Why do we not have any culture?

Why do we not have any culture?
Even niggers have culture.

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stop using our terms first


>Even niggers have culture
why did you then say that you don't have any culture?

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of "Garden shed or Swedish house?"

I am your host aquafresh.

The concept is simple: three swedish housed and three garden sheds.

Can you figure out which is which?

Shut the fuck up jamal

145 swedish house mafia
236 garden shet

1 6 5 houses
2 4 3 sheds

>Can't float

Continentals are weird

Beacuse we are not niggers

>niggers have culture
>male niggers have sex appeal
>niggers are happy
>niggers are strong

These are all things that scandishits will never be

Can't help but notice that you always make this thread after school's over.

So, what, 12 years old?

Beacuse this is the time when most people are logged in

I have made a few threads at 12 o clock as well, they are not as succesfull

More like you had the day off for failing history again. Not surprising.

>Swedish cuckshed Now floats

I know for a fact that Norway and Denmark have pretty cool cultures.


Whatever makes you feel better.

Swecucks on Cred Forums always accuse me of being yugoslav, shitskin or a proxy. As if that would make what i say less true.

>Scandishit culture is bland and soulless
>Scandishits are depressed
>Scandishits are conformist sheep

>not actually living on a boat


that's too bad for you swede. Feels good to have culture

correction, black people are the only people with culture, that's why (You) Edomites constantly be appropriating our shit.

Nah, only Germanics do that.
We have not achieved anything on our own so we steal accomplishments of others.

That's not an american term, it's an american mispronunciation.

Ah, don't sweat it. Vikings were the original niggers.

>I have culture

countryside houses are top comfy desu

you literally have the exact same thing in Finland, pekka

You have a culture, but leftists have brainwashed you into believing you don't, and that whatever culture you are still aware of is racist and problematic and needs to be deconstructed and subverted. They've tricked you into believing that your culture is a blank slate onto which multiculturalism must be painted in order to give you something to enjoy in your life. Hold on to your culture as long as you possibly can, because while they excoriate the evils of your culture, the patriarchy, the social roles, the ethnic homogeneity, the language, they exalt the same qualities of the "multicultural" imports that are to replace you. Remember, if your culture implicitly pressures women to dress modestly, you're sexist, but when Ahmed's wife wears a burqa, she is doing it by choice in order to empower herself. When your language has a specific word for something, it's "just a social construct, and should be changed, any word can mean anything", but when Ahmed has a word for something, it is the one true word and questioning it is racist. When you have a religion, it is oppressive and old-fashioned and irrational garbage that should be discarded, but when Ahmed has a religion, it is a glorious traditional cultural practice that is so deep that no white person could ever understand, and it should be respected and accepted by everyone. A church steeple makes non-Christians uncomfortable, and should be taken down, but anyone made uncomfortable by a minaret is racist and should be shamed. Waving, owning, or acknowledging a Swedish flag is racist, but waving Ahmed's flag is a symbol of solidarity and multicultural pride.

Just kill me already.

You're doing it too.