizona is home to Coconio National Forest, the BIGGEST Ponderosa Pine FOREST in the WORLD. Only southern Arizona is an actual desert everything up north is grassland, forest, and some of the only tundra in America

But I am home?

if you are topless, you

h a v e

already changed down.

Normal weather should be weather in which you can wear clothes (preferably sweaters)

But we're strictly spoken still a tropical animal, why else do we keep our houses at around 20°C year-round? Sure we may like it a bit cooler than (sand)nigs, but we haven't evolved away that much yet

Anyway, it's not a "have to" either, actually you have to do less as it eliminates the need to put on a shirt after getting out of bed in the first place (don't tell me you sleep with shirt on)

Now do anything that remotely requires some effort

Well we have sweat glands for a reason...
But it's true, when mowing the lawn in March at 15-20°C I do get sweaty as fuck already

>that moon caught in picture


climate is getting hotter and hotter each year
my grandparents say how ice sticks used to be half a meter before, now it barely snows in big cities
there's still tons of snow because most parts have a mountainous climate but for low fields it's not like before

15°-ish is ideal for moderate gardening work

I just looked it up and apparently 60F is optimal for manual labor.

and how much is that in real units?


close enough desu. Do they still use fahrenheit a lot in the UK? I thought the US was the only country that still used it officially

We don't use it here at all, I just didn't want to say 15c just in case the German thought we were memeing him.

This is a true statement.

tbн I hate late autumn and early spring because everything is covered with mud

>everything is covered with mud
Welcome to November-February(March) here

Good to know Holland is united and left Eurostan. Make some more oil.

It also smells like dog shit in March and April because frozen dog shit starts to melt.


But that's Florida

Even Florida has snackbar phalli now? The West trukly is fucked...

It isn't Florida, lad.



I don't get it

>You only say that because you live in a desert.
No I don't. I love it when it's how you described here. It's best when it's also foggy and there's mist in the air.

New england in 2014 was great