What happens here?

What happens here?

Eternal autism

alcoholism and murder

Death metal bands

This is where people live, the rest is practically deserted

Joy is had by all present.


But I live here. And I see people outside.
Wonderful things happens here. Also alcohol happens.

junkie ridden shithole


onks subuu??

Swedish is spoken as an official language.

reunification when?????? eastern parts like K*inuu could be given to Russia though






t. Cai-Göran

Is it weird that I've heard of Rovaniemi long before I've heard of Helkinki or Turku?

Buffer state between the remnants of the Sweedish and the Russian empires.

That's just wrong.

It's not weird. Magic of Lapland and all that shit. Also Santa Claus or Father Christmas whatever you call it. British people got mad when I said something about santa klasu in their thread.

Not at all since there's Santa Claus living close to it.

Dank spurdo

I'd heard of Helsingfors and Åbo long before any of those three.


good man

Made this myself.
Finally letting it soar the roads of the Internet.

I want to marry a suomi cutie