There are people posting on Cred Forums RIGHT NOW who reached 190cm without eating any dairy products

>there are people posting on Cred Forums RIGHT NOW who reached 190cm without eating any dairy products

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>eat dairy products all day everday
>185cm manlet

I used to drink a lot of milk while growing up and I'm 165 cm.

Been drinking milk everyday and haven't grown for over a decade what am I doing wrong

I'm 187 and don't eat much dairy.
soon I will be 190

Are you as fat as your host country yet?

Come to think of it don't Arab countries eat practically nothing but bread and rice? No wonder you're so tubby.

It made you the tallest man in Italy

i drank milk every day as a child and didn't even reach 180cm


i drink milk almost everyday and i'm only 183 - which is exactly the same as my dad is now. what did i do wrong? should i have had more zinc?

>mom force fed me milk and vitamins every day
>still 152 cm
WTF I hate genetics now

hahahahah fælæ

^^ Milk only has positive effects on IQ and height for certain ethnic group. Especially Germanic. But not all Germanics only individuals with the right genes get that effect from milk.


fucking dropped

can i grow past 20?? some people on yahoo answers said they did

If I remember it correctly it's about 1-2 IQ points. I read it at 23andme.


It's not 23andme who did the research. They just use the results.

>done nothing to achieve it
>mfw good genes

>drank milk every day

feels good

>Brazilian "genes"

You're a big guy

>there are Asians over six feet
>I'm not

>positive effects on IQ



>idiot sister thinks her kid is lactose intolerant
>feeds him estro-soymilk instead
>I give him whole milk when he comes over
>no fucks given
I'll save him from his own idiot mother if I have to.

>there are people on this thread who are below 190 cm
LMAOing at your lives

>tfw 194cm
>mfw my family has a history of osteoporosis

Do you creak when you walk?

>Qatari third worlders are taller than me now

This isn't fair

not qatari but you're still a manlet desu

I deserve it more than you, why is this allowed?

because god hates fags


Tunisia from the north specifically people tend to be quite tall there due to some white admixture

>third world
wew lad

it might as well be UAE is 100x times better at least you can have fun there here it's just a bunch of glass skyscrapers and sand but bills have to be paid

>basically on what Americans and other non-dairy consumers call "GOMAD" since I was seven years or so
>still am less than 180 cm short and have horrible teeth

what the fuck is my skeleton even doing with all that milk

Every other asshole in Qatar drives a Ferrari

that they do they mostly prefer hummers and land cruisers tho if you ask they're compensating for something

Why don't you move then? you have a job there?

What the fuck why are you NA diaspora cunts all so tall

Your countries' averages are sub-manlet

not me but my father we moved here when i was five hopefully i'm getting out of here applying for college in canada next year

I'm 1.90 too m8.

Not bad, you'll have to get used to the cold weather now.

Well obviously there are plenty of Berber genes in Spanish colonies

It's not about calcium idiots, it's all about vitamins and eating lots of red meat. Especially the american one laden with all types of hormones.

t. Went from 1.73m to 1.78m past the age of 24

>t. Went from 1.73m to 1.78m past the age of 24

what the fuck desu

i go hunting in the mountains in the summer with altitude it gets really chilly i'm sure i can manage a little cold

>eat soy 4 days a week growing up
>193cm and 90kg dyelmode

Soy has lots of protein and calcium just like milk

Science has tested the digestibility of proteins and found that milk was the most digestible, followed by meat and with beans and grains at the very bottom--but soy was higher than some kinds of meat

Doesn't it have loads of oestrogen in it though?

Well, Asians seem to have moobs less often than Westerners, so take that as you will

And you'd know if it made the benis smaller better than I would

>girls are now as tall as you


> Drank milk and ate cheese every day while growing up
> 1.70m (5'7) manlet

this gives me hope senpai

>And you'd know if it made the benis smaller better than I would
"Above average" but the penis:body ratio is not good desu.

But I was doing sports at a pretty intense level and sleeping a lot so maybe that helped too

>virgin at 20

How badly did I fuck this up, lads?

I'm 1.80 and continue to drink milk as an adult

Yeah, I'm going to have to ask for sauce on this, milk is generally regarded adequate nutrition for children (in my country to the point of near human rights issue) who is growing to their full height without it?

Cred Forums told me Finn grills were turbo sluts

Humans survived thousands of years without cow juice lad, there must be SOMETHING that can replace it

dairy is a meme, my brother has eaten dairy way more in his life than me and he's like 5cm shorter than me

t. 183cm manlet

>Come to think of it don't Arab countries eat practically nothing but bread and rice? No wonder you're so tubby.

We eat rice but with a LOT of meat.
Not the shitty 'Murican """meat""'
I'm talking about fresh halal meat that was just slaughtered. It's expensive, but it's honestly worth it.
Also we don't drink typical milk. Most of us prefer the yogurt/butter milk, which is better.

Mate, the average Qatari citizen is pulling in 130 thousand dollars per year. They're literally the opposite of third world
Kuwait is the best tbqh.
Kuwait City is by far the most beautiful.

t. 191 cm and fat as fuck
I should start lifting honestly

So if the Emirati and Angolan are right, you ate more meat than him?

Based colony., what type of meats and exercise do you recommend?

A lot of gold medalist runners are really tall

And a lot of them are from Jamaica and Kenya where they eat huge amounts of carbs...

>drinking a meme

I'd take my risks if it could make me adult sized desu

Finland is proof that feminism doesn't work.

I'll be the judge of that based on whether they sleep with me or not

Get a tall boxing gf and make her sit on your face and call you a good boy

Tallness is feminine. Tall, masculine men are very, very rare, they're just far more noticeable. My respect to those people, but the vast majority of you are either neckbeards or bespectacled, lanky hipsters.

I'm 194 and I've been drinking one of these every day since I was 8, there's probably a correlation. I also weigh 120 kilos, but if you think about it, getting fat for more height isn't such a bad deal since you can actually change the former

forgot image :^)

>t. literal manlet

My biological father did the same thing when he was in the military 6' 4" to 6' 7" -- I is not learned reading mememeters.

But of course he had to have a shorty fetish so I'm 5' 10" (maybe it's from diet -- probably not tho.)

>maybe it's from diet -- probably not tho

You tell us nigga, what'd he eat that you didn't?

I have no clue. I know he grew up poor, which is why I doubted it was his diet, but then he grew more in the service. He's too scawny to have taken roids.

Yet, my whole life I remember eating vegan-tier food, cereal, sometimes meat & seafood, and potatoes. Which couldn't be worse than his, and why I assumed it probably is my genetics (but I'm just 18 and haven't gotten to that late spurt).

I'm prolly jus going to marry a slightly above average lady Americañ and hope good for mi ninos.

Gene Simmons is 6'2" and says he grew up on nothing but bread and milk rations in Israel

Maybe poor people drink more milk

Eat healthy and beans.

Drinking milk is a meme, sprinting and swiming as a kid/teen can actually stretch you some inches.


So I can be as tall as a Mexican?

What worked for me was mostly beef and lamb cooked rare and a diet packed with vitamins. The meat alone has a lot of vitamins but if you combine it with vegetables it works better, even your skin and hair looks better.

As for exercise I did 100m sprints on mondays, high intensity musculature on wednesdays, a random sport (either football or basketball) on fridays and sometimes saturdays i'd go the beach and swim quite a bit.

lactose intolerant
parents are both shorter than 6'

Hmm, what vitamins are you talking about? I'm 18 and 187 trying to get to 195

Marfan syndrome..?

>you will never be Australian


>never drank milk

fuck thats why im only 188 cm

Did all these people who say they never drank milk eat lots of meat or something?

Countries that have low rates of animal product consumption have extremely short people, and Europeans' average heights rose dramatically as meat and cheese became cheaper and more available

UN reports on stunting and malnutrition stress the importance of animal-source foods and zinc

I lived with a vegan single mother and ate meat 5 times a year or so. My diet was soymilk and gluten free products. Both my parents were 5'8-5'10 at peak

Im 6'2

Were you given B-vitamin pills and such?

This red meat crap is bull shit, my mate who eats red meat everynight is only 180cm while my other mate who ate a substantial amount of meat as well is one of the shortest in our friend group, albeit he's pretty muscly. I'm one of the tallest and I mainly had spag bol and chicken.

>judging by what they eat now versus what they ate growing up and what foods they refused to eat

What their mothers ate while they were in the womb is important too
>After adjusting for the mother's height, age, body mass index and many other factors, they found that mothers who drank more than five ounces a day--almost all drank low-fat milk--had bigger babies, on average, than those who drank less. This, the authors write, confirms the results of previous studies.

My mother is a "pescatarian" and neither me nor any of my siblings are taller than my dad, who's 5'8". Meanwhile there are multiple people above six feet on both sides of my family

>over 180

normies out

6'4" (193cm in commie units)
I drank a lot of milk as a baby and as a kid. I think my height has more to do with genetics though since I have 4 brothers and all of them are 5'11"+ as well.

Why do the lanklets who drank a lot of milk argue the loudest that it's all genetics?

Shit, I drank milk every singly day up until my 19th birthday. Barely made it to 180cm.

Shoulda kept going lad

>all these tall cunts who ate soy

never thought I'd say this but wish I'd grown up vegan