Are people in your country happy?

Are people in your country happy?



i'm happy




Being sad/depressed is part of our culture

get on this level

We're so happy, we just want to be happy forever so we use Antidepressants :DDD

jesus christ people, stop using so many antidepressants

Chile confirmed for whitest country

>Brazil is happier than Sadtugal
Has one country ever been so cucked by one if its colonies?

being a jew is the best life, we drain the happiness from our neighbors


we are mad as hell

Kind of. Could be happier.


What? We're the most miserable cunts in the world.

Suck my dick Serbshits, Romashits, Georgeshits and othershits,

Why is brazil so happy? Every person I've ever known there is completely miserable.

Life in other countries must be so fucking miserable. Why are you so unhappy? Why can't you learn to be happy? Life here isn't even THAT good, so I can't imagine how shitty it must be in other places.

And no, I've never taken anti-depressants.

How do they measure happiness exactly? Because I've seen sources stating Bangladesh to be the happiest country in the world

>Life in other countries must be so fucking miserable.
Not necessarily. That map in the end is about cultural attitudes: stepford smilers VS bitch about fucking everything.

I'm very unhappy, very miserable
I hate myself, I hate everyone else
I've tried to kill myself 3 times
I go to sleep every night thinking about offing myself already
Most of my family has gone though the same, alcoholism, depression, anxiety attacks run rampant, everyone takes meds. I think it may be genetic

we have money but we are still miserable anyway

Score's too high, desu.

Shut up, weeaboo, everyone's happy here.

No, but it's sort of a tradition. Happiness makes you a soft cunt.

Degenerate culture, ignorance, beautiful beaches, bunda, carnival, americanization.

You probably only know internet self-hating autists. Most normies are generally happy even though the vast majority don't enjoy good living standards.

No, but they pretend to be.

so why there are suicides every week in the Santiago metro?