Is the czech republic first world?

is the czech republic first world?

how is the enrichment status over there?

will it be a decent place to live once the west has committed complete suicide?

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i would say so, rural areas are pretty shitty but i would call it western country, like 1 1/2 world.

Fuckton of Viets,Ukrainians,Russians and Slovaks.

They will get blacked pretty hard

how is the enrichment status over there?

we hate muslims and gypsies

and we hate western PC culture




Dont fucking come here you oily snownigger.
I would take 10 Viets or Slovaks any day over 1 Norwegian piece of shit.
Stay in your fucking own country.

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Why do Vietnamese go to the Czech Republic??

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copying western obsession with dark skins mainly the prague and brno

only if it stops playing - copy the west worst behvaior

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bcs they are commies

commie time population exchange program

>Viets go to Czechoslovakia and East Germany to get education
>Berlin wall falls, USSR fucks itself
>Germany reunited, tells their viets to fuck off
>Czech viets wanna stay rather than to go to their commie shit hole
>Czech gov is like "whatever the fuck"
>German viets have nowhere to go, but wait in Czechia there is bunch of Viets
>Go to Czechia as well
>bring families

now that diaspora has settled here they just keep on coming.

no but seriously why would vietnamese go specifically to czech rep

seems random

ty 4 info

do those godless gooks fit in?

Yea, I come from heavily infested area and they are on par with white ppl.
They do tend to create mafia here and there, mainly drug distribution and smuggling type mafia.
But that rarely affects normal citizen like me.

When some gyppo chimps out at you, they usually come to your defense when you are in their territory.
So thats nice I guess.

1st gen or 2nd gen kids are like super white though. They study, they do honest jobs, except small % of
those who gotta inherit the drug business.

I got like tens of viet friends, all champs t b h.

they are honestly very good

only problem is that they are avoiding taxes and selling marihuana to bavaria :D :D

though they tend to have generations long family disputes so it really sucks dick
when you are walking around with your viet friend and wanna eat at your fav. viet restaurant
but his family has had 40 years dispute with the family owning your fav. viet restaurant
so you just gotta bite the bullet and go to different one... not your fav. one.

better than Slovaks


my best friend is actually vietnamese

he drinks beer and love hockey

so he is well integrated

imagining vietmese people speak czech fucks my mind

Of course they're first world..... how is that even questionable

They all do without a problem really. Most of them were born here and are 2nd gen already.. So they are native.
Those who cant are in the enclosed communities like Sapa (Prague market place.. something like Chinatown,
but viet version)

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czechs confirmed for western

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1,5 world
quite a lot of negroes there

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When somebody is for secularism. He is nazi.
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Oh tell me about the gracious Zionist wisdom. Please. What did they bring other than instability to middle east.
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Why is Czechia so racist?